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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 4, 2022 2:00am-2:15am CET

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in the out of europe, you are connected to the whole world to experience out standing shopping and dining offers and drawing our services. be our guest at frankfurt airport city, managed by from board lou with ah ah, this is d, w and use live from burden fire at south africa's parliament plaza. again. emergency crews battle to save the historic complex just a day after a devastating blaze was declared under control. also on the program,
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israel becomes the 1st country in the world to offer a 4th dose of corrosion of ours vaccine to vulnerable groups. we visit a vaccination center in tel aviv just see how it's going down. runaway inflation in turkey, food and fuel prices are going through the route. critics accused president wretch of type ad, one of economic mismanagement, and more tamia returns to a traditional mode of transport. as part of efforts to fight terrorism in this a hell region. aah! allows aka welcome to the program. a devastating fire at south africa parliament has flared up again a day after emergency services said it was under control. flames and smoke billowed out of the historic family building in cape town as dozens of firefighters. the
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cold back in a man is used to appear in court on charges of austin. a senior parliamentary official is calling for an explanation of why the fire restarted. we are waiting for the full information, an update from the firefighter with a got to and what was the reason behind the since i didn't imagine of the fire at the roof off the mesh amount a simply by the very device stating, distressing situation. but we continue to appreciate all the efforts of the carry, just in a bedroom that's the firefighters continued to, to put in there and there. but only we asked journalist selim fire in cape town. what's being said about why the fire has flared up again. and if i was under
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control, however, the temperatures were still too high. and that's something that the one, even before the emergence of the fire and the wind re, let's remember that, pick them up very when the, cpp very windy part of the con, the cause of many fire that happened very often. so the when sunday high temperatures didn't allow the fire to be completely extinguished inside the, in the roof of the parliament. and that's why you venture the, it started to heat up again today in the hours of the afternoon. it was the plane. so again, there was journalist filling out in cape town. now let's take a look at some of the stories making headlines around the world. yemen who the rebels have seized a cargo ship in the red sea. the iran back movement says it has taken over military hardware on a vessel registered in the united arab emirates, the u. e, which is involved in fighting the who the says the ship is carrying medical equipment in the law. hong kong citizen news says it's shutting down because of
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china's crackdown on media freedom. publishers maintain, they no longer feel safe after colleagues at another publication were arrested on suggestion. charges. citizen use is the 3rd hong kong media outlets closed in recent months. at least one person has been tailed in indonesia. as heavy flooding hit the north of sumatra. island. thousands of others have been forced to flee their homes for casters expect the survey rain and thunderstorms to continue. a coven 19 outbreak has left a german cruise ship stuck in lisbon. fast as dozens of the 4000 passengers and crew have tested positive. this with negative test results are being allowed a sure to be flown home. israel has become the 1st country to offer a 4th dose of corona, barras vaccine,
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to risk groups. that includes any one of the 60, the, i am, is to protect the vulnerable from pricing on the con infections the government has previously run successful vaccination campaigns. a 3rd dose last year slowed the delta variant, dw correspondent, tonya kramer, reports from vaccine center in tel aviv domain are much more marshall days. really busy. lots of people are coming after the announcement. the fall vaccination is now available. one of the we, we worked really hard today to show a solar folk and it's a small to medium box needed to protect myself from the people around me. that's why you get the job and i hope others do it as well. i my, my, all, it's very scary, hold the ohm icon, variant is spreading everywhere for name. and since we have to vaccines available, one should get it. why am i doing it? because i'm 77 and i'm considered in this in the danger region. so
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doing is i want to see my grandchildren, i'm going to enjoy the i've, and that's the way to do it for me. on a we spoke to not job debit of ha advisors, these really government on virus policy. we asked him why a 4th shot can help we are living now in the times we need to make the decision during uncertainty. and what we saw actually that there is waiting, give me anything a 2nd dose. so we see that after 4 months there is a duction about these and also break rules. i think we can see the logic of data and the other a few very se. so very similar to what is will be the 2nd dog we finally decided. because of the you driving the cases that we need to really keep the safety of the scene. even though we don't have a you know, that, you know, if i'm to be waiting,
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we decided to finally go compromise test. and now we've done it also for people that are over 60 and for good workers and heroism. more of the latest developments in the pandemic on the chron has taken other, as the dominant variance of the current of ours, in austria and norway. both countries are now embracing for a shop rise in new cases in the us on the corner, spreading rapidly among young people regulates us, have now authorized booster shots with the bonds at pfizer vaccine for children, aged 12 to 15. and here in germany, more than 20000 people have taken to the streets nation wide to protest against restrictions there, especially angry about a possible you compulsory vaccination law being considered by the government. brazil's president, j bowles, the narrow may need surgery for an intestinal blockage the far right leader has
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suffered from stomach problems since surviving a knife attack in 2018 and 3, i am in sao paolo valuable so narrow. arrived at the villanova star hospital after the president experienced pain in his abdomen. he later revealed on twitter that he was fitted with another gastric tube and may require surgery. back in july, the same hospital had treated balsa narrow when chronic hiccups preceded an intestinal blockage. he was not operated on then, but has undergone full major surgery so far to treat issue stemming from a knife attack in 2018 at the campaign rally and reached for he was attacked. as supporters carried him through the streets. both scenarios lost 40 percent of his blood, but survived and went on to win the presidency later that year. this year, bolton aro, is standing for reelection. polls show him at risk of losing the presidency in october, following
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a controversial response to the pandemic. kenyan paleo anthropologist, richard leaky has died at the age of 77. the work off the world renowned conservationist and fossil hun to help to underpin the theory that human evolution began and africa, richard lake. he was also celebrated for his work to save wildlife from poachers. and for leading campaigns against the ivory trade to turkey. now, where inflation has hit its highest level in 19 years. prices in december rose 36 percent year on year. the weak turkish lira has pushed the cost of food and feel sharply higher. my critics blame president rich of ty of edwin, for pressuring the central bank to cut interest rates for turkey's lira is plummeting in value, and price is a soaring official figures. put inflation at 36 percent independent economists say
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in reality it's 80 percent or more prices arising so fast that many people and now having to make do with far less than they used to do some of them. yeah, it's a terrible situation. however, you look at it, it's terrible. people can only buy one or 2 pieces of fruit. now, we used to buy one or 2 kilo's. now we're just buying individual paces within a president rich of type odor. one has promised to bring inflation back under control. angelic, the heard in this and we're sad that our citizens are having to face the situation . but in all of turkeys history, we have the government that has done the most to fight inflation thought in if there so let me just delivered. the lever has lost more than 40 percent of its value against c west dollar. but edwin says, turkeys becoming more competitive, low wages and cheap production or increasing exports. he claims for those
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struggling on may get salaries. it's poor consolation. the fight against terrorism has focused increasingly in recent years on this a hell region of africa. it's an international operation and the the european union has provided funding to help mauritania, revive as century old nomadic police force known as the camel. cool, this is the latest approach in the fight against g hottest terrorists in mauritania . a traditional solution to a modern problem. the mahari national guard are a police unit recruited from local nomads. there camels are their most important tool there. the best way to get around the vast border region between mauritania and molly, jihadist groups, linked to al qaeda, have gained ground nearby, and authorities fighting them. need the kind of intelligence that only locals can offer was oh,
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is it m o c o i agents go undercover in the market? they spy on the traders. for example, if we see a nomad buying large quantities of fuel, we know that's not normal shipper and norma. parts is to see the pot, isn't up. their work is not without danger. while the men cook, lieutenant colonel city labs are secures the camp in or fed, ah sir, can you form a circle? look a group. each group has a century and we from the command or in the center or sample. the mahari police travels through the desert for months at a time or feed in monsieur darlin dundas, until we patrol the region. we look for nomadic populations, but to yourself the we raise awareness. even though we gather intelligence as well that and communicate that to the central government in no actual soccer on walks
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with. nothing of the capital corps are partly funded by money from the european union. it's an international attempt to improve security here. and in the larger region known as the sa, held its counter terrorism that starts at a local level. got the lizzie to him, he had his to rec, now how did units gather intelligence, lemon us, they spot the threats and been anti terrorism units that get involved and take care of those threats on that account. said let us, their job is to also deepen trust with people. people they know from their own communities. they help them by providing health care. to said them, the sequence of to this woman says she has vertigo, nausea, and general fatigue. that's why i gave her some album deserves because she could have a parasite and desert, so see and it. but as he thought this approach combining local knowledge with
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traditional connections and offering help as well as asking for information. it's proving popular a few 100 new mahari police are already operational and authority say they plan to recruit $200.00 more heavy snow and strong winds are destruct disrupting transport links across much of the southeastern united states. several government offices in washington, d. c. have had to shut down bath. the icy conditions also brought hundreds out to join, and the mass snowball fights the crowd split into 2 sides on the national mall to pummel each other with the freezing missiles organizes coordinating the fun on social media debate. the battle offs. no me crohn. i know
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i was like fun. that's it for me. coming up next on the sounds and acoustic signals. whales make similar to human language, the language of whales as a documentary coming up next here on the channel. i'm all al soccer in berlin. thanks very much for watching. take care. bye bye. imagine how many portion of love us heard out in the world.


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