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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 4, 2022 4:15am-4:31am CET

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additional connections and offering help, as well as asking for information. it's proving popular. a few 100 new mahari police are already operational and authority say they plan to recruit $200.00 more heavy snow and strong winds are disrupting transport links across luck of the southeastern united states. several government offices in washington d. c. have had to shut down, but the ice conditions also brought on routes out to join and amass snowball fights, organizes coordinating the fun on social media dubbed it. the battle off. what else? snow micron. that's it from east even basically has the mrs. news next enforcing. i'm with t w's crime fighters are back africa's most successful radio drama series,
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continues them all episodes are available online. and of course you can share and this goes on d. w, africa's facebook page and other social media platforms, crime fighters, tune in now. we're interested in the global economy, our portfolio d w business beyond here, the closer look at the project. our mission. to analyze the fight for market dominance. east versus west. get a step ahead with the w business beyond on you to with ah, our nuclear and gas green energies. a new draft rule says both should be eligible
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for the sustainable financing offered by banks and investors, and sought by companies to critics caught green washing and say could harm the confidence, energy transition. also on the show even renewables have their dirty sod. retired wind turbines aren't easy to dispose of. we'll visit the polish business now, putting them to good use. hello, and welcome to the show. i'm seen thirdly, in berlin. and we begin a wall street where apple briefly surpassed a market valuation of 3 trillion dollars on monday. that's a 1st for us company. apple hit the threshold when it share price reached a record $182.88 in earlier trading. before falling later, the shares have tripled in value since the pandemic low in march 2020 tech firms have collectively done well during the pandemic. but apple has excelled expanding from device sales into music and tv services. are i? let's go to jens quarter in new york for more. yes. going to see you. it seems like
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it was a long ago that apple reach the one trillion dollar mark in valuation now to 3 trillion dollars. how did this happen so fast? yeah, it's incredible. i mean, the company is very successful or whatever it touches so that it leaves how it seems like. but if you see that for the very 1st time they across to want trillion dollar mark in august of 2018. and then the 2 trillion dollar mark in august of 20 . and now we've seen that 3 trillion dollar market as company has ever achieved that before. it is quite a breathtaking, i mean, the shareholders of apple are known to really stick to the stock. but if you look at 2022, we might see it change and monetary policy. so higher interest rate usually not that great for big tech corporation, but at least for now nobody really seems to care when it comes to apple. and the stock actually is up by more than 200 percent since the lows in the year 2020.
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that's incredible. apple gets some of the headlines for the day. but tesla really making a lot of ground today up after news that it's deliveries. and last year we're up is exceptionally almost by 90 percent compared to the prior year. how has tesla done so well when the industry at large hasn't done that well during the last year. again we've talked about although supply chain issue is also a shortage shelf from semiconductors. but tesla, for example, especially when it comes to a shortage of semiconductors, was capable of actually shifting around some, sam, i, conductors or computer chips from some areas to another. so at the end of the day, they still could keep up with production and demand. obviously it's a strong tesla saying that they expect an average delivery road. so for the next couple of years of at least 50 percent. that stock was up by 13 percent here. on
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the monday session and talking about variation, tesla now as the evaluation of more than one trillion dollars to compare that with general motors, for example, they have a market capitalization of $80000000000.00 and tesla more than 10 times as much with more than $1000000.00 market cap or a quarter in new york with some of the while their numbers on wall street. thanks so much and let's go now to some of the other global business stories making headlines. and well, tesla is the top selling brand in norway were electric. vehicle sales jumped 25 percent last year and now account for nearly 2 thirds of car sales. there. norway has the world's highest proportion of electric vehicles. despite its dependence on oil production of the country has encourage buyers by exempting electric vehicles from taxes, property investment fun, t p g. real estate has bought a majority stake in germany's largest film studio studio bubbles back. major
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hollywood movies, such as steven spielberg's, bridge of spies and the latest in the matrix franchise were shot. their wall street firms are on the hunt for seo complexes, because of a boom in streaming content was staying in europe. the definition of green investment is creating a lot of frustration. on friday, the european commission release a draft proposal that adds new, clear, and natural gas projects to a list of sustainable activities. the draft is part of the use so called sustainable finance taxonomy. it essentially tries to define green projects for banks, investors, and even companies borrowing via green bonds. now, if the rules approved later this year, it means that a company or an investment bank could tethered rein credentials despite investing in essentially 30 energy. now germany is phasing out nuclear energy, but the government there says gas is an important bridge to cleaner energy sources . and the expansion of renewables in germany is considerable. for critics say that
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it's not ready to replace the reliable energy production brought by gas and nuclear . you states, such as france, meanwhile, get 70, which gets 70 percent, roughly 70 percent of its power from nuclear. they see nuclear as crucial to facing out. so you to admitting coal energy they want nuclear power included in that taxonomy. earlier i spoke with andreas hepner, he's a professor of operational risk banking and finance. at the university college dublin school of business. he's also a member of the platform, unsustainable finance. that's an expert panel, the counsel beer being commission in its development of that taxonomy. so i asked him what he thinks about the new draft take, listen, it is a very influence. it's a price and it was shared was as some of us on new year's eve, which is surprising. there was a big debate and i think views were pretty clear. and so i'm disappointed i need to say, and now we're assessing the actual draft proposal,
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which is publicly available on the website of far as getting politicians that people want to read. now address neither gas nor nuclear are truly clean energies, but if they help countries meet their net 0 commitments, what is the problem including them in this taxonomy, making it easier for investors to fund them? so let me try to metaphorically explain the case of gas 1st and then we can see to what extent we believe that it will help to meet that 0. 2050. keep in mind that the opportunity is until 2030 to apply for license to build this gas as anybody can see in the publicly available document. so if i metaphorically speaking, go to a fast food shape and i store actually order a triple cheese burger was baking. and then i decide that i'll leave the baking of a and i only do a double cheeseburger. and that i'll do for the next 20 years, just double cheeseburger, and then maybe on occasions i go for
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a single cheeseburger. is it going to be a diet that's particularly effective? many would say it might not be. and so in essence, declaring gas as green, even if a switch for coal oil is in my view, the equivalent to eating a double cheeseburger instead of a triple cheese burger with bacon. and then determining that for 20 years can potentially lead up to a 1000000000 ad su to equivalence and greenhouse gas emissions a 1000000000 tons. so c o 2 equivalent greenhouse gas emissions to be precise that are the clear green by government. right, so it's clear that some governments, including the german government, see gas as a bridging technology. you're saying that you think that even though it bridges all the way to 2050, the set goal for net 0 in germany that it's still. busy not the right option because it creates more damage along the way. i mean, if the goal is 2015 at 0, so doesn't that ends justify those means?
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or would you say that you can then speed up net 0? if you say no gas. so the goal is 55 percent by 2030. now if you permit someone to declare something green that in 2030 stubs for 20 year periods together with a least a 3 year every construction time for a gas station on a 55 percent reduction. well then you had 55 percent reduction by 205355 with them by 2030. so on my rough calculation, this proposal in terms of the traveling speed of the cabinet zation is 30 percent of the speed that we need. and so it's just too slow. it is on the way to net 0, but it's not on the way to and 02050. it's all on the way to 2100. all right, and chris hope nor is professor of operational risk, banking and finance. at the university college dublin school business, thank you very much. or even renewables have their dirty side scrapped,
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wind turbines are actually considered hazardous waste. that means they can just be thrown out. now one polish company has found a way to put retired turbines to better use them more than 20 years old to small unreliable and on viable, many windmills are being removed. but what happens to the rotor blades often made of plastic and other toxic materials in poland? the company and mit is turning them into swimming jetties or load bearing members. such as in this footbridge, it's the brainchild of engineer and the z e t. these old rotor blades as a valuable resource spout me. guar news, for example, the shape of a pillar isn't change because it helps you with what it doesn't wrote of lives out of it. it should be a monument tie you very big on them and people should find it impressive when it'll
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be on joe franzoni in a hole on a former military side. he also processes rotor blades from germany into furniture . to do this, the wings which are up to 12 meters long, so on into individual paths, garden furniture, chairs, benches, and tables are created from it. when mixed with natural materials and vanished. everything is refined with fine, large wood. the furniture has been designed by students at the college in jail in gora. they feel inspired because their ideas are built and sold worldwide back to germany, where an snobbery gets the product exclusively through his online shop. software allows customers to place their pieces digitally before buying them. he's good friends with the employees of the polish company,
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the pieces of furniture cost around $3000.00 euros. and we're in the mall market brand that on the one hand draws attention to a problem. but on the other hand, also shows that you can build beautiful, unique furniture from old, diffused things is polish. friends always surprise him with new ideas. for example, a wind turbine becomes a wine cellar. when it comes to up cycling, as the concept is called, they seem to be no limits. and the raw material wind turbines won't run out any time soon. that's very clever and that's it from me and the dw business team here in berlin. check us out a line, gabby dot com slash business. i'm seeing busy, thanks for watching. at the bottom of the baltic sea closeness monster by fishermen or illegally
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tossed away secret tombs get trapped in the mesh and die in agony. environmentalists to try to help with risky dive there, salvaging the go, snaps kluso. next on d, w, muse, code ah, to jim species, an expedition looking to decipher the secret language of wales. dozens, marine mammals communicate. we accompany a research team to the pacific to decode the language of wales. in 45 minutes on d, w. ah,
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hello guys, this is the 77 percent. the platform for africa. you to be beat issues and share ideas. ah, you know, or this channel, we are not afraid to happen delicate topic because population is growing and young people clearly have the solution. the future belongs to you is 77 percent. now every weekend on d, w under water salvage divers recover go.


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