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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 5, 2022 5:00am-5:16am CET

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ah, what is true was big, it doesn't matter. the only criteria is what we'll hope people. we should light on the opaque world who's behind the benefits. and why are they a threat to whistle o peak world this week on d, w? ah ah, business d w, news live from been in the united states records a 1000000 new corona, virus infections in a single day. confirmed cases have doubled in the past week as
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a highly contagious on the current barian spread across the u. s. will have from an expert about what this means for americas fight against the pandemic. also coming up, severe weather leaves thousands of people stranded overnight on a key u. s. highway as senator stuck in the snow course. at a nerve wracking experience. tennis don novak job, it is granted permission to play at the australian open even though he hasn't been vaccinated against private 19 ah, i'm was like i very well a to the program. the united states recorded more than 1000000 new cove at 19 infections on monday. that's a world record for confirmed daily cases, though it's party due to a porting backlog after the new year's holiday. confirming infections have doubled
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in the past week. as on the cross spreads, but hospitalization and death rates have been lower than in previous ways, the u. s. center for disease control has recommended shortening the wait for boost jobs to 5 months, but more than a quarter of the population is still completely unvaccinated. earlier you, as president joe biden addressed the nation urging people to get vaccinated, unvaccinated, taking up hospital beds, and crowding emergency rooms and intensive care units as displaced other people need access to those hospitals. so please, please, please get vaccinated. now. there's no excuse, no sheeps rarely won't be non vaccinated. this continues to be a panoramic of the unvaccinated. so we gotta make more progress. and for patients who still haven't gotten your kids vaccinated, please get them vaccinated. look out for their interest. here is the best way to
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protect them. folks, i know we're all tired and frustrated about the pandemic. these coming weeks are going to be challenging please where you're masking palmer to protect yourself and others. really get through this. we're going to get through the gift. now for more, i'm joined by william schaffner. he is professor of preventative medicine at the department of health policy as at vanderbilt university medical center in nashville . welcome to the program. joe biden is pleading with the unvaccinated to get jabbed, and he's pleading with people to wear masks. at this point in the pandemic, do you think he's getting through to people? oh, i certainly hope so, because many of us have been saying the same thing for a very long time. and the spread of the oma kron virus. now in the united states, is nothing short of amazing. it's left the city. it's into the suburbs and into
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even our rural counties. so it's everywhere. and as the president said, it's putting unvaccinated people into the hospital and making them more sick. whereas if you're vaccinated and particularly if you're boosted your risk of hospital admission is 20 times lower. so the benefits of vaccination are very, very clear, although in some parts of the country, including my state, the resistance to vaccination in some groups is very, very strong. so looking at the hospitals are like where you are in nashville. the research indicates that on the chron can be milder than previous variance, but more people get it. so what does this mean for the pressure on hospitals and health care stuff? in the united states, you have the mild infections or bringing people to outpatient departments, to clinics and to emergency rooms. but they're not being admitted to the hospital.
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when the virus finds people who are on vaccinated, that's the group that distressing the hospitals at the present time. and to make things a little worse around our country, influenza is now acting up another respiratory virus that can put people into the hospital. so i think the next month in united states is going to be very, very difficult for the health care system. some countries here in europe for example, are now introducing tougher restrictions on the under vaccinated. and there was a discussions here around vaccine mandates. do you think this can be necessary? will this be necessary in the united states? well, only difference in different parts of the country. new york city now has ins introduce those kinds of obligations, similar to those in europe. but in my part of the country that would be resisted very, very fiercely. so i don't think increasing mandates. i had advocated for them,
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but i don't think they're going to be terribly effective, at least and much of the united states. it's still going to have to be persuasion, and i hope it works. or i, professor william schaffner at vanderbilt university medical center in nashville. thank you very much for your insights. let's take a look now at some other stories making news around the world. a suspect has appeared in court over the fire that badly damaged the south african parliament in cape town. the 49 year old faces 2 counts of arson. prosecutors also alleged he had an explosive device with him when he broke into the parliament building. the suspects lawyer says he's pleading not guilty. a us judge says that it says he will decide soon whether to dismiss a civil sex assault case against the britons. prince andrew. the prince's lawyers
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says he is protected by a 2009 settlement between his accuser, virginia, defray, and sex offender. jeffrey epstein, jeffrey says prince andrew sexually assaulted her when she was 17. palestinian prisoner has ended his nearly 5 month hunger strike after israeli authorities agreed to release him next month. he sham abu ha watches the family said he had achieved a victory for all palestinians. he began his hunger strike in september to protest his detention without charges being made. snowstorms are playing havoc in the u. s. with road and trade travel closed or delayed. planes have been grounded and schools closed in virginia. an interstate highway was brought to a standstill overnight with hundreds of motorists stranded in their cast and freezing temperatures. 100 stuck in both directions. a snowy stone,
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coupled with a traffic accident shot down a stretch of 15 years. i 95. the us east coast main north south highway, leaving motorists stranded for a freezing night. among them, a senator on his way to the capital. it was, it was nerve wracking overnight and i'll tell you i, i had 2 things. i had a heavy coat and i also had a full tank of gas. and the problem is a lot of people when you're stuck that long between, you know, 5 miles from an interchange and the traffic isn't move and folks are running out of gas. motorists have been helping each other, sharing what lease will they have with them. but as the weight stretches on food, water, and fuel a running out and some of those stock angry at the slow response from officials. i don't think they've done a good job whatsoever. i feel like they could have prepared if they knew about the weather. ah, in from i understand they knew about it. maybe 14 to 18 hours at
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a time. it definitely could assaulted the roads or maybe been, or, you know, maybe shut down the, the highways. she knew so sorry. she said they would start the rescue effort at daybreak on tuesday. but hours later, an unknown number of people are still stranded on the icy road. sevien tennis down of ac ciocca which has confirmed he will defend his australian open title in melbourne this month. after being granted an exemption to play without being vaccinated against coven, 19 the well number one had earlier declined to reveal his vaccinations status and said he was unsure whether he would compete at the grand slam due to concerns. over australia, quarantine rules, australian open organizes say no special favors have been given to john. to talk us through the story, i'm joined now by tennis commentators,
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steve piers in melbourne. welcome to the program. australia has some of the was toughest pandemic restrictions when it comes to entering the country joker, which has been given a medical exemption. what medical reasons, can they work? number one, tennis by a half are not getting vaccinated. oh yeah. well, it's, it's a, it's a good question. it's a question. a lot of people are asking right now and it's, it's not really on the basis of what you might think are traditional medical exemptions, but they've sort of outlined 3 or 4 ways that you could obtain a medical exemption and were advised by tenants. a strategy of 26 players and or support stuff applied for this medical exemption with a handful getting it know that job which being one of them. now you could have a severe reaction to a previous dose of type of 19, unlikely given a job which is on this, you might recently have had surgery, have a heart condition, all these types of things or, or even you could be
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a danger to yourself with a mental health disorder pretty much take all those out of the equation and you're really left with the one instance which seemingly you would think is what a joke of it has managed to gain. this is that within the last 6 months, you can prove that you've had a positive case of counted 19. and if you can do that, then you are eligible for medical exemption. so i don't know the insides of this and obviously it's top secret. it's medical private medical information, so who knows that would appear to be from the list that has been provided medical exemptions, most likely. why that never job, which will play in melbourne on the 17th. right. there's been a lot of reaction to this. australians have gone through a lot and this pandemic long lockdown. tough regulations. how is doc of it? just exemption from the vaccine mandate going down in australia right now? no. well, not well at all. a lead balloon would be one, the springs to mind,
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and then many, many, many other phrases which are not repeatable on television. so it's, it's, it's been received across the whole population. because of course, this is being well publicized over the last months of what's going to happen with it. is it this, is it this in his, his dislike of vaccinations and his stance on this going all the way back to some of the pandemic, really? and then of course, holding, you know, tennis tournaments during the pandemic. so all of this is contrived to deliver absolute public relations nightmare. him and want to whites him here when he gets to melbourne, which will not be predominantly a warm reception at all. and then for tennis, a straight year it's, it's, it's not, i mean it's got a lot of people talk about your strategy and i've been nearly 2 weeks out from the start of it. i want to be unhappy about that. this is not really the sort of coverage they want and they're taught bras, cried tie, leave the chief executive having to go on to defend the process really against,
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you know, what, what the general populous things, which is no x got a lot of money, is 9 times the champion of course, he's going to get a medical exemption that sort of, that, that insinuation that you know, money can buy you whatever you want on money can generally buy you whatever you want. but in this instance, it appears as though he's, he's found a way through the, through the loopholes, if you like the medical exemptions that are available to play a moment. thank you much commentator for australian open radio steve peers. now sports has fans and then it has super fast with the winter olympics, starting in a month few people can say they're as excited as this next page and local who has a collection of souvenirs that you've just got to check out. john when kwan has spent more than 50000 euros on his olympic collection, and he can hardly fit into his tiny beijing home. it's an obsession that has at
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times cost him more than just money. like that time he volunteered at his 1st games . while my initial hospital during the 2008 summer olympics, i collected food vouchers, given the volunteers without, i didn't eat drink. i said that i could keep the vouchers. life was quite hard at that time with some of the volunteers felt sorry for not rec, will they share their food legally wrangle collecting his hardware telephone to watch. when kwan has collected over 5000 items already, his obsession began in high school during the 2000 sydney games. and he's been at it ever since. what i gotta do. sure. the majority of your i collected all over showed other people usually only collect one type of item like lenses. here's the order, but i am a bit more great because i like many things related to the olympian, was on the how i like the design. it's you don't, will you why like all the olympic dishonest or you know, should your daughter wish it were? the olympic movement has plenty of doubt as these days, but it will always have
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a fan in jung. when kwan organizations all over the world are coming up with creative campaigns to encourage vaccination in germany and entrepreneur teamed up with a shepherd for a unique stun. in the push to achieve human hurt immunity, 700 sheep and goats were lined up to form a 100 me to long syringe, pieces of bread, well ada laid out to coax the animals into position. the sons organizer said he hoped to reach the emotions of vaccine hesitant people, where scientific reasoning had failed. you watching the w news live from berlin up next. hey, on the tunnel our documentary series doc film looks at the. how do we was we have mercenaries, hackers and drones take the place that you imagine how many portion of lunch i'll throw it out in the world. climate change very often
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story. this is my plan, the way from just one week.


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