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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 5, 2022 7:15am-7:31am CET

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and off the top stories we are following for u. u. s. presidential biden has urged unvaccinated americans to get the job after more than 1000000 new cobit 19 infections were reported in the us. within a 24 hour period, confirmed infections have doubled in the past week. honestly, i'm a current very and spreads, but also the book. hospitalization and death rates are lower than in previous wipes . and that's it for now, for me in the early team here in berlin. don't go way up. next is business. i'm get out office in a berlin from me and the team i follow up with we got some hot tips for your bucket list. ah romantic corner check
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hot spot for food, chair, and some great cultural memorials to boot d w, travel off we go. are you ready to get a little more extreme? ah, these places in europe are smashing all the records. stepped into a bold adventure. just don't lose your grip. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of europe's wykard breaking sites on google, youtube, and now also in book form. ah, ah, the world's biggest consumer tech show kicks off in las vegas as cobra is. numbers
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serge, across the us. organizers admit there are risks, but say there's more good than bad in letting the show go on. also, on the program, tesla opens a new show room in china's shien john province. despite reports of forced labor and internment camps that are leading more companies to sever ties there. hello, welcome to the show. i'm seen beardsley in berlin. tens of thousands of visitors are expected in las vegas as the world's biggest consumer tech show returns the exhibition hall on wednesday. for the 1st time since the pandemic. not everyone is on board. some companies have decided not to attend or have pulled back their representation. others haven't been swayed. they say that there's more upside to the event even if the risk is real. very well, the developers built a tiny ventilation system into the air tight musket fan is operated by a small rechargeable battery. one of the inventors explains to trade visitors. he
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claims the mosque with its filters, protect against almost all viral and bacterial agents, especially nano and micro particles. it costs $340.00 it's a fantastic tool to fight against the covered crisis. because with this mask, you won't need to do a for the vaccination if the, if the 6, depending on all the variance of the virus and all the new viruses that will arrive in the future will be a trade fare in the middle of the micron wave health professionals worn that c s could become a super spreader event. the organizers have taken extra measures to prevent this putting on a lot of stuff to avoid long lines at reception, visit is, must be vaccinated. in addition, everyone is tested. the pathways are wider, the activity is further apart. yet despite these measures, many big names are missing. b, m, w, microsoft, t mobile and many others aren't here or have reduced their presence. there are 2200
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exhibitors, about half as many as the last c s which was open to the public video. but those who are here have made a conscious choice, like rim coffee and bring from the netherlands, who transforms glass besides into video streams. video screen. i think there's thought a startup. it takes a lot of guts anyway. i had a great job. busy i quit the job. busy i saw it so there's a lot of uncertainties and this is only grown in one of the uncertainties. hey, maybe it's an opportunity. so. busy yeah, and then stop. it will never stop optimism that the industry in the 2nd year of the corona virus crisis can really use our let's go now to d, w correspondence, stuff on simon's who's live in las vegas. stuff on good to see you there. why is the show going on when you look at the kind of case numbers that the u. s. is seeing right now? yeah,
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good question. let me 1st tell you where am this is the mandalay bay hotel and resort convention center. and we are in one of their press conference halls. and what you see here behind me is intel, people actually packing up, they had a press conference here, which was not in person, not life, they had taped something. they played it out. that was the press conference played something live from somewhere from the seo in to this occasion. and that's it. and now they're leaving intel. i be an intel, microsoft, google, amazon. those companies who are not showing up here who opted not for in person presence. and why is that? you mention it because the danger of catching army crone here is? yeah. big as big as a supers freda event. this could be a super spread event. that's why you mentioned that also. we have those test. see if you see everybody who's coming here does not only have to be vaccinated, of course japs, but he also get the test. there are 2 tests in there and you have to supposed to self test every day and make sure you're not
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a covered positive. and that is definitely a challenge here because with mask or without an even with mask, the dangers are pretty high to catch something here. okay. stuff on. so some of the bigger guys like intel and ibm can afford to pull out what about a lot of the smaller businesses that are there that really need to be there and shake hands and make these deals. they have no choice but to be there. is that fair to say? well yeah, it's fair to say that's exactly what the president of the technology association here, the consumer technology association who is organizing this event, the c as actually said that it would have been totally unfair to those in majority, smaller businesses who are really hoping all year and working all year to have a strong presidency and a strong showed to present their new products or their products in the pipeline because that is bringing them business business they meet and want you right. the big one, save, that doesn't really matter if they're here really in,
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in massive presence or not. but for the little ones, it seems to be very important. this is exactly why this is happening here. so if on briefly, what can we expect from the expo this year? no, the rosalind dazzle, right. what's new? i, i think it's all about e v e v is the keyword he, electric illegals, driverless driving iron t internet of things. and of course, an indication for this is that mary barrow g m c o. well, hold the keynote speech to more to officially open and welcome all the people, the tech geeks here to the c s 2022. so that will be all this and of course new chips, new computing power for r u t, and driverless driving evie driving, et cetera. all right, stuff on simon's in las vegas where the c s is gearing up. thank you very much. and we go now to some of the other global business stories making headlines.
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japanese car maker, toyota. so more vehicles in the u. s. last year than general motors marketing the 1st time g m did not lead sales and it's home market since $900.00. 31. $22.00 sold $2300000.00 vehicles at around 100000 more than g m and 10 percent more than the previous year. opec and its allies of agree to stick to a plans increase an oil output of $400000.00 barrels per day in february, sources from the groups that it expects to omicron run of ours variance to have only a short term impact on demand. human rights groups have called for tesla to change course. after the company opened a new dealership in the sheen jung region of china or ports out of that province have revealed force, labor, mass detention and internment camps. and even for sterilizations against the muslim minority, weaker group, a china rejects any abuses, but washington has labeled that campaign genocide. and it recently passed a new law prohibiting imports from sheen john
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a china is increasingly flexing its economic muscle to silence critics of its campaign ship maker intel had to apologize after backlash following its letter sent to suppliers urging them not to source products or labor from sheen john, the same with retailers, nike and h m. they also faced blow back last year, falling their own statements about force labor and cotton production. and china is tesla 2nd biggest market after the u. s. and the company has worked to foster a close relationship with aging. earlier i spoke with allison stewart allen, she c o, the consulting firm, international marketing partners. i asked about tesla founder ilan must the decision to open and change young and how risky it was. here's what she said, it is risky. and so this is a person that is famous for taking big risks. the question is, is he flattering the law? ah, now, technically no. because he could argue that he's not importing ah, components that will make their way back to the united states,
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which would then violate u. s. law. what he is doing, however, is retailing in china or so he will claim and therefore there's nothing wrong with retailing in the zip. jang profits. however, there is a problem if you use the components. the question really for corporate leaders is about trust and does what he's doing by opening his 200 and 11th show room in china. in this particular province, does this compromise people's trust in the tesla brand. at the same time, even the slightest connection to sheen young right now for many companies is considered toxic, at least on the western side of the equation. is, is this significant for tesla customers? do we know yet? we don't really know yet. we do know that our customers around the world are increasingly aware of the implications of labor in that
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region of china. that it is it, in many cases, weaker nationals or of from the weaker community who are being used often allegedly with no wages in slave like conditions. and i think consumers around the world are much more attuned to what companies get up to social media, not least has been very helpful in lifting the lid on a corporate behavior. so i think there will certainly be concerns that tesla is perhaps a company that is defying american legislation, even though perhaps technically it isn't. but it might be perceived that way. and we know that in the marketing world, perceptions are everything. you know, you might have the facts, but you also have what people perceive and believe. and that's the piece that tesla needs to pay attention to. allison, briefly, if you can, what kind of line are companies walking essentially between the u. s. and china
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right now, trying to satisfy both sides on this issue. i think for corporate leaders, the big challenge is staying true to their values and staying true to their investors. now, they're not mutually exclusive. they don't need to ever be mutually exclusive. but in many cases, i think companies need to make a decision about whether operating in this particular province of china, knowing the issues that are there around weaker labor and whether you can satisfy your investor community. and whether you can also satisfy your stakeholders, such as your staff, who are expecting you to be ethical. and to be true to what you say is important. and i think company leaders are facing this challenge, not just in the china, weaker situation, but around the world across the board. we're right, else and steward al and ceo of international marketing partners. thank you very
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much. thank you. and finally, it's time to say by, by the blackberry, a pioneering device in the world of smartphones has reached the end of the road. in the late 2, thousands, no celebrity or politician was seen without their blackberry. until apples, i phone overwhelmed the market. the canadian company is now pulling the plug on the once indispensable crack barry as it was nicknamed, and we'll make no new updates of the phones operating system. all right, all good, things come to an end. that's it for me. and the dw business team here in berlin, find us online dot com slash business, excuse me, for more. thanks for watching. in great shape. what is the secret to happiness?
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happiness some t w's.


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