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tv   In Good Shape - The Road to Happiness  Deutsche Welle  January 5, 2022 7:30am-8:00am CET

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several did and right wing extremist women's rights regression again, world mommy and coping weight and burned in south africa. people with disabilities more likely to lose their jobs. in the pandemic black lives matter pass, shine a spotlight on racially motivated police violence, same sex marriage is being legalized in more and more countries, discrimination and inequality, or part of everyday life. for many, we ask why? because life is diversity. to make up your own mind. mm. d. w. lead for mines with pay close attention because you could win something on in good shape with a bit of luck. you could be our happy winner and that's our thing to day happiness . happiness on t w's health show. why not?
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because a new year's eve, birthdays or at weddings. what did folks around the world wish one another health and happiness? happiness isn't reliant on health. happiness can make you healthy. ah ah ah, when finished speak about happiness or good fortune they talk about on me something they seem to have a lot of according to the 2021 world happiness report, finland is the happiest country on the plan is. the report looked at close to $150.00 countries, its criteria included per capita g, d, p, life expectancy, the freedom to make life choices and the level of social support. at this time, the others also investigated how the mona crisis affected happiness. the result
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surprising me there was not on average, a decline in well being when measured by people's own evaluation of their lives. so happiness can even survive, look down the re what helps people find happiness. how about a good luck charm like these primroses, which are said to symbolize new beginnings. and what else helps. thanks right, good music makes people happy. and according to st. barista amena, this market in hanover, his tasty marquee otters, do so to can coffee, make us happier? you are not. of course you are good. a good coffee is like a good wine. good. no. it's a real delight orders and good luck with them. i see it's not difficult to see what makes ryan and his brother noah happy. oh i. where can you find
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happiness right now? it hasn't been your heart. you can never lose the happiness in your heart. it's always there. i also experience it with my little family as clerk. what is happiness anyway? we decided to ask some budding philosophers, emergency when you are excited about something or having fun. then with men of winder, when i meet my friends somewhere and visit them even during the lockdown, and then they're locked down as i go, look inside them. unhappiness is when you're having fun and when everything's great and you feel good food, arlington, the hartman family has had a lot to be happy about recently, less sun power was born 11 weeks ago. but even for them, happiness is something they're often have to search for. in 2nd order, when i'm at home with baby, when i have my daily piece of cake one, i can watch my favorite tv show. that makes me happy. i what i can take a shower from from next leave as a shopkeeper,
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genghis i. it is today, his extending birthday wishes to mamma and what detach the 11 year old twin sisters are already experts. i'm happiness mom. come to chatting with friends via video calls or something that can make you happy. dallas, my, i'll flight miss. single. ok. thanks for the gift. love you guys. and there's another lesson and happiness for us to job a little last year. i had an infection in my lungs, it was very serious and lasted for months. it inspire me to reflect the now i appreciate what it means to be healthy, who's a sick person only wants one thing. i'm to be healthy. i'm of healthy. people want everything, but a sick person just wants to be healthy or glucagon. so being healthy contributes to happiness apparently. so does a walk along the local lake, even when it's 2 degrees outside and wet and windy human how to find happiness,
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walk left with peace and serenity of advertisement. just keep going and follow the rules for you, and then eventually you'll get there notified. maybe it is that simple happiness as there waiting to be discovered. we just have to train ourselves to see it. a scientists wanted he mystify the most wonderful of all feelings. happiness. biochemists are searching for molecules that let us experience joy. nero biologists are employing new technology to locate the cease of happiness in the brain. but they have yet to fully grasp the phenomenon. what is known is that many little biochemical switches are involved in producing a sense of happiness. as we'll show, you know, wouldn't life be so much easier if we had a happiness switch? imagine being able to turn off all our troubles and create
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a feeling of pure joy that spreads through our entire body. in fact, we do have such a switch biologically speaking, and one that can be turned on in a number of ways with sweet treats and savory delights success, sex, alcohol, and drugs, and even online gaming and gambling. they all released dopamine in our mis olympic pathway. our brain reward system. what do we then genuinely feel, joy? dopamine was long thought to be the ultimate happy hormone, but it generates a strong craving for more, and eventually, inevitably, a sense of deprivation. so in reality, the dopamine switch is activated before we even reach for this weeks. and before we've even gone down, the 1st one we're already hungering after the next one. 2 ah,
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there's also another problem. when we use that switch a lot, it's effect weakens. eventually those euphoric feelings dwindle away altogether and we have to keep pressing the switch just to feel normal. so it's hardly surprising that dopamine plays a major role in addictions. but we do have backups, which is physical exercise releases endorphins. they make us feel energetic. if not euphoric plus indo canal benoit's ease. the pain in stressed muscle groups closeness to other people, and especially physical contact trigger. the release of oxytocin, it's what causes us to develop and nurture social bonds to our partner, or our newborn baby. it wards us with a sense of security. certain foods exercise in sunlight to can
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all boost our serotonin levels. it's a hormone that generates a feeling of satisfaction and personal harmony. but it's not that easy to just push those buttons. regular exercise requires self discipline and we have to become proactive to meet other people. achieving our aims requires the right motivation. and that comes from the switch, we already know dopamine, the number one motivator. so all in all looking for the one switch to make us happy is not that promising a prospect as tempting as it might seem. if we are going to find that path to lasting happiness, it's by pressing a number of those crucial switches in our lives. one quick way to vista, happy womans is to eat foods that make us feel good right away. one study found that semen can lift your mood, bananas, contain serotonin,
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which can help banish the blaze. green vegetables and avocado, the also good sources of folic acid, that's needed to produce the happiness hormone serotonin. and then there's a treat that induces feelings of pleasure at the she has sight of it, chuckling chocolate, brown, gold, pure seduction. for all the senses. it's the heavy, heavy bars that sound our souls so much on stand by next to our keyboards, working from home, milk, chocolate, the easy favorite, and everything with hazel nuts and new get prey, liens. the classic present for dear friends or one self, ah,
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and right now their top chopped comes in the form of gently melting bon bones from won't leave probably the way it melts in your mouth when you take your time with it and how you sense the way the cool comes through from within. if you really from income in lookin, put it in your mouth, then let it mel to little and then wash it down with espresso. outstanding the p because of pleasure. i don't know what's in there, maybe even a small pick me up. it's not just about the good taste. it's not as is good to make . how does chalk would make us happy? perhaps a self proclaimed minister for joy knows. some island is not a so doesn't look a lot of for one of course chocolate contains caffeine in the cocoa that gets your happiness. formerly serotonin flowing once a night, at the same time, we associated with emotional things like nice childhood memories that bubble up and made people use chocolate as a reward. i, it's a belongs emitter. and rewards go down. well, when we're stressed out,
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it gave it over and if that doesn't matter how terrible the times aspect, how dismal the day or how bad our mood sometimes is not much like the last of thousands of ways to find a little happiness in our daily lives. i attack, that's a fin perhaps with a truly top tasting treat from the chocolate shop. ah, them all cut in when we get into the premium segment. it's really amazing. a whole world of flavors rose towards you is quite different from simply going into a supermarket. you're grabbing a bar of chocolate with lots of sugar in it, that just tastes of sugar. it's here, it's like wine, depending on the growing regions, there's a lot of different subtle nuances and a huge spectrum of flavor. this knowledge because by the sweet seduction spread through the whole world from central america roasting gibbs cocoa beans, there full aroma and regional conditions give
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a chocolate type its own special taste as if it gets citrus accents. it's a dried fruit. apricots, jasmine, yes, mean, there's always something new. and on the way home, there's always a little chuck, with trees, and fisher i ah chocolates can make us happy. but what else? romantic evening, money and success are simply some downtime for yourself. next, find happiness in our interview. isabel po fate is an author, lecturer and journalist. she's an expert, unhappiness, ah, and the glistened. when we are happy, we can experience it as
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a sort of calm satisfaction. you're happy with your life, or it can be really intense. a sharp tingle throughout your body, a burst of energy. herbert ross says that this, and that's the other extreme does this and but all of that is happiness out here in the bloodstream. science breaks down the factors that contribute to happiness like this. 50 percent is determined by our genes. 10 percent by external circumstances. but 40 percent depends on us and our own behavior for heads fact to a one behavioral factor might be for example, how do i behave towards my neighbors? do i say hello to them or not? how do i act when i meet other people? do i spend evenings alone verging out in front of the tv? i hadn't met him. that was a classic and it doesn't make you happy. and for most people, it will probably be better to corn friend or go for a walk with someone they like man in the moon. even little gestures can make you happy, like a friendly smile. ah,
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remembered endless mentioned on you treat others the way that you expect to be treated yourself. so it can make you really, really happy to smile at someone else man and her, and select and not sure if it's even nice if they smile back and you notice that you've made them happy. tried such a mechanic of steps, but it can also make you happy. you've made a connection with someone else. even the hermit among us can benefit from connecting with others that have been done. madame, on mention another simple, yet effective tip for achieving happiness is to cross things of your to do list in your and even getting things done is a really good happiness to it works in 2 different ways. essence, 1st, they're done and dusted, so they don't get on our nerves. second, you can be a bit proud of yourself. okay. i've been putting off doing it, but now it's done how nice, and it's just it's hard to believe, but even tidying up can make us happy. as phantom of when the interesting thing
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here is been, it's a lot less bothersome than the amount of grief it causes us when it's messy. them shaft us. yeah. and when you do it, you create a space, a com space at work or at home. and that's a factor, there's nothing staring at you. the cook, mcneish man, the man when you don't tidy up and you have a lot of work heaped up around you want, everything is looking at you saying you can take care of me is not like you have to tie me up. and when you actually do it, it often goes very quickly. then assessing a shaft happiness guides often recommend that you keep a journal and write down the things that you're grateful for. every evening i just took, some of the happiness journal is always a good idea because it filters your perception. and when you go through the day like that, you always think, oh, i'll tell that story tonight messy, but what stories do he tell from our lives? and is it the good ones or the bad ones i've heard? and when you know to day i will be are certain, it doesn't matter so much whether
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a book is i'll send you that question or other people that have early. what did you do to day to day? what were 3 good things that happen to lead? you tend to remember them that mean i created a kind of filter and i had to make good moments worthy of re telling them our lives haven't changed one little bit, but it seems a lot better. a feeder bestsellers is happiness. the kind of drug that makes us healthy or is good, healthy approve because it will happiness, ah, as there couple it offers the others with a lot of people who are lucky enough to be in some physical shape. expect that to change radically when they're no longer in the best of health, and is a cappella. she goes on, had smithers museum. but we're now seeing a difference in both studies and personal stories that it simply isn't true to him . as a lie, he go, whose physical health has been compromised by an agent on this or an accident from whom they can be just as happy as they were before having another glucose family for her. room number one for butting pursuers of happiness. learn to switch off
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some times because stress can mess with your hormones. mere last of being if it increases the strain on your blood vessels and your heart and stress hormones caused digestive problems, stress and is unhealthy. and the so good launched, but feel good hormones keep that stress and chair, which is why happiness has good for you, lucas, aunt and hero. those crucial tips, again, friendly gestures in everyday life. completing tasks pauses to relax, instead of stress. now you can win something. this backpack full of useful items. so you can take d w with you wherever you go. we want to know what makes you happy. send us a photo of your joyful moments. the little everyday things and big life changing events will present the nicest pictures on our show. and one lucky person will win the dw backpack so to send in your photos. the deadline to enter the drawer is
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january 20th. 2022. good luck from in good shape. what makes a man happy that simple men are happy when they partners are happy. but the opposite doesn't hold true, just because a man is happy in his marriage doesn't necessarily mean his spouse's content. according to to you as psychologists. that's mainly because women often carry a heavier load in the relationship than men. it's timely, all learned more about how to be happy. why only teach math and science in school. my children discover the keys to happiness, to the door, to happiness as one their children. at this munich primary school are encouraged to enter. the curriculum includes a subject with no great work. every once a winner, chillies class on happiness is about learning to be content. then fight lice,
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vinegar, mia, i last is more with one strawberry. might make me happier than a whole. bunch of them that i take for granted on do, gone to shed sir. and with children, especially vulnerable to pandemic, related anxiety, learning to look on the positive side can be a big benefit. i saw bry. oh and yeah, me democratic minds, it's fun doing things together and learning at the same time the by with no tests, i suppose a little. oh, researchers are in no doubt that happiness is something which can indeed be learned, though the class is not available to all grades yet finished quickly. the kings when an air tongue is act and parents and children keep telling us they'd love to have this subject as well. and we are planning to introduce it to other school years in the next yarn in detroit, mental health bound up because what there is homework to do to these task is
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charging upon joy and energy. for killian, that means speeding around on his don scooter, is his commitment. it's core that you can play with your friends and swap trick 6 and learn something with lessons in happiness. the kids just love it, put you on a co it's a dark time of year in the northern hemisphere. people spend al is sitting in gloomy offices and sombre rooms. yet life is reliant on light plants turn to face the sun to draw entity from its rays. single celled organisms move towards brightness, and we humans also need light back in the 1970s. biologists already
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define daylight as a requirement for health and wellbeing. light affects our mood sunlight, in particular, can give our mood a boost in the cold seasons when the days get shorter. a lot of people have a problem. they're not getting enough sunshine that wreaks havoc on their hormone levels and can have dire consequences. in, in vinto monotony is historically it's darker in the winter months and that results in the body releasing more melatonin. melatonin makes us tired. it's the sleep hormone the night time hormone. hm. this that's why so many people feel more fatigued in the darker seasons and not really healthy shuster than many people suffer from winter blues and up to speed. so what can we do about the winter blues?
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this woman has decided to fight them off. she attends the berlin based fleet, nor clinic every day for half an hour. she sits in front of a daylight lamp. it mimics natural light and has a positive influence on a person's sleep wake rhythm. mr. light therapy has to be applied correctly. meaning therapeutically, itself, is there a special light therapy lapse for that? my son, most of them have an output of $10000.00 lux. once was one, if you would normally sit in front of this kind of lamp for 30 minutes in the morning and morgan's fit, i wouldn't want during that time you can also read even get a bit of work done or have breakfast with. the important thing is that the light gets to the retina, it's out from basket awesome. hoping could wow. the correct distance from a lamp like that is determined by the maker and model. it's important to keep
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looking into the lam. a session should last no more than 30 minutes. patients should expect to see improvement after only a few sittings. light influences are biological clocked. the 24 hour cycle determines our security and rhythms adjusting itself every day to the like dark cycle chrono by ologist, atom trauma says the perception of daylight through our eyes plays a key role in synchronizing the circadian rhythms via an inner woody and we're all born with an internal clock that set for roughly 24 hours. it has to be reset every day by light of can no fuel. without it, humans wouldn't have a 24 hour rhythm. wouldn't be a kind fans ones. that's why we need the light. that especially in the morning adam does mod unclick. at least the daylight stimulates the blue light receptors in our
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retina. the impulses are transmitted to the die and several on or inter brain, which then resets our biological clock. ivy, some fuss ala, basically, all of our physiological processes are guided by our internal clock most get everybody. they include our sleep, wake rhythm, body temperature, galatian, kidney function, metabolism, or immune system guns. a lot depends on our biological clock. and if we don't pay attention and keep it synchronized, using lots of light as well, then we run the risk of coming down with a host of common elements. in winter, light therapy can help to stabilize our security and rhythms. and it makes us happier with, but it's important to note that light therapy isn't enough to combat a major depression on its own. but for just the case of the winter blues,
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2 weeks of it can bring improvement. beyond that, those who can should go out into nature as much as possible during the shorter, darker days of the year. fresh air also has a positive impact on our mood. a doubt i is also the focus of today's mindfulness tend join in the action with alice coach martin should meet with today. i like to show you something healthy for the eyes that you can apply directly at the workplace. first thing would be to ball and to bring the attention to the hands. just notice what the hands are doing, where they are, what kind of energy it's right now. and then from here we go to rubbing the hand to bring some energies or warmth into the hand. and if you wear glasses just like me,
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you take them off beforehand and lay the hands on to the i will make sure that there is enough space for your eyeball. the only important thing about this is to really look into the bar through closed eyes. imagine that you're looking beyond the screen, the monitor. so the goal about this is not getting into a deep stayed of relics asian or a completely shutting down or off. it's more about setting these healthy impulses for creation. just make sure to open your eyes in time for the next edition of in good shape. see that ah, with
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most by fishermen for illegally tossed away the preaching,
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get trapped in the mesh and dive in environmentalists to try to help with risky dive there so which in the go snaps kluso. in 30 minutes on d. w. e. go in a is becoming a super plant. hello to a startup company produces textiles. bread from flower fibers. in the left, overweight reuse is the close of the plant offering the indian textile industry a chance to india 90 minutes on d. w. o. blue with sometimes
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a seed is all you need to allow the big ideas to grow. we're bringing environmental conservation to life with learning pass like global ideas. we will show you how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge grows through sharing, download it now for free. ah, the internet knows all it's creators for everything. and we digitize everything from the hot commodity in this global experiment. our data smart devices are embedded in our daily lives tracking our every move. the internet of everything starts january 17 on d, w. ah,
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ah ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin as the u. s. tops a 1000000 new corona virus infections in a single day.


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