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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 6, 2022 2:00am-2:16am CET

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ah, what is true? what's vague? it doesn't matter. the only criteria is worked. we'll hook people. we should light on the opaque world who is behind the benefits. and why are they a threat to whistle? oh, peak worlds this week on d. w. with ah ah, business d w. news live from berlin, australia tells novak joke of h to leave. authorities revoke the visa of the world tennis number one,
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following an uproar off the he was given a medical exemption to play in the australian open without being vaccinated against coven 19th. those are coming up. russia says it's sending peacekeeping forces to cassock st on after a deadly protests. are demonstrators seize and set fire to public buildings in the biggest city a, marty? the unrest is triggered by a shop increase in fuel prices. ah, i'm all on like a a very well welcome to the show. the world number one tennis try. another joke of h has been denied entry to australia less than 2 weeks before the start of the australian open tennis tournaments. joke of h had his visa revoked after being held at melbourne airport for several hours before he left for australia. he said he'd been granted
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a medical exemption to take part in the grand slam without being vaccinated against coven 19 joker, which says he will file a court injunction to stock his deputation. a short while ago australian prime minister scott morrison had this to say about the tennis, done on the issue of mr. joker beach rules ah, rules and there are no special cases entry with a visa requires double vaccination or i medical exemption. i'm. i'm advised that such an exemption was not in place and as a result, he is subject to the same rule as any one else. now to talk us through the story i'm joined by tennis commentator, steve peers in melbourne, get to see you again. steve. after apparently being granted an exemption from vaccination or from the vaccination requirement, joking with joker, which has now had his visa revoked what, what happened?
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that's a good question. again, it's something that people are trying to piece together now in melbourne. it's obviously it's what everyone's talking about. so basically what it seems is, although victoria the victorian state government and its process with tennis, australia involving medical expertise to decide whether to pay, meet him to play in the tournament or not. that medical medical exemption was approved and i think dr. rich, then he's very publicly declared that and jumped on a flight which possibly now looking back wasn't the best thing to do. could have come in a bit more like a anyway. he's jumped on a fly and arrived at melbourne airport like last night is trying to time it's 10 o'clock in morning now. here in melbourne, and the border force, which is run by the federal government who look after the actual borders of australia rather than victoria australia open. have looked at his visa and looked at the supporting evidence with that around the medical exemption and decided that
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is not sufficient to to gain entry to australia. and i have contacted the state government last night and asked whether the state government would do anything further to support. and i think joking, which is entry into australia the psych i'm going to say no, we can't do anything further to support it. this is how it is, and therefore the strategy border force as made the decision to cancel his visa and is aiming to deport him to die back to serbia. but there is more to play out potentially in the courts. i mean, there's been a lot of negative reaction and a lot of strong feelings in australia as well. since we've talked to look 24 hours ago. what are people saying now, what's the reaction now to this latest news? that pretty much flabbergasted. you know, everyone who didn't want to come anyway is just saying, well, that's right, you know, turn around, get them out of here. but i think overall, the sense is just that. how could it come to this? how could it be that the 2 processes that should be far more aligned and fast
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smoother. i mean, you've got a situation where you have state governments here in australia. this is the case and some of the countries around the world state governments are responsible for b and c, and then federal government's responsible for d and f, and the to just not meeting, not, not talking, not understanding the process, but you know, there's that. and so how did it come to that, but also from no joke of it? she's position and he's team. how could it be that these, these a requirements would not take off so robustly before he took that photograph announced that he was on his way to australia. i mean, everyone knows that getting into a country with the right these requirements is absolutely the 1st thing you have to deal with. so that the reaction really, really here is just everyone throwing their hands up in the air really. and everyone's blame each other. victorian government, when the federal government, vice versa, it's a mess. and it's actually quite embarrassing for the country,
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i think as well. you know, it's one thing to be so, and you know, the rules apply to everyone, but don't let it come to this. surely this could have been sorted out before he actually got to fly. or i tennis, commentator for australian, open radio, steve pace, thank you for your insights. thanks. hello. russia says it will dispatch what it calls peacekeeping forces to kazakhstan, after the country's president asked for help to control pros, tests that have turned violent protest as and the largest city a, marty seized government buildings and set fires off the days of mass demonstrations of a surging fuel prices, at least 8 people had been killed. night fulls and the unrest in almighty intensifies foot. what began is a protest against fuel prices has quickly spiraled out of control. local media
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reports that several security personnel have died. while flights in and out of pharmacy have been cancelled, the president has confirmed that protest is stormed the airport earlier on wednesday. the protests originally began over the weekend in the remote oil hub of gentlemen. but after the government announced an end to price caps on fuel, the unrest quickly spread to other cities. now, a nation wide state of emergency is in place. in al massey, police have been deployed to cook the unrest. but t a guests and stone grenades have done little to dissuade the crowds. neither have hundreds of arrests, nor the imposition of a curfew and movement restrictions in several regions. cassock president costume jamal took, i have said he would reinstate price controls. but by now processed as a calling for political change be owned the price of fuel costs. in a surprise,
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move just president to tie of also sacked the government and took control of the state security committee asking former president and longtime ruler. no sultan nasa by of now was to chi of soley at the helm. he has cold in the military and he says, no matter what, he will stay in the capitol where you're gonna go on the head of state. and from today, the president of the security council, i intend to act as tough as possible. cause extends authoritarian government usually tolerates little real opposition. but this time the protesters anger seems to have caught the authorities of god. let's take a look now at some other stories making news around the world. the european union's top diplomat says russia would face massive consequences of any new military action against ukraine. joseph burrell pledged that useful support on
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a visit to the ukrainian capital, and said that any russian aggression would come at a severe cost. at least 13 people, including 7 children, have been killed in a fire in the u. s. city of philadelphia, smoke detectors failed to go off in the 3 story building owned by the cities, public housing authority, firefighters say they're investigating the cause of the blaze. italian government has approved measures to make covey 19 vaccines mandatory for everyone. over the age of 50. italy is struggling with record high levels of new infections. it was the 1st european country to be hit by the pandemic, and has one of the highest toes french president emanuel mac hall has vowed to make life for the unvaccinated, so difficult that they are forced to get the job. michael used a vulgar expression for getting on people's nerves in a newspaper interview. the united states top infectious disease
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expert anthony foxy, is warning against complacency about the army chron variance of the crone of ours. 40 said the record number of day the case is now being recorded could overwhelm the countries. half caste system on the corn is rapidly spreading in the u. s. and the surge is also fueling a rise in the hospitalization of young children in texas as largest children's hospital, grayson was struggling to breathe. he's just 4 months old and has contracted cobit 19 is to release the game. so i just hump day, you know, he's able to get better go. his mother. gov yell thinks that the youngest of her 3 children was infected at a family christmas gathering. well, i will talk to him in like a little, maybe really, i think to him like a thing like he likes he. grayson is only one of some 70 children currently being
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treated here for coven 19 chart, the waste. in the past 2 weeks. cobit admissions have quadrupled here. most of the children are unvaccinated. that bar for resilience. just keep moving. you think that i don't know how we can do this again and then we keep doing it again. they don't have much of a choice. coping 19 numbers continue to rise and not just in texas. nationwide, some 1000000 new infections were reported over a 24 hour period. more than 95 percent are being attributed to the omicron buried. growing numbers of americans are critical of president, jo biden's response. a shortage of testing capacity is just one of the problems confronting the white house. if you're vaccinated and boosted, you are highly protect it. and i'll be concerned about, i'm a crime, but don't be alarmed. but more and more vaccinated americans are worried and are
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calling for schools to be closed, at least until the latest wave has passed. but new york's new mayor opposes that idea. we can't continue to stop our children from developing socially and academically in the support that they need. so we have to learn how to live with co it a liberal co would cope with the safe way staff at the texas childrens hospital say they expect the situation to become even more critical in the coming weeks. even if omicron usually results in less of your cases than previous variance. the problem is that with so many children and adults infected, even if the percent percent hospitalization rate is lower, we're still we could see more children hospitalized over a very short period of time. so that certainly puts a strain on our health care resources. healthcare workers are hoping by religious are right when they say, oh,
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micron will pass its peak by the end of the month. best pregnant, bring in sod, oma his director at the yale institute for global health. welcome to the program. the search in mclean cases in the u. s. has also field arise and hospitalization of children. how worried are you about this? well, i'm concerned because there are a lot of children in the hospital and his the reason why, especially young children, children under that younger than 5 are unvaccinated because there isn't a vaccine available for them. and they're in the vaccination rates. are lore compared to other groups and older children as well. and so therefore they're getting hospitalized. but just a nuanced there that compared to adults, the risk in children is still laur a, but it's not 0. and the fact that there, you know, this virus is spreading this video to spreading so fast. um, you are seeing a lot of hospitalization in a short period of time. so what can be done for the youngest children to protect
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them if they can be vaccinated? while everyone else to get vaccinated to make sure that there are fewer opportunities for the virus to jump into this, ah, unblocked the unprotected group. ok, in terms of vaccinations there. what is standing in the way now from the pharmaceutical companies? air when it comes to proving vaccinations for babies and for toddlers. well, for, for, for younger children, i think there's a gen one delay because some of the initial trials are didn't show efficacy in, in children under 5. and that's part of the game that's, that's what happens. that's why you do these trials to make sure that the vaccines you deploy are not just safe, but also efficacious. and so while that, that is a, you know, part of the process, it's obviously frustrating for parents of young children and others who care about
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this age group. so hopefully we will see authorization and then eventually licensure of the vaccine in this age group fairly soon. but they have been delays sod, i'm a, the director of the yale institute for global health talking to me earlier you watching daily news live from berlin op next our documentary series doc film looks at the to boost connected with ministration. stay tuned for that. and if you want more news and information is always our website, d, w dot com, and don't forget, you can get us on twitter and instagram at the w's. i'm will also in berlin. thanks the company have i to get with imagine how many portions of love us her now in the world.


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