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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 6, 2022 6:02am-6:31am CET

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use from berlin, you'll find more on our website, d, w dot com. ah, ah, it is the eve of an anniversary in the us, which just one year ago seemed unimaginable if not impossible. but the attack on the u. s. capital january 6th of last year really happened. and now a majority of american say the expects something similar to happen again, sooner rather than later. a risk to the entire world, but not the only risk. there's also russia, china, turkey, iran, and a pandemic. that is not going away. we are 5 days into 2022, and it's not getting easier. i broke off in berlin. this is the day. ah
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. so you are seeing a rise in the possibility of civil violence states unlike any we've seen the monitor. ah. so you s to longer c is already in crisis, it is already taken to has already downgraded predicative. trans atlantic cooperation is essential for security in europe with a view to ukraine. there are currently new challenges here. we have so many people in this country who are eligible to be vaccinated, who have not yet been vaccinated. get that job and do something. we'll make pretty, pretty happy new year. russell. ah, also coming up the world's top tennis player. novak joke of ich, is also a corona virus vaccine skeptic. he's planning to play of the australian open in
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melbourne later this month. if he's allowed into the country. if he's not vaccinated, he must provide acceptable proof that he cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons. if that evidence is insufficient, then he won't be treated any different to any one else and he'll be on the next flight, not. so there should be no special rules that i, that joke which at all, no, none whatsoever. which you, our viewers watching on p b. s in the united states, into all of you around the world. welcome and a belated happy new year. it's good to be back with you. we begin the day as the world's most powerful democracy prepares to mark one of its darkest moments. the january 6th 2021 attack on the us capitol, the videos of a pro, trump mob rioting on capitol hill, attacking capitol, police, and then ransacking parts of the u. s. capital building. they are singed into the world's collective memory. it was the closing act of an unprecedented attempt by
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a sitting u. s. president and his supporters to overthrow the results of a national election. almost one year later, a majority of americans say the insurrection was extremely violent, and that something similar will most likely happen again. yet less than half of republicans say that the attack was violent and he comes as donald trump and his supporters continued to downplay the riot, calling it a minor civil disturbance refusing to admit the truth. that january 6th, 2021 was a near death experience for american democracy. it's a day that i was traumatic for a lot of folks. i that i try to remind people is that was outside the norm of human experience. i mean, that the brutality i think is important for folks to truly understand this can be allow, were watching in real time people scaling the wall of the capitol. we're watching
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them breaking down doors and going through windows and, and we're watching, you know, people being heard in the way the police were being treated. i did wonder whether i was going to make it out of. there are many of us who are trapped in the gallery, actually called our families. as a reminder, on the afternoon of january 6, the president called what was happening at the capital then an unprecedented assault on our democracy and an attempt to subvert our constitution and interfere with the peaceful transfer of power. on thursday, the president is going to speak to the truth of what happened, not the lies that some had spread since and the peril at his post to the rule of law and our system of democratic governments governance. my 1st gifts tonight is ian brother. he's president of eurasia group in g 0. media id is one of the world's lady risk assessors. he joins me from new york city, and it's going to have you back on the program. happy new year to you. i want to ask you about the january 6th anniversary in just a moment, but 1st, you know,
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you and i, we've done this new year's dance now for several years or tell me at the start of 2022. what condition is our world in? well sir, with little good news, because we've had 2 years of all being so disrupted by the pandemic. i've never felt so optimistic but both sides of the atlantic being able to get through this and live with the virus moving it towards endemic. and that's because this wave of all micron comes with a lot fewer hospitalizations, a lot fewer deaths, we've got much better therapeutics that the wealthy world is going to be able to roll out in very short order. and we have a lot more vaccines and boosters. so that's good news and we, we shouldn't under estimate the importance of that. but globally, you know, the most powerful country in the world is of course, also the most politically divided of the major democracy is the most economically
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unequal of the g 7, an least vaccinated all that self inflicted. and the relationship with china, of course, are not just the u. s, but the advanced industrial democracies really problematic. there's no trust at all . there's not a lot of alignment. and the chinese are experiencing a lot of their own problems at home. and their problem with the pandemic are getting a lot worse this year. so the backdrop geopolitically is pretty tough. yet your top risk for 2022. is china's 0 coven policy. why is that? what so interesting that back in 2020, once the chinese admitted that they had human to human transmission, they were very quickly the most effective in responding to co that of all the major governments out there. why? because they could surveil, they could track, they could trace, they could quarantine and they could walk down, stop the cases from spreading. but we all know with omicron, you don't want to focus on cases, you want to focus on hospitalizations and deaths. but the chinese government still
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focusing on cases, and very few chinese have gotten coven, so they don't have antibodies. and the vaccines don't work well against o micron spread. so they're trying to keep 0 cove it in place. it's going to get harder and harder more and more of china will be locked down. that's gonna hurt their economy. that's going to hurt their ability to be a part of the global supply chain. we see now some of the ports are already starting to get disrupted because millions and millions of people who walk down for small numbers of cases that's going to get harder over the course of 2022. and you don't, you think there that we hear in the west, particularly in the media, are we also guilty of focusing too much on the number of cases instead of the severity of those cases? well, look, i mean, this is a pandemic that has changed shape dramatically. and it takes us a while to learn. so yes, i think that we're guilty of that. but i understand why. i mean, a couple of years ago we were saying if you touch your face, you could die from cove. it, if you don't, you know, sort of a put,
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put sanitize your vegetables in your groceries coming in. you could eat and die, right? so we just didn't know where this thing came from. and the fact is that before, if only crime had hit the world before we had vaccines and therapeutics a year earlier, this would have felt much more apocalyptic. and we'd still be focusing on cases very intelligently. but when you have the ability to stop people from going into the hospital, when you have the ability to treat people that get covered, especially in countries like germany and the united states, you stop focusing on cases. we've got to pivot quickly the focusing on hospitalizations and death. those gaudy, gaudy case numbers, which are probably vastly understated, are coming with much fewer hospitalizations. the u. k is ahead of the united states and we already see the peak there. i think this is actually very good news for most of the planet. the world's strong arm leaders all the way from brazil's bull
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sanara. busy to russia's prudence, they are, if you will, misbehaving, and they're getting away with more and more the, the political side is francis fukuyama. he mentioned this today in an op ed piece for the new york times. i'm gonna show up a quote from what he wrote. he said before january 6, these kinds of antics would have been seen as the behavior of young an incompletely consolidated democracy in the united states would have wagged its finger in condemnation. but it has now happened in the united states itself. america's credibility in upholding a model of good democratic practice has been shredded. now why do i fear that you think that the upcoming mid term elections in november are going to do nothing to change that assessment? oh, you're actually right. i mean, you actually said in the opening, you said that what happened in january 6 was seared into our collective
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consciousness. and i want to take issue with you because i know it feels that way outside the united states, but in my own country, near his no collective consciousness. there are 2 completely different stories, 911 after 911 the entire country, every year said never again. january 6, most americans think it is gonna happen again. and some of them think it's good. they, some of them don't. i mean, the dynamic in the united states has been learning absolutely no lessons over the course of the last year. and whether or not you believe the election was fundamentally stolen and that the people that went into the capital building were patriots who were trying to ensure that a legitimate election of donald trump, which is fake news, was not going to be overthrown. i mean, frankly, those people are seen to be patriots a, by a majority of republicans in the united states. donald trump controls the
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republican party. the democratic party is increasingly on the other side of everything. and frankly, increasingly not just you, a majority of americans believe that democracy in crisis, but they think that they are fundamental enemy is on the other side of the political, our, in their own country. and i will tell you that for democracies where that is true, they don't last well for very long. yeah, you're there, there's a new poll that shows the majority of americans expect a similar event to the january 6. right to happen again soon. and a majority of americans also say that they now do not trust the government state or federal any more. i want to connect that to. to some images, i'm sure you saw the images of motors stranded in a snowstorm on interstate 95 in northern virginia. at the beginning of the week. it's a main travel artery in the united states along the eastern seaboard. so people were in their cars for 24 hours. also they were stranded in an amtrak train. just take
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a listen to what one traveler said. snow storms happen all the time in this area and that we just had protocol for snowstorms and that type of back up issue. it wouldn't happen because we would yell to clear it better, faster. i just and i age 2020 until we got everything under control and dangerous train rides don't happen anymore. what i mean. she's wrong about that. yeah, and i mean, this looks like it's clearly a case of the government failing, the people not doing the basics, clearing roads in the snow, but also not even able to pass a budget. moving into 2022. are we seeing american democracy unraveling before our very eyes, a $1.00 trillion dollars being spent on infrastructure, something the u. s. has been overdue at passing for decades now will make a difference. so i don't want to underestimate that. and also i want to point out
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that the american economy is very robust. as you know, the stock market keeps hitting record levels of unemployment levels going down, new jobs are being created. some of those entropy, neural companies and technologies in the world are coming out of the united states . u. s. percentage of global g d. p is roughly what it was 20 years ago. europe's gone down, decline japan's gone down, decline china has gone up. us hasn't moved, so i mean it's not like us, power is going away. but us democracy is eroding significantly. the legitimacy of u. s. political institutions, the lack of a quality of opportunity, the lack of mobility, of members of the working in middle class, the on we, that's being felt. for example, by under educated white men who feel correctly that they're losing status in a country that will be majority non white by 2045. these are deep structural issues that are not being addressed as the wealthy get wealthier and the most powerful
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country in the world continues to move a pace that that's a real problem. ian bremar helping us. what's the risks facing the u. s. in the world in 2022 in perspective in it's always good talking with we appreciate your time and your valuable insights tonight. thank you. you too much. oh, this is the former soviet republican conduct stan to not protest today's storm to set fire to government offices in the largest city. a martin security forces use tear gas and stun grenades. in the bid to disperse the crowds, hundreds we understand of been arrested. and the unrest was ignited overt skyrocketing gas prices. because exxon's president, toyota has now declared a nationwide state of emergency. he's also announced return to price caps on fuel,
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as well as the resignation of his entire cabinet, but he has ruled out stepping down. nussum reveal mom corridor, thera massey attacks on law enforcement officers happening in our beloved city. sir, you used to be the some of them were killed and wounded loose usually meant crowds of bandits beat up service. members of you watch them take their naked through the streets, abuse winning very much, rob shops grab that magazine, man. stillberg nibbler. no matter was you, i will stay in the capitol hill and maria that you go through on that doesn't. it's my constitutional duty to be with the people missed him every other limb at together. we will overcome these dock times in the history of kazakstan. william, let's get out of it. stronger soon, i will come up with new proposals for the political transformation of kazakhstan. just get on for marcy castanan, and for more now, i'm joined by ice cream to lou cannuck canoga. she's an independent journalist from kazakhstan. she is currently in progress for she's joining us tonight. i'm sure him,
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it's good to see you again. what are you hearing from your contacts in kazakstan? i me. what is the state of things right now? ah right now we have seen that the internet connection has been restored. it has been out for 7 hours, i think, and people from context on just now starting to share what they've heard or the videos from their windows. and we know that there is currently emergency situation in context down and some so called anti terroristic operations going on in monte, particularly. and also along with that there are some groups of looters and who are real, being shopping malls, and shops. and some of the people have captured the almighty airport,
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but they have been report that it has been freaked by the government sources. and now if people in our market describe it as and there can kill because there are no police representatives on the street and not security forces and some people here shooting and gun. well, i think where did all this come from? because, i mean, the world may not know a lot about cars i've done, but the world knows that it is sitting on top of some of the world's largest oil reserves. so how do you get people on the street protesting skyrocketing prices for gas? it is true that cars extend its reach and oil and gas and other natural resources. and the 1st process, again, the reichen prices in guest was in shan. i was in
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a city in western catholics done. and western because extent is reaching oil and gas. so people in this particular region have seen an inequality despite the fact that there are plenty of natural resources being extracted for decades. the people in this region did not see that it's benefiting that person. and that's why probably people decided to protest because it seemed weird that rich oil and gas reach because they cannot have the prices regulated so that it's affordable for people. also, it's not only about the oil and gas prices, it's mostly about the political demands and cannot make situation in the country that has been declining for several years. yeah, it will, we've got the president now saying that he's going to put caps on fuel prices back
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in place. again, we've also got reports that he's asking russia for help. the what have you heard about that in? do you believe as someone covering, because i've done is this coming from the people or could this maybe have been instigated within the government by the president himself? right now it's a very difficult to see what's going on in the country because the country is entails and i don't know what's going on and more. but i know that in his address to the nation, said that you will basically take over the title or the head of security council, which was previously health by not there. so i think it's important to follow that because we haven't heard from another buyer. what's going on and we don't know if he's even in the country. and also the fact that i asked for help from c
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t o organizations which is basically russia, bella ruth, and others. and it's the fact that he admit that situation is not under control. and he needs them external health, some expert say that it's a glow to this over entity and independence of cause extent. basically asking russia to invade hazards. so we don't know how the situation develops further. but definitely probably there are not enough forces to stop polluting and all the criminal activity, although many people in context on do not support this. ok. journalist ashery me to lay you can over joining us tonight with the latest on the balance. we'll situation in kazakhstan tonight, assuring thank you. thanks for having
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oh, we're sink over 900 cases among vaccine workplace, across america, including here at the white house. but if you're vaccinated and boosted, you are highly protected. you know, be concerned about, i'm a crime, but don't be alarmed if you're unvaccinated, you have some reason this b alarm, many of you will, you know, you'll experience severe illness. many cases if you go in 19, if you're not vaccinated, some will die needlessly die. that was you as president joe biden, they are urging the unvaccinated in america to get the jap, the. he may, that appeal as the u. s. recorded more than a 1000000 new coven 19 infections? within the last 24 hours, there are worries over how the fast spreading omicron variant could impact the unvaccinated and the country's health care system. one man resisting any pressure
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to get vaccinated is the world's top tennis star. novak joke of it, he's been granted a medical exemption from the vaccination to play unvaccinated in the australian open later this month in melbourne. the world number one has continually refused to reveal his vaccination status. victoria state government in australia has mandated that all players be fully vaccinated unless there is a genuine reason for it. exception. australia's prime minister says that joker, which must prove his medical exemption is valid or that he will be on the next plane home of a more now i'm joined by alex ruskin. he is the editor in chief at the tennis website in podcast cracked rackets. dot com is good to have you on the program. let me just ask you, there's been some question tonight about the whereabouts of novak joke of ej. i mean, do you know, is he in the airport in melbourne, australia right now, and i have they let him in the country. i think that's part of the reason this
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story has caught hold is that there is so much uncertainty surrounding it right now and thank you for having me to discuss it. it's always so unfortunate that tennis seems to be discussed whenever it's something related to an off the course scenario rather than something on it. but this is the story and look, i have a tennis racket on my shirt. i have a tennis racket on my hat. i love tennis as much as anyone penis should never compromise public health. and i think the frustration has arisen because so many people in victoria have lived under these restrictions and to have them waived for a tennis player is so frustrating to so many. and i think that's an opinion many can sympathize with. and so to answer your question, it's still uncertain. last has been reported. he's still being questioned about that medical exemption, whether they will grant him entrance into the country or not. still unclear. that is the story right. now in tennis, what is going to happen to novak job? it, will he be allowed entry into the australian? ok, well, i mean, i know you're not a medical physician, but i mean,
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what's been reported, do we know what joke of inches? reason for asking for an exemption would be his medical reason. well that's the other component of this is there has been so much a lack of clarity. he's been, you know, he hasn't been candid with the media when asked about this. he's been very private, excuse me, about his medical information and of course i think everyone can sympathize with that at the same time. again, we don't want to compromise public health in the name of a tennis tournament. i would point to the example of natalia that young saved by a russian female tennis player who was not granted by entry into australia despite the fact that she had received the vaccination. it was the sputnik vaccination which is not approved for entry into australia as that she was not allowed entry. again, another frustrating component of this to hypocrisy. you're not going to allow one player who has been vaccinated versus another who's medical exemption is so unclear
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that leads to all of the confusion surrounding where we're at. alex, i've got about 30 seconds. let me ask you, almost all adults in australia have been vaccinated. if no joke, that gets this exemption and plays, what's the res perception going to be like when he walks on to the court there in melbourne? novak joker has always embraced being the villain. i think that's the road he's comfortable in. i would imagine that's the role he's going to face once again and look, he's pursuing grand slam number 21. that would be the record in the men side. obviously, the pursuit of history, something every sports fan can be gravitated towards. i do not think it will be the kindest reception though for him in australia. should he be allowed to play? i think you may be on to something there, alex gross good editor in chief of the tennis website and podcast craft rackets dot com. alex, thank you. thank you and happy new year. happy new year to you to for the day's almost done, the conversation continues online. you'll find us on twitter or either d w. news. you can follow me on twitter at brent golf
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t. v. at remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day. we'll see you then ah, with awe. she feels like a foreigner in her own home elisa, my son, as a russian german whose family was exiled from moscow by spell and at the age of 71
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. she is still fighting for reparation for that injustice. but with rushes, recent ban on the human rights organization memorial. her last hope for health is fading. focus on your next on d, w. so we built, i can see i think there was no tomorrow at some point, supplies, whatever. now we end up surrounded with we say resources now we'll all have more of them for longer made in germany. 60 minutes on d w o. oh,
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hello guys. this is the 77 percent the platform with, you know, or this channel. we are not afraid to happen delicate topic because population is growing and young people clearly have the solution. the future belongs to 77 percent. now every weekend on d w ah hello and welcome to focus on you are up and we begin all.


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