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tv   Doc Film - Opaque Worlds - The Battlespace of the Future  Deutsche Welle  January 6, 2022 10:15am-11:01am CET

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east of the epiphany, parents and children packed the streets to watch the colorful floats, which carry people dressed as the biblical 3 kings who was set up broad gifts to the infant. jesus dread released just $7000.00 tickets for the event. you took over 19 concerns and unlike previous years, candy was not thrown into the crowd to prevent a scrap and that's it from me and the early news team here in berlin bunker wake up next is our documentary series dock film. this time looking at the future of warfare that if you want on using information, there's always a website, b, w dot com on god else's. thanks, watch we're imagine so many portion of love. so now in the world climate change very hot. the story. this
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is my plan, the way from just one week. how much work can really get we still have time to go. i'm going all with what 5th. ah, last night should have looked at each other. computer in our computer is shut down the line and then a screen of death appeared on the staff computer. what is the ticket machine of nashik football? there's the showroom cushioning you monkey with that, but at 1st we couldn't believe something was wrong with our software. new thought, national program, them for dr. me dark, the company software transfer tax data to financial a long on the system. they chose software that almost every company in ukraine use
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go a little but it still is moved, typically it. so i knew though we reported it to the cyber police said this, but they didn't come, hadn't i? finally i went there myself and law filed a complaint and said you are required to respond to a get out of it. but it was too late. from here, the attackers were able to spread their malware to millions of computers. the name of the virus, not petula. they were asking for money, but if you paid that money was going to go nowhere, they couldn't actually unlock your computer. odessa, southern ukraine. here the computers of the world's largest shipping company, maersk, we're head in june 2017. none of its $130.00 offices could access their data and were forced to using pen and paper even so it became a super spreader in the non pet jab, demick,
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the estimated damages total $10000000.00. it was most consequential cyber attack in history by pure cost and scale isn't affordable with hotel lewis and trust company. yeah. holly. if sir they came did their duty and had us all wonderfully arrested vantage in the night. they took out $150.00 servers. so that was everything the company had on the software had become a weapon, programmed by an invisible group of hackers called sandwich. look for so the whereabouts and were few people took notice that mostly people didn't not theater at the move up. the not pitcher was a diversion tactic to cover up the power they had over europe and american hopefully, i mean they're basically pretending to be criminal. ah, to kind of cover that cracks
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a people for years and i like people do you think are behind this? i'm blown away by the it's just a handful of people. ah, ah. with ya more slowly windows i was sitting in front of the tv with my wife and son, was homeless at watching a movie about edward snowden. he, when suddenlink with the power went out to show us, yet he is the moon, the sourcing. and yet only if can she lived shingle chaucer, it shall after an hour and a half of power. outage of the water would have frozen and blown the pumps. and source e, my disaster that would have taken about 6 months to repair the bull. good. he took
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them an hour, but technicians at state own power company. oo coronel. go managed to flip the switch as mechanically just in time to prevent damage. the problem was no accident. it was the work of the sand worm group. when his line went, louie, when we don't know these people from me, we don't know their names or who they worked for at the dealership, but they're not doing it for fun. you poaching, they're being paid for, and the other was a pony to horrible. mm hm. the live, it was a large group of people were involved, because they were very fast and very actively working of several systems. alexia since key investigated the incident on behalf of the state power company back in 2015, he had noticed unusual server failures at media company when needed to hook them up
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once he got his bull bull. when we checked the log files of various computers, we realized how dangerous the situation was. motion will don't wanna get on. the hackers had been penetrating ukrainian networks for months. they scouted out both companies and authorities planting their malware, discovered an infrastructure in the environment which i don't know. it's some, some similar as if you tried to discover a house while being completely blind. so that tucker would need to go from one network to now that's just like walking from one room to another, open in an opening, yet another door until you find that equipment or basically a room which you're looking for, which of heat in behind the located the skita control system. from there, the facilities machinery could be accessed directly. oh, with virtual access to the control room, the attackers could flip the switches undetected. that's exactly what they plan to
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do. they placed their code like a time bomb set to the date, december 17th, 2016. the model. these weren't individual action. so it was a well funded, well run organization was the attack on the $300.00 kilovolt computer controlled substation was historic. if a computer virus directly attacks machines and systems, it's known as a cyber physical attack, carrying out such attacks is complex, expensive, and therefore rare. only about 10 such incidents are known to have taken place. the 1st occurred in 2009 when the u. s. in israel unleashed the stuck net virus on iranian nuclear facilities. it destroyed 1000 centrifuges in the uranium enrichment facility, a virtual attack with physical consequences. and it opened pandora's box from then
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on many countries would equip themselves with cyber armies. since then, everybody has really pursued this, this disruptive, destructive capability. ah, robert lee served for a long time in the u. s. air force. and briefly with the essay. after stocks night, he warned that the u. s. 2 was vulnerable to cyber attacks. as i kind of raise that point up in the government at the time just in the department offense in air force, a lot of people are like, what are, what are controls us? what, what do you mean like, ah, all the stuff that we use, like, whenever we don't use the same stuff they'd use in iran. yeah, of course we do actually it's, it's ubiquitous. and, and you could tell, there was this moment for a lot of them were, it was just crazy. i think about the blow back effect of creating a capability to do something that revealed vulnerabilities or issues and systems we
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depend on, on daily basis. ukraine became a testing ground for cyber weaponry. for the going at the thing only gone means training campbell, where special military units are trained at the mall which furnished that we believe that in 20152016 of the whole of ukraine was a training ground for cyber attackers center. i was this attack was not developed specifically for that for station with work and any other countries around the globe. the sandwich group had long had access to us networks. as early as 2014 cyber expert john hall quist had warned that u. s. energy suppliers were being spied on there what a blog and i said look, i don't think they're in these companies to figure out what the price of gas is going to be, right? they're there to prepare to destroy something,
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hold squished job. the group sand worm, a reference to the classic science fiction series dune, sand worms live underground. when the surface the consequences are devastating. in you cream civilians for the targets of the attacks. the whole point is to stay below a level war, right because nobody died. it was reversible, right? and, and named short her, you might make the argument that, that it was a design precisely not to be an act or to be an act that goes right up to the edge . cyber attack still take place in a gray area between war and peace, but that could change. it's an honor to be here. but i think it's more likely we're gonna end up because it, when we end up in war, i real shooty more. where the major power could be as a consequence of a cyber ridge of great consequence. the question is,
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how can you fight an opponent that attacks out of nowhere ever since the 2nd world war, the mighty united states has been suffering painful defeats. despite its superior weaponry. we have the best military in the world. they were the best troops, the best training, the best technology, u. s. military has more money than the other top 10 biggest militaries in the world combined with. so what's the problem? above all conventional warfare is profitable for the arms industry. companies like lockheed martin and 1000000000 selling fighter planes like the f 35. it's a technical marvel that's invisible on radar and automatically scans the ground for targets. it's precise, lethal, fast and intelligent, but above all, it's expensive. the whole program costs us taxpayers and allies,
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$1.00 trillion dollars this weapon has no utility, it's already obsolete. it's not the turing, russia or china, it's not winning wars in iraq and afghanistan get, we're buying more of these things. so the f 35 is like the maginot line in 939. it's and it's an obsolete weapon built to win the last war and not the future war. for almost 20 years behind the armed us forces and their allies have been fighting in afghanistan, but the best technology is useless without a clear strategy. fails. u. s. troops have also been fighting in iraq for years. 3. 0.
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so they wanted to put on a big show of the american military driving tanks across the borders, going all the way to baghdad and taking saddam down, culminating with that totally p. r, fabricated saddam statue falling down and feared or square baghdad. in april, 2003. so the conventional stuff at the beginning was all a very carefully meticulously organized shop. ah. the united stage and our allies have prevailed when they discovered that it wouldn't be peace loving, unicorns. ah, the political leadership had 3 awful choices. they could either leave iraq and afghanistan and seed the field to terrace. mm hm. they could have a national draft like vietnam to rape the army,
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big enough that would be needed to occupy these places for you to come. the 3rd option was using private military contractors and contractors in general to fill the gaps that the u. s. military could not film and that became the new normal u. s. troops supported by private contractors. by the end of 2020, a total of $4800.00 contractors would be working for the u. s. army and syria and iraq. and so by 2009 half of the american force in iraq was contracted. now of that, only about 15 per se were trigger polars. most of them were just making food and repairing vehicles. but the united states america had, you know, as a reliance strategically upon the private sector to sustain wars which is dangerous . ex navy seal, eric prince saw an opportunity with his company blackwater. he received contracts
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for personal security in iraq, but it didn't stop there. very quickly. prince, who was close to dick cheney comes up with this notion that they can create an off the books ah, a cia type squad that can do things that the united states needs done without it stamp on it without knowing that it was united states of america in the shadow of the media staged wars, the u. s. since special forces on secret missions, including hunting down terrorists, partly with the help of private mercenaries, the iraq war was really the moment when the most powerful nation in the world, the united states, put it stamp of legitimacy and approval on the notion that the nation state no longer has the sovereign control of organized use of force that it is acceptable for even veterans of the united states military to sell their us taxpayer funded
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knowledge and experience to the highest bidder. at the time military veteran shawn mc fate was studying at harvard university. i was running across campus late for us like a statistics and economics midterm study group. and i got a phone call and i literally went like this. you don't know who we are, but we know who you are. we have a job in africa that we think you can help us with. would you consider dropping out of harvard? i to do it will pay a flight ticket down to texas. we're headquartered. we'll talk about it in the 19th, wendy's mc feet was a paratrooper in the u. s. army. he then studied political science at the renowned university. and i was like, you know, mid term exam here, going to africa to some really strange up here. so i left harvard and i,
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and 3 years later i, i'd spent, i was, i spent in africa basically building small armies for us interest for a private military company. that did work on that, the c, i a and that the department defense didn't want to touch as part of its global war on terror. the u. s. entered into shifting alliances with other armed forces like here in burundi. shown rick. fate was among those who carried out secret missions with the help of the local military. he was tasked with preventing an assassination attempt being planned on bernice president according to ca, information it, but it didn't work. how i can't do it. he doesn't talk about his other missions. there are reasons for secrecy. when us soldiers get killed, there does have to be reported. they have military funerals. there. they come back
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in flag draped coffins when contractors die. nobody really cares for years. i used to track the number of contractor deaths and it was very, very difficult to, to do it. i mean, in some ways, i also knew that i was being used for plaza deniability because i was doing very risky operations that they went poorly. the u. s. could disavow me, they said they never would, but we all knew that's easy for them rather than rescue me. they're called kite operations where you can cut away the kite elana float away. this plausible deniability is a central motivation for these sorts of shadow military operations. it's especially helpful when something goes wrong as it did in venezuela in may. 2020 by law present. today we're presenting the confession of the 2nd us special forces terrorist. i'll avoid out there today. what's your name? my name is aaron seth berry. what was the goal of the mission to get madura?
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his wife melanie very saw the video online. ah, nati, it's something you can't imagine. you're just shocked. even berry came to germany with the u. s. army. he fought in iraq and afghanistan as well as close enough. he joined the army right after high school. he always wanted to serve his country and to help other people that play in harrison. in 2013, he retired and worked as a tradesman inch find for germany, the amazon affiliate. when you've been doing what he did for so many years, you miss it a little, including the camaraderie. in late 2019, he signed up for a secret mission in columbia, ah, on the porter with venezuela among drug traffickers, spies and corrupt officials, berry trained with special forces colleagues and deserted venezuelan soldiers. the
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goal was to overthrow the government in caracas and bring self proclaimed interim president. one guy, joe, to power. he wasn't president, can on he was a guy running around saying, hey, i was for i'm really the president. so they have all these meetings. they have shadow diplomacy going on, and then you have figures who had been involved with the intelligence apparatus in military apparatus in, in venezuela for years that are now part of the opposition who are sort of whispering and why dozier, all, you know, we can work with with the mercenaries we could arrest to maduro. but the venezuelan government already knew about state television even broadcast, the names of mercenaries, luc, aaron, and jordan. already deleted jordan keith drew was in the special forces with berry . she now sent his old comrade on a hopeless mission. yeah, we're able to get the full of on may 3rd 2020. he announced via twitter. at 1700
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hours, a daring insidious raid was launched from the border of columbia deep into the heart of krokus. our men are continued to fight right now, but their attack was anticipated. even berry was arrested together with other mercenaries in the coastal village of ju oh, here's the issue with the merchant. i world a lot of mercenaries, our former vets, right? they got iraq, right? gas and they do multiple tours there they come home and they can adjust well as civilian life. they, they're warriors and they, they're looking for wars. and now that mercenaries are now back on the table, it gives them optionality to do so. the promise they don't know what they're getting into. so i had played with i just got information, nothing to do with our government, but i just got information on that. so um, well well find out what your 3rd about it. but whatever it is, will let you know. it was clear, the mercenaries were on their own. since the 20 he's been sentenced to 20 years. is
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it going to be that long? i hope not. ah, not all american mercenaries are deserted by their government, like iraq. barry was in 2007 blackwater boss eric prince, had to answer to congress after his mercenaries killed 17 iraqis in a shooting spree in bagdad. u. s. president donald trump, later pardon the shooters from the incident, after the scandal, the blackwater brand was tarnished. prince set up new companies under changing names. one of them is based in hong kong. he runs a company called frontier services group based out of hong kong, its own primarily by beijing. they do belt road initiative, stuff in africa to strengthen beijing's national interests are gone. so you have
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heard prince, mister captain america, i'm ultra patriotic going into business with powerful figures directly connected to the central committee of the chinese communist party. 5 eric prince is working to become v global player in the world of shadow conflicts. the mercenary business is global. moscow to relies on highly trained military veterans, russia always as he was mercenaries, voice, and particularly under vladimir putin. putin comes out of the k g b. the k g b was using unofficial assets left and right all over the world as the see i was, none of this is new. what is new, as the technology that used to be the spies would have to go and find these unsavory characters that could do the hit for you. now they have websites. for example, russia's wagner group founded in 2014,
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the mercenary company is active in many conflict regions, including syria, where russian and u. s. units sometimes come menacingly close in 2018 u. s. troops and kurdish allies. we're operating in the oil rich region, east of the euphrates river, to the west was territory controlled by the assad regime supported by russia and iran, on the night of february, 7th, more than a 100 mercenaries, reportedly crossed the river and came under u. s. fire. there are multiple narratives of, of what happened in that particular battle. and the narrative that the united states wants to put forward and did put forward in the form the pentagon going on the record about this was that, you know, elite commandos from the united states had to take defensive action to up preamp. the threat that was being posed by russian mercenaries who were embedding with the syrian irregulars. and you have like
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a delta force marine scream. bray's i with her there i, there kurdish allies in a defensive position arise a gas facility. and they call in b 50 twos, at 15 strike giggles, a c 130 gun ships apache helicopters, drones, you missiles, you name it, the u. s. air force informed rushes, military leaders about the impending air strikes. we were told, there were no russia that was right off the deep confliction line. they said not our people. some wagner mercenaries were said to have been flown out following the battle. from my studying of how mercenaries work, you very rarely see hoards of mercenaries in a conflict. a handful of them go. but really the people doing the fighting. are the local people or their mercenaries hired from another country just to be hired guns?
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some of the shadow fighters were taken to local hospitals the next day. how many and what nationality they were was something neither side had any interest in clearing up. the reason it didn't go to a world war 3 is because both moscow and washington could disavow the entire thing, saying these varden group mercenaries are just mercenaries, a we don't care that much about mercenaries. so the world is turning, as wars become more shadowy, they're trained a shadow forces like mercenaries, to get the job done. the war in ukraine is no conventional conflict either. ever since the unrest in my dance square beginning in the winter of 2013 fighting as often involved covert operations, the conflict began with intense protests against president victor yano coverage. his forces responded with rubber, bullets, police buttons and eventually with live ammunition. but the demonstrators fought
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back for an entire winter. in february 2014 young coverage was removed from office, and moscow lost an ally. shortly afterward, russian units began annexing the crimean peninsula. while president vladimir putin denied intervening, russian speaking mercenaries appeared in the don bass region. the war in ukraine is also a war over truth pro russian protests provided the perfect story for moscow shadow warfare. what they did is they created a ghost occupation with weapons that gave him good, plausible deniability. they erected the fog of war and exploited it for victory because when western policymakers foretold, still trying to figure out what was going on in eastern ukraine. the crimea was
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already a fait accompli. it was an undeclared battle between east and west, waged by mercenaries, covert operations and cyber attackers. today we announced criminal charges against the conspiracy of russian military intelligence officers who stand accused of conducting the most disruptive and destructive series of computer attacks ever attributed to a group. the u. s. justice department accused 6 members of a russian military intelligence agency unit of being behind the sand, warm hacker group from its headquarters, known as the aquarium operatives developed digital weapons for use in the gray area between war and peace. russia had become a shadow market for hackers,
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and potential mercenaries rushes an amazing position. all the real good talent is there, and all the talent has been committing crimes. so guess what? you have absolute authority over them because they can either do what you tell them or then go to jail and russian jails. not great. with the hackers had tested in ukraine, they later repeated in the us. russian cyber attackers infiltrated a software company in texas. solar winds is a foreign that most people wouldn't think about it here, but it's actually just all over the world in terms of our firms mean tens of thousands of companies around the world use it. and the thing to think about is anybody they wanted access to, they had access to the only limitation they had was in their intent a sign of how vulnerable the u. s. is critical. infrastructure is came in made 2021
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pipeline operator colonial was attacked with russian ransomware, freezing the company gas stations ran out of fuel. the company paid $4400000.00 ransom to get their data back will be it was the hardest decision i made in my 39 years in the energy industry. but the united states isn't only a target, it has its own cyber army. the enter, say intelligence agency, trying to find exploit vulnerabilities in the software that can be used to penetrate foreign networks. one of those back doors was called eternal blue, designed to attack the world's most common operating system, microsoft windows. but the n a say lost control of its own cyber weapon. unknown hackers copied eternal blue and distributed it on the internet. a short time later, it reappeared as part of not petula the devastating cyber attack and ukraine. so
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one of the things that made not patch and more effective was it's you. so the turn of blue, which was a series of weaponized won't abilities. and at the, in a say, had actually developed eternal blue was a set of vulnerabilities that really shocked everybody at how effective they were. exploits can be used for any kind of attack espionage, blackmail or sabotage. ah, there's a growing market for that kind of malware. ah manuel, i took as a member of the chaos computer club in germany and a specialist in the protection of critical infrastructure. it's a buffet, was unbeatable, for example, this is a traitor of different exploits. they buy a vulnerabilities and security holes or executable files, exploiting them out and explore the misuse of those moner abilities. laughlin off this traitor offers up to $2500000.00 for an android smartphone. exploit is this
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legal elbows. it's not really tulsa, it's legal, but of course it borders on what's ethical, what moral the for example, if it became known that an export you sold lead to a dissident in some country being persecuted for folks that would put you in a bad light shit, money else on them, listen, listen. that was the case with mexican lawyer. carla. me chest, silas in 2015. when? oh yeah. oh, come in on that. we were on our way to a meeting. i got a message from an a no number on on a case. it was very personal, some familiar, some it settles karla. my family is grieving. my father died on i'm sending you the address of the funeral, as i clicked on the link. but nothing happened. he was implement and i'll pass another or so it seemed. but with that one click, pegasus software had infected, the cellphone province forfeited completely bugs the phone. come on,
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you can turn on the microphone, will take photos, access all the data. oh, from us, it's completely under the control of the attacker. the software was developed by the israeli company, and the so group founded by former intelligence agents, it exports, pegasus to countries including mexico, hungary and saudi arabia ostensibly and the so group develops its products to fight terrorism. but who isn't, isn't a terrorist? is something determined by its customers. the most prominent case was that of journalist jama shoji, before he was murdered in istanbul, saudi consulate in 2018. his contacts phones were hacked with pegasus software, with mexico is among the biggest customers in the spyware market, supposedly because the state aims to spy on drug cartels shootings, murders and disappearances are part of life here. and most of these crimes go
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unsolved when she was hacked, lawyer, carla mitchell. salus was working on a case of multiple murders. among the victims were photojournalists robin espinosa and human rights activist daddy avila from the city of vera cruz senior latin is momento, vivian, selena. liz told me that i couldn't. they had left there a cruise after a series of threats and intimidation them in those threats came directly from the state government is i ended up for that at the in 2018 state governor javier duarte was sentenced to 9 years in prison for collaborating with drug cartels is glad. okay. lighting, going to run the finest advice or even traveling stay organized. crime is within the institutions of state power and the state basically focuses on spying on and
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persecuting people. they don't like such as journalists or human rights activists. going to really come to life in san jose, just minus those, representing the victims, including solace, became targets themselves in mexico and around the world. pegasus is used to spy on journalists, opposition, figures, and other politicians. these days installation no longer requires the clicking of a link. it's practically unnoticeable. a missed call is enough to infect a smartphone and even phones that are not hacked can be dangerous. modern military recognizance can easily find out where the owner of a cellphone is. thanks to drone warfare attacks can be carried out anywhere. this is the village of ha, shamir, in hunter, a mood province in eastern yemen. ah, on august 29th,
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20123 hell fire missiles struck. joining 5 men. one of the 1st witnesses on the scene was holiday been alley, java, and on our slaughter jaw your were explosions like we'd never heard before. no, you saw dead bodies and blood everywhere. martinez, that of a couldn't mikka lawyers for the victims. families trying to find out why the u. s . drone strike happened at that particular time and place. the assumption is that it was a so called signature strike triggered through metadata of phone calls and the gps positions of cell phones that been ali job or family suffered to deaths to this day. they don't know why attorney jennifer gibson represents them. either strikes that are taken not based on someone's known identity or any known
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fact about some crime they might have committed. but rather based on a pattern of behavior, frequently with signature strikes, they don't know who they're hitting, who the enemy is, is determined by surveillance data. and there's plenty of that. it's evaluated by computers which look for suspicious patterns. the most important data source is cellphones and the sim cards inside them. so in many cases, they're giving designations to sim cards or other identifiers without knowing who the people are. but they're essentially engaged in a kind of creative, extra judicial, legal process that could end in the death penalty. the ha, often innocent people are caught up in the fighting. one of them was he, mum, saleem, been ali jobber, who had preached at the local mosque that day. a few hours earlier,
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he and his son in law ahmed, were sitting in front of the mosque. i sign in with other glenora albums opinion about like i ada was clear with oh, in this mosque, he criticized the murders committed by the group that the, the living, the wound with on that day 3 strangers for looking for the mom who had publicly denounced al qaeda, a young policeman while he'd been alley java learned of this. van de la hello sir la. la willy. unwarranted, with the enthusiasm of a young policeman. while he'd said, i'll protect you with the van laws of it though. all would love applauded over so they went down the street together. neither the mom nor the policeman suspected that the strangers were being targeted by us drones. they walked from the mosques
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to the place where the strangers were waiting for them. then the missiles hid how it could be that you're killing a hard core terrorist that was going to commit, harmed people. but i haven't seen many cases where they proven that that was the case. what we hear a lot of is 10 al qaeda killed, you know, a q a p members kill taliban kelvin. we don't often hear names. and so if you presume that it's one target one operation and they kill 10 people, you have to ask where those other 9 people since 2000 to more than 300 us drone strikes have been carried out in yemen. were than half of them under president trump. we ah! in august 2021, a conventional war came abruptly to an end. when the u. s. military hastily withdrew from afghanistan. during the withdrawal
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a suicide bomber entered the crowds waiting at cobbles airport, and blew himself up. more than 80 people were killed, mostly afghans. ah, 13 u. s. marines were also among the dead. u. s. president joe biden immediately ordered a retaliatory strike. a drone fired on a target in the middle of cobble, reportedly an explosive vehicle of the islam state. later, the u. s. admitted its intelligence was bad. ah, the attack killed 10 civilians, 7 of them children, ah, everything is a video game now. and we have all the toys in the world, the do it be, you know, what? so does china? so does russia. so it is israel that this,
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this is the world we've created at least 18 countries currently use weaponized drones. they are controlled remotely without oversight from courts or declarations of war. and sometimes almost entirely without human decision making. autonomous drones search for targets automatically fire and forget drones from at least 4 nations circle over libya. for example, her fighting on the ground below our mercenaries and militia groups. many of them recruited and paid from abroad conventional warfare is increasingly be replaced by shadow warfare. ah,
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nuclear power, north korea, france weapons, but secretly dictator kim jung own, also unleashes his own cyber armies on the west. iran and israel had been waging a shadow war for decades, involving raids, sabotaged missile attacks and assassinations with varying levels of deniability. meanwhile, private mercenary companies are profiting from the trend. mercenaries oath to work themselves out of a business. so because a profit motor, they either start wars or long gate wars for profit and conflict as the one commodity that can create demand for its supply. ah yes, the surely. the vasa closet, 20 or 30 years ago this cyber culture was
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a sort of punk culture, blah banquet coin, toss it just a day. it's fundamentally changed. pos, nittany of these days. it's just a hard core business. mucus system ha. ah, worse changed the weapons that matter most to day are weapons that give you plausible deniability and not ra firepower. these shadow wars are seemingly unstoppable. they're constantly expanding into new territory in both the physical and the virtual world. ah, ego india. i'll bully shrug is becoming
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a super plans hello to pay a startup company for diesel to sell thread from the flower fibers. and the left overweight reuse is the collapse of plants offering the indian textile industry a chance. the coping in 30 minutes on d. w. she feels like a foreigner in her own home, elisa meisner as a russian german whose family was exiled from moscow by spell and at the age of 71 . she is still fighting for reparation for that injustice. but with rushes, recent ban on the human rights organization memorial. her last hope for help is fading. focus on europe in 90 minutes on d. w. ah, about this issue when i arrived here,
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i slept with 6 people in a room as a 9th in it was hard. i wish fear. i even got white hair is learning the german language help. yeah. a lot. this kids to me and great they'll but to nicky, to interact with you want to know their story, my grants verifying and reliable information for my grants. ah, this is d w. news live for lead police and cause it's down say that dozens of protesters have been killed in battle.


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