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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 6, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm CET

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a fraud ah ah ah ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin police cars at san say, dozens of protesters have been killed in battles with security forces.
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explosions and gunshots were heard overnight, as people fled. security forces near the city of amante's main square. also coming up from the issue of mister joker, the rules are rules, and there are no special cases tennis. dar novak jacob, it is sent to a detention hotel after his entry to australia is locked. the world number one player is challenging a move to deport him for. failing to meet pandemic requirements and the u. s. marks fateful anniversary one year since a mob storms. the capital building in washington, the u. s. is divided over what actually happened. ah,
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i'm sorry, kelly, welcome to the program. lease in cars extends the largest city al mahdi tell state media that dozens of protesters have been killed in what they call an attempt to storm administrative buildings and police stations. they say several police officers were also killed and cassock. sounds president has described the demonstrators has terrorists and has reached out to neighboring russia for help. russia is now leading in alliance of former soviet states, in dispatching what they call peacekeeping forces, including paratroopers. and the 1st protesters protests were sparked by storing soaring fuel prices. and are now in their 5th day, ah, this eye witness footage gives some idea at the level of unrest continuing through the night in kazakhstan, looting, and an attempt to break into a local bank. after skirmishes with security forces,
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a rush lead military alliance has now agreed to dispatch so cold peacekeeping forces to catholic storm after the countries president asked for help in controlling the protests. the unrest originally began over the weekend in the remote oil hub, as janet was then at the price of fuel. but the unrest quickly spread to other cities leading to a nationwide state of emergency in our marty, the police were deployed to curb the unrest. but tear gas and stung grenades have done little to dissuade the crowds. neither have hundreds of arrests or the imposition of a curfew. and newton restrictions in several regions. cassock president, cathy, joe mac talk. i of said he would reinstate price controls. but protest is a now calling for political change beyond the price of fuel. in a surprise, move president took i of sacked the government and took control of the state
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security committee ousting, former president and long time roland new assault. and that's of i have talk i of has lent on the military and is now called on the collective security treaty organization, a moscow based alliance of 6 former soviet countries for assistance which has been granted catholic stones will thorough tarion government usually tolerates little real opposition but this time, the protest is angus seems to have called the authorities off guard. it's bringing journalist for his pioneer a central asia specialist. he's following the story for us from prague. bruce, very difficult to get information out of the country right now. we are hearing that dozens of protesters have been killed. police also saying that several officers have also been killed. what are you hearing from your sources? we know that there's actually information that causes authorities to provide it so, so this is really about all we know a dozens of protesters were killed over and i say at least 8 of their own police
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officers were killed. but you know, this is, this is only, we're only talking about almost 2 years. and you mentioned it's hard to get it done right now. the internet's down phone services are working properly. so these protests were going on in dozens of cities around the house on it, and we only have a rough idea of the death toll and the amount of people who didn't arrested in the commercial capital. what's happened in some of the other places is still unclear. tell us a little bit about the progression and the mood because of course this began as a protest movement against a rise in fuel prices, but it seems that it has tapped into some wider discontent. just walk us through the background. but yeah, you know, this has been kind of building up for several years. if i had to put it to one particular point in time, i would have to say in, in march 2019, when nurses tom, those are by other funds 1st and, and up to that point, only president stepped down and he handed overpowered to counting tomorrow to the
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president now, now there were expectations on the part of many people in cars. it's done that this would be change of pivotal moment in the country and that there would be new ero, her forms. the standard of living might, might start to improve a little bit more, and none of that is really happened. there's been protest off and on the know about the fact that opposition already been registered to participate in politics, which i have said was something that would happen. the fact that the standard or living really hadn't gone up very much if at all, in places that you know, i've made promises about paying attention to all kinds of different sectors of the energy sector, different different parts of the country. and really, none of that ever happened and now it's almost 3 years later. and so i think when the oil workers started to strike over the increase in the price of fuel, it just sparked, you know, a fire that went quickly encompassed all calls. and the question now is what happens next? because we know that the president is attributing this to terrorist forces that the
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bis discontent. we also know that the collective security treaty organization of russia, lead postal, the military alliance says that it will now send so called peacekeepers. and that's the term that they're using. peacekeepers to cause extent at the countries request . how is all of this likely to go down with protesters and what do you make of the language that's being used to frame this? you know, obviously you gave up on negotiating and trying to get some kind of a compromise to this one. he switched to the language of terrorists that were supposedly foreign trained. it seems absurd. i've been, i've been watching for years and years and watching this conflict as, as it evolved, there was never any hint of any terrorist or any other motives than to try to get the government to pay attention to the needs of the people that the things they were chanting when they brought us the chart, which means get out old men were directed and those are by but, but more broadly at the cause of government which has failed to change or make any
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changes in the days when those are by and, and overpower everything just spoke of domestic domestic dissatisfaction, there was no hint that this was guided from outside the country. so, but to get the seo to come in and he needed a pretext. and so then he came up with this. it's a band of terrorists that were foreign train. it's not going to sit well with the people because of course, they know that they've had problems for years that weren't resolved and not other be branded as terrorists. purely to provide a reason for bringing, you know, journalists press, print, air, central asia, specialist. thank you so much for joining us with a view on cats cause it sounds like you, australia has agreed to delay the deportation of novak joke of it. that's after the tennis star put in a legal challenge against his fees. a rejection joke of it had travel to melbourne to take part in the australian open. but he was denied entry on arrival and was detained at the airport for several hours. he has been taken to
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a detention hotel to await deportation. joke has been granted a medical exemption to take part in the grandson tournament, but as continually refused to say publicly if he's been vaccinated. earlier australian prime, mister scott morrison had this to say on the matter on the issue of mr. joker, the rules are rules and there are no special cases entry with a visa requires double vaccination or i medical exemption. i'm advised that such an exemption was not in place and as a result, he is subject to the same rule as any one else. alice kept more on that we are trying now from melbourne by sports journalist courtney walsh. courtney. we understand that you watch the online hearing today what stood out to you. it was simply a conclusion to 24 hours. i supposed to meet him in melbourne after 9,
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making rides around 11 pm last night. mostly procedural matters today. basically trying to lie to franklin for which the parties can provide evidence the federal circuit judge who is here in the matter, it's expedited, given that, you know, as opposed to the need to assess whether he's visa status and the documentation that was used to again, that these are, is actually legitimate which the federal government and government officials have decided that the documents that i sent or not know clearly also wants to be able to play the strain on which begins in 10 days time by the time of his hearing on monday, which was the quickest in terms of the quickest turn around for the hearing. you were waiting detention for 76 to 9090 hours and it will be away from the straight up beginning. it's really an extraordinary set of circumstances leading into
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a grand slam. and there's also a bit of a diplomatic, we have to say, tug of war going on right now between australia and serbia over those. tell us about the politics of play. well, the both prime minister. so both ladies, the countries have elections this year and is certainly suggestions from the way in which the surrounding government certainly is, has tackled be sure of the last 24 hours that there is some posturing applied the federal government and the state government, the local law victorian government with balconies based have been located 20 states over the last 12 months. so. so in terms of the handling of the, the pandemic, the opposing party in charge that's continued in there is some, you know, some school of thought that novak, despite, you know, clearly it would be preferable for him to be vaccinated or to study explanation status of the civil reasons that know that my a fan himself is a porn in this situation, not in some regards. you know,
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as far as when he was granted the exemption, the medical exemption, the grant, which is not yet clear a lot of be trends. so he is a case of a privileged act late getting access into the country. but in because of that privilege, because of the fact that he's such a prominent buyer, it's possible that in cities been himself a target of a situation where this is a stipend being made by the government in terms of you must be vaccinated to come into the country, and given that, i mean, how do you, how are you seeing the potential reputational damage hair? not only for joke of it, but also for the australian open itself. it's always been leverage, says the have you slim. oh, or notice that the slam at the rally? know, i could not roger federer coined expression several years ago when i, when each trachea in the tournament director, correct tale has really played out on that. they've tried to every week and domain in viet late and there's no didn't applies to love coming down to australia. you
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know, it's kevin european winter, having a month in the summer in melbourne. this is really a concern and a whole is last you with the place at the currency for 2 weeks justify the really no, i've been there certainly wasn't that poppy with was understandable. it was on the back say, well this is another blow i think. and clearly a decent reputation. sports journalist courtney walsh. thank you. hara some more developments. meantime in the global pandemic, india has recorded its 1st official death toll from the on the cron variant infections in india have doubled over the last 4 days. and curfews have been introduced in delhi and will buy well caribbean and norwegian cruise lines have announced that they will cancel all cruise sailing as fears of corona virus related infections arising. and this years grammy awards ceremony scheduled to take place at the end of the month has been postponed indefinitely because of the rapid spread
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of the virus. here some other stores make news around the world. north korea says it has launched a hypersonic missile in the 1st major weapons tests this year. for young young said that it hit a target 700 kilometers away. hypersonic missiles fly at more than 5 times the speed of sound from go to south korean president, moon j. n said the launch could create further tension in the regions and calls on the north to engage and talk to people. in indonesia, 3 people have been killed. nearly 30000 displaced after flash floods hit the north of the country in the district of north ha, more than 11000 homes were submerged by the floods that followed heavy rain. on monday, the italian government has approved measures to make coven 19 vaccines mandatory for everyone over the age of 50. italy is struggling with record high levels of new infections. it was the 1st european country to be hit by the pandemic,
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and has one of the highest depth at least 13 people, including 7 children have been killed in a fire in the u. s. city of philadelphia, smoke detectors failed to go off in the 3 story building owned by the cities. public housing authority. firefighter say that they are investigating the cause of the place. they not, it states is marking the 1st anniversary of the storming of the capital in washington on january the 6th, last year, a mob charged at the building just as lawmakers inside began the process of declaring joe biden, the winner of the presidential election. it came after a fiery speech by president donald trump at a rally near by alleging electoral fraud, and urging people to quote, fight like hell. he w, as in as pull reports o, long before election day donald trump had announced that if he should lose the
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white horse, then only because the election was ripped. it didn't come as a surprise that thousands of tron followers gathered in washington d. c. the very day the peaceful transition of power was meant to take place. january 6 and 2021. in there he is in the very i had been at the mall for hours to report for the dublin hughes and could physically feel how the more changed during the speech of donald trump. the protests so far had been intense, but with every sentence donald trump spoke, it got more and more aggressive. our country has had enough. we will not take it any more as, as was, this is oliver. no one was prepared for what happened then. neither police nor politicians, the images of trump supporters storming the capital of the united states shocked
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the world and left deep marks in this country which claims to be one of the oldest democracies. the findings of the investigations showed how close a real could it off was this cold january afternoon one year later, the u. s. seems to be even more polarized dent radicalized. law enforcement might be better prepared for future attacks on the capital. but what about us democracy? so well, federal prosecutor say that as many as 2500 people may have been involved in that january 6th attack. the legal and political consequences are far from over with a congressional investigation underway. plus lawn force meant pursuing cases across the country. democrats are under pressure to conclude their work before november's mid term elections after which they may lose control of congress. let's bring any deb, he is willing to croft who has more on this. don't marble. thanks,
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sarah. yeah, this is one of the largest most complex investigations in american history. let's have a quick look why that is. so there are 2 tracks here. first, there is the legal, the criminal side of things. and so far, we're looking at a $725.00 people arrested in connection with the capitol attack. now some of them have military and law enforcement experience, or belong to militias or other far right groups. but many more our 1st time offenders who say they simply got caught up in the chaos of the day. now, around a $165.00 guilty police have already come in, and 70 of them have been sentenced. many more will go on trial starting next month . and then there are $350.00, more suspects that federal agents are looking for. they're still at large. now, not all the defendants were directly present or actually breached the capital. and that is making for a very difficult prosecution. and a lot of disagreement about how hard to go on those involved is also unclear if these investigations will extend to big name,
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media or political figures for any of their potential involvement. where might that come in? well, that's the political side of things. now you might remember republicans rejected a broader more formal investigation. so democrats who control the house at the lower house of the legislature. they establish their own special committee to investigate the causes and consequences of the attack. now does it 9 person panel and include just to republicans, and that shows just how few republicans are willing to publicly cross donald trump . this committee has gone through a huge amount of evidence, including $300.00 witness statements. 30000 records 52 subpoenas, a subpoena legally requires a person to answer questions. and if they refuse, they can be held in contempt of congress, which is so far happened to 2 people. both of them close trump advisors. others are suing the committee to keep it from getting access to documents. and the question is, how much will this committee go after high level trump allies, or even donald trump himself? and what will they do with any evidence they collect?
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and if democrats lose the house in november, this committee is likely to get shut down. but the biggest question is, doesn't even matter. the committee says it wants to have high level hearings in prime time to present his case to the public. but house already did that when they peach. donald trump, for the 2nd time, this time, last year in connection to this insurrection, and the senate acquitted him, it didn't change public opinion much then. and that appears to still be the case depending on the poll or the question asked a considerable number of americans. and sometimes, majorities of republicans believe the lie that the election was stolen, despite no evidence. and all the evidence to the contrary. many, many fear for american democracy or expect another mob like attack republican lead states have tightened voting rights and trump has never been stronger in his party . most those convicted have further involved in the attack are getting light sentences like house arrest fines or probation was just a few people facing some jail time. and that's because the u. s. doesn't know this
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kind of political turmoil. so coming up with the appropriate punishment that fits the crime is a big challenge. judges disagree, but sentencing. many of the individual alleged crimes are small time sarah, but they add up to the most serious attack on american democracy since the civil war. it's a situation which is certainly very much still developing and willingly have to mention of that president biden and vice president. camilla harris will be speaking at 3 pm central european time. today. i do stay with us here and eat up the news. you will have coverage of that speech in the meantime. william, thanks so much for breaking it down for us, sir. i'm going to turn to some other news now. we're heading to israel in fact, where residents of so called mixed cities are still working through an outbreak of violence that occurred in the spring of last year extremist, jewish israelis clashed with arab israeli citizens since the violence to young people with neighboring businesses in the city of load have rebuilt and said say that they are shared experiences have brought them closer together. this life has
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returned to some kind of normal for atman, where he, d, the arab israeli works, and his father's tire shop in lute a city close to 10. a beef airport purchased a few months back in may 1 of the worst outbreaks of violence between jewish israeli and arab israeli citizens in israel destroyed the family business of 30. yes. the flames also scorched the computer door next door. belonging to you of goodness, father. the young, jewish israeli, short as the new stage of game he had created it was all gone. masada, when the incident happened, it affected us psychologically, morally and financially? everything happened so quickly when thank god we were able to move on own handy, like on hollis. now, gonna host a kraut hunting campaign they launched, helped them rebuild their businesses game developer,
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you're off took over the shop from his father to launch his own project. more than half a year later, scars remain much any more than the color book of it. when i wake up in the morning, i'm so thankful that we managed to recover from what happened today. i believe i'm in a better place compared to where i was before. but so it's kind of ironic. but it's only because people heard my story and decided to help. not because it was good that had burned down. thompson slothful uncle natasha. case of machine is her property and moneys emotionally. for me, these are things you can replace, but to see my father still hurting. it's something you don't see every day. it's hard. people go there little shallow, include him in may 2021 violence. abrupt noticed in lute but olsen, other so called mixed cities in israel, where jewish and arab citizens live protests, but also apparent revenge, attacked by urban. jewish mobs are fueled by longstanding issues,
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is ready. police responded forcefully. tensions over to ru slim and the military conflict between israel and hamas in garza erupted. the perpetrators of the arson were never caught. but you off and i might have chosen to move on, showing that the singer, if they can't win with hate it, you need to be close to your friends and support them even in the most difficult time. some of the questions only then can you succeed in ms. a shuttle that we did it together? an arab and jewish business. it's not obvious. we made a choice to do it this way. very lucky to let it be a hud. bash has looked. there's no guarantee that something similar won't happen again, but instead of dividing them, the experience only brought the 2 young neighbors even closer. and after last year's event was close to the public, spectators once again returned to the streets of spain's capital madrid for its
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annual parade. to celebrate the christian feast of the epiphany, parents and children packed the streets to watch the floats which carried people dressed as the biblical 3 kings. who are said to have brought gifts to the infant, jesus, and dread released just $7000.00 tickets for the event. due to coven 19 concerns, and unlike previous years, candy was not thrown into the crowd to prevent a scramble. ah, you're watching dw new life umbrella, and here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. police and cassock san say that they have killed dozens of protesters and tried to storm administrative buildings in the country's biggest city almighty. they say several police officers were also killed. cause exxon has seen days of mass protest sparked by rising fuel
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prices. russian lab troops have been dispatched to cause exam after the countries president asked for help to control the unrest. australia has agreed to delay the deportation of novak joke of edge that's after the tennis star put in a legal challenge against his bees of rejection. joke of it had travel to melbourne to take part in the australian open. he has continually refused to reveal his vaccination status. don't forget, you can always get the w and who's on the go. just download our app from google player from the app store. it gives you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for breaking news. if you're part of the news story, you can also use the app to send us photos and videos of what's happening there. yeah, thank you so much for joining us. i'm sarah kelly in berlin. take care. ah,
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with ah ah, with
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who she feels like a foreigner in her own home. lisa, my son, as
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a russian german whose family was exiled from moscow by style and at the age of 71 . she is still fighting for reparation for that injustice. but with russia as a recent ban on the human rights organization memorial, her last hope for health is fading. focus on your next on d. w. into the conflict with sebastian in america as a some associates cost and trust me could be subpoenaed by the congressional committee investigating the gender. you said the pot on the top of my guest is one of them. jacob miller was a senior advisor from trump. campaign remains close to the former president joins me from new york called playing zone that in 60 minutes on d w. o.
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