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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 6, 2022 11:02pm-11:31pm CET

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sal to provide evidence of covet 19 vaccination or medical exemption needed to into the country. you're watching tay dablin easy can get a lot more news on a website to be found at d deputy dot com on the 1st anniversary of the attack of the u. s. capital president biden today accused former president trump, of pushing lies and holding a dagger at the throat of american democracy. biden said that trot refused to stop the rioters because he refused to accept that he had lost the election. without mentioning trunk by name. biden spoke to the defeated former president in a language that he understands all to will in blistering simplicity bite and said trump was and remains a loser. and a liar. i bring cotton berlin. this is the day ah,
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in south and the constitution a south on the car with state, they were people in that model on to kill us accomplishing less on the brink of catastrophe that i'm a little worried, not enough. them. those people have political power and are trying to train sites like walk through the country. the big la pushed by donald trump. that is undermining faith in our political system. horrible lie is the only game in momentum root cause of january 6th is still with us today. but to our viewers watching a p b s or the united states into all of you around the world. welcome. we begin the day on this 1st anniversary of a dark day in u. s. history. you probably know where you were exactly one year ago when you heard that writers had attacked the u. s. capital. and you probably know the attack was an attempt to stop the peaceful transfer of power from when president donald trump,
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to the next jo, by those are facts. and that is the truth. but one year on both trump and his republican supporters inside and outside of congress continue to push the big lie that the election was stolen. and the january 6th was nothing more than a group of patriots who were caught misbehaving. tonight, america is as polarized as ever to narratives competing in a split screen reality. president biden says, this is a fight for the soul of the country. and today he placed this struggle in a wider global battle of democracy versus autocracy. and he warned that on this solomon adversary, it remains unclear who will win the future. certain dates echo throughout history. including dates that instantly are mine all who have lived through them, where they were and what they were doing. one year ago to day in this sacred
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place, democracy was attacked. close your eyes. go back to that day. what do you see? riders rampage ye waving for the 1st time inside this capital confederate flag that symbolized the cause to destroy america. what else do you see? a mob breaking windows, kicking in doors, reaching the capital, american fly ground poles, menus as weapons as spears. destroy property. literally defecating in the hallways. rifling through the desk of senators, the representatives, hunting down, members of congress. we didn't see a former president who had jest rallied the mob to attack city to the private dining room of the oval office in the white house, watching it on television. doing nothing for hours.
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the nation's capital under c h. this wasn't a group tourist. this was an armed insurrection. we all saw what our nation would look like. if the forces has seek to dismantle, our democracy are successful. but they failed. they fail on this day of remembrance rooms make sure that such attack never never happens again. my 1st guest to 9 is frank says, no, he's a former white house correspondent, former c, an in washington bureau chief. also my former boss is now the director of strategic initiatives at george washington university. frank, it's good to see you again. you have covered the white house, you cover the white house for a long time, and that includes countless presidential speeches put to days,
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speech by president biden, into context force. it's virtually unprecedented. you know, you'd almost have to go back to some of the speeches that lynn gave up when the country faced such deep division polarization. and in that case, obviously outright war to find rhetoric, language like that of the president directed towards the leadership of the country . in many ways, other speeches a year, latent us, you could make a very strong argument. i really believe this to be the case that a lot of the narrative that has taken root in bunch of the republican party that in fact the election was stolen. that in fact, biden is knowledge it. a legitimate president has, has calcified, because biden has been so slow to use language like this to really call out what happened. and to marginalize, not just those who stormed the capital, but the then president of the united states who did nothing one year ago in those
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early hours. do you think, did it when he spoke exactly one year ago? do you think today's speeches, the speech that he should have delivered then? yes, i think and you know, this narrative that and former president trump promotes and he did it again today right after biden's speech that the election was stolen, that the votes were rig that at that. and that hasn't stood up in any court of law that's looked at. it hasn't stood up to any audit that any factual examination. none the less, as i say, as calcified in the republican party. the term that the, the kind of language that biden used to day holding a dagger at the throat of american democracy, calling people out for bringing weapons and, and confederate flags into the u. s. capital defecating in the halls while they were chatting. hang mike pence was the then vice president. this is the kind of thing that the country has to confront people and come to terms with and here again
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and again, i think for it to sink in, especially against the constant stream of disinformation. the big lie that comes from the other side of on a constant basis here, you know, our viewers around the world. i know many of them are scratching their heads and asking how can so many americans witness the same event and recall 2 totally different versions. well, i would join people around the world and scratching their heads. i in that regard, it is the most remarkable thing to have seen because this was all this all happened live and in real time for everybody to see across the country. and they've had plenty of opportunities to see it since they've seen what courts have concluded, what audits have concluded, no evidence whatsoever of any kind of election fraud. they've seen the, the legal system ah, bringing people to trial hundreds of people to trial with convictions for what they
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have done. they've heard people who were there, who said they took direction. they believed from the former president, donald trump, to go and do that. and yet they have this completely a parallel universe alternative view of reality. it is mind boggling and it is exceptionally dangerous because not only does agree this alternative view of what happens. but it creates a are sort of a constant stream that is a road in confidence, in american democracy in elections. and the next one is not far away. the off your electrons of 2022 are just 10 months away. and it's going to happen against this backdrop, so it's a, it's a very perilous moment in american democracy for sure. you know, i, i hear it very often here in berlin and i'm sure you hear it there in washington as well that the january 6th attack on the u. s. capital may have been the beginning, not the end of the terrible process. what are your thoughts when you hear that? ah, you know, it's very hard to say. i think it's very easy to conclude that america has lost its
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way. and that the democracy has been fundamentally weakened and may not be able to recover. but i do believe that we have a very long history of crisis in this country, from civil war to mccarthyism, to the vietnam era of turmoil tumult. nothing like this. we watch presidents resign and disgrace. richard nixon. obviously, the supreme court decide and election and, and we seem to find our way this is different. this is much more challenging, but i don't think it's, it's certainly not the end of the process, but i also don't think it's the beginning. we have learned there are a lot of people calling it out and a lot of organizations and individuals working to shore shore up democracy. ah. so i think we're very much in the middle of this thing without knowing, without any real certainty as to where it's going to go. george washington
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university. professor frank says now frank, it's always good talking with you. we appreciate you helping us put this into valuable context to night. thank you. well, my, my pleasure. we need context. as for sure. thank we want to take you back into the day one year ago, congress had convened, asked the constitution requires to certify the presidential election results. an election which joe biden, one and not far way of the national mall. thousands of donald trump supporters had also gathered to hear the president speak of a rigged election. but something changed when president ron called on vice president mike pence, who was overseeing the election certification to reject biden's when. here's what else. he said, well, we love, we will never give up. we will never concede, it doesn't happen. you don't concede with
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me. we're going to walk down any one you want. but i think right here we're going to walk down to the capital and we get it here. on our brave senators and congressmen and women, i don't the capital and we fight. we fight like hell. and if you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have a country anymore. you get. oh. even before trump ended his speech, people from his rally had already begun to gather outside the capital building. the 1st group stormed the outer police barrier around the capital, while inside. how speaker nancy pelosi was calling the joint session of congress to order from there things quickly escalate?
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take a look. oh ah . ah ah ah! now once inside the capital, the mob spreads out across the building. they occupied the house and senate chambers, a smashed windows, trashed offices,
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the assaulted capital police officers. now while this is all happening, there are still all makers inside the building. some barricade themselves into rooms, hiding from the armed mob that is actively searching for others, take shelter in the galleries above the chamber. 4 people died during the riot that day, including one woman who was shot inside the captain. nearly 4 hours after the protesters 1st breached the capitol grounds. 2 messages went out. president elect joe biden, addressed to the nation, and shortly afterwards then president donald trump tweeted the video to his supporters at this hour are democracies under unprecedented assault. like anything we've seen in modern times, i know your pain. i know you're hurt. we had an election that was stolen from us.
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it was a landslide election, and every one knows it. especially the other side. but you have to go home now. we have to have peace threatening the safety of duly elected officials. it's not pro jess, it's insurrection. so go home. we love you. you are very special. that was hell, the capital attack unfolded one year ago. my next guest tonight is cynthia miller interests from the american university in washington, dc. she is an award winning author and a scholar of far right extremism. it's good to have you on the program. so if the i want to ask you a question that you know we've been hearing all day to day, but you know, for months now what we saw on january 6th last year, was that a one off? was that something unique, or is that the beginning of something that has yet to win?
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pho, well, thanks for having me. and it really is a sobering day, just listening to that footage and hearing the audio again is, is really startling and striking again. how horrific it was, and i think it's really important to understand that it wasn't just a one off, you know, even if we never have another insurrection at the u. s. capital, the signs for the past year haven't gotten any better. we have rising support for political violence. we have really troubling the high number of people in recent polling who say that they will not support the results of the 2024 election if their candidate loses. and so, and that's very high among republicans. so, you know, that kind of pulling data says that we have real crisis of democracy in terms of trust in the elect, the election system itself. we've seen a tax on election workers, death threats for election monitors and more political violence in ordinary ways,
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against teachers. and health care workers and airline employees, you know, just upset at mast mandates or vaccine mandates. and so i think we're going to continue to see this. and i don't think we can say this was one day or that it was a combination of anything. but really, it's a continuation of something or maybe a beginning of a really sobering period in american history. yeah, be sobering to say the least. there is a study that found that nearly 90 percent of the people charged who've been charged so far in the capital riot have no connection with militias or with other organized extremist groups. so what does this tell us about this threat? i mean, it sounds like the most of the people have been charged our mainstream every day. joe blow people off the street. absolutely, i mean, what we're seeing are 2 things happen at the same time. the one hand we've seen extremist ideas move into the mainstream in the u. s. and so that,
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that's really evident here in january 6 made that abundantly clear that people in large numbers have bought into an entire world of disinformation and will come together sometimes even in spontaneous ways and engage in serious violence. and so i think the threat of other event driven violence around elections or around spontaneous protests is very high. but we've also seen changes in how extremist groups themselves operate because of the online nature of radicalization and exposure to propaganda. and so a lot of those groups themselves are more fluid or people are exposed to the propaganda, but never really joined a group. they're following the group, they're mobilized and motivated by them, but not really card carrying members. and so our counter extremism strategies are completely equipped to deal with those kinds of transformations because we just haven't built up an infrastructure to see this as a threat from within the mainstream, or to see it as
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a threat that can be sorted. let's say through education or digital literacy work instead of just through surveillance and monitoring. willis hopes that yes, we move closer to the mid terms that things will get better and not get worse. i'm sure we'll be talking with you again. said the miller interest for the american university, we appreciate your time and your valuable insights tonight, cynthia, thank you. thanks for having me. were images of a mob storming the parliament building? they will be familiar to many people here in germany because it almost happened here to in august 2020, nearly 40000 people in berlin protested against pandemic restrictions. a group of demonstrators breached a security barrier and stormed the steps of the rice tug. the building that houses germany's parliament take a look at these grainy images. they were cantered by one of the demonstrators. the group reached the entrance before police eventually forced them back. unlike in
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washington, dc, these rioters did not get inside the building, several of them brandish flags from germany's imperial pass. those are symbols that are now used by the extreme right here in ger. why nix guest lead the team of election observers sent by the ofc e to monitor the us election back in 20. 20 like a link is a member of the german parliament for the free democrats. he joins me now from southwest germany. mr. lee, it's good to have you with us before we get to the u. s. election entered today's anniversary. i want to ask you as a german lawmaker about those scenes that we just saw from august 2020. when far right demonstrator storm the steps of the rice talked. do you think there are parallels between the events in washington on january 6 in those that we've seen here in berlin? well, 1st of all, thank you for having me. unfortunately,
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there are parallels and we can see it with some state elections in germany. and even in the powers of our one is that elections that people from extreme right wing political parties tried to exploit what happens in the united states and really working on conspiracy theories. and there is a very, very close connection of both intellectual and political between what's happening, what was an alarm bell was ringing the alarm bell and what we saw in bic, over syndrome. and how do you explain to mr. lee, that things here are not as polarized and extreme as what we see in the u. s. y of germany. still getting more, i guess of, of the, of the middle ground when it comes to politics. well, thanks god, we have an electoral integrity which has been respected by all sides of the political spectrum. but increasingly, so we really understand that we need to defend this. it's very important that the
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general public has trust in what's happening in electro administration. and we do that basically in a way which is not so much different from the u. s. we have a local at electron ministration, which is very powerful, which is very strong. and we have mutual control. but once that system breaks away, when one site in the case of the u. s. president, trump, for president trump disputes the electoral integrity, then the whole system was threatened. and that is what we need to defend in germany . we still have it and we are very concerned to follow developments in the united states, which is our closest ally. now we really hope that there is a way forward that the next connections, the midterms, will see more the bipartisanship in again, administrating the selections. very concerned of the 1st signals we see, i want to play for you. part of what she was president biden said today about the election of 2020. take a listen. the truth is that no action,
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no action in american history has been more closely scrutinized or more carefully counted every legal challenge. questioning the results in every court in this country could have been made was made and was rejected. so is biden right? mister lincoln, me? what did you take away, do you observed the election in 2020? well, we observed and when to say we let it. so the organization for security and cooperation in europe, where, where the united states is part of it. and electoral observation is it's, it's the landmark, the trademark activity of the o. c. we observed, according to a very, very proven and independent methodology. and we could not see any manipulation of the elections in united states and even more so as president barton and put it,
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the court, the court system in the united states checked proved and again and again, these elections, we cannot see any manipulation what we can see in united states is that there should be improvements of the system, it should be easier to vote. voter registration should be made easier, but that form in relation or mr. like, what do you say then, to so many republicans in the us who still believe the big law and say that the vote was stolen. the election was still actually a, talked to a lot of republican colleagues and in the u. s. congress as well both in the house on the senate side. and we really worked in detail on the report which we gave us in the national parliamentarians. we have had a very, very fruitful exchange and, and my hope is that after some initial exchanges, that there is a general understanding that they really need to work to, to,
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to accept what has been done. for example, in georgia by secretary of state reference burger. in georgia, who did a great job in administrating these elections. so what we try to do is really to explain that these conspiracy theories regarding the elections are wrong, that they are invented and they are groundless. michael league from the free democrats, a member of the german parliament as well. mr. lee, we appreciate your time and you valuable in so extra like, thank you. thank you so much will finally tonight, joe biden delivered a speech to day, the likes of which no living american or living person anywhere has ever heard from a city u. s. president scathing words about his predecessor who incited violence to hold on to power. now this is the story line that we expect from countries struggling to give democracy a chance not from a nation with the world's oldest living constitution. on this anniversary of the
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attack on the u. s. capital people everywhere are asking the world's most powerful democracy, and rightly so, are you who you're supposed to be, or are you pulling a trump on all of us? are you becoming the true big lie? we hope not. well, the day's almost done, but the conversation as always, continues online. you'll find this on twitter either at d. w. news. you can follow me on twitter at britain golf t v. and remember whatever happens between now and then, tomorrow is another day. we'll see you then
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with ah ah, with ah, ah oh, the battle against cove it the only variant is putting health care systems around the world to the test. vaccination campaigns are accelerating,
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while restrictions are intensifying once again. but are these measures enough to stop the spread of oma kron fax data and reports coven? 19 special. next on d, w. into the conflict. so sebastian in america stores, as donald trump associates, boston present, had been subpoenaed by the congressional committee, investigating the january, set the path on the counter. my guest is one of them. jacob miller was a senior advisor from trump. campaign remains close to the former president to join me from new york. complaint that in 60 minutes on d. w. time. oh,
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we're all good to go beyond the obvious as we take on the world. 8 hours. i do all the fans. we're all about the stories that matter to you whatever it takes, 5 policeman a deal we are your is actually on fire made for mines with oh, i'm a chaise i from the high with.


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