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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 7, 2022 12:00am-12:15am CET

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the only criteria is worked, we'll hook people. we shed light on the opaque worlds who's behind the benefits. and why are they a threat to us all o peak worlds this week on d w? ah, ah ah, this is the deputy news live from bill it the general 6 attack on the u. s. capital one year on in a speech to the nation president joe biden takes aim at donald trump. the former president, united states of america, has created spread
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a web of lies about to 2020 election because has bruised ego matters more to him than our democracy or our constitution. but he says, the trump supporters who stormed the capital held a dagger to the throat of american democracy, also coming up fresh violence rocks. the main city of kazakhstan, as security forces continue cracked down on protest. this doesn't have been killed in the west on risk for 30 years. the president appeals for help, and the former soviet states, led by russia send troops. it plus, keeping him is it really is just not very human. a joke of it just family slam australia for rejecting his visa and sending him to a detention hotel. the tennis stars, challenging moved to deported the covey. 19 improvement one. 0 ah.
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m anthony howard, welcome you. as president joe biden has marked the 1st anniversary of the storming of the west capital, when a violent mob of trump support has tried to stop the certification of the 2020 presidential election a year to the day since those shocking events bought and launched. an outspoken attack on the writers and on his predecessor, donald trump, who he said, set the stage for the attack by continuously selling doubt about the result of the 2020 election tied to security. for a dark anniversary, american leaders monkey day of remembrance at capitol hill, exactly one year after riotous storm, the building supporters of former president donald trump had sought to overturn the election result. after the former president made false claims of election fraud. we
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fight like hell. one year on president biden condemned the riotous and their attempts to undermine american democracy. in a more is prison. they fail on this day. remember, insurance, make sure that such attack never never happens again for the 1st, but he focused his strongest words on one target. in particular, not form a president, mcdonald trump. he tried to prevent the former president united states of america as created and spread a web of lies. bought the 21 election. he's done so because he values power over principal. and because his bruised ego matters more to him than our democracy or our constitution. after a year of largely ignoring his predecessor orders at bite and decided to take the gloves off when she's not just a former president. she's
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a defeated former prison defeated by a margin over 7000000 of your votes. in a written statement off to the speech trumpet used biden of using his name to further divide america. calling the speech political theatre and a distraction from biden's failures. the speaker of the house of representatives, nancy pelosi led a minutes of silence. remembering the security personnel whose deaths have been attributed to the attack, because of them and our members, the insurrection tailed. this small event was attended by only 2 republicans, highlighting the deep partisan divisions that remain in america's polarized 2 party system. they de, please, washington correspondent carolyn a chin lloyd joins me now. caroline, a job rod and changed his tune somewhat. the conciliatory tone was gone, replaced by condemnation. how did that more aggressive tone go down in washington?
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well, of course, some support at this at tone. anthony, the democrats and the ones who voted for joe biden, and they defended this new a tune, this new toner. it has been probably president biden strongest speech though, since he took office for the 1st time, he found clear words towards his predecessor saying, and that he constructed those lies and that he still cannot accept that he lost the elections. am at the same time at this new tone, clearly marks a line between them and we so president by to make clear that there are the ones who are ready to defend democracy in the united states and the others are not. it is interesting to see how his message has changed if we compared specially to his 1st speech is when he just took off his and he just went into the white house and talked about unifying this country. it is indeed a turning point in his message to the nation. republican lawmakers largely
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caroline, a state away from today's a year off, the passively watched the rights unfold. what did the former president, donald trump have to say in response? donald trump a reacted and said that joe biden is dividing at the country even more with this wards and interestingly enough, anthony, this is precisely what joe biden said during his presidential campaign. he blamed donald trump of dividing country not only on january 6th, but during his whole administration. so we're now in a point where both parts are using similar arguments just to, to, to point to the other one and say that the other one is to blame the other. one of dividing a country. and this only shows that this countries not only polarized, but almost radicalized anthony, and that both parts are giving up on trying to win votes,
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and when people from the other sites to vote for their party. so 2022 is an election year. again, carolina. how worried are the folks in washington that we might, again be headed toward the same sort of violence? well what experts say is that what we saw a year ago in january 6 is a simple a practice and some even say that trump's cool has already begun. and the think is anthony, that this country is not anymore only polarized, but radicalize and the fact that only 2 republicans attended today's events at the capital and may make it even more clear to us that the, that there, there is no way off reconciliation between both sides so also the fact that that president biden is not longer at talking about unifying the country can clearly shows almost
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a resignation. i'm bringing americans together and let's not forget that more than 74000000 americans vote for donald trump and his party. and they are definitely difficult times a coming ahead and threatening democracy in the united states. was good to talk, carolyn, a chima in washington. many things with security forces in kazakhstan, say they've killed dozens of protesters who were storming government buildings and several police officers in the biggest country in the cities biggest in the country's biggest city. rather i'll marty were killed in the worst unrest for 30 years because it sounds president, cussing jerome i took i if appealed to russia for help and moscow, that alliance is sending in peacekeeping troops. soaring fuel parses sparked the protest now in their 5th dyed european union, and the usaa calling for restraint. kazakhstan is facing its biggest
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political crisis since it split from the soviet union. what began is protests over the price of fuel has grown into a nation wide uprising against inequality and corruption. reports say dozens of protesters and police have been killed in violent clashes. the president is called for help from the collective security treaty organisation of 6 former soviet nations. moscow says the troops have been deployed on a peacekeeping mission to help the authorities regain control once seen as central asia most stable nation unrest in kazakhstan poses a challenge for their northern neighbors. or for res ashmore, what happened in afghanistan with the somewhat irresponsible behavior of nato forces, and the sudden decision by the us to withdraw its forces from afghanistan. any of that is made the unstable situation in kazakhstan, a serious threat for russia. york ocean city, also new russia shares
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a 7000 kilometer border with cassock, storm of, if you see that border is not especially protected here. near slogan those that she surely president passim jermarta took, however, was the chosen successor to autocrat nozzle upon as a bay of just 2 years ago. his blamed the demonstrations on so called terrorist gangs. but the protesters and numbered in the 10s of thousands and many a calling for drastic change to unseat the autocratic dynasty that's controlled the resource rich country. since independence others feel caught up in the chaos. what are the few, we want to tell the whole world that the only thing flourishing in kazakhstan is corruption, kazakhstan has become a private enterprise of the nother bye of family. all strategically important sites in kazakhstan, belong to the nother by a family, young, everybody. but i never thought i never knew that our people could be so terrifying
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. it was very scary to be out in the strait or even more. we couldn't sleep at night because we were afraid some a worried that the protests could lead to an even harsh version of authoritarianism as officials clamped down on freedoms to quell the violence. okay, let's take a look now, some of the other stories making news around the world. place incident have used tear gas against thousands of demonstrators demanding a transition to civilian rule. list 3 protesters have been killed. dozens of died in demonstration since the army ceased power last october. toxic guess lease for leak from an industrial tanker has killed at least 6 people in western india. now the $25.00 were hospitalized after they inhaled the gas in an industrial complex in su, that in the good job at states, north korea says it has launched
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a hypersonic missile in its 1st major weapons test this year. pyongyang claims it hit a target 700 kilometers away on our sonic missiles fly away at more than 5 times the speed of south south korean president, moon j in says your launch adds it to regional tension from kira or cooper to will tennis number one novick jock of it just spent a 2nd night in a detention hotel in australia. the serbian star was stopped when he arrived in melbourne to take part in the australian open border officials. they cancelled his visa rejecting his exemption from strict coven 19 vaccination rolls. jack witcher's family says he's a victim of a political agenda. limbo is where novak joke of ich is at the moment, detained in stuck in a hotel room as he awaits his fate. all stray is earlier warning from the prime minister. carried some weight on the issue of mister joker, which rules ah,
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rules and there are no special cases entry with a visa requires double vaccination or i medical exemption seemingly joke of which had gone through the proper procedures and was given a medical exemption to enter the country however, upon arrival, he was met by police and rushed away to a detention hotel joker, which is sitting on 20 grand slam victories in a 3 way tie. winning his 21st could solidify the serve as the greatest ever. but for the time being, he's in court instead of being on the court. of course i either like there the situation that is happening. ah, in some way i, i feel sorry for him. but at the same time, he know he knew the conditions sings
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a lot of months ago. so some of joke of which is most loyal fan base, believe everything isn't above board boy or case the other. it is a part of an orchestrated campaign against novak joker beach that did not begin yesterday. it has been obvious for the last 10 years. you can see for yourself how he is treated by fans and by his colleagues in some parts of the world. although it's hard to be number one like 90, this could be 3 of them. however, joke of his father says the decision to detain. his son has nothing to do with sports either way. a verdict is expected on monday or manchester city. coach pipe. guardiola has tested positive for coven 19, and will miss his teams if i kept match on friday. what he ela joins 7 city 15 place more than a dozen staff in isolating. spanish is the 7th premier league coach to test
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positive. and recently, crowds of 10 doubt in the spanish capital, madrid for the annual parade. mocking the christian faced of epiphany, families watched fletch carrying figures dressed as 3 kings who in bible story brought gifts to the infant. jesus city released just 7000 tickets. this time to kick visit the numbers down and to prevent scramble. now candy was thrown into the crowd on this occasion. it watching database news up next trance takes on big tech, hitting google and facebook with major finds that's in business ease with janelle dumas on after a short break. sh .


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