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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 7, 2022 4:00am-4:15am CET

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climate change, if any, off the store. this is my plastic waste from just one week. how much was can really get we still have time to go. i'm going with subscribe or more with this is d w. news live for bird that, that january 6th attack on the u. s. capital one year in a speech to the nation president joe biden takes, i am
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a donald trump. the former president, united states of america, has created spread a web of lies. brought the 2020 election because has bruised, ego matters more to him than our democracy or our constitution. loudon says the trop support as a storm to the capitol held, the dagger to the throat of american democracy is coming up 1st violence rocks. the main city of kazakhstan as security forces continue a lockdown on pro protesters doesn't have been killed in the worst unrest for 30 years. the president appeals for help and former soviet states, led by russia, sending troops plus ah m. anthony howard. welcome to the program. you,
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as president joe biden has marked the 1st anniversary of the storming of the u. s. capital, when a violent mob of trump support has tried to stop the certification of the 2020 presidential election a year to the day since the shocking events bought and launched an attack on his, on the writers and on his predecessor, donald trump, who said he set the stage for the attack by continuously sewing doubt about the result of the 2020 election tied to security. for a dark anniversary american leaders, monk a day of remembrance at capitol hill. exactly one year after riotous storm. the building supporters of former president donald trump had sought to overturn the election result. after the former president made false claims of election fraud. we fight like hell. one year on president biden condemned the riotous and their
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attempts to undermine american democracy. in a more is prison. they fail on this day. remember, insurance, make sure that such attack never never happens again for the 1st, but he focused his strongest words on one target. in particular, not form a president, mcdonald trump. he tried to prevent the former president united states of america as created and spread a web of lies by the 2020 election. he's done so because he values power over principle. and because his bruised ego matters more to him than our democracy or our constitution. after a year of largely ignoring his predecessor orders, biden decided to take the gloves off when he's not just a former president. he's a defeated former president defeated by a margin over 7000000 of your votes. in a written statement off to the speech,
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trump accused biden of using his name to further divide america. calling the speech political theatre, and a distraction from biden's failures. the speaker of the house of representatives, nancy pelosi led a minute of silence. remembering the security personnel whose deaths have been attributed to the attack because of them. and our members, walter action tailed, this small event was attended by only 2 republicans, highlighting the deep partisan divisions that remain in america's polarized 2 party system. and generate 6 wasn't just a moment in which american democracy was in danger. us house of representatives, members, experience personal peril. first hand as right has rampaged through the holes of congress and then banged on the doors of the chamber itself. some of those representatives have relieved that day in
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a ceremony mocking the 1st anniversary. ah, one year later is essential that we do not allow anyone to rewrite history or whitewash the gravity of what took place is our duty to find a fax of january sits to ensure that such an assault on our democracy cannot happen again. ah, january 6th was my 4th day in office. january 6th was my 1st time ever to the house gallery. i'll never forget. introducing myself to my colleagues as we were hiding under the chairs, fashioning weapons out of sanctions, and pens and my heels ready to take on the writers who were being on the doors behind us, waiting for the elevator door to open. sure, we were going to see a machine gun and for it all to be over the capitol police officer who put his body
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in the way in case that happened with. and i remember i was laying on the floor and i had just very little bit of juice left to my cell phone. and i did call my husband. i had to call stan. i was afraid to say, i love you because it hearken back to september 11th and those last cold. so i just said, i'm all right. tell the kids. i am. all right. my dear friend in lake collie, congressman john lewis said our struggle is not a struggle of a day, a week, a month, a year. it is a struggle of a life time. so january 6 reminds us that even in the face of a struggle, an insurmountable bearing, our democracy,
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wheels i of more in this, i'm joined by a ration right. he's a senior fellow at the brookings institute. great of your time, mr. write politics and society in the u. s. i increasingly clearly polarized for the year to process the data and the demographics. can you tell us what we know now of the ideological roach of a movement that tried to overturn an election was very clear. and it was very clear to me on that day one year ago that people were storming the capital not simply to protest the election, but to maintain white supremacy for only a few small group of people. we know that because a noose was hanging. there was someone wearing an ouch, which
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a concentration camp shirt. there was someone else hanging a confederate flag. we know that hundreds of people, storm the capital, thousands of people were there a left many people injured, including a 140 police officers, many of whom were trying to defend the capital, a, some of whom were also complicit in that, at the end of the day left, 5 people dead in total, even after the insurrection from what happened in, in then we know that department of justice has charged over $700.00 people with crimes from that particular event. but we also know some of those individuals who stormed the capital had now ran for office in the got elected. he speaks were highly divided america. the republican party has fallen in line since with trumps big law. the false claim that the 2020 election was stolen, it is now restricting voting rights and changing voting laws. do you feel genuinely for democracy in the u. s. at this point?
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the simple fact of a, a key question is the democratic experiment in the united states over their people, regardless of their political orientation, are tired of the polarization. and they actually have a deep distrust for government. our overly simplistic 2 party system might have already ran its course. and we even saw that today with biden's speech, where of course, it was about trump. of course, it was about the insurrection, but there were some people who thought that it was still a campaign speech, looking forward to the 2020, to mid terms, and even to the 2024 election where it's very clear. he said he's going to run again. i think he thinks he's going to run against trump again. so we haven't seen a lot of movement beyond the department of justice. voting rights is not pay all of us. we have also not seen any movement on police reform. at the federal level in the enjo biden's bill back better plan, which is going to help all americans regardless of political orientation, regardless of background, has yet to come up for vote. in the senate. this type of polarization speaks to
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a highly problematic america, that many people fear. mr. i just quickly, before we go, our american scathe enough about the future of democracy in that country. i think so. i mean, at look, we're saying that only a wave of people attacking diversity, equity, inclusion, but in the south, in states like tennessee, in georgia state where i grew up and where i'm born. now you don't even have to have a license to carry a gun. i think people are highly worried. people are scared in fear is really driving polarization and inequality. and america ration rice, senior fellow at brookings. thank you so much for time. dr. young juice, russia sent paratroopers to kazakhstan after days of violent clashes between protesters and security forces across the country. cause exxon's president had appealed to russia for help after the worst unrest in the country. in 30 years. in the country's biggest city, almighty security forces, say they killed dozens of protesters who were storming
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a government buildings. the protest with spock by soaring fuel prices, the european union, and the u. s. a calling for restraint o kazakhstan is facing its biggest political crisis since it split from the soviet union. what began his protests over the price of fuel has grown into a nation wide uprising against inequality and corruption. reports say dozens of protesters and police have been killed in violent clashes. the president is called for help from the collective security treaty organisation of 6 former soviet nations. moscow says the troops have been deployed on a peacekeeping mission to help the authorities regain control once seen as central asia most stable nation unrest in kazakhstan poses the challenge for their northern neighbors or short res ashmore. what happened in afghanistan with the somewhat
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irresponsible behavior of nato forces, and the sudden decision by the us to withdraw its forces from afghanistan is that is made the unstable situation in kazakhstan. a serious threat for russia motion ceo's new. russia shares a 7000 kilometer border with cassock storm of if you see that border is not especially protected here. yes, organizations, surely. president passim jermarta took high of was the chosen successor to autocrat nozzle ton as a by of just 2 years ago. his blamed the demonstrations on so called terrorist gangs. but the protesters and numbered in the 10s of thousands and many a calling for drastic change to unseat the autocratic dynasty that's controlled the resource rich country. since independence. others feel caught up in the chaos. what are the few we want to tell the whole world that the only thing flourishing in
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kazakhstan is, corruption, has expand, has become a private enterprise of the nother by a family. all strategically important sites in kazakhstan, belong to the nother by a family young person. but i never thought i never knew that our people could be so terrifying. it was very scary to be out in the street, was even more we couldn't sleep at night because we were afraid some a worried that the protest could lead to an even harsh version of authoritarianism . as officials clamped down on freedoms to quell the violence. bell is take a look at some more of the stories making use around the world. placing sedans have used tear gas against thousands of demonstrators demanding a transition to civilian rule. at least 3 protesters have been killed. dozens of died in demonstration since the army retook power. last october, toxic gas leak from an industrial tanka has killed at least 6 people in western
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india. and other $25.00 were hospitalized after they inhaled the gas in an industrial complex into rat. in who's your habits? state? north korea says it was launched a hypersonic miss islands 1st major weapons test. this year. young young claims that hit a target 700 kilometers away. our sonic missiles fly it more than 5 times the speed of sound. south korean president moon j in says the launch adds to regional tensions lumber, hunger term turbo sport now and will turn us number one. novick jacobin is facing another 3 days. hold up in a detention hotel in australia as he whites to hear if he will be allowed to stay in the country. serbian style was stopped when he arrived in melbourne to take part in the australian open border officials rejected his exemption from strict coven 19 vaccination. rules and ordered him to be deported. joke of it's challenging the
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deportation order, but court ruling is not expected until monday. his family. so he's the victim of a political in manchester city coach pep, squad. viola has tested positive for coven 19 and will miss his teams. if a cup match on friday, guardiola joined 7 city 1st team players and more than a dozen staff in isolating the spaniard as the 7th premier league coach to test positive. in recent weeks. your ting dw up next to france takes on big take, hitting google and facebook with major finds that's coming up next in business news with janelle dumas on. i'm anthony housing assigned to the dark side.


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