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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 7, 2022 7:00am-7:15am CET

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so here's my wild idea. don't choose extinction savior species before it's too late. sampling and humans to start making excuses and start making changes ah, ah and his supporters keeping him as a president. he's just not very human. nobody jacqowitz's families slams australia for rejecting his visa and sending him to a detention know, tell, the 10 is, well, number one is challenging. his deportation of a failing to conform to pandemic requirements.
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ah, i've got others well come to the program and we begin in kazakhstan, where authorities say order has been restored on the streets of our marty and other major cities after another deadly night of protests and violence. the say at least 26 people were killed, including several police officers troops from a russian lead alliance have entered cousin star to help quell the worst unrest to hit the country. since 1991 authorities say 3000 people have been arrested president to cairo will address the nation later today. kazakhstan is facing its biggest political crisis since it split from the soviet union. what began as protests over the price of fuel has grown into a nation wide uprising against inequality and corruption.
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report say dozens of protesters and police have been killed in violent clashes. the president is called for help from the collective security treaty organisation of 6 former soviet nations. moscow says the troops have been deployed on a peacekeeping mission to help the authorities regain control once seen as central asia most stable nation unrest in kazakhstan poses a challenge for their northern neighbors or short res ashmore. what happened in afghanistan with the somewhat irresponsible behavior of nato forces, and the sudden decision by the us to withdraw its forces from afghanistan is that is made the unstable situation in kazakhstan, a serious threat for russia. yoga studios, new rule. russia shares a 7000 kilometer border with cassock storm of if you see that border is not especially protected here. yes, organizations,
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surely. president passim jermarta took high of was the chosen successor to autocrat nozzle ton as a by of just 2 years ago. his blamed the demonstrations on so called terrorist gangs. but the protesters and numbered in the 10s of thousands and many a calling for drastic change to unseat the autocratic dynasty that's controlled the resource rich country. since independence. others feel caught up in the chaos. what are the things we want to tell the whole world that the only thing flourishing in kazakhstan is corruption? kazakhstan has become a private enterprise of the nother bye of family. all strategically important sites in kazakhstan, belong to the nother by a family of at yahoo proven. but i never thought i never knew that our people could be so terrifying. it was very scary to be out in the strait, but even more we couldn't sleep at night. because we were afraid some
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worry that the protest could lead to an even harsh vision of authoritarianism, as officials clamped down on freedoms to quell the violence. let's bring in journalist bruce penny, he's a central asia specialist, follow the story for us and draws us from prague. now bruce, the police in kazakhstan, says, dozens of protest as have been killed and also 18 offices and police say 3000 protesters have been arrested. what are you hearing? how reliable are these numbers? well, they're probably low after last night. the information i saw today suggested that there was what they're calling anti terrorist operations going on and other cities on the south again. and also in the province or all of us do. so they're expanding their security operation and there was just reported in those areas that i just mentioned. and that's, you know, those are just the ones that we know. there's an internet block out,
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it's hard to get there on the phone. we can assume that such operations are going on. it doesn't cities, at least across cost on. so, you know, the figures are probably going to be a lot higher on all the rest. the initial amount of the protesters to lower the fuel price has been fulfilled, but people continue to protest. why is that? you know, because the, the protest, although it started with the fuel prices, it was really against the trench system that they had out there. you know, you, one of your speakers in the clip mentioned corruption. i mean, that's one problem. you know, low wages that don't match the levels of inflation. that's another one of, you know, i mean, the list goes on and on and on. of things that just haven't been addressed that people have been complaining about for several years now too. so it's not like this is new to the authorities. so, you know, the fuel prices was just kind of like the catalyst. so, you know, are released all these kinds of complaints and emotions and frustrations. well,
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let's see this a collective security treaty organization. that's a post soviet military alliance led by russia and they have sent so called peacekeepers to cox down at the country's request. is that a sort of russian track down on the protest is the former soviet republic that well, i mean want to symbolic, you know, i mean, it sends a sign. it's like, you know, having a large guard dog or something that you brought it or i suppose at that point, you know, so that it lets the people, i don't know that the government is being supported in fact, by moscow and in this collective security to the organization to give them 2nd, you know, 2nd thoughts about going out and causing trouble even if they were able to do security forces, for instance, you know, but it also isn't, it is there on these keepers, but what they're supposed to do, my understanding is, are key strategic facilities and infrastructure,
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which frees up because of security forces and police to go out and conduct the operations that they're doing now. so there is a practical reason for that as well as the, you know, the threat of having this organization standing behind a government journalist was plenty of them. thank you. thank you to the us now at president joe biden has marked the 1st anniversary of the storming of the u. s. capital on genuine 6. last year, the violent mobile trump support has tried to stop the certification of the 2020 presidential election a year to the bay since those shocking events. biden launched an outspoken attack on the riotous ad on his predecessor, donald trump, who he said, set the stage for the attack by continuously sewing doubts about the result of the 2020 election tied to security. for a dark anniversary, american leaders, monk
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a day of remembrance at capitol hill, exactly one year after riotous storm, the building supporters of former president donald trump had sought to overturn the election result. after the former president made false claims of election fraud. we fight like hell one year on president biden condemned the riotous and their attempts to undermine american democracy. minimize prison. they fail on this day. remember, insurance, make sure that such attack never never happens again for the 1st, but he focused his strongest words on one target. in particular, not form a president, mcdonald trump. he tried to prevent the former president united states of america as created and spread a web of lies by the 2020 election. he's done so because he values power
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over principal. and because his bruised ego matters more to him than our democracy or our constitution. after a year of largely ignoring his predecessor orders, biden decided to take the gloves off when he's not just a former president. he's a defeated former president defeated by a margin over 7000000 of your votes. in a written statement off to the speech, trump accused biden of using his name to further divide america. calling the speech political theatre, and a distraction from biden's failures. the speaker of the house of representatives, nancy pelosi led a minute of silence. remembering the security personnel whose deaths have been attributed to the attack because of them and are members insurrection tailed. this small event was attended by only 2 republicans, highlighting the deep partisan divisions that remain in america's polarized 2 party
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system. tom now to have a look at some of the news that i'm making headlines today. allison saddam have used tear gas against thousands of demonstrators demanding a transition to civilian rule. at least 3 protesters have been killed and at least 860 people have died in demonstration since the army seized power last october. rushes orthodox christians have been celebrating christmas patriarch carroll at the church mass midnight mass. main midnight montessori at christ, the savior cathedral in moscow was to persuade, required to wear mass and observe social distancing. while russian president vladimir put, attended a mass alone at his residence outside moscow, new chile, we'll begin offering a 4th shot of the corona bars vaccine from next week. it's the 1st country latin america to offer the extra dose. chile has one of the world's highest vaccination
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rates at 85 percent of the population and about 57 have percent have received a boost. well, tennis number one nova joke, which is facing another 3 nights hold up in a detention hotel in australia as he awaits his moment in immigration court. that after border officials rejected his coronado, his medical exemption documents and ordered him to port it back home in serbia. his family aff railed against the superstars detention. this humble hotel is where superstar novak chuck this is clinging on to his dream, of becoming the most successful tennis player of all time. refusing to leave australia after his stay was denied. he is now sharing accommodation with asylum seekers. oh, in his home country, serbia, anger over the treatment of a national hero has reached fever pitch. we know several joke of which his father
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gave voice to the national grievance at a rally in front of parliament on a quarter. they want to keep him not only in custody, but in jail, auto. ah, until monday. think about it until monday they want to keep in the best sportsman in the world in jail, freckle harker at a family owned restaurant in the capital del grade jock of its senior drove home his message. only little hood there holding our novak our pride. esanova in captivity, horner novak is serbia. norfolk his answer via is no bigler by humiliating. nobody knows that they are humiliating serbia and certain people. so skilled back in australia, the government is keen to dispel any notions of victim hood mister joke, the is not bank hill held captain in australia. he is free to late at any time that
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he chooses to do so in order for was will actually facilitate that. the tenant star had followed regional guidelines for an exemption to australia. strict cove at 19 entry rules in order to take part in the australian open a tournament he won last year. but that exemption was denied as being valid at the airport. an exemption either tori and guilt meant to play tennis in victoria is entirely different to any exemption or income requirement for a strategist purposes. in the meantime, jack of it is stuck in his hotel waiting for his appeal to be heard next week. the stakes are high. if he wins this legal stand off, he will get an opportunity to win the australian open and a record 21st grand slam. and another sports news, manchester city coach pet guardiola has tested positive for cove at 19 and he will
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miss his teams f, a comp matter on friday. guardiola john 7 city place and more than a dozen staff in isolating the spanish is the 7th emily coach to test positive in recent weeks in watching the w news, his a reminder of the top story were following for you. cuz of storms president says, order husband restored the streets of the country's largest city. almighty the days of violence, anti government protests troops from a russian lead alliance. how to quell the unrest, dozens have been killed and will than 3000 as it from me and the news team here and the berlin don't go away up next is the business news. you want more news and information as always, all websites, d, w dot com. i've got office in berlin. me of the team. thanks for watching. ah
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