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tv   Covid-19 Special - News  Deutsche Welle  January 7, 2022 11:30am-12:00pm CET

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awe, thanks. a nation campaigns are accelerating while restrictions are intensifying once again. but are these measures enough to stop the spread of oma kron fax data and reports cove at 19 special. next on d w. we've got some hot tips for your bucket list. ah romantic corner chat, hot spot for food and some great cultural memorials to brood. d w, travel off we go. ah, oh. is that a miss? i from the hi with
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my last mom. i am with joy to register for william and i'm with
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i wonder, i do normally him phone with a room with them. monday must be monday i live with the corona virus must go on, but how we've is that a family in chile, a country way over 90 percent of the population have been double vaccinated. and
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since december, children from the age of 3, have also been getting the job plus an interview with epidemiologist to be as could. what lies ahead for 2022. what developments are we lucky to see this coming year? the only kron variant is spreading rapidly across europe. infection rates are increasing at an unprecedented pace. but you might not know that, looking at the streets of downtown berlin, to the dismay of some locals. unless they managed to get more people vaccinated, the numbers will co our good our for paramedics. and so it by the cities, emergency services are already under strain. i'm yes, locked during the very 1st to lockdown. we set up a crisis team to put together a pandemic plan from out here. we also have the option of the local volunteer emergency as miles all the time. and we have concepts,
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we're dealing with higher infection rates within the department side. and deborah had owned more than 80 percent of his colleagues across the city have been vaccinated, but they still take extra precautions. you test anyone entering an official department building does a self test with tests of such the idea of getting away from it all is tempting, but whatever destination you choose, there's no escaping the corona virus, especially now as ami cron spreads across the globe. we met people who decided to board a plane anyway, while the tourism and aviation industry's struggle to recover from the pandemic or hunger. a jumbo jet is approaching the tarmac at palmer de majorca
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airport. after months of log downs and travel restrictions, german tourists are again flocking to the spanish island. demand is huge for getaways in the sun. people are tired of the pandemic and eager for a change of scenery for a phalanx ebbing. ha! that means hopeless on the horizon, after a year and a half on a reduced hours furlow scheme. as the pandemic curtails commercial air traffic, many planes and pilots were grounded with school will. not because of coven, i spent 15 months on furlough and off work. that's a long time. by the longest i've ever been away from line. so it's a very special feeling to be back on board and back in a plane. so full speed it had then, far from it. army kron has brought a bumpy landing for passengers and airlines. alike, fears, serene,
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adding the more infectious new variant prompted range of countries to tighten their entry restrictions again, practically overnight. tens of thousands of flights were cancelled over the holiday season world wide. here at the airport in berlin, feelings are also mixed. these passengers are checking in for a flight to 10 a reef where visitors are looking forward to sun and spring like temperatures and rapidly rising infection rates due to the ami kron variant. mr will sort of, if i had known what would happen, i probably wouldn't have booked this trip. eyes of a shiny finished who bought a but wants them is still going to be nice and we just needed the break. yeah, horrible vend us in october. so if we'd known this in october, we would never book this trip a good, a sobering development for the airlines still just recovering from the original slump. and for the pilots and flight attendants, to at the start of the pandemic,
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germany's biggest carrier lufthansa had to be rescued by a 9000000000 euro government bailout industry. experts are now concerned that army crown could put a damper on the rebound. the sector had seen over the past months, reminisced michelin, and if we don't get the situation under control quickly, the industry is looking at additional losses in the billions. we've almost indiana and the airlines would have to massively reduce capacity and continued to try to sit things out also. and companies that can't stay afloat under those conditions might need. another round of government am alena finance young groom. the renewed uncertainty is also affecting holiday makers on the ground. take thailand, a favorite destination from many europeans in winter. in november, it eased travel restrictions for visitors, but now the rules have been tightened again. tourists are again required to provide documentation including cobit tests and vaccination certificates. the pandemic has
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been an enormous challenge for a german hotel owner high off on keller. he runs an iron veda, retreat on the island of pu cat, as is it to be honest. it's still too complicated. for most people aren't even aware of what's actually required when they book. so convincing the only find that out later on the months left for hotels that often means customers cancel their bookings or delay their travel plans. the entire sector from hotels to airlines and travel agents, is feeling the effects. lufthansa pilot fail ex ebbing her still hopes that the aviation industry will get back on an even keel soon. in the meantime, he's continuing his sessions in a flight simulator to maintain his skills. 1000. when will things go back to normal? if ever
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a question people around the world are wondering about what to if it in me ologist threat him, we asked to be as caught from belinda shelley t university hospital hello. hello mr. quote. thanks for your time. again, you're welcome. yes, you can get by. yeah, we've been living with the pandemic for 2 years now. we have on hand, at 1st i thought we'd just have to be patient for a few weeks and then it would be over tab. did you feel the same way or did you expect the pandemic to last for months or even years? yeah. one after what out. so i added on 9 as it was up on, you know, i didn't expected to last this long either. normally you can stop a virus from transmitting by isolating infected individuals in the population, and that's what we did even of us yakima carbon does one dundas up at the trajectory this took was something that was very difficult to predict at the start . again, some unsung guns near fall. susie, so the way things developed did surprise all of us, including me, of course, and once ali rushed,
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had so the socially speaking until he shall i am hammered. huston, how have we learned anything over the past 2 years as well? which strategies were successful and what would you do differently in the future on a bathroom and the trees. if you go down to the vic, we've learned a lot and continue to learn more every day this month by now. so it's important for us to realize that we're facing a global public health crisis saga inflation. the virus doesn't respect borders lives as you can not completely isolated. again, communication with the general public has to be clear and direct lightly science class on that as discuss. 50, that's something very important that we've learned when you can't just produce a vaccine in some corner of europe and distributed globally. um ideally have to find companies in each region to produce and distribute it locally. and once the situation improves, which it will at some point, will have to remember that yes, and i see him stuff out when the 1st vaccines became available around
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a year ago. every went felt pretty optimistic, came out with that. but soon new variance gave rise to new worries and concerns like the science say about which vaccine protects you best against the new variance . newton i have your most value on that lousy i not like new data keeps coming in. and the situation will certainly continue to evolve as also sign does at the moment . it seems that the m, r in a booster. vaccines do lower the risk of developing severe disease, though they can't prevent it entirely up. which obviously nobody ever saw that applies to the delta variant. and as the latest data suggests, also for the army kron barrier on valiant as high as that. so the vaccines do provide a kind of baseline protection. it's perhaps less than against the original strain or the alpha variant, but they offer very good protection against severe disease. what's forced me and after a booster, that seems to hold true for armor crohn as well. yeah, and it's,
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we're getting that very likely, in the way that the vaccines are being distributed globally is quite simply unfair . as to what extent is this that see nationalism responsible for the fact that the pandemic is still ongoing yonge freedom. that aspect does play a decisive role vendor yet shown. if we were at the point of delivering boosters everywhere in the world and the risk of new variance emerging would be significantly lower. toyed leash, he would see that. and if we can't manage to comprehend and address the pandemic as a global challenge for, it will continue to spread around the world lighter. that's part of the problem often owns on to and this is helped me to probably my attic russell satellite needs to happen. so that we can look back at all this in a year's time and say, okay, the pandemic solver for by be misled us back for we have to take it seriously and, and be prepared to respond to an evolving situation in amish lives. we need to be prepared for the likelihood that there will be new vaccines even built,
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which again, should be made available to everyone. so it won't even, and it's vital that we fight this pandemic on a global level. because that includes consequence is not always directly linked to the virus, like mental health and the economic impact on certain parts of society. we have to consider the effect on children, the elderly and other groups, and we have to address their needs and those impacts to and be proactive and addressing them so that in a year or 2, we don't find ourselves facing a new situation involving long term harms. that are an indirect result of the virus, etc. can electric. thank you mr. coin to leave a sites, patches jesus, firewood ah, in some parts of germany, children are returning to school despite rising infection rates. but in chile, many parents have been home schooling their children in hopes of protecting them
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from the corona virus. that's why the country launched a major campaign to vaccinate children about a month ago. schools in chile are currently on summer break, but pupils are due to return to classrooms by march at the latest. before christmas elisa and matilda wrote a letter to santa claus. their biggest wish no more homeschooling. so their parents gave them a somewhat unusual bonus. christmas present. girls were of the get vaccinated. right. little elisa need some encouraging women. oh, why not? we already said yes to getting vaccinated. so mosques on let's go ahead. okay.
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andre moraga and cecilia, now bona, have taken time off work to escort their daughters to one of the mo bile vaccination centers in la serena, a city in the north of the country. this one is located next to a famous light house, the baro mono montague, a p c r test center has also been set up here to detect people already infected with the corona virus as quickly as possible. 9 year old matilda is the 1st to get her job. but her little sister isn't at all keen on the idea but with encouragement from her parents and the promise of an ice cream afterwards . it's all over in a couple of seconds. oh,
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look at some of them familiar. we've talked about it together because it's a decision we have to make as a family model as parents. it's what we want for our children. glinda, it's about their save in my yard. that's why we went ahead with a even though our little one wasn't happy, it affects the health of all of us, so we all have to take care of each other. okay, so that's why we did it. animal them. after the jab, they wait half an hour, but both kids are doing fine. were you nervous? yes. what i am by gaining him. it was the 1st time i got a vaccine that every day i did it hurt. now, do you want more children to get backs unaided? yes. why? i don't. it's been 2 years already. we want to finally be over most of the hanger. bicycle more. no. so don't know if we want them to see their relatives again. my, the mentally, the kids haven't seen their grandparents with their uncles and aunts for
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a long time, hasn't been tikwa cut on the us. now there are finally vaccines steel. so from here on, we're all safe travels, hulu. i came up when i looked at i gave them over the hill, currently and chalet more than 44000000. vaccine doses have been administered. around 90 percent of adults have received a 2nd dose. in early december 2021. the country also started vaccinating children as young as 3 way the under secretary of health says the vaccine drive is a success on dig of some, but that, that i think though, might, for the children themselves, an infection is often asymptomatic as we saw. but we want to prevent the virus from being transmitted to the elderly and my god, who we already know are the most vulnerable group. my son, he just at the same time for that with kept in mind that school resumes in march. i'm up. i had received, it's an up so by then we'll be able to say that this group is double vaccinated to
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law c. as as buddha, the family can now go home with the renewed peace of mind. the sisters are looking forward to seeing their grandparents and their friends from school. again. no signs. correspondent derek williams has been following the progress of chiles. vaccine roll out, though it's not yet dominant. the highly contagious on the chrome variant is now on the rise in chile to the discovery and spread of new mutations is an additional issue of growing importance for avi. was world wide oh, disassembled analysis, liberty tree. distinguish between variance. since the announcement that south african scientists had identified the new variance that the w h o, as doug amr crohn, a few people have asked how they were able to do it. so today,
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let's take a closer look at a, at a absolutely ground breaking technology that in the last 30 years or so has changed the life sciences really more than any other gen, no mac sequencing. now, like living organisms, viruses carry around all the information to make a new virus in their genetic code. in the case of sars covey, 2 baths, a long strip of coiled r n. a made up of around $30000.00 chemical sub units called a nucleotides. together they encode for the $29.00 proteins that are produced in an invaded cell to make more copies of stars go be to. now if that code changes a process that we call mutation,
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it can therefore also change how the proteins are structured. what the w h o calls variance of concern are mutated versions of the virus where changes in the code have made its proteins more effective in some way. so to distinguish between variance in a lab, all you have to do is read the genetic code in the viruses in a sample and instead front and it's identifiable for, for every very end. reading a genetic code. sounds simple, but developing the systems to do it was not we've, we've only recently improved the process to a point where it can be performed quickly and accurately enough to do things like a detect and track virus variance. as they spread the current generation of systems uncalled, high throughput sequencers,
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they've only been available commercially for about 15 years. and detecting viral variance is just one thing they can do. the ability to detect genetic similarities and differences in species and, and individuals has impacted fields from evolutionary studies to personalized madison and really fundamental ways in many countries, people who run to get to restaurants, museum, so crowded outdoor events have to provide proof of that kind of it status by a vaccination, negative test, or recovery, and many countries, including austria, italy and israel have introduced covered passports as has argentina. our portia alejandro diblasio took a tour of boy is our, is to see how the system is faring. i
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did it summer afternoon when the site it's done to the fun, but now do up on, you know, go, toby bus for the 1st step on our tour takes us to a very big event, a crucial football fixture, baraka center, all his hosting kill mace in the local playoff to decide entry into the 1st division. fans or cane to share their excitement. but authorities hope they won't be spreading. the virus. i rag i say, gra. or there any melinda? dad doing? joshua is our leader. what do you think of the coven pass? on it though. yeah, it's great. we have 3 kids at home. and of course i've had my 2nd shot jojo. i meant to shut dingle, charlottesville and elsie boy, oh, we're all vaccinated, all of us. i boon. oh,
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but i guess is vexed. argentinians suffered under one of the hardest locked downs worldwide. the restrictions meant dramatic economic consequences for many now the majority of people are vaccinated and the death rate is going down. the province of when aside ace, requires proof of vaccination for large open air events and indoor locations. some fans aren't allowed into the stadium. goopy now you're being denied entry because you don't have a pass made by that. we've got one, but the phone batteries empty. yeah, now what i didn't those as he my video law but and then she'll try turning it on again. maybe it'll work that up. but she's backed. yeah. you know, i went over for this police officer tells bands they won't get in without a cobra health pass, but checks don't seem strictly enforced. did they ain't nobody your help pass?
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no, no. yes they do. and what did they want to do? that they don't care that much here, but it's important. yes. we continue onward to idaho gay. another suburb of buenos aires we're paying a visit to a fitness center. what is the response to the cobit passed out to you? i'm good. there's always a few of them who don't want to, but when you have a word with them, they appreciate it in everyone's interest to be sure. but what do you think of the past to enter jim? is that you? maybe it is a oh, now, when even when does it seems to be an effective set up and then again, nasa, but i'll be coming here a lot. see because i know that everyone is vaccinated. i am our next stop is low. must they zamora on the southern outskirts of winter, saudis, it's reportedly home to one of the best burger places in town. the employee
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taking our order asked to see a cobit passport, quarterbacks. how do customers react attorney back to you? i did dollar. it varies in a 1000000, some people behave well, but others make her fafsa and get very angry or even violent math. and then c, as in alpha, they feel that their personal liberty is more important than government regulations or the general health of the country as well. when he darya has its own mom, you get all sorts by you get some people who won't comply and then leave high, but when okay, enough on that. but some people start arguing and are nasty to me would be and no need that, that about my once you take a seat at your table, you're allowed to remove the mask and talking to your meal out on the streets and the open air. there is no mask requirement, the court, but your thoughts on the cobra pass requirement for bars and that everybody's
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a member to him. i'm vaccinated and i think it's a good thing. and this is, you don't a lot. it seems to be our only option to your fellow when you come, anita. i feel sorry for people who don't want to get vaccinated. we're not a fair, but i don't want to get infected by people at the next table i. i've shown consideration towards them by being vaccinated myself a lot at all, but i wanna know if i go down the way the night is just beginning when the situs, luckily might. so if one by 3 hasn't run out, i need they go with passport to visit more pops me with
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machin being below ah, you're alive, can't prove it. you want to learn, but no school. you want to be you put on allowed to. when you're sick, the doctor's note. when you fall in love, they won't mind. you don't have children for fear they'll be invisible to your shoe or, you know, when you die, there's no clue at breakfast. every 10 mean us and like this is $10000000.00 people in the world, the state they have no nationality of the total made of long and that everyone has the right everyone has the right to say i
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ah ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin cars, exxon's president, issue shooting.


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