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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 7, 2022 1:00pm-1:31pm CET

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for these places in europe are smashing, all the records have been to move the adventure. just don't lose your grip. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of european wykard breaking sites on you tube and know also in book form with this is dw news live from berlin cars, exxon's, president, issue to shoot to kill orders against protesters, claiming bandits and terrorists are attacking the country. he takes
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a national television for the 3rd time this week to threaten demonstrators and to thank russia for its support. also coming up on the show, germany grapples with omicron. soon to vaccination shots may no longer be enough to go shopping or travel. and strict warranty rules might be relaxed to keep the country running, plus, keeping him as a prison, and just not very human. no back a joke of riches, family slam australia were rejecting his visa and sending him to a detention hotel. the tenant superstar is challenging his deportation over failing to conform with pandemic requirements. ah. hello, i'm claire richardson, a very warm welcome to the show. exxon's authoritarian president has issued orders
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for his security forces to open fire without warning on protesters. he calls terrorists a defiant cassim jerome i took i have spoke in his 3rd nationally televised address of the week. because it's don's major cities have seen days and nights of increasingly intense protest. as police have pushed back, dozens of people have been killed and thousands of others arrested. a neighboring russia and other former soviet republics have together sent soldiers and military hardware to help cause ext on it put down the unrest. the streets of oman scar from the worse violence to hit the country in 30 years. cossack stones, larger city has become graham cyril in a deadly battle against what many here see us a crooked government. i was at the vc and we want to tell the whole world that the only thing flourishing in kazakhstan is corruption. the protest began over high can fuel prices,
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but decades of corruption and inequality have found the flame to rebellion across a resource. rich nation sees like this and costs and i region just 200 kilometers from the russian border are being watched closely by moscow. which fears the uprising could pose a threat to the stability of the region. oh, rules. russia shares a 7000 kilometer border with cassock storm of if you see that border is not especially protected. i. yes, organizationally, ever staunch the kremlin, has he to president to kai of calls for help and sent more than 2000 troops to help put out the fire and brush his doorstep. but there are few signs of peace here on the streets of cossacks done as each day brings fresh bloodshed. government forces say they quote, liquidated dustin's rioters in clash a set of also claimed the lives of several police. oh, buying the group?
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well, you have to understand, this is 30 years of pent up anger that's being released. look here to what they're shooting it, all of us was ok, but none of us wants to hurt anyone. human arnold in less than 3 years and power to call you was a chosen successor to autocrat northville ton or so by if we have to chi if his bow to wipe out so culture, his groups which he blamed for the uprising number quarter period, the counter terrorist operation continues, the militants have not laid down to arms. they continue to commit crimes or prepare for committing them. the fight against them should be completed. whoever does not surrender will be eliminated. as he fights 1st, political survival somewhere, the protest could lead to an air of even harsher or authoritarianism. and let's bring in read stanish, a journalist where the radio free europe has been falling a story for us from a prague welcome to the show. thanks for taking the time at the president for going any pretence of rule of law by announcing
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a shoot to kill order. will that threat be taken seriously or just further enraged protesters? i mean, it certainly likely complain situation, but yeah, it's definitely going to be taken seriously. you know, all at night they're fighting, taking place across a mighty guns to be heard across the city well into the morning. so that shows that the government is digging deep and they have no force against people who are on the street. so let's take a look at the bigger picture. then what does this unrest and the response mean for the region and for cause extends autocratic neighbors? yeah, it's certainly alarming, and that's part of why we were willing to intervene. government request through the collective security treaty organization, or the yo which is the military line and the member. so it's very alarming
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because then all of our autocratic it has the reputation of being able and the reason is the most wealthy country. so how quickly it would be able to depend on sensually. i think that's very wary and i think it can be for along the other government who has similar cocktail of long standing political and economic prevent me back home. it hasn't been done potentially in play, you know, in the coming year and you know, it's ration. so that's why i think for countries that border, can specially talking about russia, talking about china and they have a really strong interest in keeping them table and staving off something that could grow and do a lot of revolt where they would lose, you know, a government department, and yet this russia lead organization sending troops into context on, at the countries request. this came just hours after the bottom years putting the spokes person said that it was important and that no foreign countries intervened
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in context on what you make of those remarks. yeah, i think the calling i quite reflective of how the friendly you have been and also you, russian, roland french later, moscow has a type of special relationship with directly and the credit of the country within europe and russian. yo, they were invited by the president of catholic then and in so farming they back, we have been dealing with protesters regarding, you know, important strategic based across the country. but i think it's in the wider world. and especially when russia is getting a record deal with a part of the world with an ad. no coincidence that this is the comments and this type of point of view is getting put out. i'm glad you're prepared to meet with joe biden. next week to discuss grain, which is another country and another area of the crime and the intrinsic to
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identity a journalist, read it spanish, thank you so much for joining us on the w. so let's take a look now at the economic side of the unrest with rob, what from did of the business iraq? we've heard how russia and other former soviet states are getting involved in kazakhstan. detail is more about has ex don's economic importance in the region. well, not only is a, is catholics on massive, but it's also of massive strategic importance. it has 2 very big neighbors in china and russia and is a key transit country and not just goods, but also commodities passing from china through to russia and then goes on with in to west in europe. so that's one reason is important. another one is that it's got large oil and gas reserves, and the world still runs on hydrocarbons even if it wishes it didn't at times. in fact, is the estimated of the 11th biggest oil reserves in the world, and also uranium as well, which is
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a key commodity that's produced in catholics that cuz it's done. it's actually the, the biggest producer that in the world around a quarter of the uranium produced each year is produced by has extend. that's very important to countries that reliant on nuclear power. frances, among the countries that takes uranium from cas, extend it. and then it's also got loads of, of the resources, salt is another one of them. so it's a very important country. that's perhaps one of the reasons why the international community is paying so much attention to what's going on here. you can see why that is then strategically important and of interest internationally. how much of what is happening inside context and do you think is down to the state of because like economy? well, it's really key to what's happening there because what's propelling the unrest is a feeling of dissatisfaction, the feeling that there is a great deal of unfairness in the cassock economy. i mean, it started with these protests about lpg, let a liquid fi, petroleum gas, basically fuel, which was very cheap in cassock. standing fuel is cheap in chasm. thanks. they've
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got so much of it. but the, the saw of year subsidies on lpg were taken away and that caused the price of lpg to double. that was a big problem for ordinary has x because a lot of them actually converted that cause to run on lpg. so an immediate impact on that, but in a, it was about lpg. but this could have been sparked by arising prices of anything really that catholics are reliant upon because they are so unhappy about this difference between the ruling elite and the elite who possess the vast raw material wealth that the country has. and the people who don't actually, the average income in kazakhstan is, is very low per household. it's something like $250.00 euros per month. and, and that difference is, is really kate, what was saying that i rob was from detail the business. thank you. so much for joining me in the studio to break that down. so let's take a look now at some other stories that are making headlines around the worlds.
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cambodia as a prime minister, heinous, and has arrived in myanmar for talks with the countries military rulers. his 1st visit by a head of government since the army over through yan mars elected administration in february last year, working months of protests and a bloody response from the regime. in mexico, several arrests have been made after 10 dead bodies were found in a car left outside the governor's office in the state of zacatecas. the area has seen a surgeon violence linked to a turf war between 2 rival drug gangs. federal agencies have been called in to help me with the investigation. the russian orthodox christians have been elevating christmas and midnight math at christ. the savior cathedral in moscow, worshippers were required to wear masks and observe social distance thing. meanwhile, russian president vladimir putin attended a mass alone at his residence outside. well,
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here in germany, corona virus, case load remain high with 55000 new infections reported in the past 24 hours. 35 percent more and a week ago, it has prompted an online summit of political leaders to consider further measures to tackle the highly infectious omicron variant as covert infections rallies. in germany, there are fears the only cron variant could put to greatest strain on key infrastructure . like the emergency services, the biggest headache for ambulance police and fire cruise could come not from the infections themselves, or microns seems to cause less to be a disease than the delta variant. but have infected people and even their contacts have to isolate in large numbers. and might not be enough personnel to do with central jobs. the health minister has a plan. he told me of and as we were minimizing the risk, but we're moving in the direction of having a very safe solution. and at the same time, keeping the critical infrastructure viable. this is achieved by shortening the
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quarantine period and also the isolation period. but always ensuring that the p c. r test guarantees that no one is still contagious. it is, the amount is no, hon stick and currently those with all micron have to quarantine for 14 days. the proposals could reduce that to 10 days, or even just a week if the patient tests negative hey, it's not only in health care or the emergency services that absence stuff could cause a big problem. some fear, even the power supply could be affected. the company which manages berlins electricity network says there's no danger of the lights going out, but short of quarantines. oh, welcome. be on smoke league and colleague thing among the colleagues with our headquarters who monitor and control the berlin distribution network. we have very highly specialized people, so if we have a single case there, then we are in favor of shore. but not in general, only for selected personnel and under defined conditions and different bidding on.
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politicians are proposing tighter contact restrictions to even limiting entry to restaurants and cafes to the vaccination and recovered who also have a negative test on the street to the german capital. there is support for strict are approach. good. it's good, tough a measure should be taken. that's why i'm wearing my mask even on the street also mit them. yeah, i think we need to act mine up as an i'm not so worried and triple vaccinate time. i've been minorities is we need to in this thing as soon as possible. so, so, so we should use all possibilities at all level in and berkeley cars and once again in this pandemic, there are warnings of a looming crisis. and germany is bracing for trouble. ahead and for more, let's go to d. w. 's political correspondent lay on it for how much shine in it for lin, larry, germany's federal and regional leaders are holding their online meeting. what are they discussing? well, they're likely to discuss current measures in place and,
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and they are, we like to see some continuity. so we're expecting some measures to stay in place, for example, contact restrictions in the private field or access to future as cultural venue. you know that currently only those vaccinated or recovered can enter. but then we, i also expecting to see some changes, one of them being, you know, that states and the premier state premieres and the chancellor are likely to shorten quarantine and isolation periods. and they are also likely to make it a bit harder to have a night out at a restaurant or a bar. and they're likely to introduce further restrictions. so that only those who have gotten their booster shot or those double vaccines and with a negative test results from the last 24 hours, can enter restaurants and bars. and obviously that can be seen as an effort to really encourage people to get their b booster shot. you mentioned that quarantine rules could be relaxed and looking at
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the latest survey from infra tested, di mom pulling does show that a majority of germans, 67 percent, think that the isolation period should be short. and if that person test negative and doesn't show any symptoms, this is supposed to protect critical infrastructure, but it is easy rule that the same time as germany faces. the highly infectious omicron variant will just be contentious. well, from everything we know about the macro very and so far from the expert, there is a set of good news. and there's a set of bad news. the good news being that it is likely to be a milder variant than previous virus. barian such as delta, but the bad news is that it is, as you said, highly infectious. i mean germany has seen just over the last week. the numbers on the chrome case number is triple. so it may effect a lot of people at the same time. now, the health minister and, you know, authorities are using the argument that people will still have to get
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a negative p. c r test. at the end of that quarantine, shortened quarantine period in order to go back to their jobs to enter back into normal life. but there is one big question mark and that is peasy ar test capacities. because you know, if the numbers are really going to spike as much as experts, fear they will in the coming weeks, then it is unsure whether that p c r testing capacity is sufficient. and so the bottom line is yes, authorities want to tackle the spread, but it's also kind of balanced balancing act to still keep critical infrastructure running, and also to still incentivize people to get their booster shot. right. and health experts are warning people that although oma kwan may be milder, it is not necessarily a mild a disease. given that there could be lack of testing available to expect that we're going to see more measures restricting those who are unvaccinated. well, we do have to remember that the young vaccinated, you know,
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the life for the vaccinate in germany both publicly and privately is almost as restrictive as it can be. and authorities are hoping that that will convince the remaining people who are not, who have not gotten their vaccine yet to get vaccinated. and if that doesn't help them actually mandate is still on the table that is being debated and will expect a decision on that. next month by the german parliament, t w. political correspondence. really, really fun hammerstein, thank you so much for that update. so let's turn out to some of the other stories making news around the world. she will begin offering a 4th shot of the corona virus vaccine from next week to the 1st country in latin america to offer the extra dose she has one of the world's highest vaccination rate at 85 percent of the population. about 57 percent have already received a booster shot. oscar nominated director peter bog down a bit. had died at age 82. his hit movies included the black and white depression
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era road movie, paper, moon, and the screwball comedy. what's up, doc? storing barbara streisand and ryan o'neill and walk down, which was nominated for a best director academy award for the last picture show in 1971. a new study by us researchers suggest that global dementia cases are set to triple within the next 30 years. the calculations were based on friends in smoking, obesity, high blood sugar, and for education in over 200 countries. north africa and the middle east will see the sharpest rice in cases of world tennis number. one know that joke of is facing a nother 3 night hold up in a detention hotel in australia as he awaits his moment in immigration court. order . officials rejected his corona, virus medical exemption and ordered him to port it. they say he can go home anytime back in serbia, his family have railed against detention. this humble hotel is where superstar
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novak jock of it is clinging on to his dream, of becoming the most successful tennis player of all time. refusing to leave australia after his stay was denied, he is now sharing accommodation with asylum seekers. o in his home country, serbia. anger over the treatment of a national hero has reached fever pitch. we know that there was joke of which his father gave voice to the national grievance at a rally in front of parliament on the quarter. they want to keep him not only in custody, but in jail oral. ah, and till monday. think about it until monday they want to keep in that one, the best sportsman in the world in jail freckle, that girl at a family own restaurant in the capital belgrade. joke of ich senior drove home his
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message. only the hood. they're holding our novak our prize, noah in captivity. all of novak is serbia. look, his answer via is no longer by humiliating. nobody else than they are humiliating serbia and certain people. so skilled back in australia, the government is keen to dispel any notions of victim hood. mister john is not being held held captive in australia. he is free to late at any time that he chooses to do so in order for will actually facilitate that. the tenant star had followed regional guidelines for an exemption to australia. strict cove at 19 entry rules. in order to take part in the australian open a tournament he won last year. but that exemption was denied as being valid at the airport. an exemption, either tory and guilt meant to play tennis in victoria,
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is entirely different to any exemption, what income requirement for a strategist purposes. in the meantime, jack of it is stuck in his hotel waiting for his appeal to be heard next week. the stakes are high. if he wins this legal stand off, he will get an opportunity to win the australian open and a record 21st grand slam. and in the bonus league after a 3 week winter break, byron unit will open the 2nd half of the season against boris. yep. munching. glad back of the game in munich will have no spectators and will of course be dominated by the current corona virus. han demick, 9 of byron's players have tested positive for the virus, and for from glad bock. here is what coach and julia now guzman, how to say about tonight's match was, am i la movie can thing else we've imposed all sorts of measures and i can't see why we know half more than face to players than other clubs. i know that we pull the sticks and relatively far. maybe that's one reason. but it's the only thing i
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could explain it with him with a shout, an amount of tongue in cheek listerine. i don't think there's necessarily agree explanation. it's a bet. unfortunate new question, but we the players about the same rules of conduct as the last 2 years when it worked very well for long stretches as a good from senior. so let's break this down with chris harrington from dw sports. hi, chris byron, at 9 a points clear at the top of the standings after 17 games, but now they have 9 players who tested positive for cove. it a back can't be good news for them. no, not good news. you know, you know, when you look at it on paper, their cat did model annoy a beam out, i think is the most significant. he's the all keeper backups is. don't get any play time. that's the reality. so he will get his shot. tonight's been all right, you know, but in terms of payback on the pitch, this was buyers opportunity to get payback getting booted out of the german cup with their depleted roster. looks like that might be a tall order. you know, you know, for that a number of key names are out leroy side ne day, i hope of a condo, lucas hernandez, you know, a long list, you know,
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but it does print producing opportunity as well. novels mine is going to have to field, you know, with these caught of 16 year old and 18 year old. so maybe one of those 16 year olds, if he gets put in the game, he could put his name of the history books and become the youngest player, but as like a history. so, you know, there's that slight positive side to it as well, but it should be an interesting match. nonetheless, it could be there moment in the limelight. and because talk us through, how do you think the coven 19 pandemic is going to affect the 2nd half of the season? will some sporting directors readily have express fears? because how contagious this new variant is, is on the con variant. you know, so they believe it will impact the 2nd half of the season. you know, abroad in the premier league we've already seen posed bowman's take place. now, you know, in the buddhist a certain criteria has to be met. you have to have fewer than 16 available players to choose from for a postponement to be valid. but we have to wait and see. hopefully, that's not the case, but coming into this returning fixture, a handful of clubs are already effected. dorman had to berlin our be lives and glad
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by as well. and heard earlier in the show that novak joke of which has become a device, if figure in a tennis because of vaccination within the buddhist league, do they have their own controversial figure? right? yes, you're sure kimmy was, he's actually set to make his return, you know, to night in actually he looks very good a training, but he was a very divisive figure. he said he had fears and concerns over whether or not to get the vaccination. he was actually voted the disappointment of the season by but as the good players for his position. but he said, taking a u turn, you know, i and he actually contract it. cobit had long problem and so forth. germany's education in research minister called his u, turn a good decision because he is on that platform. he is obviously a role model to many, you know, but maybe athletes. we've seen that over here in germany, but abroad in new york, the n b a carry. irving was one player, you know, that didn't get vaccinated in the league. invited him back. he's actually participating. so it seems to be different roles were different places, but hopefully we can all get on the same page and just make the environment
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healthier for everyone involved. right. chris harrington at from d to the as far as thanks so much for coming in the studio that relates and is before we go, let's go to peru where police officers are taking community outreach to another level in spreading the festive spirit. as part of traditional celebrations to mark epiphany, they put on a parade on the streets of life by officers dressed up as the 3 kings in just like the biblical originals. they came bearing gifts for the elderly and nursing homes and 4 children across the city. not a bad day off from leasing duties. you are watching dw news. let's get a reminder of the top story. we are falling for you. cause exxon's president says he has authorized shoot to kill orders for his security forces after almighty and other major cities injured. another knight of demonstrations and violence doesn't
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have been killed, some of them police according to the government and thousands have been arrested. and with germany's new corona, virus infections at over 55000 in the past 24 hours. political leaders will consider further measures to tackle the highly infectious ohm icon variant. proposals include requiring that people have a booster shop to be considered fully vaccinated, and easing quarantine rules to keep the country running. insurance at this hour, our health program in good shape is up. next for that you want more. there is more analysis on our website, d, w dot com. i'm quite richardson in berlin from the team. thanks so much for joining us. ah ah. with
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