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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 7, 2022 11:02pm-11:31pm CET

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on top, black paperwork portrayed on screen after decades in the public eye, he received the presidential medal of freedom in 2009. this is d w. news. you'll find out a lot more on our website to be found a d, w dot com. ah. this week in the former soviet republic of kazakstan protests over skyrocketing fuel prices and government corruption morphed into scenes of state sponsored killing of strong men leader in no mood to watch his country become another ukraine or bell roost has even called in the russians. now, half a world away, us president biden. this week sounded the alarm again of a war being waged against democracy by the forces of authoritarian leaders. tonight, how kazakhstan is crushing calls for change by shooting 1st and asking questions later. i bring off in berlin. this is the day
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ah, this is 30 years of pent up anger that's being released. the only thing flourishing in kazakhstan is corruption. people that have a right to express the grievances, i never knew that our people could be so terrifying. security forces to protect that right and, and show and impact with restrict whoever does not surrender will be eliminated. that would be deeply troubling to see another example of russian fact forces over covertly seeking to quell democratically fortunately watching for any violation, even right. ah, also coming up, did you decide to become a dog or cat owner instead of a mother or father? well, the pope has hit a nerve by saying, couples who choose pets over children are being selfish. he father, yes,
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dogs and cats are taking the place of children. a crystal renae. that is, it's funny. i know that. but this is reality. me, me. she tell you this denial of fatherhood and motherhood makes us smaller. he can see it takes away our humanity. ah, we're to our viewers watching on p b. s. in the united states into all of you round the world welcome. we begin the day with a deadly crackdown in kazakhstan that is looking more and more like a major strategic victory for the kremlin to night. russian soldiers are in the central asian republic, allegedly there as peacekeepers of they were invited this week after protests, over high gas prices, low wages and government corruption turned violent with cars like stones president, authorizing police to shoot without warning in the largest city almighty
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demonstrators set the city hall on fire and seize the airport. dozens of anti government protesters have died. hundreds more, are injured. police say that 13 officers were kilted. what is quickly become the biggest crisis in context on since it gained independence 30 years ago. today the government said, for the most part, order has been restored and president, taco yes, is blaming the unrest on what he calls bandits, terrorists and militants. get at each property agreement, terrorists continue to damage, state and private property and use weapons on citizens. amy, i got older, i have ordered law enforcement agencies and the army yacht him to shoot to kill on without warning. like, i'm not bothering you best, but it will finish dania non british. lucy meant we are dealing with armed and trained bandits for both local and foreign cox. mr. i repeat their bandits and terrorists even those, but therefore they need to be destroyed by at them. and this will be done shortly.
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if a budget zillow numbers i showed him in a solace law, i would like to express my special gratitude to president vladimir putin of russia . while much in your purity, he reacted very promptly and most importantly, in a friendly manner to my appeal. and that my, you're brushing here well for years because it's done has been walking a geopolitical tight rope between the east, the west and russia. cars like stones location makes it a bridge between those fast growing markets of china and south asia, as well as russia and europe as a major oil and gas ex, border context on his enjoyed strong economic ties with the united states in the european union. could that now be in jeopardy with the russian troops in the country is kazakhstan now beholden to the kremlin o. my 1st gifts to night is been ours. he's a long time corresponded in moscow in founder of the media company, b, n. e. in tele news, he joins me tonight from right here in berlin bit. it's good to have you on the
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program. let me ask you, has this equation, has it changed? is context on now forever in debt to the kremlin for coming to the rescue. this week? i'm yes and no, i mean to take you through him. it's been an extraordinary week. the events and cousin santa unfolded on precedent. right. that the whole thing came out of nowhere at the weekends last week when they were processed in the western regions over these, these price hikes of fuel cars. but that spread to the rest of the country by tuesday . and then the government quickly came in and addressed the economic demands of the protesters and reintroduce price subsidies. but that didn't work. by wednesday, the process morphed into sort of general and see government movement and back point in time president up the stakes and he went from quoting, the pro justice demonstrates this to court in the hooligans and said that what they were doing is illegal. and he took the,
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the riot troops went out the streets and tried to take the situation back control. but by the end of wednesday, it was clear that the government was losing control. and that, that was the point that they turned to russia or rather to the c s t o. this joint cooperation and security will be nice. ation that they set up the sort of eurasian the equivalent of nato and asked for help. i wish point the russians agreed to send along with the other 5 members for members agreed. send troops, which arriving this morning. and what we're seeing now is the with the arrival of the troops, the situation has changed. again, the government seems to be back in control, but now there's the follow through the clean up operation where they are cracking down where they've ordered, shoot to kill in order to bring the protests with quick heads. and let me ask you, as far as vladimir putin is concerned, do you think he is? and we know that he can be an opportunity to see seizing on the unrest and sending
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his troops in to expand his influence in this country. no, it's no to do with the last thing the kremlin wants to see is yes, another color revolution there was while a year ago in kyrgyzstan next door and where the, the alliance is the friends, i mean, you have to understand that rusher is, is deeply invested into has extend that has business of ties with the russian companies are invested in their, in oil business. the pipelines run out gas extend through russia, which ends money from that and buys the oil. and so for all said and done to st, does not want to see another color revolution is sort of democratic government put in here. and kaya is a partner there a long time partner, and that he am he, his concern is to rescue. i have to keep stability to keep the reactions they already have rather than territory expansion. and nor will they leave troops there . i think once, once the order is restored, you said, you know, the events happen so quickly this week. um, do you think all of this call to both,
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you know, the us nato as well as russia off guard? i mean, it seems, you know, you named kyrgyzstan is also been ukraine, has been bell rouge of seems. they have been sucking all the oxygen for the past months. yeah, i mean, it co, everybody's by surprise. i mean, this came out of nowhere. i mean the, the march is the process that we saw in our marty on tuesday, unprecedented tens of thousands of people. and there's been low level process been going on for years, particularly when the elections, when the old president, as a, by a left and to kind of to pover in 2019. there were protests, but there quickly, smothered, and the people are arrested and given administrative. 15 days in jail and let out again, but this, this is off the scale and it came from nowhere. and so everybody scrambled in order to try and catch up, particularly the government, trying to regain control. and the kremlin when asked, acted very quickly because likewise, they don't want to see another after ukraine,
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particularly after russia, which is a huge pain in the neck for they don't want to see another long distracted demonstration. pope pro democracy democracy demonstration again journal has been ours giving us valuable context of the situation in context on tonight. but we appreciate your time and your insight. thank you. when they to leaders met today to discuss the situation as we were discussing on ukraine's border with russia, where moscow is massing thousands of troops, officials and capitals from washington to berlin, and kiya fear that worship president vladimir putin could be preparing an invasion after ukraine cossacks don joins the list of countries were putin is trying to flex his military muscles. earlier today, our brussels correspondent terry shoulds tried to pick the brains of native secretary general in stoughton bag. she asked him how he thinks russia's intervention in context on fits into the geopolitical puzzle that putin his piecing
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together in the kremlin. here's what he said. i will not speculate on and mult way. the developments in, in kazakhstan will impact the calculations by now or in moscow. i think the main message on, on context on is that the violence must stop. and we have seen that also lives on the, on the human rights must be respected. and that also includes freedom of expression on peaceful demonstration art and my colleague now terry schultz. she is in brussels. terry, it's good to have you on the show again and happy new year to you. me ask you stoughton beg, refusing to stick his head out of the window, it seems with, with his answer, is there a cassock connection here? i wasn't really surprised brands that sir stoughton berg wouldn't take the bait on offering me some free analysis. there it is. press conference because there really isn't a direct connection between nato and kazakhstan. i would say there's sort of
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a cordial relationship, but not, but nothing too involved. and so nato really won't want to be getting involved in commenting on cause it's done. i think what everyone's looking at now is what this will do to the kremlin behavior, whether president putin will be distracted now by what's happening in kazakhstan, a country that has always been quite stable in following a, a positive line toward russia. whether this will distract him from what he's doing in ukraine, and then that, of course, could have an impact on nato. did you get the impression that nato was maybe cold off guard by what has happened so quickly in concert stuff? i think certainly has been aris explained, everyone was caught off guard by how quickly the developments in kazakhstan occurred. anyone who's looked at this country or countries in this region knows that there is a lot of resentment building up for decades among 7 segments of the population. so it's not surprising that the resentment was there,
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but that it gained so much power in such a short time, i think, did take everyone by surprise. and probably president putin as well. and again, that's what everyone wants to know. what will president putin do? will he devote more of his resources to helping settle the ground in kazakhstan and what will that mean for his continuing build up on the border with ukraine? yeah, and you know, as i mentioned earlier, the, today's meeting was called to discuss the situation with ukraine. here's a little bit more of what the nato secretary general had to say. nato will engage in donald russia in good faith are on substance. but you must also be prepared for the possibility that to promise it will fail. so today, ministers, stressed of any further aggression against ukraine would have significant consequences and carry a heavy price for a show. i'm curious if i'm hearing that right there seems to be some doubt
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coming from. stuart begged that this crisis can be solved through diplomacy. is he preparing the ground for a possible failure? certainly, brent. no one is banking on diplomacy winning the day here. there have been some developments in recent days, most notably the, the plan for us and russia, the u. s. in russia to have their meeting on monday and then for russia to actually come to nato for discussions next wednesday. that's a big deal because nate has been asking for these consultations for more than 18 months, and russia has always refused it. now it will come to the table with ukraine as the central topic for those talks, but certainly, and no one believes that diplomacy is going to have an easy path. and nato's military planners were given orders back in december formally to start preparing military scenarios for the possibility that russia does go ahead militarily and, and makes further further inroads into ukraine or certainly threatens nato allies.
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and brent tonight, there's also a development and a report coming out of the united states and b. c. news. we must give credit there . that says the us may be considering offering to russia as part of it. so it's hopes for reciprocity on backing down on the border with ukraine, that u. s. troops may be reduced in europe and not something that i've already been speaking with people about that is certainly not coming as any reassuring signed to european allies here. just that, that is a new development to any talk about reducing the numbers of us troops in europe. it, let's stick with the topic of the number of troops in the russian build up along its border with ukraine. we know that this build up continues. so tonight, based on what you're reporting, how real than is the danger of a russian invasion? i think that there, the possibility of a russian invasion hasn't changed so much,
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but they keep ability to do so, continues to grow. tonight, secretary general stilton berg and other officials i spoke to off the record today said that it very definitely continues that russia has not paused despite moves toward diplomatic discussion with the u. s. and with nato it has continued to build up in a significant way. is capabilities, foreign invasion? should president putin decide to do so? at the same time everyone says, they really don't know if those are the gremlins plans. yeah, and if it is true that the u. s. is talking about reducing its true numbers in europe that will, of course, catch native leaders completely off guard blindside. that's not going to help unity within later interviews. terry schultz for the least night in brussels as always terry, thank you. ah, well, how to balance interests and values. it's a problem facing all countries in their foreign relations. germany's new coalition government is trying to find
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a new approach to ties with china. beijing is germany's most important trading partner at the same time. there are serious concerns about it's human rights record . the w's chief international editor, richard walker, reports july. o hamburg, germany's gateway to the world. handling trade that's made gemini, rich, above all with china. it's biggest trading, honor of all. this is part of the legacy of angler mackerel, who built very close ties with bay ging an approach that wasn't just about business . she also hoped to bring about change. there's a german expression for this idea, vandal deutsch, 100 or change through trade. the idea that by engaging and trading with a regime like china, you can encourage it to open up politically. but any such hopes have been dashed, paging. suppression of freedoms in hong kong. and his persecution of the muslim
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minority in chin jang, just to signs that under she gym, ping. china is on an even more authoritarian path. germany's new government has promised a fresh approach to china. responding to pressure coming in from portside. there's going to be pressure from within the bundle tog from within the, the german population from germany's major allies outside of europe and pushing germany to change its tone, to speak out more on, on values, issues and reevaluate its economic relationship with china. the coalition deal underpinning the new government lists many concerns with china. it's the 1st of its kind to mentioned taiwan voicing support for its democracy. it also highlights security in the south trying to see the status of hong kong human rights abuses in
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shin jang. and more with there are questions with the new team is really united about all this. most of all the chancellor love shots and the foreign minister and alina babcock, schultz is a social democrat, and babel could green, and the difference runs deep. all of shots, for example, used to be mer of hamburg the port city making big money on trade with china. oh, la salt stands for continuity. i think his, his view of china was shaped by his 7 years as mayor of hamburg. that's a foreign minister and in a bad book like a dream party, she's been highly critical of a jane. she's called for as essentially a break in, in germany's approach so, more outspoken on human rights. reducing economic dependencies on china. so germany now has a chancellor who doesn't want to rock the boat and
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a foreign minister who wants a tough line. also in the mix, a liberal finance minister who's pro human rights, but close to business. these could get very complicated. we could see sort of coughing any of discordant signals on china from this new government and signals from bay ging suggest things are changing, then more focus on the domestic economy. more state control. these could lee china to pull away from the west rather than the other way round. so his japanese new team gets down to work, finding a coherent way forward on china will be a massive challenge. the world is watching. ah, pope frances has come under fire from animal lovers after calling on people to adopt kids. not pitts. he says that keeping a dog or a cat instead of having children is selfish,
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the positive referred to the birth of jesus and joseph's decision to raise the baby . when he then went off on a tangent touching on adoption, an orphan children, and then on to our 4 legged friend. now for furry pauls are certainly proving to be more popular than the patter of 2 little feet. according to the last us senses, only 20 percent of households are made up of married couples with children, while 7 out of 10 american households own a pet. here's what france has had to say about that. a 2020, copious, mentally, feely. many couples don't have children because they don't want them all in on the pew or they only want one and don't want any more. i need really happy yet to have 2 dogs or 2 cats opening both to a fee. as he father. yes, dogs and cats are taking the place of children that a quiz
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to re nevada laptop is it's funny, i know, but this is reality meanly. she, she call you this denial of fatherhood and motherhood makes us smaller. he could see it takes away our humanity, the cheese didn't appeal, they can't. so society becomes older without humanity. ha ha! mad because we lose the richness of fatherhood and motherhood in never like it says the lap at that. me tie them at that meta. oh, some sad news to night. the ground breaking actor sidney potty! yay! has died at the age of $94.00. he was the 1st black person to win an oscar for best actor back in 1963 for the film. lilies of the field, he inspired an entire generation in the 1960 during the civil rights era with rows crossing the racial divide. after spending decades in the public, i 48,
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i received the us presidential medal of freedom from former us president iraq obama, back in 2000. and now my colleague david levitt is here now from our culture desk to talk about this. i mean, there's so much to talk about when we're talking about sydney plot, what will he be most remember for? well, he was not hollywood, the 1st black star, he was hollywood 1st black superstar actually and that oscar that he won really was groundbreaking. it really paved the way for other black performers in hollywood and he got it because he was charismatic. he was good looking and he could act man, could he act in the same film? he could have you crying. he was very touching or he could have you in stitches because he wasn't funny. just like he did in that oscar winning role in willie's of the field. he played a jack of all trades who helped
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a group of german nuns out in the arizona desert and he doesn't want to. he wants to actually drink and sleep, but he ends up building their church for them for free out of the goodness of his heart. and that was really kind of a typical role for a party. he played the good guy, he played sort of the st if you well. now if you look at films like in the heat of the night, he is a detective from philadelphia who has to work with a racist sheriff from mississippi to solve a murder case. and he does it with grace characters respond to hatred, even to racism with grace, with a kind of cool headed resolve. he's the character plays the characters who really are trying to appease people. actually, you know, i also learned today that he was tone, death and in that movie with the nuns and they're singing and i'm in, he's not really thing because obviously you couldn't carry a tune. let me ask you about these ro, why was he always the saintly character? well, you know, a lot of it was typecasting and actually playing the st. we black guy here is
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trying to appease the racist white people. it's got him in trouble. it got him criticized later in the civil rights movement when the, when the movement heated up, people were calling him and uncle tom who is just trying to please the white man. but you know, at the same time, he really didn't know what his options were in hollywood. and hollywood didn't have a place for him to play the romantic lead that was off limits for black men. and he wasn't about to play the bad guy because he wanted to promote a positive depiction of black people that didn't exist at that time. and there weren't really very complex roles for him. so actually his choice of roles was rather limited, but at the same time it was progress. back then it was a step forward for back then. and he even wrote that with every movie he made, he felt like he was representing millions upon millions of people who otherwise didn't have representation. and i mean the fill, of course, which we didn't have time to talk about. i guess he's coming to dinner. i think
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that will be the weekend viewing for a lot of people. it's good to see that he had such a long life. i think me, thank you. ah. and finally this friday, we wanted to take you to peru where some police officers are taking community outreach to another level in spreading the festive spirit. as part of traditional celebrations to mark epiphany, they put on the parade of the streets of lima, led by officers dressed up as the 3 kings. and just like the biblical originals, they came bearing gifts, both for the elderly and nursing homes and for children across the city, that's not a bad day off from their patrol degrees of the day's almost done, the conversation continues online. you'll find us on twitter, either dw, she could probably be on twitter at brent gov tv. every member, whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see right here
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again on monday everybody have a good weekend ah, [000:00:00;00] with
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