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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 8, 2022 12:15am-12:31am CET

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by and repeatedly threatened jamal lucy, allah denied here by yon's emma, but they couldn't hit the target, and that's how it ended. now, all of black box were smiling as they pick up 3 crucial points against no less than byron munich. now the city of ja catherine berg and russia is transformed into a winter wonderland. thanks to its annual i sculpture festival. more than 20 teams from all over russia to popular sculptures traditionally feature religious things, such as the nativity of cross timothy celebration of the russian orthodox christmas 1st prize goes to this entry titled, infinitely she and you're up to that coming out next. janelle do malone has the business news that software show price, stylus people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center. more and more refugees are
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being turned away. order families, planes on inferior to the credit owners. we locate administrative people fleeing screen. around 200 people had something around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. yes, the wine. because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines a. ah, the world calls for calm and catholics that dozens of people have died during
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unrest that began with protests over a fuel price hike. we look at the economic disparities that have triggered this moment. and we take you to the north sea where one island is hoping to harness the swirling winds to produce green hydrogen. this is the w business. i'm janelle dumas unwelcome, a deepening crisis in kazakhstan, as protests, continue the united nations, the u. s. and the you have all called for a peaceful resolution. but years of economic grievance have paved the way toward the unrest we're seeing today. ah, all my t is the business hub of kazakhstan, but lately, it's been more like a battle scene. the protest started when fuel prices increased sharply. demonstrators are angry because despite cause ex don's economic success, average people don't feel the wealth trickling down cause it's done has taken
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advantage of its assets since the collapse of the soviet union. it stands at the crossroads of trade routes between china, russia, and europe. the 9th largest country in the world also has massive reserves of natural resources. the blessings are plenty for the central asian country. it's estimated that cause it's done has one of the world's largest oil reserves. it's the leading uranium producer, and there's huge demand from the tech sector for caustics. don's rare earths context on is the 2nd largest hub for another form of mining crypto currencies. but that's being disrupted by the government shut down of the internet. that's not the only disturbance. turkish airline has stopped of flight to the country until at least sunday, citing the ongoing unrest. earlier i spoke to bon saga researcher at the center for
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security studies focusing on eurasia. he explained how the protests were triggered by the price hike in liquified petroleum gas. the government have reduced subsidy price above the subsidies are an important factor for people who do not have access to posts and richest in the country. and not only that price is right sharply. people also suspected that corruption was a reason for it. and that the government communicated a change, corny and this all happens despite the rich heart of hydrocarbon reserves because of some had all alone makes up around half of the exports itself is a middle income country around 10 $1000.00 of g d. p per capita. that is similar to russia, but inequality is very high and that feeds into these protests. we're talking about inequality between cities and the countryside, between region and quality in terms of job infrastructure, income,
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and so on. so there's a lot of disparity. yes. but i wanted to ask you about what kind of economic change to the protesters want to see. and probably the protests lack leadership and maybe both motivated by different grievances and different places of this huge country. so it's hard to identify clear demand, obviously arise in living standards and more quality parts of it. everyday life or maybe cover sunny is harsh. exactly. by the pandemic. minimum wage is low, for example, and economy is not diversified. innovation is not fosters modernize. so this reliable resource rent remains very high. this wealth is captured by a very small ally. so it can only demands a tied to the doctor's faction with the political leadership talk. the slogans are
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old man gets out. this echoes earlier protests in previous years as well. the countries rolled in also retiring fashion and this foster as a self serving political making, making, leaks, and corruption. and there's an entire lack of hope for things to change. and this was the context in which a spark, like a spike in gas prices ignited the cider. so what some people, economic demands are specific, many are asking for much wider political change as well as arg. he's a senior researcher at the center for security studies focusing on eurasia. thank you very much. the u. s. economy added $199000.00 jobs last month, far below economists expectations. despite the slow jobs, growth, unemployment decline to 3.9 percent just above its free pandemic level. businesses are still struggling to feel vacant positions, while the labor force partition participation rate remain steady. they were
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limiting it and court that joins us now. yann's, earlier in the week, we talked about how private hiring search in november and today's report is more confirmation of a tighter labor market. but these figures also show faster wage growth. will that be a sustain trend? do you think? well, in general, i would say the yes and we have both inflationary attendance. he said, that's why we heard from the federal reserve for this week and multiple occasions that we might see the 1st interest rate increases probably as early as march. and then also the fed to a belief that they might start selling a bond. and that actually put some pressure of interest rate and monetary sensitive $1.00 to $1.00 is very policy sensitive stocks. technology companies especially got hit pretty hard this week of the week than us are complicated to stand by
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a good 4 percent. but clearly a wage grows those 4.7 percent that was higher than expected. and we did see this trend to coming for quite a while, and i would say that when it comes to the us labor market, when it comes to a wage growth, that's the trend that's going to stay for a while. there is a shortage of labor and when there is a shortage of anything, usually a practice co op. and in this case, the same as 2 for the us labor market. and the court had talking about supply and demand. thank you for your, for all your analysis this week. if you're a big music fan, you might have noticed this trend, record labels and music investment funds have been buying up the back catalogs from artists for up to hundreds of millions of dollars. big name artists like david bowie. he would have been 75 this week, popped legend, david bowie. he died in 2016, but his popularity keeps growing. the companies that market his music know that
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both his ears have now sold the rights to his music catalog. publish a warner chapel has bought the rights to bowie's more than 20 studio albums for $250000000.00. and it's a growing trend us rocca, bruce springsteen, signed a deal with sony late last year. selling the rights to his music for a whopping $500000000.00. tina turner also sold the rights to her music catalog to label b, m. g, a subsidiary of bertelsmann for an undisclosed sum. back in 2020 bob dylan cashed in his music rights. walking out the door with $300000000.00 from universal music. wanna go, saunders place, take bruce springsteen, for example. the 75 year old has sold a 150000000 records in his career and performed countless concerts.
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but in the age of streaming services, musicians have seen their royalties shrink. and with the pandemic, they've lost an important source of income live shows. so now is perhaps a good time for aging, performing artists to sell their rights. and now to high hopes for green hydrogen, hydrogen can be burned without harming the environment, but it is only classified as green if it's produced using renewable energy. the race is on to find a viable ways to do that. and leaders on the german island of helga land, out in the windy north sea think they may hold the key eleger lens mir. your singer has a vision, a pretty big 1. $1000000.00 tons of green hydrogen to be produced off the coast of his small island. he called the project aqua vent us. the idea, 800 wind turbines provide energy for water. electrolysis directly on the platform, the hydrogen produced flows through pipelines to the island. and the mainland for
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the required industrial facilities, illegal and port is being enlarged with landfill. the goes into the large steel and chemical industry urgently needs this hydrogen and as quickly as possible, the demand is huge and we just calculated that every car could run on hydrogen just from the equivalent of the project. and this can really make a difference. but the hunger for electricity and energy is so great, that equipment is actually only one component in the entire german national hydrogen strategy to give wind power is a good thing says hello land bird research. your can jessica, but he's concerned 5 species of birds like these games all breed exclusively on hillock land, which is also a staging post for thousands of migratory birds. new in turbines should not be in the migration routes, breeding or feeding areas. he says that's not being taken into account, then the birds fly into them then over the long term this can have grave consequences. just such an extent that entire bird populations are affected with
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regard to migration. anybody to us cost significantly more energy and we know that some species build up their fat reserves for the breeding season. if they need to fly different route as possible, that some would no longer even start reading from not only in the sea but also on the island, a lot would change. this hotel is already fully rented to maintenance work in the wind power industry. they commute to the offshore fox every day and ships and helicopters, some people from helical and fear that even more of them could drive away tourists nearby. so i'm concerned that in the future tourist will arrive in an industrial park and they will just not be a nice reception for them sung fully to us. then we continue to build in additional open spaces on hellig land, especially with unsightly industrial facilities. i have concerns that hellig lands reputation as a natural island will be named through investment. he does, it would be nice if that could be done and the tourists,
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i imagine that this will put them off sick. but says vision is still being researched. how, for example, hydrogen can best be processed and transported, everything should be settled in 2023. then the fate of helical ends, hydrogen revolution will be decided. and finally, b, m w has unveiled the world's 1st color changing car. the model on show could only change between grey and white, but b m w says in the future a wider color spectrum will be possible or just not sure if it'll make finding your car in a parking lot easier or harder. thanks for watching. ah . the show back tackle the issue is shaping the continent. deed on the news,
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africa were gone with what's making the headlights and what's behind them with the way on the streets to give you enough reports and insights. all the trends. my talk to you next on d, w. back to the future, with the electric version of this stylish motor icon: the oval manta g se. the prototype, classic design on the outside, latest tech, on the inside. the manta fandom is charged and raring to go. read. in 60 minutes, d w. o
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ah, listen carefully. don't know how to miss to the girl. ah, feel the magic discover the world around you. subscribe to d w documentary on youtube. ah, this is dede ebony is africa on the program today. the 1st major football competition i'll figure is about to get underway. it's africa's biggest football
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tournament. it's kicking off in cameroon. bet.


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