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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 8, 2022 5:00am-5:15am CET

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it doesn't matter, the only is worth we'll hook people. we shed light on the opaque world who's behind the benefits. and why are they a threat to whistle open equals this week on d, w a? [000:00:00;00] ah, this is d, w. news lie from berlin. you escort hands down life sentences to the 3 white men for the 2020 killing of our model. auburn, the judge called the action,
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is chilling, hunting down, and murdering a black man who was joking in their mostly white neighbourhood. so coming up, cossacks, dance, police get, shoot, to kill orders from the president after a wake of deadly protest. contact president kasim your month, talk a year, promises that those behind the violence will be eliminated. plus the gym and so it kicks off after the winter break and it's covered. one. the bind munich mill. the pandemic moves 9 to play is from the legally distinction. ah, i'm anthony. how'd welcome. a court in the us state of georgia has given life sentences to 3 whiteman convicted of murdering motoring, arnold aubrey, a black met, the presiding judge said he had it down the harshest sentence possible due to the
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accused callous words and actions are brief, filled the black lives matter protests that rock the u. s. head of the 2020 elections outside a court house in georgia, crowd hangs on the lips of the judge inside an outburst of joy, as these words were read out over the loudspeaker. mister mc michael. the court sentences you as follows: count one, malice, murder, life without the possibility of parole. felony murder, travis michael, had killed. i'm at aubrey co without her jog felony with a shotgun needed by operation of law. ahmad aubrey was marked tragedy. tragedy on many, many levels. almost torn r, i'm sorry. on february 23rd of 2020, almost 2 years ago,
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a resident of glenn county, a graduate of brunswick high, the son of brother, the young man with drains was gone down in this community, dated the 24th. michael had been convicted of murder in november alongside his father, gregory, a neighbor william bryan, only dry and will be allowed to appeal for parole after 30 years. william or bry, they each have nobody moist and do not deserve any leniency. this wasn't a case of mistaken identity or mistake . in fact, they tell you that they chose to target my son because they didn't want him in their community as follows. the men claim, they thought aubrey was fleeing a crime, and it was found not they were not arrested after chasing down the 25 year old in their cars and shooting. i'm dead. that changed when this video
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emerged filled by brian, it captures the chase and the shots at aubrey, who seemed falling to the ground. after fighting for his life. the murder spark nationwide outraged that fit into the protest. following the deference towards floyd, a black man killed by a police officer to the people outside the court house. the sentencing of aubrey's kill us is a ray of hope in a country where races violence too often goes unpunished. huh. all right, now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. days of wrinkled braking brian have swamped parts of the us northwest i. nyja interstate highway was closed for several hours due to flash flooding, which stranded motorists in their cars. one man is missing after he tried to move
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his car to higher ground patient police say gang members of kill 2 journalists, south of the capital port. a prince. employ of one of the report, it says he was covering the security situation in the bullet era. organized crime has become even more powerful in haiti effectively taking control of large parts of the caribbean republic. good afternoon everyone. you a secretary of state anthony, blinking has rejected a russian demand to shut in crying out of knighthood. lincoln says the defense alliance is members. have the soul say, of who can join? russian president vladimir putin has urged nato to rule out membership from ukraine . head of talks aimed at diminishing board attention with, which was listed to kazakhstan and there are new reports of intense gunfire in central and marty early on saturday. that's after the government claimed it had regained control over the country's largest city on marty has become the central flash point during days
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a violent protest in the central asian nation during which doesn't have been killed and thousands arrested. the u. s. as announced, it'll allow non essential staff to leave its consulate there. at the president's request, russia is leading a force of peacekeepers from the former soviet states to help put down the unrest. kemati ablaze the city scarred from the worst violence to hit kazakstan in 30 years . president to chi if told catholic security forces they could shoot to kill, opening the door for a dramatic escalation in the crack don't protesters corner carries the counter terrorist operation continues. the militants have not laid down their arms, they continue to commit crimes or prepare for committing them. the fight against them should be completed. whoever does not surrender will be eliminated. the kremlin has heeded president decay of calls for assistance and sent more than 2000
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troops to help protect the fire on russia's doorstep. but there are few signs of peace here on the streets of cow's extern as each day brings fresh bloodshed. al matty, the country's largest city, has become grown 0 and a deadly battle against what many here see as a crooked government. i wonder that this, if we want to tell the whole world that the only thing flourishing in kazakhstan is corruption at night when we hear explosions, i'm scared. it hurts to know that young people are dying. when he might, watching, the protests began over a hike in fuel prices, but decades of corruption and inequality have found the flames of rebellion across a nation rich in resources. to kai, of response to the protest sparked international concern ribbon reached out. we want to protect the rule of law everywhere. so to that end, we call for no violence and for an end to violence. and obviously that also means
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that there should be no violence against citizens. and in that sense, those unity and what is being heard from the e u. the german government, from me and many others around the world who are seeing please come back to peaceful progress in the country. ah, but as to kind of raises the stakes in his fight for political survival, there is worry that peaceful progress has given way little authoritarianism or germany's national and regional leaders have agreed on a series of measures to combat rising corona, virus infections, case numbers, and now a 3rd higher than a week ago, people going out, socializing face tight restrictions and to count as fully vaccinated. they need to have had a booster jab or show a negative test result. as the leaders disgust new pandemic measures at the front of their minds was the army kron variant which is set to become the dominant strain
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in germany. thought is for me because one thing is clear to me, crohn will keep us busy for a long time to come. and that is why we cannot sound the all clear for our health care system. it must be said, clearly we will see higher infections and there will also be many new patients in the hospital was given if infected people and even their contacts have to isolate in large numbers, some fear, even the emergency services good, lack the personnel to do their essential job. so the politicians have taken a risky decision shortening isolation periods for those who had contact with infected people. and in some cases removing the isolation requirement altogether. as was any contact person who has received the boost to show no longer has to go into quarren things. we've agreed on this in close consultation with all responsible parties involved here in germany. all others can lead quarantine or isolation after 10 days if they're no longer symptomatic. i told the men at the
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same time a tightening of restrictions for people came to go out for a meal or a drink. entry to restaurants and bars will be limited to the vaccinated, all recovered, who also have a negative test. that address is the fact people can't wear a mask while they are eating and drinking. and if they've had their booster shot, they won't need a test. that point is intended to encourage more to take up vaccination issues. the campaign to get vaccines into arms is proceeding fast, but chancellor shalt says it's not fast enough. he once 30000000 more doses administered during january. so far, it has been less than 3000000 result of a new study suggest the number of adults living with dementia around the world. will millie triple to more than 150000000 by the year 2050 obesity and smoking among the risk factors likely to drive this increase. you as research as estimate that north africa and the middle east in particular, we'll see
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a dramatic rise. more people getting older and indulging in unhealthy habits. that's what a landmark study found were the main reasons for an expected spike in dementia. cases will rise in every country, but the middle east and north africa will see an almost 400 percent rise in the number of people with the degenerates of brain disease by the year 2050. the projection and north african, the middle east, where we're quite large, i'm in the do you like increases both and population growth and population aging. and he's been a graphic factor in particular, not re gen, row is large anticipated and that in dementia burden. dementia leads to a loss of brain function. thinking, reasoning, and remembering. destroying life slowly reset. you see that though the numbers are
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not set in stone, they should serve as a warning to act. no. this is an important important these to consider on the future planning no matter where you are. you will see a less pronounced increase with 40000000 cases in 2050 compared to around 8000000. no believe to be a result of the older population. and a long history of grappling with unhealthy lifestyles, healthy diet, lower alcohol intake stalls, smoking. and so this is sort of mantra, look up to the hearts and you look after the head x that see healthy eating campaigns as well as the use of medication like aspirin, to prevent stroke, have helped to combat the disease. when i started said decrease in numbers and some dimensions such as basking like an anxious. so this'll help promotion elements at
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managing risk factors is starting to have an impact. some encouraging signs for policy makers faced with a surge and demand for dementia care in the decades to come the some sports needs now and the bonus lake returned with a bang after the winter break. as mentioned, glad back. stunned legally does bind munich by an would normally have come into the match, a strong favorites, but the bavarian were missing some 9 stars g to covey. 19 glad back, took advantage. and in doing so, i breathed a little life into the title chess club by coach dowdy. her teacher was all smiles as he greeted his byron counterpart. julian na guzman. this, despite the enormity of the task in front of him, now guzman had to be happy to have yahoo a chemist back after a 2 month absence due to cobit 19. and he was definitely glad that a certain prolific polish striker is on his team. robert levin dorski opening the
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scoring for buyer in the 18th minute. but 9 minutes later, the visitors responded. flaw he annoy house doing the honors. he was unmarked by the bye and defense, and he volleyed impass spin o'guise who was filling in with manual noah out with cove. it a few minutes later. steph and liner headed home, a corner to make it to one. and hooter was still smiling. this one, just out of the reach of the diving. alright. in the 2nd tap by and repeatedly threatened jamal lucy, allah denied here by yon's emma, but they couldn't hit the target, and that's how it ended. now, all of the black box were smiling as they pick up 3 crucial points against no less than buyer and munich. and before we got the groundbreaking actor,
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sidney poitier has died at the age of 94. it was the 1st black winner of the best actor oscar for the $963.00 film lily's of the field. in spite of generation during the civil rights era, with roles crossing the racial divide. after decades in the public eyes didn't put you received the presidential medal of freedom from barack obama in 2007 years. and you're up to date coming up next world stories looks at the deepening humanitarian crisis in ethiopia. don't forget this morning on a website to be found at d. w dot com and on instagram and twitter to a handle there is at d. w news. i'm anthony howard, and that's all the nice for now.


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