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kind of art, what it takes to become iconic. we take a look at how culture that is achieved. global fame. ask, how can we experience with 20 or 30 minutes. d, w. d w's crime fighters are back with africa's most successful radio drama series continues. 3rd of all episodes are available online. course you can share and discuss on d, w, africa's facebook page, and other social media platforms, crime fighters, tune in, know ah, ah, me find out what these 2 ladies on horseback are looking for in the water
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later on in the show. and with that, a wall, welcome to this special edition of your max. today we will be exploring the world of professions and handicrafts that are only carried out a very few people here nowadays in europe. for example, we meet the last traditional fan maker in the french capital, paris, and we visit a studio in munich bavaria that specializes in high quality blast manufacture the art of using gold leaf in paintings, decorative arts and architecture dates back of thousands of years. but it's becoming increasingly hard to find hand beacon gold leaf these days, but is because producing it this way is a fading craft back and the years 1700. there were 300 so called gold beaches in
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the eternal city of venice today. however, there's only one family dedicated to this ancient tradition there. we visited the mario about her, but it was studio to see how they are keeping their gold live business alive. oh, much of what glitters here. ease, indeed, gold. for centuries, venice has flaunted its wealth with this precious metal. now very few craft men's shops are left that work gold by hand. the many got so family runs, one of the world's last gold beating shops under the name motto, barracka, becky lauder gray griffin, you don't really need that much strength for this work, though it's all a question of techniques. can you got your technique actually helps you work?
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with less effort for the mean of what to go, that's important because depending on how thin the gold is supposed to end up muted on, it'll take anywhere from 50 minutes to 2 and a half hours to hammer it out. today. in mesa, the purest $24.00 karat gold is melted at over $1000.00 degrees celsius and cast as a small bar, which by itself has a value of about $6000.00 euros. laura crystal and lingual this little gold bar is about 120 gramsci, depending on the thickness required of the gold leave. every month we can make 80026000 pieces from it. they need a full year 1st, the gold is passed through a rolling mill several times. pressing it thinner each time. it's rolled into a long ribbon heated, over and over, and put through the mill again. if we're to go on,
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if the colors nice him yellow with lucky. you know the gold is pure, know seni richard, the i city just the hugh tends towards rational. you know, it's an alloy, know she sold it might then contain silver or a little copper ego. as if vega i'm when the gold ribbon is several meters long, it's cut into length, folded and cut again into little squares. sada many godsa lays these between sheets of parchment to separate them during the beating. the volume a packet consists of $330.00 less, but 1st they're beaten with the machine and then quarter want us more volume. and then while they're worked with a hammer over them, they so the rough or the monkey let out both of them on the final step is the hammering. this is how gold leaf was made in venice a 1000 years ago. at that time, there were no machines to help with the heavy work. crystal or that is
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a hammer weighs 2 kilos. almost nothing, kristen. but then this one weighs more kilos, so it's a bit heavier. but for me that's nothing. kristen with it and at 8 kilos. well this one's pretty heavy to the, the hammering produces thousands of these gossamer leaves. a single leaf wave barely as much as a hare. ellia nora men, a god. so hopes this age old craft may be passed on to the next generation alan base. oh, it's a great responsibility because this very special work is in danger of dying out. and that's not a nice thought that this could one day just be forgotten for mileage. the weird paints. attic air force su out. bad that in arc restorer and gilder elizabeth, the mass on uses a great deal of moto better thought, but the laura's gold leaf in her workshop it takes a steady hand and the right conditions to work with this delicate material. even
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a gentle breeze could ruin every thing shimoda the fittings said, the difference between industrially produced and hand made gold leaf is enormous. would've been the industrial gold leaf as much thinner and more fragile. though, philip, it's really hard to do good work with the leaf tears easily and in the end, it just doesn't look as good as the hand made gold leaf. it isn't that the finale ankin 80 saying, ah, the angel a top st. mark's company lay is among the works restored using gold leaf for mario . better about the loretta. thanks to an age old handicraft. the queen of the adrie attic shines on. ah. when you go to the beach, you might see a fishing boat on the horizon. bob, have you ever seen a horse that is out fishing? well, in belgium,
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you my bets because this is the only place in the world where fishermen and now women to venture out into the sea on horseback, to catch trim. this ancient tradition dates back some 500 years and there are only 17 people who still practice it. we got a 1st time glimpse of how it's done. ah, graceful, the space law. and yet that the same time, it's not with the adrenalin, the serenity you have with your whole fee is undescribable. it's amazing. you can feel the strength of the animal. you feel he's walking to see you're on the top. you see to see it's, it's totally and peace. shrimp fishing on horseback. the shore of the belgian town of ost dunker is the only place where this
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is still done as it was over 500 years ago. nailer becker and her horse axle set out bright and early nailer is the world's 1st officially recognized female horseback shrimp, or in 2013 unesco, added the age old profession to its cultural heritage list under the condition that it had to be open to both men and women in a school is a like that even what only the recognition by unesco was the real reason why they let me become a horseback shrimp perfectly before that it was a total mens club. i had to prove myself doubly in fact of it. but i succeeded breeze, and now they've fully accepted me. are they abs awhile free to me that i could obey them? ah, nella had to complete a 2 year internship and passed several tasks in her main job. the mother of 3 works
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in a nursing home. but in our free time, she heads out to the beach 2 hours before low tide. one's in a, we'll see the in the some days. we don't catch anything. on other days we haul in 10 kilos. let's wait and see. the method has barely changed over the centuries during shrimp season. in the spring and autumn, the horses pull fine mashed nets over the sand beneath the surface. unlike fishing from boats, this method leaves very little by catch on the net. and it can be released straight back into the sea. but the bulging nets, their ancestors pulled up, are the stuff of legend for today's shrimpers. these days the stock is fished to intensively with large boats. after about half an hour, nila and fellow shrimp are a cutscene tappin. pull up the nets, for the 1st time people gather to see
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what they've caught the mortgage. the catch might be meager, but the horseback fisher is drawing crowds of tourists to the belgian resort. with a look here, these are fresh, live friendly diversity. long to day 17 locals still carry on the tradition. both men and women just as it used to be ash, deaf on hunker, recalls the longer laid a long time ago when little donkeys were also used for fishing and demand. mostly women would rise the appraisal telephone of office. that of the men went to see in boats aveson at an end. this way the women could earn a little extra money for the children. also, david thinks of what again, didn't back at the stables,
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it is time to prepare the catch for processing. then it's time to look after the horses shrimping on horseback has also become a way of preserving rare breeds. there's a switch in the people. they want to read, discover tradition. but not everyone. there are still people who want to modernize want to better phones, the better computers, the better, the website, digital, everything. and there's this a little population that says, i want to experience your traditions, how it used to be. and so horseback, shrimping and age old, yet very sustainable and environmentally sound method is undergoing something of a renaissance thanks in part to the 1st 2 women shrimpers on horseback. she ain't today shell. we are looking at fashions and handicrafts that only
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a few people can master these days. and one of them is the art of making indigo di . it's one of the oldest dies in the world, dating back thousands of years and in all this time it has lost its distinctive blue color. but with industrial manufacturing, the practice of hand dying cloth with indigo, is dying out. however, once cobbled in austria, yours. if amelia, i'm cool, i really giving it there all to keep this tradition a life. we met up with them to find out more. ah, here in steinberg, austria, they're still making indigo prince by hand. at one time it was a wide spread craft. today, this is one of the last traditional china blue workshops left in europe. midtown that brawl talk. we don't approach lou, we die in blue. this will star the pattern is printed on the white fabric before
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the dying using a paste be called bog down or boston in my book. the recipe is still top secret. young from the history? yes, it's a secret recipe, right? even i don't know it. the greenish paste serves as a kind of inc, parents for various cap tools. some of them are as old as 200 years. this was my if you have to now let it sit and dry thoroughly as we say that it petrified salt as most was trying on the petrified can take 4 to 6 weeks. then the dine can begin. that's josefa job. is a sample. these stone vans are 4 meters deal with use of vegetable di health, and i can die fabrics with the same cold, indigo water mixture con for 20 to 25 years. so you got a few of them. that's how long the mixture keeps its color. stretched on
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a wooden frame, the fabric is dumped in the vats as often as 10 times and 4 hours, indigo, dying itself is several 1000 years old, dating back to ancient egypt. in the 13th century, the indigo was brought to europe by marco polo. it was called magic because the color changes during the dying process that the mug heap of magic happens during the actual dying of when it changes from a greenish into a blueish color. and for the cloth, the very air turns it blue. the vegetable di reacts with oxygen, then takes quite a long time to finish a piece like this d o a for us. it's not about doing more and faster, cheaper. who goes? what about the genuine and authentic? taking up to 8 weeks to make these indigo glock prince don't lend themselves to mass production. a demand, lots of patience. after several hours in the dying, that's there. rinsed out, 1st with hot, than with cold water. to see if by then you can tell if it turned out well with
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growth, but not until the fabrics are dry. can you see if it's really something you can use and you're still on windy autumn days? that can take less than an hour? come this is now it goes into the shop. it's awfully rolled that out and hoped that we can valid coughed. one meter of the hand crafted fabric goes for $37.00 euros. from this point, no limits are sat on the imagination. more and more fashion designers are using indigo died fabrics in their collections for shoes and apparel. when we like these fabrics that they want to keep the craft alive that is equal to the cooperation with designers and fashion schools on that as well as our own developmental are very important to us all the is up but it's also important is not to forget our routes in 2018 unesco, declared indigo, resist block printing, an intangible world cultural heritage. much took the delight of yoseph and miriam co looking
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for more euro max clinton. we've got you covered, had to our youtube channel. here. we know reporters on there and then to marvel that with this and and uniquely turned and have it going to mccloud and dr. d. w euro matt on here in europe. we've been using fans like this one to cool the air for about 600 years. portuguese sailors brought them to europe from asia in the 16th century, and they soon became a status symbol. today, such fans, mostly inexpensive, must produce products, but in paris there is still one lady who is kept busy creating hand made versions.
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after all, a fat is not just handing way to keep cool. for many people who like to step out and start, it is also a fashion statement. ah, paris is the city of fashion on hot days. there is one must have accessory, round town. and on the cat walks in the french capital of van 75 year old and okay, has been making the stylish handheld fans with fabric and high quality materials for over 60 years. as the last traditional folding fan maker in paris, g master's, a craft which is threatened with extinction going someplace, series of toilet tissue. here is a selection of fabrics i used to make the fans find your bucket. i use a stenciled to cut the fabric to fit the man to her, yet i own that park. and to prevent it from sliding, we always put newspaper below it to show him. then we put the fabric in a mold, left so that it's easier to fold fulfilled loopy such
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a. it takes her an hour to make some fans while others take months. in 1960, when she was 14 years old, her father left her no choice. she had to work for her family's business. norfolk i had to drop out of school to become a fan maker. she did bicycle and i wasn't happy about it, not emotionally, but i took a liking to with later. what can you and when my father passed away, i was set on keeping the tradition alive overtime it became a real passion for me, but i particularly love how no 2 thousands are alike. so it never gets glimmering shores. millions have seen this fan on screen for her motion picture about the former french queen marie antoinette. hollywood film director. sophia coppola had this one of a kind fan made for 3000 euros of yoko sophia coppola
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had seen a fancy liked in a magazine, but it wasn't from the period of king louis the 16 affected. so we made a compromise, but we kept the embroidery she and combined entire with an 18th century fan styles in recess. she has also worked for a number of well known fashion labels the former creative director at louis baton, mark jacobs ordered this fan from her for an advertising campaign. can even though you can, it's made of ebony in the embroidery, it's meant to evoke the luxury labels emblem. everything on this piece is sewn with no adhesive used. i typically said to quote mark jacobs really loved fans. why more would the civil tone and okay finally recalls her collaboration with karl lagerfeld . the german fashion designer was long considered one of the most prominent fans of
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folding fans. or shall he, when he contacted me, i didn't yet have any ideas. then we talked and he started sketching. i had some trouble turning it into an actual fan, but that's what it fascinated me. that's what really interested me about working with con, like a fed. it's an o gaze mission to keep the profession alive. from what's in me, i'd like to pass on my expertise so that it doesn't get lost to that's an important cause for me here. but this craft is even considered part of france's intangible cultural heritage. and if it were to disappear, i would see that as a failure, sucks you looper walk. the last fan maker is fighting to preserve a tradition and a piece of cultural heritage that is an integral part of parisian identity.
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ah, and finally we had said the bavarian state capital munich, where one company has been an institution in since 1887. that good stuff found. take studios, create mosaics and stained glass for some of the most famous buildings in the world's bots. a great past does not necessarily mean a rosy future. it calls for smart entrepreneurship in 2015 to women, took over the management of the traditional company with great dedication, modern technologies, and a team of experts with very different professions. they are making an old craft fit for the future. working with glass has a long tradition at the gustavo fun facts studios for glass painting and bavaria. i'm with mit last good will you need to be patient with glass act because you can't
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see the end result while you're working. amanda. but as soon as you stepped inside a church, for example, and you see the windows in the right setting with the right lighting the glass, surprises you over and over again. murphy done on the studios have been working with glass for generations and a courtyard in munich since 1887. they've been especially renowned for their stained glass church windows. artist of off i, ella, canine and designer katya, as who kitch took operations over in 2015 from a member of the founding fantastic family. they received global a claim for designing new windows for totally abbey in western germany, using motifs by the famous german artist gearhart. richter for this project, the studios are working with afghan born artist, mom baba mac sooty, on average, it takes about
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a month to complete one of the over 9 meter tall windows, which depict scenes from the bible here in forth in instead of a field, every design is drafted on paper or canvas of me, but my fascination for glass dense from the black light has on it, would in to see honestly. but light is always in motion to view that makes the work very beautiful and exciting on the one hand and very difficult on the other is fun and others either of us ish, music, mach boob mock. sooty transfers her work to the glass herself. specialists assist her. the team works precisely to the artists specifications, whether cutting the glass panes, maintaining the shapes, or coloring the glass. oh churches world wide are a primary source of the munich based studios commissions.
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oh. but it's works. can also be found in secular settings as well, such as in a munich subway station. a further specialty of the studios is mosaic. art image is made of tiny colored bits of glass decorate the row of funerary earns and unix western cemetery. yet the hey day of mosaic art lies far in the past to day requests for works like these are rare as if it is the prime time for mosaic. was back in the 19 fifties and 19 sixty's when there was more money budgeted for architectural art. and many facades had mosaic. you can still see that in many towns, but to day that has declined. that may also have to do with the fact that there is a certain amount of competition for materials. and so that the architecture is also different and has a different formed. collaborations with famous designers provides new business
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opportunities, whether it's woven glass for labs, or as a table with fading color and motifs. the name edition van tech stands for unique everyday objects such as these phases by dean brown from scotland or german designer sebastian hackman of side table plus steve the what are the advantages that we have a wide range of customers? in principle, anyone can buy something for their home. we can attract more people that way and experiment with products. and if it's successful, then we'll have a product we can make in series. whether a designer object or a church window. the gustavo fun take studios, display all the facets of ornamental glass and that brings us to the end of this special edition of your emacs. but before we go, just
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