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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 9, 2022 11:00am-11:15am CET

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with learning, like global ideas, we will show you how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge grows through sharing, download it now for free. with this is dw news ally from berlin. britain's health service starts to buckle under the pressure of rapidly spreading on the con, infections. as the u. k. records more covert related deaths than any other country in europe. 200 soldiers have been sent to help fill staffing shortages in london
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hospitals. also, coming up kazakhstan begins to assign blame after dozens are killed in the worst violence in decades. the government says it has now regained control following widespread projects. and hollywood looks beyond the pandemic with a series of blockbusters that look quite familiar. our movie reviewer tells us what's coming to cinemas in 2022. ah, welcome, a michael o coop. the number of confirmed deaths from corona virus infections in the u. k has topped a 150000. it's the highest recorded death toll in any european nation. as the total of amazon cases in the u. k. surges ever higher. the health care system is at a full stretch. ambulance is waiting to deliver patients to
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a hospital in north london. there's no space inside because all the beds are occupied by cove at 19 sufferers. i losing the album, school of providence st, maybe an an hour. i mean it's frustrating because i want to go in there. britain's hospitals are under pressure from record numbers of omicron infections around one in 15 people in england are thought to have cov, at 19 in london. the ratio is even higher of award or i'd be 5 bedroom, one which was porpoise paid during the palm to make to look after patients. medical re currently alibi ward is fuller and it's full of it, although she said correct. most of those needing hospital treatment have not been vaccinated against the corona virus. this woman now wishes she had been i should
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have listened toma. what. how many friends was everybody else's? had it was it's just me. did you feel like you were going to die? i did make some time before i even got here at home when the ambulance came and i was on my last breath. my oxygen was below 70. yes, i am hovels quite close to that. many blame those who for whatever reason have not had the vaccine. what they don't understand is that they, it isn't just a question to protect themselves that being selfish because they're taking up beds that need not be taken up. and that is putting more pressure on the health service staff shortages are a big problem. many doctors and nurses are off sick with the virus themselves. some hospitals have had to call in the army to pluck the gap left by absent medical workers. but there are signs of hope. health authorities say the number of omicron infections in london may now be passed its peak. for more,
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let's bring in our correspond charlotte shell, some pill in london. charlotte, 150000 lives, lost, recovered 19. how were people reacting to this? clearly a very somber milestone here in the u. k. and of course there are different ways of measuring this death, tall one, suggesting that it could in fact, even higher clearly, extremely tragic, this milestone now. now the prime minister has really sustained on twitter. he said the crew virus is taken what he called a terrible hold on our country. he said each and every one of those who died is a profound loss to the families, friends and communities affected and he took them. i meant to really stress how getting the job getting the 1st and 2nd vaccine is really the pop out of this pandemic now has of course, been criticism over through the course of the pandemic over the government handling
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of this crisis and a spokes person for the campaign group bereaved families, the justice which supports families who lost loved ones to cove. it has been very critical of this milestone. and they said that in public inquiry into the government's handling of the pandemic cannot come soon enough. all of this questioning charlotte to ask the country is also combating wave of all micron infections. how are hospitals coping? there's no doubt that the hell service is on the immense pressure. at the moment, hospital hospitalizations and fatalities have started rising here and was very clear as they were already dealing with a backlog. the effects of months of this pandemic with hospitalizations, now rising when to pressures and crucially stuff absence is fueled by this on the chron variant. this is a critical time for the health service. at the moment,
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as you mentioned, dahlia here in london, the military, 200 military personnel have been sent in to try and support the health services. of course, that will do not compensate with the sheer number of staff who are absent, why slicing and you know, as we heard in the report, authorities are hopeful because they believe on the crime infections may be passed for their peak. how would they get to that conclusion specifically? it is extremely early days for that last week. we still record case numbers over 200000 here in the u. k. the last couple of days have seen a bit of a dip on that extremely high figure. but as i say very early days to be saying that the u. k is past the peak. you have to look at this regionally. of course, here in london, perhaps case numbers aren't as high as they were, all the parts of the country. they all going off and help experts advisors to the government. the want to what we will be particularly crucial is what needs to be
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seen. a reduction in cases in all age groups to take any old age groups who we know most vulnerable to this virus. that's a show that show some pill in london for us many thanks. let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. footage has emerged, tennis, star novak jock of edge, at a public event. on the same day, he says he tested positive for coven 19 last month. the world number one wants a medical exemption to play in the australian open. he's being held in melbourne after his visa was canceled due to his vaccine status. the united states has condemned a deadly air strike in ethiopia to grey region as unacceptable. 56 people were killed and dozens were injured in a strike on friday night. the philippine government is yet to comment, but has previously denied targeting civilians in the conflict with to ryan rebels. a saudi princess and her daughter have been released after 3 years in detention
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without charge. princess bazemore been south eas, an outspoken critic of the kingdom's treatment of women. her lawyer says she is worn out, but in good spirits. the situation and conduct stuns the largest city almighty is reported to be calm, but tense after violence. this week, the death toll from the unrest remains unclear. the interior ministry says more than 5000 people were arrested troops from a russian lead security alliance. continue to enter the country after appeals for help from the president and local people are facing an uncertain future. a disparate white for news. as an al mahdi morgue, dozens of people line up. many of them fear their loved ones died on january 6th. the worst die of a bloody wake in kazakhstan, largest city, another q a now mighty this one for bread. many stores had to close during the unrest in
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recent days. people are running out of food, good to we have other stores the one over there and another further up the road. it's been closed since yesterday, but people need to eat something that government a piece back in control of downtown. now marty bit days, approaches and looting have scave the city as demonstrate is let out the anger at decades of authoritarian rule, destroying the softness of the ruling party, the unrest frightened many in the city. some welcome the army on the straits of really most of it and the restore a feeling of security to people. give us the sense that we're on a way out of this. when things are gradually getting back to normal, much goverlan, we only one window, but no malady doesn't look like this. elsewhere in the city,
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the government continues what it calls an anti terror operation. it's determined to put down opposition whether it comes from violent or peaceful protestors. they haven't been listening to the people as a politician once said, if there's no chance of the peaceful revolution, they'll be an armed one. as the situation worse and people rushed to flake has exton some here in the north, and many more in the south, near marty. they're frightened by the situation in the city. one of them says it's as if the war has already arrived. transitioning to hollywood, dea movie industry, hope see, pandemic is on the way out. and it's betting unblock busters to bring people back into cinemas in 2022. but as culture reporter david levitz finds out, tinseltown is taking no chances, and it's sticking to some familiar formulas. this year hollywood going full
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throttle into sequel mode again. tom cruz's follow up to top. gun is finally ready for take off. after the pandemic struck it down in 2020 need to scream again. scream 5 is coming out next week. nav campbell and courtney cox are back and so the killer who can now hack your security system or? ah, what about batman you ask will be played by not one, not 2, but 3 different actors starting with robert pattinson in the batman. bindham? no, when? well, i cash. 20. 22 is the year of mission impossible. 7, thor, 4, legally, blonde, 3, fantastic beasts. 3 black panther, 2 avatar, 2 minions. 2 a 2nd down abby movie. halloween ends. but as it really and a 7th jurassic park film, jurassic world, dominion. the studios have been turning out the sequels and franchises for years,
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but this year the trend seems, extreme or out. so what's really new in 2022 death m a nile that's based on the agatha christie novel from 1937. but as long as there's no death on the nile 3 count me in was since then there's elvis by mula rouge director baz learman starring eldest double gang, or austin, butler and tom hanks. as elvis is controlling manager johnny. now this one really does look original turning, read by pixar, about a girl who turns to a read panda when she's stressed. ah expects more serious films later on in the year in time for oscar season. german director mafia shot as she said, star, zoe khazan and kerry mulligan as the journalist who broke the harvey weinstein story. social satirist and horror director, jordan peals got
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a new movie to we know what it's about. nope. till then it's mostly popcorn and action like moon for a $140000000.00 sy fi flick about the moon crashing toward earth. but hey, at least it's not another pandemic. ah boucher do it men took advantage of league leaders buying unix unexpected slip up against glad bock on friday by beating, untied frankfurt to put themselves back in the title race. but as is so often the case, dorman did it the hard way dockman aren't short of superstars yet. time after time, season after season. they've let byron out of jail. so it was no surprise when frankfort took an early lead. they were just 60 minutes on the clock. when raphael
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bray made at one mill keeper, grig coble. miss dawkins last game through illness. and the swiss international was caught cold here. more heartless, defending handed bery a 2nd just 9 minutes later. why dorman, skipper? marco royce was trying to mop up in his own box is anyone's guess. and bray took full advantage to nil the halftime score. dockman had to roll up their sleeves, but when they eventually pulled one back through sub token as are and 71 minutes, it seemed to have come too late. but perhaps this team does have the guts required for a title dog fight. jude bellingham made it to 2 with 3 minutes to go. and then monkwood da heard spotted jubilation in the black and yellow ranks. the german international curling in the winter with just a minute left. the motions were still bubbling at
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full time. but darkman coach marco rosa looked the calmest man in the stadium as he made off with 3 precious points. you're watching t w news. here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you. the u. k. records 850000 covey . 19 linked deaths, more than any other country in europe. soldiers have been drafted in to help london hospitals struggling with staff shortages at all. the news for now reporter is up next with the 2nd part of a documentary on the love in sex between people with cognitive disabilities. a michael, uh, who invalid for me in the entire team. thanks for watching and stay with the w ah.


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