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tv   Arts.21 - Pop Culture Goes Global  Deutsche Welle  January 9, 2022 2:30pm-3:01pm CET

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chickens are stressed down there been bread to produce maximum heels, war, or fat he made in record time. animal friendly farming looks different. breeders and scientists are searching for old species and new methods. in order to clean minutes on dw, we've got some hot tips for your bucket list. romantic corner trip hotspot for food, and some great cultural memorials to boot w travel off we go. she through police and turkish tv series are soft power and to help spread turkish culture and language her banjo
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of. so you get upset with just so much with ah, pilcher is powerful. it shapes the way we see the worlds and introduces us to new ones. from the movies and the series we watch. oh, oh yeah. wow. what was that? the books we read live video games. we play the art that makes us and thanks
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a lot to the music we listen to today. the balance of pop coaches power has shifted to reflect to our multi polar world, and comes from all corners of the globe. kids everywhere from puerto rico, to saudi arabia grow up, watching japanese. anna may grown up versions or international books office heads don't be afraid. and master an even bigger drawer is bollywood. the indian? hindi language film industry based in mum by bollywood is the world's largest producer film sunday with the last 20 years the whole world has fallen hard for its chums with stars such as shar brook con. now household names heading further east recent years have also seen
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a global craze for south korean culture. one day it began with tv shows in the early 21st century, then how you the korean wave washed over the world, encompassing everything from online games to cause cosmetics, and consumer electronics. with writing on it's chris to was of course, kate pump b with by 2012 at the very latest keep up caught on with western audiences when repre size single gangnam style went viral. becoming the 1st youtube video to reach 1000000000 views. but size success pales in comparison to the biggest sensation from south korea of all time b t s. the group debuted in 2013 and went on to have an see. all right,
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rise to global. see the stardom us $21.00 takes a trip around the world to find out which other pop culture phenomena have transcended booed as to broaden the cultural horizons of international audiences. the new afro futurism artists turning to sign fi and fantasy to explore black culture and identity. we traced the roots of political st, asked to mexico's famous murals. but 1st, we had to a stumble to discover white turkish t. v shows a breaking ratings records everywhere from kili, the pakistan. lou he stand bull is a city with a population of over 15000000 in easement some 100 kilometers away the turkish tv channel t r t is filming the series. the last emperor it's
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about the life and times of a do hum. in the 2nd, the last powerful ottoman sultan the action begins in 1896. when abdul 100 is fighting on all fronts, against european powers, domestic revolutionaries, and a range of other opponents play all want the same thing to bring down his ottoman empire. between a 100 and a 150 minutes are produced each week. soon 5 seasons will have been shot. the series has been a runaway success in turkey, but also in many other countries. valente now who plays the sultan, explains what he thinks makes it so popular. sugars, this region between the mediterranean, the gene for middle east to see are a world are inside of us as in europe austere, others in asia, her brakes is a bridge between it all. cruger, her took me this country,
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has seen many civilization sparked that. we have many different stories and emotions and expressions that can touch people's hearts. what ha, turkey has become. the world's 2nd biggest exporter of tv shows off to hollywood, known as disease. these turkish series have an especially big fan base in pakistan . resurrection air to rule about the founding of the ottoman empire in the 13th century is showing here in this cafe dubbed into order. oh, possibly no. love l. a minute. ah, oh, it's common for whole families together to watch the turkish series together. this is her tv. sure. that details how that was mon dynasty, one of the greatest honesty in history was formed and a, these type of slummy historical t v shows are getting a lot of popularity in pakistan. mostly because of we lack this type of content
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here. are the will q important montez your letter is and i want my kids to watch the show is because of one character in particular cold. even robbie, who is a spiritual advisor at a bigger ah, would just a chair that he can see conveys the message of islam. so my 10 year old daughter can understand at some just that he has said to be exact by using easy language. got our head but bought easy language. but not everybody is such a fan. some critics claim that in these t v dramas, history is being falsified for political purposes. and they accused the government of turkish president rich. yep. type ada, one of using disease to glorify the ottoman empire and islam while defaming religious minorities and undermining democracy. oh, they say the last emperor is revisionist and historically inaccurate.
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ah, in 2 seasons of the series, one of the sultan's arch enemies is tad or hetzel. the founder of political zionism and seem to be the spiritual father of the state of israel. these depicted as a devious and perfidious schema. turkeys regulatory authorities for radio and t. v. do control what can and cannot be filmed. sex is not allowed, nor are drugs or swear words her homosexuality is to boo. masculinity and strength are celebrated and isn't good humored for the hide other the you, the american canals are currently 7 mainstream channels. they all struggle with censorship . the main problem is that the rules are not clear how let me know and knows what's allowed and what isn't just all john of the normal does. i'm if you don't know what
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might be penalized, you are on the side of caution or writers producers, so they start to censor themselves. my mom on the market, possibly even more strictly the necessary and that's dangerous if i think he'll on table. yeah. much. oh cool. he's the producer of sugar pool, the pit, which is about an influential mafia family in a dangerous istanbul neighbourhood. it too is popular all over the world and turkish series and not only popular in pakistan, which is largely muslim, but also in chile, which is mainly catholic isabel rodriguez purchases turkish series for that she lay in channel t v n. and then ya, with her as a nancy applegate, they resonate allots me because the stories are about every day problem with the they are universal stories. and yet it doesn't matter whether they're sassy,
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khaki and is temple, or in santiago chile. it's so nike yet. these are topics that speak to women in particular, if i go for a day and prize, the main audience for telling a valid live is when would you copy? these might be shows the features strong women and families collab. but ultimately, it's men who have to say what i can edit once turkey is a patriarchal country, there is arise and conservatism, not only in turkey, but also the world. and i live are starting to notice. let's get back here. maybe it has reached that he can of conservatism, is known to klein again to leave off, but because these turkish shows are in a way star i like to do that are watched by families all over the world. ah, however, these turkish series are interpreted. they are clearly a breathtaking success. wrong chuckle, wash and elegant. and their sales are expected to reach over
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a 1000000000 us dollars in the next 2 years. ah. television drama, as soft palla a reminder that pop culture and politics are inextricably linked to take the growing popularity of afro futurism and artistic movement using the language in aesthetics of science fiction to explore the black experience in the art of virus capiro. discarded technology is given a new light abandoned radios become space, age communication device, thrusting, exclude bicycles, called black mamba, are turned into sculptures that could have been left here by an alien civilization . you have been making arthur years before a gallery in italy, gave it a li,
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afro future. i didn't know about the future that my 1st time to hear that was for future. the series of eyeglasses called c stunners made to bureau famous, constructed from crash collected on his travels. there are mash up of different cultural tradition to me after that is for future late. it's a combination of different culture, decent material from like global. but it's something and you can see more african they move more asia. no, it's more awful feature kind of a series of pictures from kenyan photographer osborne cherry re imagines kenya's legendary mouse independent fighters as high tech optician who helped overthrow
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colonialism for much area afro futurism is about reclaiming an african past either stolen or forgotten. all african countries from the colonized and people didn't get to settle, see that history or see themselves in the history or a lot of that history was not documented or was his models are those ignored or abandoned by society nairobi underground fight club imagines a math mac style secret society of short factored wards. he wanted to do something that has to do with people of short to touch people who have never been documented or when they're documented, it's always formed a sort of like a point of view of p t. it's like you're teaching them for who they are. and so i wanted to, she could to, to start to conform tupelo,
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shop starter into fighters. heroic images defy the mostly negative view of africa, theme in western media. we do have that issue. but our issues don't want to revolve around poverty. some 90 he wore this, tory that we can tell that sort of give a different perspectives. my whopping owners boys, because always be confident. the message will be a boy's perception of africa. with black panther, hollywood finally gave the world a new perspective on africa. people here a movie set in the high tech africa land of what conduct brought out for future them to the main stream. much of the film success with the cost ships. it's designed by oscar winner roof e cart. together with black, tampa director, right, who she envisioned a futuristic african start carter's outfit on display the scad museum of fashion and film in atlanta by an african tradition with science fiction. queen
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armando crowd inspired by traditionals who hat was made on the 3 d printer, female warriors the door. i'm a large a. we are traditional beating and leather harnesses. similar to those found in the math, i tried together these outfit. imagine and plenty the future for africa, unscarred they call me you need to galaxy the pop star b on thing taps into the d vein of afro future them for her visual album. black is king, the 1000000 combining african myth science fiction, and the political momentum of the black lives matter movement. she invokes a vision of black culture, both all encompassing and triumphantly female, the another singer bringing afo futurism to the masses is janelle manet artistic, alter ego cindy may, whether it's a robot who sinned by falling in love,
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inspired by freaked lines. metropolis monet uses android as a stand in for the marginalized and the oppressed, and the tropes, the science fiction. to imagine a future where black and white, queer and straight, and freaks of all varieties come together to part i i world away from hollywood in a bu, jonah julia. after futurism is also taking root, a new generation of african artists is looking at their own culture from a new angle, comic book artist, the g mckinney credit, black panther aqua card before. no, i've been known to be for about the a 3rd world country. and then black panther bring seats to
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the 4th floor and i think was the power that is completely moved it with that knowledge. it was my blue africans everywhere with wow. in his comics mckindoe's uses sy fi and fantasy to address real world issues of political power, corruption and abuse. lucky lou sat in 2050 ag imagined africa as a world power battling on the global stage alongside china and the u. s. black panther may have brought acro futurism to the mainstream, but mckinney believes the next wave of storytelling will be home growth. that won't talk about, apropos. chosen it is a light come into fixture of 45 things, technology sized ritual ish and african natalia. this african traditions and african culture, the culture, dom itala, g r,
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more or region up north 20 from yeah. because we are more connected to the which spacious modeled on, senegalese fishing, both with a post apocalyptic world inspired by west africa, as in bubbly and superhero. just some of the comics published by qu golly, media, which brings the best an afro futurist art and animation to the world. wealth of stories in that is absolutely and thing, right? just so much in there. and it would, it could be on it will be always, if it was didn't get to listen to the story. disney is listening. the hollywood drive is backing you watch. a sy fi animated theories crated by who calling detail to plot are still part secret. the 33 my thought buffy concerns fiction story
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taking place in the lead goes and going out though that the middle class in the quality of other fields. i'm very careful. yeah. yeah. that's all i consider putting up whether in comics, movies, music, or design, the art of afro futurism combines tradition with imagination to envision a brighter future for africa. and the world time now to look at another movement that presented a powerful vision of the few champ some 100 years ago. we traced the roots of the political st. talk now found all over the world to mexican marinas, and ah, some images make it into the history. ah, while others even wind up for sale on the arm market like the works of british st
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artist bank see during the corona virus pandemic, st. houses have been spraying their reactions to the current situation, turning the walls of buildings into forums for public discourse. they have their origins in latin america in the history of mexico, around the time of the mexican revolution in the early 20th century. a new art form was born moore ellis, mon, it picked up on the social demands of the revolution, often painted on the walls of public buildings, murals depicted modern mexican valleys. to day, these works hang in a museum in mexico city. and wearily, mommy, he cannot say little nichol. mural ism is the only mexican art movement to achieve international success and remain topical to this day. longer. people still speak about morally, smelled animals, and blend. it's incredible that in the year 2021, we still have the same messages. it's as if these murals were completely
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contemporary. look on them, but i counsels as aim was. we see the inequality between the social classes. when are there any barrington would alea's mother murals most moving theme, which has lost none of its power or controversy to this day? is the struggle for power. but one of them became difficult. i'm in the ispa, lieutenant boyer. the mexican government of that era turned to the greatest artists of the day, diego rivera, david alfaro, c carols. and jose clemente orosco. they were to convey revolutionary ideas by means of public paintings, mexico's pri, hispanic, past all but forgotten during the centuries, the spanish colonial rule returned to the spotlight. this was art, which aimed to change the world. at that time, the majority of mexicans were illiterate. so those who commish the work still people would understand pictures more than words, aren't acted as a facilitator at the moment that the alarm line bench on the pin dell of this
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movement also intended to paint the walls of school library to introduce children and europe to revolutionary messages for when neil is to place on possess estella manella. ever since then, murals have been. you have to convey political statements to the people employed to this very day. whatever's uniform. we have a deep connection to and direct relationship with murals. you know, la la la, on the lake that cannot paris back then mirrorless mo, never emancipated itself from the state. many works glorified communist ideals. so in 1024, when public funding was withdrawn, the movement ran out of steam. ah, this is the working class neighborhood of colonia doctors in the 1970s. it was quite rundown. in 2014, the mexican government once again commissioned young artists to brighten up the quarter. both of them were elephant murphy, though orderly lees murals, were realized with total creative freedom or use our new and pop oliver artisans
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chose to themes by looking around the neighbourhood and painting things that give the people here a sense of belong. young book, i mean, goes as cassandra, it's a things that make people proud at their neighborhood, generally confusing, but obviously are we also, as if they were in mexico, is considered the birthplace of the, of an art movement from here it spread through the rest of north america and europe before making its way around the world. st. helena, in all its facets, is now an integral part of the global aren't seen. large format paintings which cover entire buildings, a part of the flare of big city life. events like berlin's mural, fast transform urban centers into open ag galleries. and he, a women don't rank behind their male colleagues. many murals remain political like those which grace the international brave wall project. last february, larry in berlin, this mural was dedicated to murdered brazilian women's rights activists. mary ella franklin, a cielo ad of her profiler,
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was the oh possibilities of women chose and fired, which you can see in all of the small characters. so it's basically about a free human rights also for women, you can be a scientist, you can be a museum and you can be a leader is just about free choice. mexico's new neuro list movement also appreciates freedom of expression and is wary of government propaganda. the brothers mice and apps have already realised major projects commissioned by the city, including painting an entire subway station. we met them at a private property in the colonia doctor's neighbourhood. injustice and inequality are still hot topics in mexico, but sometimes that tackled unconsciously at his have been dealt with times. i painted things that i only later realised, had a message. i wasn't conscious of having put in there they'll. and other times there
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are things hidden away in paintings that you only discover by doing them stand on the us hill up into rock. i will not have outdoor, this korean that. busy i was a de la, forming homeless was but a template one they've been de one example is the building of the choir tomorrow. metro station bay, which i painted together with my brother, lay my hand on. we wanted to paint this emblematic image or you like the national symbol of the eagle or get swallowing the serpent's indian 40 because we had the feeling that this image exerted a strong influence on society. he was called more only somehow if we did it the other way around, back on my like was no longer the eagle, swallowing the serpent, but now more like a fight last year, one of my brother and i have completely different ways of painting dinner for my entire movies, and when we have painting the mural together, we needed to understand one another for them. it was a battle of ideas, perceptions and shapes gone by been a they asked whether consciously or unconsciously, the mexican st. artists of today are influenced by that predecessors. a few artists
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collective still explicitly aim to effect social change light lepus dolah from the mexican state of war haka. they highlights injustice and take a stand, including for the rights of women in mexico. thanks to mirrorless mo, that means of expression is now a global cultural phenomenon. it's clearly visible. symbols and images, service warnings, protest and food for thought. mm . around the world in pop culture. that's it for this edition of abs. 21. see you next week. mm. in ah, with
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she knew where i come from. we have to fight for a free press. i was born and raised in a military dictatorship with one tv channel and a few newspapers with the patient information. as the journey i had work on the strength of many cameras and their problems are always the same. for do social inequality, a lack in the freedom of the friends and corruption, we can afford to stay silent when it comes to the defense of the humans and seem right to both who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is jenny perez and i work at b, w ah, sometimes a seed is all you need to allow the big ideas to grow. we're bringing environmental
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conservation to life with learning packs like global ideas. we will show you how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge grows through sharing. download it now, feel free. ah ah, this is debbie news live from berlin. alma brown officially arrives in china. authorities begin mass testing after 2 cases of the highly contagious corona virus
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. marion are detected near beijing less than a month before the.


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