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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 10, 2022 3:00pm-3:31pm CET

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my same sex marriage is being legalized in more and more countries, discrimination and inequality, or part of everyday life. for many, we ask why? because life is diversity. to make up your own mind. aah! d, w. need for mines. ah, ah ah, this is news life from berlin preventing war, metal talks between the us and russia are under way to head off military
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confrontation and you great. we take a look at the situation a long rushes border and why relations have hit rock bottom. also coming up, horse victory. well, the fans celebrated world number one, tennis star novak jock of ich wins the 1st round of his legal battle to stay and play in the australian open despite not being vaccinated by does not game set and match just yet. plus it is back to school in uganda after almost 2 years of canceled classes because of the corona virus pandemic. some kids can't wait to return, but other se education is no longer on their agenda. and a routing western and a revamped west side story take top prices at this year's golden globes. but with the wards ceremony, remoted to
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a block of the globes lost their glamour. ah . away like thank you so much for joining us. a week of diplomacy aimed at d escalating tensions over ukraine begins to day. representatives from russia and the united states are sitting down together in geneva. extensions have been rising over russia's massing of troops and tanks near its border with ukraine. the talks are expected to be difficult. western countries fear that the kremlin could be planning an invasion of ukraine. moscow, meanwhile, says it feels threatened by the u. s. and the nato expansion on both sides have played down hopes of a break through u. s. president joe biden on the phone with moscow in december, on
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a business like call that was meant to ratchet down tensions over ukraine. the u. s . has threatened severe economic sanctions if russia invades an adviser to russian president vladimir putin pushed back after the call. such sanctions would be a colossal mistake that would entail grave consequences. a lot of mistakes have been made over the past 30 years and we had better avoid more such mistakes in this situation. russia is already under sanctions for its 2014 annexation of the crimean peninsula. weeks afterwards, pro russian groups seized parts of the dentist and no hans regions on ukraine's eastern frontier. near the russian border. the government launched a military operation and the long war began in earnest. meanwhile,
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thousands died in shelling and fire fights between separatists and government troops. russia has been widely suspected of financing and equipping the separatists . in early 2015, as the casualties mounted, the parties agreed to a cease fire in talk, sponsored by germany and france, the war slipped from the world's attention, even though the cease fire was frequently violated. over the years. in september 2019 russia and ukraine exchanged prisoners, the un said the death toll from 5 years of fighting was as high as 13000 with another 30000 to wound it. in june 2021, putin wrote an article, claiming that russians and ukrainians were one people who shared a single historic and spiritual space. you to go and you, what has been happening is this is the one the russian nation has been designated as an outsider on historically russian territory. sleepless. yeah,
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the russian nation is being pushed out of those territories. this is what's happening. mutual ye, me talk to it with the u. s. a. nato saying they won't intervene militarily. russia seems to hold most of the cards over its weaker neighbor. i did it. and our brussels we're chief, alexander von nomine is covering those talks for as she joined us from geneva. alexandra. 2 put this in perspective for us, what expectations do the united states and russia have going into these talks? well, the stakes are incredibly high because what russia is proposing would be a total revision of that security architecture in europe. and both parties are still sitting together in the u. s. mission engine ever right behind me. and bows are quiet to pessimistic the had of the russian delegation said, year
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a cough told reporters that he is pessimistic and disappointed with regards to the signals that were coming out, a hat of the meeting and the u. s. administration has said that they are not expecting any breakthroughs with you as secretary of state, lincoln, describing the russian proposals as a list of absolutely non starter demands. however, what i think, what is really important for the you, as you engineer, is to try to find out whether the russians are entering the talks in good faith or whether they're just looking for an excuse for a chance to walk away from the negotiating table. creating a pretext to start another conclusion into ukraine. alexander, at these talks are about ukraine and it's taking place between the united states and us and russian diplomats. why aren't the ukrainians party to these are meetings?
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this is indeed very difficult to understand because ukraine is front and center on the agenda. but if you ask is saying that those talks today are just part of regular consultations that president putin and president biden agreed upon when they met here in geneva, in june. and you, as is also saying that they want to talk with russia about bilateral issues, day mantra, to kia and to nato. capitals is nothing about you without you. however, we have to say that there is a growing criticism that ukraine is not at the table. and many experts are saying that it is the kremlin add that requested to talk from the 1st place that is trying to divide the u. s. from its allies. and in conclusion, i'd sandra in a, in a separate development russian troops have been deployed to kazakhstan in the past
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week to help for squash the protest. there does not complicate things for president putin. what impact if any, or will this have on talks that are taking place this week? well, i think that it could have an effect, at least on the atmosphere off the talks of, of course, we have to stress that what happened in kazakhstan doesn't have anything to do with the situation at the ukrainian border with the russian military build of there. however, the fact that the kremlin has deployed its forces so quickly to kazakhstan upon the request of the causes and government. the fact that the russian president, vladimir putin is now saying that russia is ready to support its allies to help them, you know, prevent any efforts to destabilize their governments is seen by many critics at the, as yet another example that russia is trying to extend its footprint its influence in the former soviet republics in
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a region that the kremlin sees at its sphere of influence. while the west is saying that spheres of influence are a relics of the past did abuse on phenomena reporting from geneva on the talks between the us and russia on ukraine. thank you for your recording. what to say now about the other stories in the headlines, right? now a fire ravaged, a high rise bronx apartment building on sunday morning, killing 19 people including 9 children. the fire was sparked by a malfunctioning space heater, firefighters found victims on every floor. many in cardiac and respiratory arrest because of the volume of smoke. it's new york city's deadliest blaze in 3 decades. every rainfall and a swollen river in northern brazil's paris states have left homes there
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uninhabitable and some $500.00 families homeless. large areas of brazil have been lashed by heavy rains in recent weeks. israeli prime minister in the family bennett has so said israel will not be bound by any nuclear deal with iran and will continue to consider itself free to act with no constraint against its arch foe if necessary. and direct talks between iran and the united states. san salvaging, the 2015 iran nuclear deal resumed a week ago. and viviana from she tennis. star novak jock of ich, has been released from hotel detention in australia after a judge overturned the government's decision to cancel his visa. overcurrent of virus rules. australian open organizers granted him a medical exemption from vaccination, but the government disagreed only for the judge to side with the serbian jubilant
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supporters have been celebrating at the saga, isn't over yet. the government is now considering whether to cancel mister joke of which his visa on different grounds. oh, they were so happy that their hero is free from now. they moulds any com even if they can be 100 percent. sure, no joke of h was inside. outside his lawyers office, they celebrated into the night. some more pepper sprayed in the chaos. outside courts to joker beachy supporters cheered the decision to overturn his visa being cancelled. oh, even go with the judge or to joke of it's his release from immigration detention coating. the australian government's decision unreasonable. he ruled that joke of h,
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hadn't been given enough time to respond to that decision. the serbian had arrived in australia, believing he had a medical exemption to rules requiring a corona virus vaccine. this it emerged was due to a coven 19 infection on december, the 16th. but the australian government argued that exemption didn't apply to people entering the country from overseas. that contradicted what yakobelli had been told by tennis australia, the tournament organizes. i'm not gonna blame any one. the conflicting information and the contact information that you receive is because of the changing environment . we are in a very challenging vaughn for every one that's been involved in this process. but the saga is not over yet. the australian government can still use its powers to cancel joker, which is visa on the grounds of public health. here to show its rules, apply to everyone, no matter their status rules ah, rules. and there are no special cases. winning on court is 2nd
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nature to joke of h winning in court, however, is proving a lot harder and that report by my colleague johnson green from did have the sports and johnson joins me now here here on the set so to speak . so we just went before coming on air, mr. chuck versus family gave a very long press conference, give us a little flavor of what they make of these latest developments, let's say within the a defiant press conference by joker, which is family members. but there was also an element of triumphalism as well, if you like a job, which is mother, basically saying this is the greatest achievement of his career and that's the amount is on 20 grand some titles. i mean, they were very pleased with the judge's decision praised is you trying to see, but there's also an element of anger. of course, i'd like to stay in this detention center to being a torture and said basically his father accusing the australian government and
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taking away his human rights. a lot of anger and never joke, which is also tweeted himself. he's been practicing already straight away on the practice court. he said he was pleased and grateful for the judge's decision. meanwhile, mr. chuck, a vicious supporter, say he is being used as a quote. political tennis ball is being used as a political tennis ball. it seems that way, i mean, even when jock of it was in the air on his way through australia having kind of trying me posted on the ground that he got this exemption to having to get the cove is 900 vaccine. scott morrison, the australian prime minister was commenting as i saw, we saw in my report he was saying, essentially the rules apply to everyone. but interestingly, the judge reference that when making a decision to say today saying, look, the rules in this case and the procedures weren't followed by the boarder authorities. joke of it was promised a certain amount of time to consult with these lawyers. officials in the australian open and that didn't materialize. so yeah, there really is a sense perhaps the joke of it being a single 1000 made an example for
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a political reasons. how much does all of this overshadow the australian open, which is, you know, supposed to happen once in a week's time? well, obviously never joke, which is one of the biggest draws to this tournament. he's the well, number one, he's won the tournament 9 time. now he can at the moment as things stand compete, he set on for it said that he wants to compete, organizes will complete the draw tomorrow. so we have to assume he will be in it. why is this tournament so significant to know about your coverage? well, if he wins it, that will be $21.00 grand slam titles and he will overtake reverend at all and roger federer to become the greatest men's tennis player of all time. as i said, he's won it 9 times. he clearly likes the tournament, but we have to wonder what mental states is he in what physical state is in up. and so today he ain't been able to practice. it was denied that i found he said he wasn't sleeping properly. but at the same time, this is a guy who thrives on adversity. it seems that maybe the for any fair amount at which he for bigger things. so as you say, i mean he could be competent with the greatest of all time. but in terms of his
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reputation, how tainted is it? well, my bad joke of it will be the 1st remit that he doesn't enjoy the same level of popularity as, as federer. and it's out, he's, them was kind of single minded nature for a mechanical long course. not only when in many fans. and of course you have his, his opposition to this vaccine or at least vaccine mandates, which explains level of anger really in australia, a country that's had really strict and long locked downs. but sir, you know, interestingly, ruffin a doll has expressed some sympathy for joker, which at the same time saying, look, if you wanted to, he could have just played in other ways. you can just got the vaccine and he wouldn't have had any of this trouble. so many were say, he only has himself to blame for this predicament. jonathan craig from dw sports, thank you so very much. you're welcome. and we turn our attention now to uganda. children in uganda. go back to school today for the 1st time since march 2020. and that's when rise in cases of covert 19 caused the
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government to impose some of africa, toughest restrictions. but many students say they've lost faith in education and won't be returning your manners. government and global experts warn a whole generation could be about to lose out on their opportunity for education, repairing motorcycles, this is america kind as daily life now. he was 14, when his school closed due to the pandemic. after nearly 2 years, they're finally opening again, but he's not going back. we allows that a bruised bower was everything was in schooling is just sloping down. everything is ruined. they're gonna need to look for meadow it to leave candice father left. now at 16, he has to take care of his 2 brothers alone. i had a idea that everything it's going me is it will be of your mac caea when you're doing that integration thing by not even life. got me though,
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having moves condo had already picked up, his school supplies in preparation for his return, but now he won't need them. the government estimates a good 30 percent of ugandan students won't come back to the classroom. this elementary school fears that number could be much higher teachers compared together to start school creating class books to renew for years. moving around, deciding those 2 things, eggs, bananas for may, quote, this one as interested in edition. and existing learning crisis has gotten worse. according to the united nations children's fun, up to 70 percent of 10 year olds and low and middle income countries can't read nearly 20 percent more than before. corona, if you drop any school not returning that will have a lifelong implications for you, globally, it's estimated of trillions of dollar impact on economies globally do as
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a result of learning. wall street, many, many experts say more support for global education is needed to help young generations break free from cycles of poverty. and he w a put a julius symbol gum while visited a school to see what the 1st stay back was like and to assess the impact of such a long pause in children's education. the classes i finally opened 2 years later. now this is the longest, the government of uganda wanted to stop the spread of coffee. 19. that decision was why the welcome at that time until it 1st wide criticism menu gunman started questioning to rush and i love keeping. i was close closed when elsewhere in other countries. llanas were standing. now other schools open, but kids are nowhere to be seen. the government up still expects 3 out of 10 liners not to return to school across the country teenage premises,
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on their record high. many guzman never return to school, was a families of fisting, very big financial challenges. some breadwinners whose support keys did not survive the pandemic. and when it comes and institutional level schools have closed, some private schools being out of business for 2 years, us forced them to close indefinitely. and some experienced teachers have also quits the profession. and now some analyzing that what we're seeing today may lead into a bigger impact, a generation with a wide knowledge gum just got where they're reporting from uganda. let's take a brief look now at some of the other developments in the pandemic. india reported nearly 180000 new covert 19 infections on monday. the most since late may, and in israel, more than a quarter of a 1000000 people have now received a 4th dose of the vaccine in italy,
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unvaccinated people are now borrowed from restaurants and taking domestic flights and new rules that came into force. today. a military courts and men mar, has sentenced to oust at leader on some sushi to 4 more years in prison. she was convicted on several charges, including possession of unlicensed walkie talkies. the conviction is just the latest chapter in a trial that critics say is politically motivated. last month, the pro democracy leader was convicted of incitement and breaking corona virus rules. oh me enlarged, opposed, lead remains and detention confronted with a slew of charges that could see young, some sushi locked up for the rest of her life. the international community has denounced her jailing by me and mars military government, calling the legal campaign politically motivated to she was once seen as a beacon of human rights and the savior of me and mars democracy. thanks to her fight against the military that ruled myanmar for decades. she became the country
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civilian leader in 2016. but her international reputation was left in tatters after the army suppressed. the countries were hinge, a muslims by thousands died and many more were displaced. known simply as the lady, she remains immensely popular with the countries buddhist majority. since the military put their way to power civil society, me and more has been in disarray. clashes between the armed forces and militia groups have left scores dead and the regime has come down forcefully on widespread protests. the hunter has not relented. they are dead said on preventing sushi and her supporters from returning to power. it's traditionally one of hollywood biggest parties, but the golden globes took place on sunday and televised and largely ignored by stars of the silver screen winners were announced on a life blog. jane campion became only the 2nd female director to win the best drama
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prize with her dark western power of the dog. meanwhile, as huberts, we make a west side story picked up the gong for best musical or comedy. the family was not behind closed doors following a scandal over a lack of diversity and transparency. all right, let's get you more on this is scott rock, spur from d. w culture has of course been tracking these developments for you scott. i thought i had missed the golden globes, but it just turns out that they just weren't even even televised. so why, what happened this time around? yet it's been a huge change of this year as, as you mentioned, i mean the globes. it traditionally are like the 2nd biggest party in hollywood after uh, the oscars, you know, when you're just have a reg,
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carpets packed with stars and all the glitz and glamour that you expect from event like this. and that was definitely not the case this year. there was no red carpet, there were no stars, and there wasn't awards ceremony, but it was held behind closed doors. um and it was not broadcast on television or online. things were just posted of the winners, which is posted uh, without much fanfare on social media. i'm and it all goes back to these scandals involving the hollywood foreign press association, which is the organization that organizes the globes and whose members vote on on the winners. and as you mentioned, and there was a series of scandals involving a lack of transparency and a severe lack of diversity within the organization. i mean, till last year there were no, absolutely no black members of the hollywood foreign press association. i'm at. and these scandals um, basically sparked up pretty much the entire film industry, the solid hollywood to essentially abandon of the globes. it's television broadcast
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or pulled out and the goals were sort of left adrift. um, so this year with this sort of straight back bare bones type of awards ceremony and it looks like the hollywood for a press location and the globes are trying to bit to pay penance to hollywood to sort of say to the film industry. i'm we're sorry and, and please come back to us. let's talk about nicole kidman. she won a best actress for her performance and being the ricardo's, how did that go down and who else won an award? yeah, uncle kidman, one of for her role playing the television early. the pioneering a television comedian lucille ball in a being ricardo's a bit of a controversial choice. i mean this a performance. what got a real mixed review of from, from critics or do i think it does fall into this for the category of the globes often do with where they value star power as much as they do performance. in the case of the best, a dramatic actor winner will smith. you got both,
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he won best actor playing a king in king richard where he plays the father of a tennis stars of venice and at venice and a serena williams. and that was a very well received ord. i think i'm also the best a drama picture winner power, the dog from jane campion, who also won best director that was very well received. that sort of the, the front runner now and the whole awards season going forward. i'm actually, it used to be the case that the globes were always a precursor of the oscars and the winners. they are usually got a boost for their auster campaign this year though, because the globes because their image has been so tarnished. i'm not sure if the winners here will have a might, if the winning winning here will have much of an impact on the, the sort of the winners of the oscars in a couple months time. scott roxbury from dw carter. thank you so much, scott. you're watching, you know, we news a reminder now the top story that we are following for you right now. representatives from russia and the united states are meeting in geneva to talk
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about the ongoing tensions over ukraine. russia has been massing troops and tanks near its border with ukraine. western countries fear that the kremlin could be planning an invasion. moscow says it feels threatened by the us and nato expansion . you're watching the daily news coming up next and news asia, the role of assay on in trying to restore democracy in military rule to me and mark and how hypersonic missile development is threatening piece on the korean peninsula . those stories in a whole lot more coming up in just a moment with a chat. i'm like, i'm iraq. i'm calling on behalf of all of us here. thank you for spending this part of your day with with
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