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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 11, 2022 3:02am-3:31am CET

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to say, greenhouse gas emissions have supercharged wild fires, hate waves and flooding affecting every continent. this is dw news. you'll find more information on our website at www dot com. ah, there was no progress made in talks today between russia and the united states at issue ukrainian sovereignty and how that could one day possibly mean nato membership for the kremlin. that is not an option. to night. moscow in washington are on a dangerous trajectory that could lead to war. and once again, europe is ground. 0 of this is vintage cold war behavior minus the threat of an all out nuclear war. tonight, russia's curtain call for the iron curtain. i'm brick gulf in berlin. this is the day, ah,
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you never, never becomes a member of nato will not allow any one. that flam closed nato's open door policy. we will never compromise on the rights for every nation in you'd have to choose his own fault. for us to have been asked more than 100000 troops, long trained porter, we have no intention to invade you crean, and they can prove that in fact, they have no intention to tie deactivating and burning through us and russia. in some ways i have was it views on what needs to be done? also coming up a joke, a bit victory down under the tentative stars when in court, but not on court. so low this has been,
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holds many names in many different person and countries on hold, but no one is only fighting for the liberty of choice or to our viewers watching on p b. s. in the united states into all of you round the world welcome. we begin the day with russia and the united states, falling back into an all too familiar role, cold war enemies. today, representatives from washington to moscow met in geneva, high level diplomatic talks to diffuse. what is quickly becoming a ticking time bomb over ukraine? at issue us demands to respect the sovereignty of ukraine versus russia's demand that the u. s. show it more respect. today u. s. deputy secretary of state, wendy sherman, and her russian counterpart sat down together in geneva to diffuse. what has all the hallmarks of a cold war stand off?
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russia has been massing troops and tanks near its border with ukraine stroking fears of a plan invasion. no russia denies that it has any plans to invade ukraine. it is promising, however, to protect its interests, and those interests include keeping ukraine out of native today and language echoing back to the 19 sixty's cuban missile crisis. moscow accused the u. s. a following an aggressive policy of military expansion. the kremlin is standing by its demand that washington issued a legally binding promise that kiev will never become a member of nato. here's russia's negotiator. after today's talks. for us, it's absolutely mandatory for to make sure that you agree never, never, never becomes a member of nato. we need iron clad. what the proof bullet proof,
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the legally binding guarantees not assurances, not safeguards guarantees with all the words shell must everything that should be put in these bull. never, never becoming member of nato never ever. will the u. s. diplomat, wendy sherman, she described today's talks as constructive, but she said there were no breakthroughs of ukraine or any future security arrangements in eastern europe. we will not allow any one that slam closed nato's open door policy, which has always been central to dando alliance. we will not wear go bilateral cup cooperation with sovereign state that which to work with united states. and we will not make decisions about ukraine without ukraine. about europe without your birth. not nita went out nato, wendy sherman speaking there. now neither was scheduled to have its own sit down with russia this coming wednesday here to expectations are low and the talks will
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take place without ukraine at the table. now, the fact that the kremlin insists on bilateral talks with the biden administration 1st. and then 2nd talks with nato. it does not help the situation today. ukraine's deputy prime minister made it clear on which side of the geo strategic divide they want to be. the euro. atlantic integration is enshrined in our constitution and support and by the majority of ukrainian citizens. it's not a subject to negotiation or bargaining chip. aggressor is not in a position to put conditions until the russian tanks is out of ukrainian border while at the border. ukrainian soldiers have literally dug in their positions with russian troops just kilometers away. take a look at this. this is recent footage from the dawn asked region the front line of ukraine's 8 year conflict with pro russian separatist in these muddy trenches.
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there's not much hope that this week of diplomacy will make any difference. but anyway, it's always like this, like rather every time we have a ceasefire, it's come for a week or 2 with it and then fighting starts up again if and off with. it's like a tradition from once we have a ceasefire thick then talk and then another escalation, but it will. yeah. but of the water. what they wanted. my 1st gift to night is samuel chirrup. he is a former adviser on russia at the u. s. state department, he's currently a senior political scientist at the rand corporation specializing in security in arms control in the former soviet union. he's also the author of the book. everyone loses the ukraine crisis and the ruinous contest for post soviet eurasia. ms. tariff, it's good to have you on the program you use in the title of your book ruinous. that is maybe an apt description of what the reality could
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be if, if this trajectory continues between russia and the us, would you agree? absolutely. i mean, i think we are potentially on the verge of the largest conflict in europe, and certainly since the wars in the phone use lava and maybe even since world war 2 and given the nature of the russian build up. and i think that would be a ruinous outcome for certainly for ukraine 1st and foremost. but for russia in the west as well. i mean, the rhetoric that we're hearing immediate sounds a lot like what we heard in 1962, also 1987. but there's one huge difference. just last week, china france, the u. k. and the u. s. and rush assigned a joint statement reaffirming their commitment to preventing nuclear war, saying we affirm that nuclear weapons should serve only for defensive purposes and
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to prevent war. a mishap that is reassuring, but the timing of this statement that they signed this statement last week. that leaves me somewhat nervous. what about you? well, i think the timing of it is mostly linked to the nuclear nonproliferation treaty review conference that was scheduled for the early part of this year. i wouldn't read too much into that. that formulation was also used in the us russia presidential joint statement after presidents by an important met in geneva that happens in june. that is a nuclear war. kathy, one must not be fought. but, you know, frankly, i think the, in this situation in the crisis around ukraine, right now, the risk of a u. s. russia conflict is really less immediate than
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a russia ukraine conflict. now that could escalate out of control and eventually involve the u. s. but there, you know, a bunch of steps that would have, that would come in between fighting in eastern ukraine or in any part of ukraine and, and the u. s. marshal conflict. and if we were to see a full scale invasion of ukraine by russia, what kind of reaction would you expect from nato? well, i think they, the us and its allies in nato have been pretty explicit about that. first that there would be severe economic sanctions that the u. s. u t t up that there would be significant sort of political sanctions in terms of the treatment of russia going forward. and that there would be significant upping of nato military presence
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in the eastern plank allies. nato allies that are close to ukraine and feel the most direct sense of the threat from russia, and that the u. s. has said that it would increase its assistance, military assistance directly to ukraine in the event that such a conflict. so those are the sort of deterrent threats that are on the table that the u. s. and italians are using to try to effect rest calculus. what would you advise you as president biden, to do immediately in order to avert the military car from to conflict? well, i think they're doing the right thing this week on the diplomatic path, needs to be pursued with vigor. and we need to be, you know, as flexible within the parameters of, you know, our principles and our policies that we can. because the alternative to diplomacy,
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increasingly, it seems to me, it is conflict and it's a conflict that the u. s. is that is not going to be involved in militarily and, and the consequences of it will be quite significant. so as unpleasant as it is to be in a sort of hostage situation where ukraine is essentially taken. i'm sorry, we're russia essentially taking ukraine hostage and i asked the west essentially to, to, to make concessions. that's where we find ourselves and, and it's a, it's an unfortunate reality. but the by ministration i think is doing is best to try to talk her way out of it. i think that's, you know, let me ask you before we run out of time, assuming this crisis can be diffused. does the us state department, in your opinion, does it have to abandon the clinton error thinking the paradigm towards russia and
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accept that vladimir putin position when it comes to russian influence and russia boundaries that, that has to actually be given more credence? do you think a rethink is necessary? well, that's a difficult question. you know, i think some of the issues that russia is explicitly putting on the table now are ones that we, we, the west nato countries. the us have been a, you know, not prepared to address directly really such as, you know, nato enlargement to georgia and ukraine. on the one hand, we said they will become members. on the other hand, we haven't actually invited them to apply for membership or even given them a membership action plan. and these kinds of issues are very difficult. and russia basically asking us to make concessions on them while sort of pointing going
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to ukraine makes it political even more challenging. so while i think it's important to try to, to, you know, hear the russians out and see if there's room for common ground. by the same token, it seems to me like a diplomatic solution is, you know, would be a miracle, frankly, if it were, if they were able to pull it off. well, let, let's say what they did that, and we certainly do wish you all the success m your chair, mr. jet. we appreciate your time tonight. thank you. thanks me. aah. sinistar novak joke of ich was seen on a tennis court in melbourne, australia to day that was made possible by the events just hours earlier inside a melbourne courtroom. a judge overturned the government's decision to cancel a joke of hitches visa over corona virus vaccination requirements. australian open
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organizers granted the tennis door, a medical exemption from the vaccination, which immigration officials refused to recognize today. a judge route that was wrought jubilant supporters had been celebrated. but this may not be the final sir . the government is now considering whether to cancel the serbians visa for different reasons. ah, they were so happy that their hero is free, for now. they mobbed any car, even if they couldn't be 100 percent. sure, novak joke of it was inside, outside his lawyers office, they celebrated into the night somewhere, pepper sprayed in the chaos outside court to joke of it. your supporters cheered the decision to overturn his visa being cancelled. oh, i mean go
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with the judge order joking, which is released from immigration detention calling me australian government's decision unreasonable. he rolled that joke which hadn't been given enough time to respond to that decision. the serbian had arrived in australia, believing he had a medical exemption to rules requiring a corona virus vaccine. this, it emerged was due to a december 16th coven 19 infection, but the australian government argued that exemption didn't apply to people entering the country from overseas. that contradicted what joke of it had been told by tennis australia the tournament organizers. i'm not gonna blame any one. the conflicting information and the contract information that you receive is because of the changing environment. we are in a very challenging vaughn for everyone has been involved in this process. ciocca
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bitch treated that he was pleased to am grateful with the decision after the court's ruling going on to say he's now focused on the tournament. but the saga is not over yet. the australian government can still cancel joke, which is visa on the grounds of public health. for now though, joke of it's his family, it's thrilled with the rather atypical victory. or for me, this is the biggest victory in his career. he is bigger than all his grand slams. every little winning on the court is 2nd nature to joke of ich winning incorp. however, as proved a lot harder or it was full and alex gross and he's editor in chief of the online side cracked rackets covering all levels of tennis is podcast is called the mini break. he joins us from indianapolis in the u. s. alex, good to see you again. so do you agree with mother joke of ej?
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and when she says that this, when is in court, is her son's greatest victory? well, i suppose at least it's still a court, so that may count for something. but i think the most unfortunate part of the situation and you guys did such an eloquent job laying out there, is that joke which has taken on the symbol of political martyr. and there are so many fantastic things to explore about novak joke, which playing in australia, the fact that he's pursuing career grand slam number 21, which would set the record on the men's side. the fact that novak job bridge at this continued a leaky turn 35, this may continues to play near the peak of his performance. there are so much to celebrate on board. unfortunately, we can't, because as you guys demonstrated that last night, now, strangely, there are those who took this decision as an excuse will say, to go to the street. and unfortunately police had to deploy proper spray last night to break up a crowd. it is,
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i would disagree. i think there are moments on the court job, which has looked far more impressive than this victory in the court room. that said, i understand the sentiment. well, what about the australian open organization? i mean, they're the ones who actually have rooms that allow for exemptions in the middle of a pandemic. when in a country that has had the strict is restrictions in the world, shouldn't they be blame before for this? yeah, this migration visa, p r. disaster you are starting to understand tennis quite well. my friend, i would 1000 per cent. echo that sentiment and look. crank kylie who is the director of the australian open the big wig at tennis australia. he has done an immense job about making the australian open as accomodating as possible for players. there is no doubt he overstepped his boundaries on this one over extended and the key question so many of us are asking is what exactly dig crank kylie? tell novak joke of it because of course the most obvious solution,
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the most commonly repeated solution would have been for joke which to get vaccinated. now, if he was told by craig, kylie, i have spoken with the australian government, we have clarified what is, what is it allowed your case is going to be an exception. then you can understand joke of which is confounded with its entire situation. so absolutely, i think there are people in tennis, australia who have to be held accountable. and i anticipate those questions will continue to be asked over the course of the next few weeks. and the australian government right now has mud on its face if you will, never joke of it. he probably will get a cool reception doesn't the playing, but it doesn't change the fact though that because of this, every one in the world is going to be watching it. when he walks onto that court. that's going to make a lot of money for the australian open isn't well, that's exactly what crank tyler, was counting on with no back joke of inches inclusion into this event. and again, it's always worked practicing. he is chasing history. that is something all kind of
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spans will gravitate towards that pursuit of his 21st grand slam that sat and i apologize for repeating myself. i mentioned this last time, you know, tennis tournament should never compromise public health. and i do think, unfortunately that's the perception of the australian open now, particularly it within the australian community who have to be vaccinated to attend this event. the hypocrisy of that ruling in itself that an australian to attend the australian open, has to be vaccinated. we're making this grand exception for a player who doesn't have to worry about the things that you know, daily australians are going through day and day out, has been able to maintain some sort of comfort. i think that's hypocrisy, that hypocrisy is what again keeps people talking about this story in why unfortunately it's probably not going anywhere anytime soon. yeah, you're right about that. will alex growth going with the online site? correct rack is a great name else. we appreciate your analysis and i thank you. thank you for having me. ah. it has been considered
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hollywood rehearsal would run up to the oscars, but the golden globes star was dim last night. the awards were not even televised and the winners were announced on alive block jane camp became only the 2nd female director to win the best drama prize with her dark western power of the dog. on let him, steven spielberg's remake of west side story, picked up the gong for best musical or comedy. the ceremony was held behind closed doors following a scandal over lack of diversity and transparency. someone who knows all about the story is violently kj. matthews entertained reporter in los angeles, she's also a recent member of the hollywood foreign press association which decides on the golden globe. it's good to see you k j. so i'm going to ask you, you're an insider. now it is this a just a total disaster, right?
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now, you know, a lot of people have been asking that question this morning. so that is a very fair question to ask. um, but i don't think it is. i thought it was actually strategic. i'm, you know, gone. we're the traditional a golden globe ceremonies that you have seen for decades on a and b. c. lots of stars having blue, everybody kind of just letting loose people look forward to it. it is a number one of the 1st really award show in the awards season here in los angeles . that was gone for a number of reasons. so i went to it last night and basically what it was was a 90 minute close door private session where there were no celebrities, no red carpet, no booze, no food. none of that until after the ceremony where people were allowed to go to the pool area of the hotel. and of course there was food provided. so in lieu of that, what you got were grant recipients, these are organizations all throughout the world who receive money from the
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hollywood foreign press association to do things like, you know, bring more diversity into the organization. help more people with low income get into the arts, all sorts of things. so these people have received millions of dollars over the years and a bother executive directors and they presented it. so it was a different affair. but i actually kinda liked the fact that we got to learn more about where this money is going, that they get a rear of armor that been blood pressure has been on this kid. because you and i, i know that there are reads pandemic reasons, that it was a closed door. but you and i had talked about the situation with hollywood for in, for us. so fusion, the lack of transparency. well, the, we have a contradiction, their lack of transparency and the doors are shut. well, you know, the thing is, the celebrities they want to see what people are wearing, they want to see all those things. and those things were not present. and the fact that it is a pandemic. so we can allow as many people in the car,
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so everybody knows that the hollywood foreign press to say see, a press association has been under siege for the last year. we learned last year that he didn't have any black members, lack of diversity or there were ethical lapses were some former members have perhaps been seen taking favors from various publicists in the or in the industry. so yes they have been, ah, under the fire you so to speak. so a lot has been going on, but they've also made a lot of changes within the last year. i think the closed door thing, which is to put the focus back on their philanthropic efforts and not on the celebrities did not want to attend. ok. where you are, those are the of we know that so the once celebrity was there, let me answer got about a minute left. talk to me about the power of the doll. well, it was a favorite, but you know what, what is even more uh, surprising actually will smith winning his 1st golden glow? do you realize that he was nominated for his 1st golden globe back in 1093 when he
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was a fresh prince of bel air? he has been nominated numerous times. never won until last night. so that was interesting. and also the australians had a good night, you know, with nicole women and nicole given that is i'm sorry, winning for i being the ricardo. so it was quite a different, you know, a fair last night or, you know, jane champion obviously winning. but yes, it was a tone down of fear. it's very different. it'll be interesting to see moving forward. if hollywood opens the door to our organization and allow them to fully participate in things. so we'll just have to see the prints of bill there are. remember that that also tells me just how old i am getting the 70. 0, philly. i nurtured either. katie, bethany, timothy was as always, kids as good food. thank you. well, the day's almost done the conversation that continues online. you'll find us on twitter, either dw news, you can follow me on twitter at brent golf t. v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day
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