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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 11, 2022 7:00am-7:16am CET

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the only clue variant is putting the healthcare systems around the world to the test. vaccination campaigns are accelerating, while restrictions are intensifying once again. but are these measures enough to stop the spread of omicron fax data and reports you know a weekly coven, 19 special? every thursday on d w ah, ah ah, this is d w news coming to live from berlin and historic heart implant and a medical 1st us surgeon successfully transplant up genetically modified
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a carved into a human patient raising hopes that animal organs could ease or chronic donor short, also in the program. no breakthrough in russia us talks to diffuse a crisis over ukraine. love sod, strong red lines with european security caught in the middle and caustic stones. president names the new government, but will a change at the top be enough to restore stability to the former soviet republic robbed by violent unrest. ah. hello m terry martin. good to have you with us. in a medical 1st, us surgeons have successfully implanted a genetically modified pig heart into a human patient. the transplant took place last week. the 57 year old man was too ill to be eligible for a human heart transplant,
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but it's said to be recovering well. so far, medical researchers hope such procedures could one day help ease the chronic shortage of human organ donations. this is the heart used to give dave bennett a new lease on life. in a 9 hour procedure surgeons transplanted the organ, taken from a one year old pig. it was gene edited bread and killed for this purpose. following friday surgery, the 57 year old patient is breathing on his own while still connected to a hot lung machine. he simply didn't want to die, doesn't want to die. and he felt that if he had no opportunity and he was pretty well convinced by multiple doctors who had told him he had a fatal disease. and he was unlikely to leave the hospital because of that as a background, as, as an alternative. he, he said to me 2 very important things, i don't want to die. and he said if i do, maybe you'll learn something to help others. prior attempts at so called zeno
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transplantation, largely failed because patience bodies rapidly rejected the animal organ. most countries rely on an opt in system for donation requiring express prior consent to use the organs of dead people in the usa alone, around $6000.00 people die every year, waiting for kidneys, hearts, or lungs. a death, a game changer. because a, you know, now and not a v will have these organs are readily available if you had the technique of a genetically modifying. so if they're more cute tweaking required for, for modifying the genes we can reveal the, we'll be able to do that. and, you know, again, can you know, customize basically the hard for, are the argon for the patient. the experimental procedure raises ethical and animal rights issues, and as far from being declared safe. but for now, dave bennett's new pig heart is still beating bilateral talks between
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russia in the u. s. had ended with no breakthrough discussions, focused on deescalate intentions over ukraine western countries or calling on russia to pull its troops back from the ukrainian border. moscow wants a guarantee from nato that the military alliance will not expand eastwards and will instead, rollback deployments in eastern europe. discussions between russia and the u. s. began in geneva without a handshake or other formalities, irreconcilable positions, divide the 2 countries. russia wants bullet proof guarantees that ukraine will never become a nato member, a promise. the u. s. categorically rejects the u. s. deputy secretary of state, wendy sherman said the talks couldn't be considered negotiations under current terms and that russia must deescalate. now, if moscow wants to keep talking, russia has been massing soldiers near the ukranian border for weeks, causing concern for russia. denies any intention to attack russia's deputy foreign
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minister called the talks professional. but he says moscow remains firm on a central point to we on the score that for us is absolutely mandatory to make sure that the ukraine never, never, ever, becomes a member of nato. and the answer to that from brussels. the door to nato remains open for ukraine due to memorial renew. it is for ukraine on the 3rd to nato allies, to decide when ukraine is ready for membership. no one else has and there are 2 same thing. multiple experts suspect that for rushes, president putin. the uncompromising wrangling in geneva is about more than ukraine, if staggered us, i think in the end what he can get is a process which could take longer and could work towards negotiating a new european security order, and one of an annoying, old patients shouts ordinal. there will be further talks and brussels on wednesday
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at the nato russia council, though they're likely to be just as difficult. a brussels bureau chief alexander phenomena is following the story force in geneva. alexandra, russia in the us had now met and talked about the security concerns with tensions extremely high. what did this meeting achieve? well, the main goal on of this meeting was to sit together and exchange views and position and wendy sherman, the head of the you as delegation said she wouldn't even call the meeting a negotiation. she said, those were talks designed to, to, to share a put preliminary views on how the situation could become down. but she described it talks as frank and forthright, and that is also, was the had of the russian delegation said that he said that the talks were a constructive. and that the you, as a seems to take seriously what russia had to say. however,
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we so that said both sides are confronting almost unbridgeable, unbridgeable differences on many issues. so this was an opportunity for the 2 sides to sit down and spell out their positions. did we learn anything new? i don't think that we learned anything new, terry, but i think it was very interesting to see if that confirmed that the u. s. would be potentially ready to talk about mutual limitations on certain kinds of messiah in europe, that they would be ready to talk about the reduction of the scope and scale of military exercises in eastern europe. but the problem is that russia doesn't seem really interested in that. yeah, there are saying the us remaining firm on their nato position and they are demanding iron clad to bullet proof,
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legally binding guarantees that ukraine will never ever become a member of nato. and that is, of course, a non starter for the us and for nato. and meanwhile, of course, tensions here in europe remain extremely high. did this meeting do anything to reduce the risk of conflict, particularly in ukraine of example. i mean, goes, sites are still talking, there was no breakthrough, but also they were, was no breakdown of the talks. and this is certainly a positive sign. the you as delegation is troubling to brussels today, to brief, a you as allies there and to the nato. russia council is taking place on wednesday, so they will be talking again. i'm at the head of the russian delegation with cough . he said that the russia, the russians, that they, the kremlin, does not have any plan or intention for an invasion. however,
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at the u. s. official are saying that there are still not convinced that russia is really honestly interested in diplomacy. and i think at the end of this week we might know more where that is the case of john, thanks very much. that was the w's, alexandra phenomena in geneva. sketch up on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today. the president of the european parliament, david sali has died at the age of $65.00. his office said he passed away after a serious complication related to his immune system. the italian center left politician had been in hospital since december 26. the ears, climate monitoring service says the last 7 years were the hottest ever recorded globally by a clear margin. last year, the average temperature was more than one degrees celsius, above pre industrial levels, signed his se,
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greenhouse gas emissions have supercharged wildfires, heat waves, and flooding affecting every continent. a flood, a fire in a slum district near the northern chile and city of if k has destroyed more than a 100 homes fire. cruise struggled to bring the blaze under control because there were no hydrants close to the densely packed illegal dwellings. at least 400 people were evacuated to a nearby school. us drug maker, pfizer and his partner by on tech are working on a vaccine targeting the omicron variant of the corona virus and expect to have it ready by march. the company says it already, many, it's already manufacturing doses due to keen interest from governments. the highly contagious omicron has driven up the number of new cases in many regions. thousands of protesters turned out across germany on monday evening to oppose the government's run of iris measures. country has toughened its stance against the
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unvaccinated, shutting them out of restaurants and other public venues protest against social restrictions. and vaccines have been held every monday for the last several weeks. cossick stones, president cassim, jo mott took, i of has said russian lead troops will soon begin leaving the country. the troops arrived in the country last week after days of violent unrest. according to the interior ministry, almost 10000 people have been detained throughout the country with dozens of deaths . government officials said that the chaos had been stabilizing and claimed that islamist militants were among the attackers. or for more in this, we're joined now by journalist bruce pioneer age central asia specialist who's currently in prague. bris russian lead troops are expected to leave cars, extend the next days that's according to the cause at present. how big will putin's
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influence be on the near future of cause it's down. well, i would say it's going to be huge. i mean, the fact that they introduce those forces in the 1st place is a clear signal that russia supports that trans final transition of power taking place in a moment. so everyone's going to know that the guy has the problem back. because our president has named a new prime minister. this is another new development. what can we expect from this new prime minister? well, you know, the hon. spite of was the finance minister and of course public stone is really all about economics and finance it's. it's certainly the wealthiest country and central asia, they've been having a hard time with most of the world and them. and so i would imagine that the reason he was selected was because he has a particular focus on economics and is going to be something as
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a savior of the system, or he's going to be concentrated on finances because it's done that said, you know, there's an interesting book to him that he was on the ration economic council, and that's the counsel from the russian lead to ration economic community. so the reading tea leaves are, you might see that as a yet another sign that alex is moving closer to russia. a, it's been reported that a number of high ranking officials and cars extent have died under dubious circumstances. what do you, what can you tell us about that? you know, it's, there were those reports i saw yesterday. no one committed suicide, apparently by jumping out of when no one had a heart attack. you know, when you hear these kind of reports, it has echoes from other not even other areas. so be there. but i mean, even recently we've seen this is people that run out of authorities in russia for instance, the doctors who reported are covered cases in their hospitals that were being
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reported officially, you know, later jumped out windows photo. so you know, some of the people who are loyal to the losing faction and the intro, the struggle might have actually this person might have committed suicide. that one person might about artifact, but i look suspicious and there's always going to be question bruce, thank you very much. that was journalist bruce pioneer in prague. now there's been many great escapes throughout history, but few as unusual as the one you're about to see. a group of more than 80 ostriches were caught on camera running through the chinese city of trauma show after escaping from a nearby farm. fortunately it happened in the middle of the night, the birds weigh more than a 100 kilos. each not something you'd want to run into your way at work. well, local media say the feathered friends were later return to the farm without inch
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you. you're watching dw news just to remind her of the top story. we're following for you to day. the 1st day of high stakes talks between russia and the u. s. has ended with no breakthrough. the talks are aimed at d, escalating tensions over ukraine with western countries fearing the kremlin could be planning an invasion. moscow wants nato to hold its eastward expansion. you are watching dw news from berlin up next we got the business for you. then of course, you always find all the latest news and information any time you want on our website . that's the w dot com. i'm terry martin. thanks watch. ah
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