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tv   REV - The Global Auto and Mobility Show  Deutsche Welle  January 11, 2022 6:30pm-7:01pm CET

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version of this stylish motor icon. the oval man's head. see? the prototype. classic design on the outside. latest tech, on the inside. the manta fandom is charged and raring to go. read on to w. now we've got some hot tips for your bucket list. ah, magic corner check hot spot for food and some great cultural memorials to boot d w. travel off we go with well, you know, for the magazine, how many decent level might, cynthia may till it's either me or i said, login. i get a moment ma'am. by to now i get, i got to really have to be a good teacher who's
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we are living during the most extraordinary time in history of transport will go for the electric with red. the auto and mobility show with in this edition, a teacher in spain conjures up his very own, immobile he sent me remember to want to leave that did anybody so i that are so old. ok when i'm on it a resurrection as open gives the manta an electric come back. this project is really cool. i like it. and our search for the ideal young people's car involves a baptism of a different kind. okay, that's okay. yes, i'm the controller complex,
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but it was an all new dawns and new leases on life now on red. ah, ladies and jan's wall account to the raft. check. today's car is very special. it's somewhat a prototype, but it's even more than that than you all poor, manta, g s e, electro mom and o g s stands for performance. earlier models were called g s i or grand sport injection. now there's been new purely electric manta that g s e, as he can tell we're inside and since covetous philip being i need to wear that mask. but let's quickly talk about the car. as you can tell, this car looks very much like the old monta. the 1st man to hit the market
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in 1970 with engines ranging from 68 to 90 horsepower. it was, oh course, answer to the successful ford to pre and it's stylish, looks earned at lots of fans. but why does the new manta looks so similar to the old one? and the reason for that is it actually is a monta. they took the body from an alt monta and only changed a few minor things in the front and in the bag. but the rest is all original, at least on the outside. but not under the hood. we decided to 1st twitter the electric back in here, or upgrade also this digital visor, the car features a 147 horsepower electric motor. yeah, if you can tell here in the fraud, this is unmistakably than you open visor, but it's even more than that because this one is fully digital and he can give you anything you want. it can show graphics and it can show text
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it to remind you of the old man doubt love form of the front is the same with the old monta and that's where the opal visor came from. inside. we've got the pure panell, which is literally the, the factory piece of the mocha dash, opal's pure panel integrates and infotainment touchscreen into the dash. by the way, the new logo was the 1st car to feature opal's visor front, which integrates grill headlights and bags into one module. the interior of the electric manta prototype. mike, the rest of the car is a fascinating mix of old original parts and the newest technology bucket seats add to the sporty retro flare with
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this little hole down here. this is where the electric monitor is charged. now you might be wondering, why is it down there and not at the top. the reason for that is in the original monta. it was there as well. so if you wanted to review your car yet to do that down there. so i think it's pretty cool. the engineers, he cited to keep that little feature on the new months. i as well with its 31 kilowatt hour battery. the manta has a range of around 200 kilometers, but that wasn't the focus of this project. a nice little detail at the rear east. the monta lettering just i get is on the new opal mock. so what about the electric mantas future with those that everybody's looking for is through v currency. and to just do a co page would be really difficult also, but basically share it to really explore loss and just building or new silhouette. it's to really new technology and new way of producing ah, one example,
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the updated mantle logo on the side with an integrated q r code. this logo can take you to a website with info about the car and in the future, all new open. this will have a similar one. this project is really cool. i like it. my special highlight is the real that looks for jurisdiction, but somewhat all school as well. it is unclear whether a car like that will ever come on to the streets. but i would really appreciate that it doesn't have to be a man toe which be if it's a car that is similar with an electric drive train. but for that we'll have to wait for the s u. v boom to fall off. one positive sign, oprah was pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback this man has received and its marketing people will evaluate whether a small series production could make sense in the future. ah,
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blue color coin. and he stood among that a certain me profession argument and allow either the lower part fitting or the chef unit in brazil. griagoz us with the left portfolio that is clearly in folio if we're good and i'm not, i will not a yes mobility or this either, but i'm are fussing great about a compliance that we're at and glassy go. they don't know simple casey and pretty and no, i can't be carmella either. my possibly he and does it. if we hadn't got it, they still pretty cheap. you we i said a little we samuel member went down to lee not did any there. they shall come when he said russia, federal booty but also order game and i'm on it. i think more than yours in under i'm on the line are here, but i think going to dollars. yes, i can you me a whole dental our, the fence as
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a magazine. how many of these couple that are going to go into the us? well, we have and i said, you do a lot and i should be a no, my whole thing will not allow for to me that there are many, many of them in the grant this machine. maybe you know how to get stuck in the community out of the army fairly can be in level money, cynthia, mental if you either me or our facebook and i'm going to move into manvatson our get go to read me. if you, if you go to whatever you know, until the italy made it a genuine thing, thing or i gotta get in a case on me cannot hear. we're going to say, you know what? the answer will you to email. hey mama thing good to go to the italy glossy and then he had told the market that he told all of in the beginning of color, he will have them, but they may be you or you that but it can add a little bit low. victoria meant they eat, i believe rolla color gail. katie told us, she said there was no, no, no, no b,
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clerical gallery in country manners, and she got a got a gift from canada. yeah. my son cortez. he will need to see they will horshal look my semester, but in the last linea committee will not get the electrical e k for me major. but in the, i say the final question, while i'm on the, on the data will be who you fullness will do the look. the none of unionism, of the combustion. profess limly's. she's all i see for annoying before i, when i had been in the area and i finally got young, the chassis is not in glue for them in the last month you a level you can make any thought, but i for that'll give us a little push pushing on the scanner primary, let me like will be in a little out loud and clear. was still a few davy video that i see now. jesse's yet we're going to the forget. no,
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sir, we get on. jesse. no sir, we have almost nothing from him to be fit into the low shade of kimball you had better not meant in affording one a list of way. there were ruggedness got a hold of me and when the funeral came on for the field for the way i wanted to walk them into the middle of the way up when at last pension that i said i got hi gambiola here and we'll go to the address they landed on and i told him i did yes, easier for you in the data like we know, i mean, you know what about how to college is to some of them, but i am glad life has been shown and data a lot that i have august yeah, go ahead. i'm years have been done on the board and got money and money that am and noon and a lot of jesse's ideas going to the us when i feel blue book a know i just one particular guy got there. gave me that i yeah. but not quite the way it will jesse's the k
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b in our lobby or that my dad he and bitter me that they need to grow. if you can 3, our dba, will you also get your yeah, my view was here, which will be my the last be last year by the yes, the commodity gladly it lower. they go to school more like and good momentum nausea to go until you go ok. yes sir. randall yes. have you found yourself? i'm doing because i'm i've been, i mean it's heavy. i'm glad you did. now your new book golfing into a boy. why lemonade out in the book. i mean, it was, i'll go get a no c p n. you're not to go and present in internet a guy called was he yours, yours amount of k to be assigned you alec turning to and to see us in the law that he got finda, the initial robi, who's he really so it's not as well with him i said he, i literally said if happy, belated, then he said no, no, no, no, no someone in the hello me
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that i will be glad to think of say sir daniels, movies and food are simply, i think, not going to love that. not a lot in love. love is melissa. we know he's been the one on it. he said to me, look a lot. i will give you one of you know, what about the, or the law for you? the problem. i think you got to bleed and done the fatal cabinetry. people of the sort of bonus. i've got enough courses, i will, i will get quite a lot of money. the other coaches is the final be an a party to come and tell more
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local good intentions on the, the boys and dulles international odyssey. but i'm not going to follow up for those and immediately like i didn't get a momentum for the fuss is not going to get a lot can be than that was on the it's on dia, k, as we now got this me, i mean i'm going to say he made that level don't as id, you did actually gone through all of you, but when she got to the hill, the near la, 20 last your and either luckily i like are not going to load a lot, but a bush and i'm not important. they got you got or good luck gave my daughter here. did you feel more about that? if you listen to me now, i got a when i said mister west concert, he said play out on it's the left half yard in throw the lower the still in the blog. if you get up they said that manual is your guy. how are you going to feel
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love, you know it, with the brains out on the hoary, and i had to keep you w. i've got all the week a. if i get more like a tenant, i guess the me, they'll get numbers when you'll get to watch the 15 of them one a lot of good bit of pseudo k. well k, if you look up by the hello, seneca, by the way, maybe gone will we as well, but i don't got a electrical go my meal. then you get a dress coaches. it is to read today's coaches. if they go to me, go to the doctor and they think all portrays funky and they be got so but there they got that the franchise is either glitches or then me not sure. i'm a year from fiona. the girl offered stuffy and then i will, you will learn or i will do 9 your little chat a little. maybe i'm going to you inefficient in videos. i'm in the embrace are
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going to break pretty, you know? no may see them, but i saw you, your machine took the machine, deleting out emails to get in the process. anything until they're not going to the new york. it is hello. hello. go to, you know, go yet. i wanted to say you live in again. you not to go for me and say, hey, we're careful by the way we are and what the word for low scale big what is wrong but in a day, but that meant a for didn't tell me a moment ago, but he made a sonus to say that because get those this bus you becky, as soon as possible the after the on the back dos last i believe that the rules today are with us to the she was in it, but the net, the us go more, i'm in there for we those who know what we feel we're going to me got you don't want to be like ali then materialization will be so you know, in a chassis or today and data be and show the whole up, you know,
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he ali house up on it up on the market on the out, i mean more mckuddle he love been to the is, will not be in today. the guy said he had to go to pull up into it. i'm just in the bank about he got to go get it. but the net there is in some other key. yeah. the master's play list every go. you submit the hosting and see deal manipulate the word will normally not or will not populate. busy i mean, actually stay a lex what it's going to get converted to us too, but then it there and i got to rebuild. they all i use should be the only one i need. but one of the kind of intel or not, it's not me the little here. can we know a lot i e book with the suddenly yes. when implemented, not the gay when i mean most of where for a month where they can look me up. and i said, let me, sam,
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me for the low guessing and complimentary dumb vienna list that i love to get because i get off if you go morgan talk. when a footfall come to hong kong, ghana was looking into naming the need. they could do the longer. this isn't going to get the study shambria legally, but i said for the says hello, there must be that much fuzzy, little good thing. now we'll study yes. have they don't show me the input for millionaires mill study? yes. here it will mean they've been worse than it would've been. so i mean, those were not, but out actually when i showed us know that yes, you got part of me still in the us notice how to move and said no couple of it is, but i believe we fully you, but it, but i will do my best for normally that you know that whatever they must, you know that melissa bruten i ah,
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ah, what's the coolest? cheapest car for young people? i'm tubing. yeah. but kiya kanto is an option. you can't do it often enough. or the revamped classic the theat panda versa. was a little bit weird. you get a hang of it pretty fast. that's the natural gas fueled say out a visa ref roped in 3 apprentices and a student to take the cars for a spin. the cars are kind of cool with for. yeah, it's a hybrid through electrical and i had with zillow as well. it's cozy. it's all things like like an old car. yes. and really knows. like over speaking of, oh you still have to roll down the windows like in the 2000 or if you have pretty
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much space. yeah that's, that's kind of the good point. but if you mean in the front, i don't know how is it. i mean, bugs bangs not but i would say for the prices are right. exactly. we can't. you can't do trips, but for the city it's been around is also the fee at panda. hybrid sport costs 13 and a half 1000 euros in germany. it claims average consumption of 5.7 liter is per 100 cane. since its debut in 1980, it has carved a successful nation, the economy class segment what it lacks in equipment and performance. it makes up in cargo capacity. the hybrid sport pack, 70 horsepower, which is plenty for getting around town. not think about the color guys. i hate it . i don't like it. it's way too obvious. one small you could park anyway. yeah, sure. go let's look at the trunk. right. that's not so much space and i can always lift this up. and yes, lou,
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that moss based on the he did this place. it's like a little more call me and then you got all the buttons, the blue steering wheel sleep in his leg while you're driving and, and just like in manuel obligation and you have the green. this is every, with, even with people here with the telegraph. yes. rate for the luxury you can just put your phone in there and while driving can charge your phone a little bit. yeah, bluetooth koya, lekia pecans her was the cheapest of our candidates at 10750 euros. the x line version in line light, metallic that rep tested cost to fair bit more. but for that you get sat nav and a heated steering wheel. among other perks. the 3 cylinder turbo gasoline engine can output 100 horsepower. what consumption rated at $4.00 leaders per 100 k. i liked off. yeah. but this one has natural gas. yeah,
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yes. good. any advice and gradual fuel to kind of complicated to put in the natural death. so for the 1st time you have to like put the be a little bit more space underneath. nothing. nothing. yeah, i do like the grip. oh yeah. it's got this kind of. yeah. and we also got the wireless charging over. yeah. it's not always that might be a good day. there's no normal charge or they're only used to see, but no, normally you'd be so we have somebody else had to pick up not a cable. so i would say for the city and porter highway, it's okay. okay, cool. the sad to be, sir, is the spanish carmakers basic model and has slightly better environmental credentials than the other 2 cars. thanks to it's compressed all gas engine
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producing lower c o 2 emissions. the visa has a larger interior than the panda or the kanto and lower fuel costs. are rep testers . he is $3.00 kilos of compressed natural gas per 100 kilometers. that cost about $3.00 euro's 80, and germany by comparison, the same distance in the kiosk cost about $6.00 euro 70. ah. but what about the handling? only one way to find out what they've got to run this through all the good sign of y'all. what does she like clipping problem, but it does have an off wednesday or by depends on your phone bill. up with you know, as of the mom, black is out of your filing hour. you wanted to go when you started with that with the moment of a into access with
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mostly a, a a told me that because when he had begun in minutes a with yet one of them not moving schneider yet somalian via it's washburn into ok. so i've gotta walk up landing in a pool of the doctor. you're far as in the thick 03. yeah. when they tried me to deal with them. so if you have an old sharpen you hadn't heard miss maxine license
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is tom, how are you ruba thought huh. one time. yeah, it was all garbled up. i'll go up to find to start with a tonya. okay, stop by a i really control it. oh to for the earth done for the games of business. oh okay. yeah. book with us. i'm the only point all a conflict with that. i was on the who's over there wasn't a lot of anything. oh, the weakest,
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but it does. he have with william invoice that it was pretty good. so the feeling was at 1st it was a little bit of weird. so you got the hang of it to try to take the steering wheel in the right direction. and then you just learn learning by doing such training. it's a good training to be prepared. now we are prepared for the st. i've chosen the yet because i guess the, the price range is just for students. it's perfect. yeah. you're right. so and even it's not like the fastest and most lectures car. i'm still happy with it. i'm choosing the key. yeah. because 1st of all, i love the color. i love the design inside, outside. and yeah, it's a safe driving it. and it's one thing we are we have so same opinion about yeah, yeah, we love it. it's a good, you'd be a coffee also with the best,
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like you always got to control the price is a bit high is, spends the money by the, especially for a student, but as long living. so. yeah, yeah, you tend to suffer for us. the best value for money is the theat panda. all it needs is a bit more zip and some driving assistance options. the coolest car by far is the key of the canto, nippy and fuel conscious ideal for 1st time buyers. the visa is not only the largest, it's the piracy as to but makes up for it with low running costs. so there you go. see you next time on red. with
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behind the facade con, goes ultra wealthy,
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rich and famous in one of the world's poor country, who was responsible for this in the democratic republic of the congo. and most importantly, how are they doing it with a check? in 15 minutes on d, w, a pulse of the beginning of a story that moves us and takes us along for the ride. it's all about the perspective. culture information is either you news and ah, the w leave minds. oh,
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it's the most controversial prison in the world. the guantanamo bay detention camp ever since it was opened. human rights activists argue guantanamo is where the u. s . lost its moral authority. the infamous prison has violated the geneva convention for 20 years. why has it still not been closed today on the day with well go to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and an after 911. he says, after $911.00, the clubs came off. where organized crime rules were conglomerates make their own laws?
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what's true, what's big? it doesn't matter. the only criteria is what will hook people up. we shed light on the opaque world. who's behind benefits and why are they a threat to us all opaque worlds this week on d w? ah, ah, ah, this is you w news. why from brooklyn armour crohn tidal wave. the world health organization predicts half of europe's population could become.


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