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we can make a difference by choosing reforestation over deforestation recycling over disposable smarten solutions over steam set in our ways. earth is truly unique and we know that that uniqueness is what allows us to live and survive. google ideas, the environmental global 3000 on d, w, and online ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, this is, did every news live from berlin, a cold war flashback,
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russia and nato called strain talks in brussels with little hope for breakthrough b transatlantic alliance was russian troops to pull back from ukraine's border, the kremlin wines guarantees, nato won't expand eastwards. also coming up. mister speaker, i want to apologize. british prime minister boys, johnson admits he broke locked down rules by attending a downing street party in 2020 and says he's sorry, but most brits want him to quit and arm across takes over a record number of new covered 1000 cases in germany. europe facing the biggest wave of infection since the start of the pandemic, plus a rapturous birthday celebration in hamburg, whom the cities l philharmonic concert hall marks 5 years since it 1st opened its doors to the public
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. ah, i'm lylark. thank you so much for your company and we begin. we're breaking developments. the nato. russia talks. i have come to an end in brussels. tensions rise still on the ukrainian border. the meeting at nato's brussels headquarters is the 2nd stop in a diplomatic road show focused on the kremlin initial talks between us and russian officials on monday, ended in deadlock. both sides remain wedded to their starting positions. russia, pushing for written guarantees that there will be no more nato expansion towards the east nato. defending it's open door policy, which is defined sounds going into the talks with nato has a long and fraught history as did abuse. and we, sherwin reports
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a handshake that helped end the cold war, but left lingering resentment. back in the 19 ninety's soviet leader mikhail gorbachev allegedly got verbal guarantees from u. s. officials that nato would not expand towards the east, but they were never put in writing. some historians say the story is a myth, but vladimir putin insists it's real good and his press conference last december showed nato's eastern expansion is certainly still a real source of anger for him, which to yet know we're doing. we're not another inch to the east. they told us in the ninety's and what they cheated us, the u. s. has brought its missiles to our home. they're already at our doorstep. i don't know what, there is no way to understand here. it's obvious william marshall. we want to ensure our security on your nearest your pena, the mac, i to my dispatchers, valuable impulses. many russians agree that nato expansion is
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a threat. it that goes with those are surrounded us on all sides and they keep bigger fanning and expanding the other side when we carry out military exercises on our own territory than that some sort of catastrophe the end of the world. and yet see of the other worth of chicago foods in these talks with nato are important for every one. for the west and for russia card with the goal, it's better to come to an agreement and not just a verbal one lower, but a written one with so both. sure. what is a good preliminary great. let's do you have ukraine trying to join nato basis and thanks being stationed directly at our borders. i think everyone should keep to themselves if you live in america, then stay there and don't meddle in the affairs of another continent. good is the wilkinson. western officials have been reporting that russia is massing troops on the border to ukraine. russia, meanwhile denies planning and attack. analysts say the true build up could be vladimir putin way of flexing his muscles to get what he wants. then you want what
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she was. it's important for putin to go down in history, who he wants to be able to say. i created the foundations for russia's national development and resolved the main foreign policy problems of humor. i stopped nato eastern expansion and returned russia to its former. gloria, good move. i see, boy, it is sher putin is hoping russia can come out on top in the latest tug of war with nato even to day cold war divisions into east and west, still shaped the thinking in the kremlin. and as we tried to establish a connection with brussels, want to go 1st to moscow to emily, sherwin, emily, a good, a back ground or their form. you are the rhetoric now coming from the russian ministry you for a while now is, is not changing. they are still demanding an iron clad guarantee that nato does not expand eastwards. would they accept anything less? well, russia, it seems,
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came to the negotiating table today again with the same written demands that they issued publicly back in december. the main ones are, you know, they want no more eastern expansion of nato. they want guarantees that ukraine will never join nato. and they also want a rollback on some of nato's activities within eastern europe. now, nato general secretary again stoughton barracks in his press conference just now made it pretty clear that nato would continue insisting on the alliance's open door policy. so that means that other countries can determine their own future, including if they want within the nato alliance. so essentially, that was him denying some of russia's key demands, which i think the russian side will keep pushing for despite this denial today. but i think we have to say that this is kind of
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a success for russia today. you have to remember that since russia's annexation of the crime i'm in peninsula from ukraine in 2014, russia has been essentially isolated on the international stage, including with a nato. it hasn't been there hasn't been very many meetings like this with nato. the last one was in 2019. today we heard the general secretary, they're talking about re establishing offices, perhaps in moscow and brussels, and also scheduling more meetings. so it seems they're back at the table at least discussing european security. and that's certainly one of the goals that the kremlin had. i think with all this, do you see this as the when i know you set that? but i mean, is this, is this the face saving solution for the kremlin? i think it's hard to know because on the one hand, i think russia has issued this demand of no more nato expansion eastward,
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so many times now in the last few weeks and months. and they've said that they want that as a written guarantee. so it sort of seems hard to imagine that they could kind of step back from that. but i do think the most important thing for russia now is, as i said, to be at the table for the west and nato to take russian concerns seriously. and to kind of include them in discussions on a new, perhaps a new architecture on european security. that's at least what we heard in kremlin statements today that, that, that they want to be part of those discussions. and we did hear from the nato general secretary today, that there could be some discussion of perhaps, mutual guarantees on stationing missiles on each other's territory and further talk . so i do think in some ways this is a limited success. i don't know whether russia will be willing to compromise on
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those key demands that it keeps laying out and that it wants in written form. terry and emily for now please standby. thank you so much for that. we have established contact with terry shoals, who is in brussels and who was listening to the nato secretary general brief debriefing after that's a key meeting. terry, that went on longer than expected phyllis in a little bit. what was the mood? what did the secretary general say? that's right, les lynn and nato is saying that it is pleased that talks actually went on longer than expected. keeping the russians at the table was a key goal. remember at the beginning of the week, deputy foreign minister, we of course said, you know, if we don't feel that we're being listened to, we may call this whole thing off this whole week of meetings. so it was considered very positive that the russians stayed. they engaged, i was told by someone who'd been in the room that the atmosphere was business like that there was given take on both sides and simply the fact that this meeting was
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held. it all went on longer than, than expected. in a, in a cordial atmosphere, is definitely going to be played as positive by nato. but is it positive? i mean, nato's options, frankly, are, are narrowing a more and more can they solve these problems? or are they trying to manage tensions with russia? at this stage? nato always describes itself as a deterrence organization. so it definitely tries to keep in check expectations that it will do anything aggressively to try to, to change the situation and what you'll hear time. and again, from nato and from allied leaders, is that it is russia that needs to change what's happening on the border. it's russia that built up these troops. and so it's russia that needs to withdraw, not just the truth, but the installations, all the resources that have been deployed along the ukrainian border. but in that sense, also, nato needed to present itself as being willing to, to talk about russian concerns. and it said it would do so. these are wider issues
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as emily was talking about with of where the forces are stationed in europe on possibly nuclear policy on down the line. and those are things that actually some of those issues are in nato's own interest in the u. s. own interest, and they to want to talk about them. but at the moment, the biggest issue on the agenda today was trying to de escalate the tension, trying to reduce the possibility, which is still considered very real, that russia may decide to cross the border into ukraine. and i think that these talks are definitely a 1st step in doing that because you have re established dialogue with moscow or to deliver correspondence with terry schultz in brussels and emily sherwin in moscow for now. thank you very much for your coverage and we go to other top story british prime minister boards, johnson has apologized for attending a party during long down in may 2020 after days of speculation. mister johnson admitted to parliament that he had spent 25 minutes at the quote bring your own
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boots gathering in the downing street gardening. and he said he believed there was a work of that to say thank you to his staff at the time lockdown rules in england band, outdoor gatherings of more than 2 people. with hindsight, i should have sent every one back inside. i should have found some other way to fight them and i should have recognised it. even if it could be said technically to full. within the guidance, there would be millions and millions of people who simply would not see it. that way. people who suffered terribly, people who are forbidden from meeting loved ones at all inside or outside and to them and to this house i offer my hot vote. apologies. that was said was just speaking really just moments ago dear. we've corresponded berrigan masa following developments from a london burgess, the prime minister,
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once again in the hot seat. was he able to do some damage control? yes, that was his aim. he knew that there was so much anger within his own. m. p. 's and within the public that he felt that he had to apologize. and he looked a bit sheepish. i would say when, when you look at those pictures. however, it wasn't in full on apology of somehow reserved or a lot of was a lot of passive language. and he also said that he believed it was a work meeting and it was somehow within the guidance. so he doesn't really or he doesn't really say that he is guilty of anything. and that's why a lot of m. p 's really thought they had to ridicule him. that were the opposition and piece, i think in peace from his own party. a lot of them were rather quiet and some were seen i holding their head in the hands. i think the jury is out. it's really up to his own. m p. 's. now they need to decide,
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is he the right man to lead the party into the next elections? so the next hours the next days will really be crucial when it comes to the future of their prime minister of the okay, the optics i evidently not great for the prime minister in this scandal is dominating headlines in the u. k. talked us a little bit how this has gone down with the people in the u. k. are they buying what mr. johnson is selling people in the u. k. are really furious when they heard about the many parties. so they started breaking in late december. there was a fast admission of parties having taken place and downing street and, and, and people really couldn't believe it. or many have come forward. specifically to say that on this day, they couldn't, for example, said or with a family member that was dying. and they,
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they can't believe that there seems to have been one rule for them, a very, very strict rule of lockdown. but that those people who made rules were not adhering to their own rule. so it is really all over the papers. it's all over social media and his approval ratings have already gone, gone down, boys johnson approval rating since they're the 1st talk of these parties in december. so they were already rock bottom. now i don't have a another paul that has been conducted since our last night since this new story broke. but i believe that they are going down further and further at the moment. in a few words, sir, if you can bear good, can he survive these latest bombshell? revelations that's really now up to the m p. 's to decide. and we know that several have expressed are basically questioning that the prime minister and the for, for a lot of them,
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it will be an issue of trust or can the public trust their prime minister and can they trust him to, to lead the party in the next selection, so it'll be a lot of meeting in back rooms and a lot of deciding whether they want to trigger a vote of no confidence or not. and this will presumably be decided either today or in the next days big a mass reporting from london. thank you very much. there's still no sign that the record breaking. alma chron. wave of corona virus infections has peaked in many parts of europe. france just recorded a daily record of over 368000 infections. italy as in cases more than double in 24 hours, and germany reported over $80000.00 uq over $1000.00 affections on wednesday as more in a single day than at any other time during the pandemic on it comes as the government further tightens its rules for those who aren't are vaccinated jeremy's chance.
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olaf was also confronted by lawmakers on pandemic restrictions. the wonderful young duff and the d. w. c. political editor, michela, christner joyce's now, and she is in the bundle. talk mikella. tell us about what chancellor aloft schultz, a said to day in the bonus tag. well, basically, he reiterated how important it was for people to get those booster shots. $30000000.00 more shots is what the government wants to implement by the end of the month, although it's of course uncertain whether they will be able to manage that. and that's why there's so much talk about mandatory vaccinations or so it's once reiterated again that he's in favor, but there is no government proposal towards that. it is left up to individual groups of m p 's. it's the cross the aisle to find
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a decision according to their own conscience. so we also heard him today speak about russia reiterating that something changed when russia annexed ukraine, that it changing bored as simply some red line that it cannot cross. let's take a listen. i believe we have a sound bite from the chance such as olaf schultz and she, i think addressed the proposal of mandatory of vaccine. let's take, listen, i will pick up a conversation after that. then detox other does do that, that not enough people are vaccinations in germany, not as many as we hoped we would achieve when we began the vaccine campaign. that very fact alone has consequences, has been the hawk and look comes and at our consequence for august, for the entire country, for our neighbors, at the top of the large number of resources that were you investing in our hospitals, in order to keep them open to help infected people means that other patients have to wait for their operations to happen because we have reserved beds for corona
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virus. patients by there are no decisions that apply solely to william individuals skipped kite. and that is why the vaccine mandate is the correct way to go up is to inflate offish mikaela. how has that proposal gone down? what really is a make speak, sir. what he just stated there is his personal opinion. there is no government proposal and that's what the opposition says is simply not acceptable. that's anglo michael's cd. you see as you block a 1st and foremost you are saying you need to have a joint position on this. having said that, mandatory vaccinations will come into force here for certain groups, little t, medical workers, and over the coming weeks of what is still not certain is whether it will or micron will actually managed to overtake the political process. i dare say once again, because it's also an open secret that tackling the covet. pandemic is something that to a certain degree fell between the cracks during the government handover at the end of last year and all of so it is certainly under pressure at to prove that he can
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tackle this and overcome it. so what is the german government strategy for tackling the pandemic going forward? or 1st of all, is finding a common line on the latest and measures implemented. they amount to more contact restrictions. it's more difficult to get into restaurants. he high, the have to be recovered and vaccinated and tested, or double vaccinated and tested in order to have a night out. so clearly there's more press on those who refuse to get vaccinated, and that is something that em all of. so it's wants to also see in the public debate, he will meet with state premiers again towards the end of the month. and we certainly expect more contact restrictions that potentially, although there is one red line that nobody here even wants to mention, no more lockdown. is that something the old government promised? and the new government is actually following that line as well. did of use chief political editor, michela, griffin, a reporting from the brenda stack,
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thank you. amok on cases in spain are soaring despite one of the highest vaccination rates in europe. the surgeon cases has that a long waiting times a general physicians. so some patients are heading straight to the hospital for treatment, and that's putting even more strain on the health care system there. the w's. nicole reese reports queuing at the health center. it's become standard for many in spain in recent weeks. most when to pick up sick notes because of a cobra infection. some have unrelated emergencies. they would have otherwise have to wait too long for the doctors appointment. got that before it was better. he just went to your appointment. yet did he dial out the name of date on medical, but we had to see the doctor because of a medical issue. other than covered and not all non covered medical issues can be given the required attention as quickly as they should or not been. it was an
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emergency and we would have needed to wait for many more days. and yoga her daughter, mother young, rushed on thursday i. they are younger yet. there is a perception of a risks that i cannot treat you properly because the system is overwhelmed at work in the system or, or maybe they need extra staff. i was here the other day and it was the same. there were a lot of people, although the queue moves quickly in which i got obituary again that yeah, which initially that we were proud thinking that our health care system is strong and good. but now this pandemic is showing us that we basically have nothing. each wave of infections has pushed primary health care centers more to the limits, including this one here in most studies near madrid, medics like clara chilling, say that the system was already struggling with a lack of additional staff. and to little funding, the massive spread of the american barrier, however, has turned out to be the last throat and said there was a video, i think we should see around $35.00 patients per day. now we're looking off to 70
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on sundays, even 90 patients. every day, per dr. rubbish, you know, it's really difficult to keep up when you're seeing that many patients on many days this really puts us in a situation of almost collapse and a state of exhaustion where we have difficulties making decisions when that, that's what our work is like right now. definitely my at the soonest is how can i look a county sinners with several health centers in the madrid region confirmed that they had to call the police as some of the waiting patients became verbally abusive . some patients who don't get to see their family, doctors in time attorney to hospitals like this one here behind me, putting more pressure on health care services that are also already overwhelmed. high vaccination rates and the armor chron very end. mean that cases are milder now . but the high number of cases is also spiking. the admissions in hospitals here. in the meantime, the spanish government is finalizing plans to treat future cove infections just
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like a regular flu. this means less tracking, less monitoring, but more projections in an attempt to transition from append amick to a situation where a disease is coming back, but is more predictable. that, however will not happen before this 6 wave in spain is over. and most family doctors here are not going to drop the demand for bet of worked conditions and will funding to ensure proper service. well, the patience nicole restart reporting from spain. next novak jock of ich has admitted to providing false information in the papers he filled out to enter australia to contest this year's 1st grand slam tournament. the tennis star also admitted to a failure to isolate after claimed corin of iris infection in december. new information has been given to the australian government to which is now considering whether to cancel his visa altogether a 2nd time mister jack rich, one, a legal battle on monday,
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allowing him to stay in the country for now to hamburg now, where the land mark else philharmonic concert hall is celebrating its 5th anniversary has been hailed as an architectural masterpiece and its popular with concert goers. despite the spiraling cast and ran up during construction on tuesday, the venue marked its birthday with a special contract. and the help for the money in hamburg is more than a concert hall. it is become a symbol of modern germany, a cultural landmark of the 21st century. its celebrating its 5th anniversary with a whole week of concerts. ah, the main anniversary concert features the n d r l film ony orchestra led by ellen gilbert with contemporary classical music composed by among others,
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john adams the words have been selected to make the most of the unique spatial and sound properties of the venue. ah, the elfin, the money opened to much fanfare in 2017 angle america attended as german chancellor. as did current chancellor o left schultz, then mayor of hamburg the planning and construction was fraught with difficulty in the end. it took more than 10 years long. let them planned. costs exploded from 77000000 to 789000000 euro. over the last 5 years, 2900 concerts have been staged. despite cove it over 3300000 guests have been able to enjoy the unique l. phila,
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money experience. tuesday's anniversary concert was another night to remember. ah, no, asking. there were news life from berlin. this is our top story right now. talks between nato and russia have ended with no clear breakthrough, and rising tensions on the ukrainian border. russia once written guarantees, ukraine won't join the western military alliance. nato says ukraine is free to join if it wishes to stick with us up next to our environment. show eco africa looks at efforts to save one of the world's endangered species. i'll catch you at the top of the ark. ah,
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. well go to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and an after 911. he says, after $911.00, the clubs came off. where organized crime rules were conglomerates make their own laws? what's true, what's vague? it doesn't matter, the only criteria is what we'll hook people up. we shed light on the opaque world who's behind the benefits. and why are they a threat to us all hope peak worlds this week on d. w. visited of the news asia coming up to date,


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