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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 12, 2022 11:02pm-11:30pm CET

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ah ah, team from nato and russia met today for 4 hours hoping to talk their way out of the possible military confrontation with the discussions were over. russia had one word to describe the situation dangerous. made her once rush to pull its troops back from the border with ukraine. russia insist that it has no plans to invade. instead, the kremlin wants nato to step back, no more expansion, no membership for ukraine. the u. f says for more talks, these are non starters. for europe, the question remains to night. is this enough to start a war? i'm brit. gov and berlin. this is the day. ah,
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they are a powerful country. the fact that they feel threatened by ukraine. it is hard to understand, quite frankly, a further slide of the situation could lead to the most unpredictable and most dire consequences for european security. and invasion of ukraine would be a terrible strategic mistake. each and they would accompany cousin has the right to put up there because the board of each and every nation hoster ought to chooses on off, crushes actions have caused this crisis. and it is on russia to de escalate tensions and give diplomacy the chance to succeed. just a good idea of it. we're not talking about compromises or the who should come in. 3rd. also coming up an apology from british prime minister boys johnson for attending a party at downing street, while all of england was on lock down. i know the rage, they feel with me over the government. i lead when they think that in donald street
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itself, the rules are not being properly followed by the people who make the rules. oh, a to our viewers watching on p b. s. in the united states into all the around the world. welcome. we begin the day with the red lines, still dividing, russia and nato on monday top diplomats from washington to moscow, met in an attempt to reduce the attention over ukraine and fears that moscow is planning to invade. those talks ended with no progress to day in brussels teams from nato in russia. sat down with the same go. russia again, made it clear that it has no intention of attacking ukraine. instead, it want to promise that he will never join nato, but that's not all. moscow wants to recalibrate the security situation for all of europe. a rethink that would mean nato freezes, any plans to expand eastward. a promise, nato, especially the us,
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is not willing to make a membership on the natives open door. all alice are united on the core principle that each and every nation has the right to chooses off, off, and nato is a defensive alliance. we have never forced old co or course any nation a into our lines. so these are the other princesses. nathan larchmont is aggressive . absolutely, not only would you be, am. we have pointed out to nato very honestly, indirectly without using any politically correct formulas. that a further deterioration of the situation could lead to the most unpredictable and most dire consequences for european security. russia does not want such a scenario. i'm not joined by are corresponded to re shelton brussel. she is follow me. the talk for is good evening to you, terry. so what are your sources telling you? how did these talks go to day brands?
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the amount of relief that we saw among nato officials, after this meeting took place just goes to show how low expectations were and how big the concerns were that they might not take place at all. remember, the russians had threatened to possibly not even show up for these talks if they didn't feel like the monday meeting with the united states in geneva went well. so the very fact that they held these talks that the russians stayed at the table even longer than expected. the meeting went on about an hour longer than we had been told to expect that all added up to a good sign for nato that the russians were actually, or may actually be willing to discuss these issues. or we heard the roach negotiator after those talks for the u. s. on monday. say that ukraine can never ever be allowed to join nato. so where, where's the room then for negotiation on that on that there isn't any room for negotiation. and the russians are fully aware of that, even as they say it. this is something that doesn't just involve ukraine. it also
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would involve any other country wanting to join nato in the future. georgia, of course, is on that list and both ukraine and door to have been promised that they will be allowed to join in. this really isn't something that nato is even going to consider . and, and the russians know that fully. well, they just want to sort of put her, put their red lines very, very starkly, laid out, and then perhaps walking back far from from that makes them look like they're being reasonable. but this is truly an issue in which there's no discussion. t w's brussels team spoke to britain's junior foreign minister to de james cleverly, which take a listen to part of what he totes. i and others made it very clear. that's an invasion of ukraine would be a terrible strategic mistake. that would be repercussions. and that there is a high likelihood that russia will be drawn into a quagmire. a long standing and painful conflict to would see russians lose their lives and ukrainians lose their lives. this is in no one's interest in no one's
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interests. so how real is the possibility of a military conflict? terry, if russia were to invade ukraine, what would they nato response look like? do we know? well, ukraine isn't a nato member, as is also clear. and so nato, as an alliance is not ever going to go defend ukraine, but a country's bilaterally. the united states has made it clear that it would not stand idly by if russia were to invade ukraine. other nato allies would also provide support and have been providing support to ukraine. they've been selling lethal military equipment. they've been training ukrainian forces, and one analyst i spoke with a jim talents and even believes that the u. s. should step up. this aid should actually put more us soldiers in ukraine to, for training purposes, just to warn the russians that they better not step over that line. because of
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course, you take a minute, american and, and then it's all over. so truly there are discussions about what more to do to bolster ukraine, but there wouldn't ever be a nato response at, at 30, at 30 allies. would you take a listen also to what's the u. s. deputy deputy secretary of state, wendy sherman said to day after the talks with nato and russia concluded, the united states and our nato allies were united in our responses to deputy foreign mister goosgo, and deputy minister of defense of foaming and their comments. including when it comes to certain cor russian proposals that are simply non starters. together the united states and our nato allies made clear, we will not slam the door shut on nato's open door policy. a policy that has always been central to the nato alliance of terry. you know, as we were saying, there were separate talks on monday between the us and russia. should we read it
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into anything into that? i mean, it is the you, us fully and launched it with nato, or is russia trying to play these to all of each other? will remember branch that when did the talk about having these discussions 1st came up, the europeans absolutely did not want the u. s. in russia to hold bilateral talks, that was in a demand of the kremlin, and it was something that the europeans felt weakened, their negotiating position. now the united states did ultimately agree to hold those bilateral meetings in geneva. but you've seen just this enormous outreach to the europeans by wendy sherman and by other us officials to keep talking to the europeans. right up until the last minute they walked into those bilateral talks. then wendy sherman came to brussels yesterday and spent all day debriefing. nato allies, debriefing european union officials meeting with the top leadership in the e. u, as well as in nato, even before heading into these nato. russia talks now. so the u. s. is definitely trying to keep true to its word that it won't discuss anything about europe without
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europe, anything about ukraine without ukraine. we just had 4 years of the trump administration, wanting to disengage with nato getting if you will, show me with russia the have that left in the permanent scars, that data i think it has. and this, this, this outreach, i mean honestly, almost too much outreach. it sometimes seemed like you know, more than 100 meetings or something like this. this is partly a legacy of the trumpet ministration, where the europeans had no clue from day to day, except by looking at twitter, what the u. s. policy might be and the biden administration is very much trying to make up for that and keep the europeans on board and keep the europeans reassured. that's in the us interest as well as the europeans interest. so yeah, i think that all of this communication is partly a legacy of the trump administration, both for the us benefit and for the europeans as well. t w's. terry shall to the
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ladies to live for brussels is always terry, thank you. on thursday, russian diplomats will meet with the organization for security and cooperation in europe. the o. s. c e a 3rd day that will wrap up this week's attempts at finding a diplomatic solution to this crisis. all of this talking may sound like background noise for people who were living in eastern ukraine for nearly 8 years. ukrainian forces had been finding a russian back separatist insurgency, a conflict that has caused more than 14000 lives. now with 800000 combat ready, russian troops just over the border. people live in fear of an eminent invasion, dw, corresponding nick connelly traveled to the front line city of the nets, to talk about the prospects for de escalation i will of just before the shooting starts, what you see, the cats and dogs taking cover. it's like they can feel it's coming
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here in the front lines. they're done yet. gunfire and shelling a part of everyday life and have been for the past 8 years for the straddles ukrainian soldiers and the few civilians left foot there. there's still people living there and over there. beyond that there's no on just the frontline, most of those left the elderly and have nowhere else to go. brush back separatist only a few 100 meters away from these ukranian positions close enough to watch each other, cooking or chopping firewood. we were just a matter of minutes after the last exchange of fire, the ukrainian se, but sniper activity and drone attacks of spiked in recent weeks. as the world tries to 2nd guess vladimir putin troop build up when you cranes borders soldiers here understand that they would likely be the 1st to buy the brunt of an invasion. says due to norfolk, of course we're following the news closely, but whatever happens, our army is in much better shape than in 2014. and you were russia would face
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a lot more resistance. it's the civilians out there who are getting really nervous worship. often the colors missed upon it shows you see that power line troops of 30 meters behind it. they managed to push that position forward a bit, where you only knew more when we 1st met catch in her children 2017. the fighting's, even close by the van front lines started. we're her gotten into the day. she tells us is a good day in the shelling only machine gunfire. why don't i go and walks with the kids around the village and we hear machine gun fire in the distance. we just do are saying we're not scheduled to bring catches. 3 children have grown up, learned nothing, but conflict now is all that was seems of a more likely she's weeks away from giving birth to a 4th grade. was she, as most people couldn't imagine bringing up a family place like this, but you will push a la quinta, betral west. this is my village. i know. i know west high just the bombing stopped,
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so i know it will protect me if i can drop into a date and time off surviving will we? i will is or could be, don't read it off, sticking it out for years, even catches now making plans to leave him. you back at the front lines. i also think sunday, if he thinks russia will get its way and keep ukraine out of western alliances. well, nato membership is not going to happen anytime soon, but i think in the envelope, take us a lot has changed in this country. and so if we, if the russians have done everything they could to convince us that they're not our brothers to make us turn our backs on them. and you should be brought to morrow. and for now, at least, russia seems to be in no mood to try to win back ukrainian hearts and minds awe before a standing, remotely packed house of parliament, british prime minister boers, johnson today apologized for attending a party in 2020 while the country was in its 1st corona virus lockdown. johnson
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admitted that he'd spent 25 minutes at the gathering in the downing street garden back in may 2020. he told lawmakers, he thought it was a work event to say thank you to his staff. with hindsight, i should have sent everyone back inside. i should have found some other way to thank them. and i should have recognized that even if it could be said technically to full within the guidance, there would be millions and millions of people who simply would not see it. that way. people who suffered terribly, people who are forbidden from meeting loved ones at all. inside or outside and to them and to this house, i offer my hot vote. apologies. that apology comes after days of dismal headlines and mounting public outrage,
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not at the time of the party lockdown rules in england, band, outdoor gatherings of more than 2 people. to day, johnson faced a course of calls for his resignation. here's labor party leader care stormer. mister speaker, when the promised his former health actually broke the rules he resigned and the prime minister said he was right to do so. when the prime minister spokesperson loft about the rules being broken, she resigned and the promised accepted that resignation. why does the primes to still think that the rules don't apply to him? all right, it's up to the parliament forbores johnson. i want to bring in john worth. he's a political blogger, journalist, and a commentator on british politics as can deceive john. yet the prime minister today, he offered an apology, but he did not admit to doing anything wrong which a read on there was not really a complete apology offered by boris johnson that he knows is in
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a very tight spot. because in december he was denying the parties even happens. now he kind of admits that that was a party, but he didn't really know it was the policy. and you have to wonder whether he even knows what's going on in his own office. 10 dining street. if these things were happening on his watch, so at the very we do best for boys jones and he's been turning a blind eye to what his stuff has been doing. and that's in no way a good look was pretty the latest po john showed that a majority of people in the u. k. now, what johnson to resign can he survive this? it's a question over when john can have the guy when now not if the quick question really is, is this going to be the thing the end in now? and i'm going to now in the next week or 2 when it last a little bit longer because some of the big political crises or storm class on the
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horizon, notably local elections and elections in northern ireland which are coming up in may. so british political commentators, so genera, me thought it would actually be some time and forest johnson would be most likely to go. but everything has got a lot more theories for johnson and over the past 48 hours. so now the question is, the even going to survive a matter of we let alone mom, but i think the chances that you see fit through to the end of the year, for example, and now very, very low. do you see the boat of no confidence coming it's possible the difficulty is, is that the conservative party were re stung when they tried to do this. again, the former prime minister to reason may because under the conservative policies rules, if you tried to do a vote of their confidence that succeed, you can actually do another one for another 12 month. so the difficulty is, is there any going to bring that person or confidence if that really certain that actually they're going to be able to get out. and miss a moment is not really quite certain where all of the conservative members,
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apartment 3 d stand on one level. they're intensely annoyed by johnson's behavior in fiery stephen. but they also note with john from the one them a general election in december 29. he just only just over 2 years ago, he was an electoral act for them. they're a bit nervous about whether they should teach him. you know, john, something that struck us today in the newsroom, looking at the scenes in the british parliament. they wanted to show people were in the middle of an on the con serge london, one of the global hotspots. and i want you to look at just how packed this chamber is. all of these lawmakers standing room only some of them with mask some of them without. i mean this could be of super spread or event. i mean, is this a message in itself about how the country's leaders see this pandemic ignore this pandemic? largely and to me, i like your rental. so both of us being based in germany. when i look back at the
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you k, i find the lack of attention to those sorts of things incredibly striking. and, and also bear in mind that that's the, the heaviest criticism of forest johnson before all of this policy scandal has come from the right wing of his policy. and they basically being saying, we want to end all corona virus restrictions from the end of january just live with this virus. and so there's, that's another kind of line of criticism against maurice johnson. and so those kind of criticisms of his career measures will be empowered as a result of his very weakness. so it's a horrible combination of factors that he has to face at a moment. and it worries me enormously when you look at the record numbers in the u . k. just now, john worth excellent analysis tonight. john is always thank you. thank you. well, meanwhile, overcrowded cases in spain or soaring despite what are the highest vaccination
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rates in europe. the government only recently reduced the quarantine period to 7 days, but with long waiting time to the family doctors, some patients are cutting their losses and heading straight to the hospital. take a look. healing at the health center. it's become standard for many in spain, in recent weeks, most when to pick up sick notes because of a cobra infection. some have unrelated to emergencies. they would have otherwise have to wait too long while the doctor's appointment. got it before it was better. you just went to your appointment yet if you dial out the name of kate on medical board, we had to see the doctor because of a medical issue. other than covered and not all non covered medical issues could be given the required attention as quickly as they should or not been. it was an emergency and we would have needed to wait for many more days. yoga thought. our mother rushed on thursday. i. i even do yet, there is a perception of a risks that they cannot treat you properly or because the system is overwhelmed.
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i'd reckon the system or, or maybe they need extra staff. i was here the other day and it was the same. there were a lot of people, although the q moves quickly wrapped in which i got obituary. they, i wish not even we were proud thinking that our health care system is strong and good. but now this pandemic is showing us that we basically have nothing. each wave of infections has pushed primary healthcare centers more to the limits including this one here in most today's near madrid, medics like laura, but shilling say that the system was already struggling with a lack of additional staff. and to little funding, the massive spread of the immigrant bearing, however, has turned out to be the last rule and said that they were, the owners have been that we should see around $35.00 patients per day. now we're looking off to 70 on some days, even 90 patients every day. per doctor. rubbish. you know, it's really difficult to keep up when you're seeing that many patients on many days this really puts us in a situation of almost collapse and
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a state of exhaustion where we have difficulties making decisions a well that, that's what our work is like right now. i think that the my, if you finish because how can i look a country singers, paval several, how centers in the madrid region concerned. they had to call the police as some of the waiting patients became verbally abusive. some patients who don't get to see their family, doctors in time attorney to hospitals like this one here behind me, putting more pressure on health care services that are also already overwhelmed. high vaccination rates and the on the chron, very in to mean that cases are milder now, but the high number of cases is also spiking. the admissions in hospitals here. in the meantime, the spanish government is finalizing plans to treat future cove infections just like a regular flu. this means less tracking, less monitoring, but more projections in an attempt to transition from append anake to a situation where a disease is coming back, but is more predictable. that,
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however will not happen before this 6 wave in spain is over. and most family doctors here, i'm not going to drop that demand for better work conditions and more funding to ensure proper service. well, the patience with china is probably the only country the world right now that is actively pursuing, pursuing a 0 coven strategy. simply put, the goal is to have no coven cases at all in the country of 1400000000 people that is led to some of the harshest travel restrictions and locked downs anywhere. roughly 20000000 people are currently in a strict locked out. there are millions more being tested every day. a major driver of the 0 coven policy is the upcoming beijing winter olympics. we have more now in this report. china is taking no chances. this week and young population 5 and a half 1000000 became the country's 3rd city to enter. corona virus lockdown
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authorities said cases there included 2 that were caused by the super infectious omicron variant on young has joined the 1000000 people of you, joe. and the more than 13000000 of sheehan to be confined to their own 4 walls with so many under stay at home orders. providing food is a top priority. her estate t v has shown vegetables and other groceries being distributed. but residents have complained on social media over poor access to food and other essentials, didn't read up. but there have also been instances of wide spread outrage vehicle in she on this month. a woman who was 8 months pregnant was denied medical care in a hospital like this. because she hadn't had a coven test. he turned away from the hospital. the woman miscarried on the street
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in the hospital manager was suspended. and top health officials publicly bowed in apology. and for those deemed to have broken locked down rules, the punishment can be public to state media said for suspects were put on display in the city of ging, she on the border with vietnam. they are accused of helping illegal immigrants crossed the border into china. the public display of criminals was bound in 2010, but the practice has resurfaced during the corona virus crack down into all of the days almost done. the conversation continues online, you'll find it on twitter. either dw news, you can follow me at brent golf t. v. and remember, whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody
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ah, with ah, going seo to neutral on a massive scale. inverse field atone in germany far north. the residents are switching to hydrogen fuel driving and heating hydrogen produced with green
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electricity. this alternative is definitely environmentally friendly, but what needs to happen to make it cost friendly as well? made in germany. next, on d, w. ah, economic crisis in turkey, heating them especially hard and raw, one of his temples, garbage collectors. every day he hunts for recyclables to receive them your pittance in return. and now the recycling operation has an outsourced to large corporations at the worst possible time with disastrous consequences for emma focus on europe. in 60 minutes on d. w. ah,
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