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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 13, 2022 4:00am-4:15am CET

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gateway to the best connections. sophia road, andrew hill. located in the heart of you. robin, you are connected to the whole world to experience outstanding shopping and dining offers. enjoying our services. be our guest at frankfurt. i bought cd, managed by from bought. ah ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. tonight, nonstarter and red lines, russia, nato, end, their talks in brussels, with no break through nato,
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once russian troops to pull back from ukraine's border. the kremlin, however, once guarantees natal will not expand eastwards. also coming up in the program. mister speaker, i want to apologize. british prime minister boars johnson says he is sorry for attending deleon street garden party when the country was in lockdown in 2020. a new poll shows most brits, one johnson to reside more doubts about tennis star novick brokovich playing in the israeli an open after he concedes that he did not isolate after tested positive for the corona virus in december. ah, i'm aaron tilden. welcome to the program. talks between russia and the nato military alliance have ended, with no clear promises that an armed conflict can be avoided in eastern europe. the 2 sides are trying to find common ground as concerns grow that russia is repairing
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a military invasion of ukraine. moscow has already positioned 100000 troops along its border with the country. nato was calling for them to be pulled back. the tensions are feeling fears of conflict across the continent. unintentional side effects often crop up in politics. and this is exactly what can be observed in helsinki. at the moment. finland is traditionally a neutral country, a member of the eve, but not in nato, but since its neighbor, russia demanded a halt to nato enlargement. helsinki is discussing whether it has joined the alliance. after all, it's important that's it is discussed because we, we do have to consider that we have a long border with russia to see chasing the subtle costs ali, because concerning. i've bought other than that. i don't know, i, i hope that they come in some kind of conclusion that i doesn't escalate more and
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that was exactly the task in brussels. the nato russia council convened for the 1st time in more than 2 years. the almost for our meeting focused largely on the situation in and around ukraine and ended without progress. all agreement on holding further talks, rochelle was not in a position or to agree on that proposal that didn't projected either or but the, the russian, cynthia, medicare, that they needed some time to come back to nato. with an answer, nato hopes that agreements can be reached on how both sides announced their military exercises. and where exactly they can take place. new steps towards arms controls would also be useful. but it firmly rejected russia's demand that ukraine be excluded from joining the alliance. we will not slam the door shut on nato's open door policy. a policy that has always been central to the nato
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alliance. exactly this, however, russia sees as a threat. assault with nato obviously continues to follow. the principles of the cold war containing russia is a priority of the alliance, but that damages european security. the situation is being closely followed by the ease defense menaces. they met in the french city of breasts and were updated by the nato secretary general. this is misty, it's important that we talk to each other and their nato russia council is particularly suited for this to clear up differences and also build up trust again dr. finally, having these talks after over 2 years is an important signal. and we have to use it as he cannot on dismissal, and not whether they will succeed is being followed with interest in brussels and kids in washington. and also in helsinki in the u. k. a series of scandals known as party gate has led to a me a copa from british prime minister boars. johnson. to day he apologized for attending a garden party held at his residence in may of 2020. it was during england's 1st
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lockdown when most social gatherings were illegal. johnson is now facing calls for his resignation. a sorry, because he's been cool for bonus johnson finally say, sorry, but the opposition on buying it to do in front of a packed parliament, the british prime minister apologized but also tried to justify himself. mister speaker, i want to apologize. i know that millions of people across this country have made extraordinary sacrifices over the last 18 months. i believed implicitly that this was a work event. but mister speaker, with hindsight, i should have sent every one back inside. johnson said he believed the bring your own booth party was held to thank his staff for working so hard. in the early
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months of the pandemic moving, maybe even though it was held at a time when the rest of the country could only legally meet one person from another household opposition, leaders want him to resign. so do some conservatives. i don't think he can continue as leader, the concert of talking play minister, asking people to follow the rules and guidance of his government. i deleted it. while johnson and the others were gathered a downing street, many people in the u. k. couldn't even bid good bye to their loved ones dying of cove. 19. they feel cheated. they were laughing at us while we were breakin, our families were breakin. a sound were breakin, and they were bringing around bows to apply for now borders. johnson appeals prepared to ride out the storm, but with his popularity ratings collapsing. this may be one controversy too far for the embattled prime minister. what's going to run up now?
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some other world headlines? at least 8 people have been killed by a car bomb and the somali capital of mogadishu. so far, no one has claimed responsibility for the attack, but the al qaeda linked to al shabani group. as in the past, taken responsibility for similar attacks, flooding and landslides have killed at least 24 bristles northeastern state of minas garris. the region has been hit by extensive rains for more than 2 months. at least 17000 people have been forced to flee their homes. a group of anti vaccine activists had tried to storm parliament in the bulgarian capital of sophia . police stopped the crowd from entering the building and arrested several demonstrators, or gary as the lowest coven 19 vaccination rate. in the european union tennis, darnell, that joker, which has admitted to providing false information when he submitted his travel
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papers was drilling authorities. the government is considering whether to cancel a joke of its visa, which would not mean or which rather would mean he cannot play in the trillion open as the world's number one, men's tennis player, novak jock of it is accustomed to life under the microscope. but even by his lofty standards, the intensity of the spotlight focused on his every move in melbourne is now extreme good. looks like he's going to be able to play and compete in this trillion open, which you know, we do want the best players there. but like i said, i think there's still a few few questions to be answered on until that happens tough to give a definitive opinion on, on everything he won his initial case in court. but wait a deeper cation decision by the federal government, keenly attuned to the feelings of australian voters, most of whom, who have diligently followed pandemic rules for the past 2 years. new information
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offered up by the serbian camp showed he did not do the same jock of which was photographed without a masked at numerous events, including an award ceremony for children based on documents released by his legal team. these were taken a day after he tested positive for cove at 19, though he says he was not aware of the result at the time. but on social media, he did admit to not isolating when he attended an in person interview with the french sports journalist, calling in error of judgement. he also admitted to submitting false information to australian border officials in melbourne, which he called in and deliberate human error attributed to his management team. i don't like his arrogance. i don't, i feel he's come across as he's above it all. we've all been my have a destination to get that job and then someone comes in to that what they really
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fail. and so the final se rest with the australian government to stop novak chuck of it from possibly making sports history and melbourne or to lead a millionaire, get away with it. just like the tournament that starts on monday, there can only be one winner. steve pierce has been covering this trillion open for more than a decade. he joins us now from melbourne. so as we heard there in the report, joke of it admitted to giving false information to his drilling government. so the question is, will he be allowed to play in these really an open that is the questionnaire and absolutely is the question on everyone's in australia or in melbourne, specifically as well. and it's the question alex, the minister, the immigration and citizenship has been dealing with ever since monday, when the federal government lost that quote. on a technicality around their original reason for not living in the country, which still remains on tested. a document contracting coded within 6 months
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of entering the strategy is a valid reason. they say it's not. so this even on those grounds is enough reason to think that the federal government would still cancel is the is there. and then you throw on talk. what you've just been playing around, he's the inconsistencies, and he's reporting. and also the fact that he made that mistake or agent that he's did on his migration papers. and you have perfectly good reason for that. you're going to step in again. but of course, if they do, then maybe go back to court again and it might be a situation they want to avoid. so it's, it's a 5050 thing and we're expecting a decision this afternoon. all right, well, the controversy surrounding brokovich has dominated the headlines. if he does play, do you think the saga will impact his performance in the court? yes, i think it, well, i think it has to you know, he's had a very compromised build up to this. i know that he was doing some practice in europe before he left frustrating to see that he's had a number of days really. i caught up with not the right to not die. no ability to
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really exercise in no real practice time that he's got back on the court in the last couple of days. that's not to say that he can't find a way to deal with this and play his way into the tournament, but it is very much a compromise. build up to the event which starts on monday. now, what's the move to like among tennis fans? we actually want to see joke of each player where they like to see him expel from the country. my sense is that most tennis fans would like to see him play because you want to see the best and already, you know, the talk about missing a couple of most notably, obviously federal is not, not here buying at the start and i like most tennis friends would like to see him play, but the broader public, i think, is really struggling with the concept that somebody who's a wealthy athlete seems to have almost boss is why i found loopholes to get around . what almost everyone is at to deal with the net is get back to the right. that was steve curse in melbourne. thank you for bringing this up to date. thanks, eric. i'm burke's l philharmonic concert hall is celebrating its 5th anniversary.
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it's been hailed as an architectural masterpiece and it's popular with concert goers despite the spiraling cost. it ran up during construction. a for the money in hamburg is more than a concert whole. it is become a symbol of martin germany, a cultural landmark of the 21st century. it celebrating its 5th anniversary with a whole week of concerts. oh, the main and virtual concert features the n d r l film ony orchestra led by ellen gilbert's with contemporary classical music composed by among others, john adams. the words have been selected to make the most of the unique spatial and sound properties of the venue. ah,
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the out from the money opened to much fanfare in 2017 angle america attended as german chancellor. as did current chancellor left schultz. then mayor of hamburg, the planning in construction was fraught with difficulty in the end. it took more than 10 years long. let them planned. costs exploded from 77000000 to 789000000 euro over the last 5 years, 2900 concerts have been staged despite cove it over 3300000 guests have been able to enjoy the unique elk the la money experience. tuesdays anniversary concert was another night to remember.
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finally, one of the 19 sixty's biggest voices has fallen silent. american singer ronnie spector has died of cancer at the age of 78, shot to sodom in these nights, and sixty's as leader of the run, this group was perhaps best known for the classic. my baby. ah ah. watch a deed of the news up next is janelle de marlin with your business headlines. that's all for now. catch you next hour. ah these places in europe.


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