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tv   Covid-19 Special - What works against omicron  Deutsche Welle  January 13, 2022 11:30pm-12:00am CET

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ah, we're all good to go beyond the obvious well, as we take on the world, 8 hours, i do all the series. we're all about the stories that matter to you. with whatever it takes, like policeman a deal we are, your is actually on fire made for mines. ah, his name is buddha, and he is an instagram start. this male pucker from a herd, and sheila has developed neutralizer antibodies against several coven 19 variants.
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and a sicilian village has a coke 19 vaccination rate of over 100 percent. how did they do it? but 1st, corona virus, infection rates are soaring worldwide. germany included all me, crohn is far more contagious than previous variance. sure, berlin is an omicron variant hot spot in germany. before every shoot, our entire team gets tested to all 3 of us a negative for me, life under pandemic conditions has become routine. despite omicron, i head to the color market in the center of berlin. there are crates of fruit and
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goes on sale. he asked the price is lower than at the surrounding supermarket masks a mandatory here. oh, well not like in corona times, everything's cheaper corona's destroying our business. i'm one for one euro to our 2 year. oh wow. i'm with thousands of customers a day. are you afraid of catching cove ed trying to have this ring new i'm vaccinated? fully vaccinated? reflect the fears still there. all that was that you can still catch corona when you're vaccinated. the risk, is there a completely ordinary person comes? i just think everything's completely normal, maj, banks, if johnson, and suddenly 10 people are infected, understood, does is. yeah, that's how corona spread it go. but remember, lord, hello everyone, please keep your distance. i'm vaccinated,
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but you might not be here. you go this year and i almost 2 years covey 19. and if you variance have kept the world on tenterhooks, that 1st to no one was sure exactly how the virus spreads. me every place people gathered, including markets, was seen as a risk, hulu. so the color market also closed for a while in 2020 at a later red barrier tape insured customers and vendors maintained the required distance with the barriers have disappeared. but there were lots of security guards who make sure people are wearing their mosques. regular customers keep coming all the same. now i shop here every saturday. are you afraid of getting corona virus? here it is, or not in the slightest. we're out in the fresh air. oh, do you feel safe here?
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oh, good. we'll definitely. well, normally there are more security guards, but every one's wearing their masks. as you can see, he's done. i'm glad you're never in one place for more than 5 minutes and you get your things and move on. i know people float care from all over the city to stuck up on food like this man. he was double vaccinated, but still got cove it mildly we thought, do you worry about what's happening with the corona, virus situation in berlin? our full. yeah. i do worry because this other infection has arrived, the oma cranberry, and you pick, feel you call new the old, but we just have to live with there to god that wouldn't do it with money and lock its feet. if it happens, it happens to shiksa rags. that's what i believe. all the got on yellow this. that's not many think here at the color market, they all know that no one is completely immune. ah,
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good with infection rates are rising sharply in italy as well. even though nearly 90 percent of the population age 12 and over has been double vaccinated, of those 2 thirds have even received a booster shot. but one sicilian village has outdone them all, posting a vaccination rate of more than 100 per cent. a small miracle has once again been achieved by the sicilian village of pallets. so adriano, 30 years ago, the town square was made world famous by the movie cheenum up oddity. so, and now the township at the foot of their monta de la rosa, has again managed the extraordinary in their fight against the corona virus. they still remember the fear they felt during the 1st wave. senora mima recalls watching
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footage of military trucks transporting, piled up coffins out of bag m. o. in northern italy, people here wanted to prevent something like that happening in their own town at all costs. deborah, would the boat had elvita said that cared to believe that he died? nobody. when we know that we will scan if the virus will now and in brains are multiple manenda. in the beginning, we thought it was a type of a severe liberal, liberal law dish. i'm a while ago. like in which about then to the other what we saw on television. ha, ha, ha ha. told us that it was something that we will it all together. different bit query abdomen he said, and the entire village had the same thought, and theory that vaccinate toilet enough. so yes, this hardware store everyone has to wear mosque mima wants to do all she can to protect against the new omicron variant. no, no, see a just so glossy bit k. yes. and it's the right thing to do a ticket. you have to protect yourself, just like you have to protect evans and i said we are vaccinated it still. you have
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to be careful that cannot the the be a messiah change it to. in fact, palazzo adriano has a vaccination rate, other european cities can only dream of going by official statistics, a 104 percent of the population out vaccinated. mm. that statistical quirk isn't a cinematic fantasy. but due to the fact that the figure includes visitors who were vaccinated right here in the chin, him up at a d. so museum, which just happens to be housed in the town halls, largest room equip. so in was her that she them up early. so this is that sheena, my pat, i the so museum. yeah, the film is still important. that was the last alone. so locating our vaccination center here was common sense about also about a sense of community that's the only own since all the buttons and so against a backdrop of movie posters. 3 major vaccination campaigns were held here for the met
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a well functioning vaccination campaign is about more than numbers. oh jill. but sheila, elizabeth and these times vaccination means freedom is provided to us by the government. irrational, but it's about freedom for every way media, and i'm sorry that vaccination opponents don't understand that there's also a lot of democracy in the vaccines kiddo each. a latino shale of them of the thea ha. and there's a lot of hope to the infection right here. has been close to 0, thanks to the measures. taken a little dent on that evening, mima and her husband invite friends to the house for dinner. they plan. so once again, once there are local called film chima parity. so back in the day me, my husband helped build the set on the piazza. they all know the dialogue by heart little means everything to most volvo. it's the hope that our town has
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a good future of it. so he, he, lou, they're proud of their town and of their corona virus response here in polite so adriano people stand together so that the virus doesn't stand a chance. m lou sheesh. ah, but will these vaccines also protect against the ami kron variance? what do we know so far about this variant? our science correspondent derek williams has answers to your questions like this one from you to mirror luis. m. o is on the current differ from earlier virus variants. oh, on the crew is, is pretty different from previous variance and compared to the original version of
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the virus, it's genome carries mutations in more than 50 places around 3 dozen of them effect what's called the spite protein. that structure that jots out all over the place. on the viruses surface and the thing is alterations to it can have major effects in a couple of different ways. first, because the spike protein is what stars covey 2 uses to dark on to cells. and in fact them. so, mutations in it can potentially make our micron even better at that. and 2nd, because the spike protein is the target of many of the coven vaccines that we've developed on it's structure, plays a key role in training the immune system to recognise future virus infections. so if the spike changes to radically in a new variant,
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then defenses like anti bodies might no longer recognize it as well or, or even at all, it could start evading immunity. we're still learning about the ways that alma cron differs from previous versions of the virus, but, but skyrocketing cases in many countries clearly make it the most infectious variant that we've seen so far. scientists think that, that like delta, some of our microns increased trans miss ability probably has to do with spike mutations that help make it better at grabbing on to the membrane receptors that provide an entryway into a cells interior. um, another hypothesis holds that people infected with on a chron might be shedding more of the virus. since some studies show that it seems
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to replicate massively and rapidly and closer to your mouth and nose. so and the respiratory tract above the lungs and less in the lungs themselves. by the way, that might also be a big reason why i'm a crohn is proving less deadly than its cousins because in a lot of people it seems to spare the lungs. but at the top of the list of differences between alma crohn and other variance is how good it seems to be at dodging immune defenses in both people who've been vaccinated. and, and those who recovered from previous vowels with other variance. delta could evade immune defenses as well, but, but not nearly as well as alma kron seems to be able to. and if defense is no longer mostly protect people from infection, expert, se, then that could help explain a lot of the steep rise in cases that we're seeing,
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even in heavily vaccinated countries. but that doesn't mean that vaccines or previous infections provide no protection at all. people who are unvaccinated, and have never, had coven still make up the majority of patients in icy use. so, even with all micron, previous infection or vaccination appears to help prevent severe infection. in most people, especially if they've received a booster shot boom. israel has decided to launch another round of booster vaccinations to help wash the omicron variant. the country has approved a 4th dose for all israelis age 60 and over medical workers and immunocompromised people. the country is currently registering as highest infection rate since the
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start of the pandemic. ah, the line for a cove at 19 test is long at this official center in tel aviv with the on the cross variance spreading fast. free p c. r tests are now reserved for people over 60, under their high risk groups. everybody else is required to take it out until jan test 1st. with ever changing rules. patience is running low. and basically the rules change on a daily basis. there is a joke, the if you refresh the news on the news page, then you get different restrictions and different rules. mostly, if more kid feels like a circus, if they cancel the p c r test, when they should let us do the average and testing at home and send our kids back to school the 5th. now we have to stand here called work and just have to stay at home, being called bomb jammed by israel made an early pass on it's rapid vaccination campaign in october. is it successfully slow down the del to waive by administering
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a 3rd booster shots. but now the country is struggling with the i'm a kron variant. our stocking ha variant, it is spreading very fast. then commission period is about 2 days, not 7 days as used to be. so this is why many of the epidemiological measures saw especially testing and breaking of transmission are much less efficient. ah, right now, much of israel's tobin strategy has been focused on vaccination. over $4300000.00 israelis have taken the 3rd booster shots less than half of the population of roughly $9400000.00. since last week the country has begun to roll out the 4th booster for people over 60 medical staff and other high risk groups. ok, each time we boost we fortify our immune response. we deepen
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the immune memory and enhance our ability to cope more efficiently with the fiery ants that already challenging us. and those that will and unfortunately, will emerge as it's still unclear how hospitals will cope during this 5th wave at a heel of hospital in tel aviv family dr. laura azurie takes us to the cove at 19 wards. not every bad is occupied right now. but numbers of severely ill patients are increasing daily and majority are unvaccinated. 2 or have underlying health conditions quote unquote, unconventional, at the moment some of our patients are vaccinated, some are not every one hospitalized has underlying health conditions, heart, kidney conditions or diabetes. but again, the vaccinations are very important and very effective. so remember how showing
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them helium thought after so many waves of this disease, there's a sense of experienced routine on this wards on now. newly authorized drugs can be given to patients early on. still after 2 years, it's not just hard for doctors and nurses to keep up. but for every one struggling with the new uncertainty that's replicating along with this latest variant. how much protection do booster shots provide against corporate 19 and variance like omicron? some countries are considering a 4th vaccine. we ask infectious disease specialist team will full of what lies ahead. thanks for your time doctor woke. thank you very much. my pleasure. you belong to a working group at university hospital for a vote that focuses on curve 19 developers, and according to one of the groups latest publications to boost the effectiveness of biotech vaccines is found to have been reduced by 27 times against the only
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crime variant now i've had my booster shot duster new discovery, mean i'll still get infected at some point. yes. so let me quickly explain was what we actually needed these experiments, which essentially blood was taken from patients will have been vaccinated or recovered. and also, you know, we use some of the, some of the drugs that are available on the market. which side of the bodies and the ability of the anti bodies to neutralize the virus. in a cell culture. i'm a couple of weeks later, you know, the extra, the neutralization capacity has been parallels and realized that the change that, you know, i'm the back seems protection. again, i'm a comparison has been reduced around $40.00 to $0.60, but it's not 0. but we also learned that patients will have to be very
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strongly protected against all of the disease. so there is still a very beneficial fact. next manufacturer is working on thank seems adapted to the only con variance, but new variance will come eventually that will need new vaccines again. isn't it going to be an endless loop? it's likely you will have to be adapted to and so you've already and i'm going to be an endless loot. well, we will have to see, but i think it's worthwhile to try and compare over contrast with what we had with the news. we actually have a very strong and a good idea of the finality of the infection. i'm every adapting the vaccines. it's not like you that will have to be done for folk have it as well. thank you. talk to thank you so much. and now for some animals with
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superpowers, such as sharks, camels and their cousins in south america, scientists found neutralizing antibodies to the corona virus and its variance in these species. could animals help bring an end to the pandemic that probably began in an animal, namely fat in china. at 1st glance, this south american alpaca looks like an ordinary animal. but to scientists think it could help us fight the corona virus. han demik with a herd of 19 alpaca, living on the campus of austell university in val diva southern chile biochemist. alejandro hall house is conducting research. working with the l pack. has it been
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this mail alpaca is called buddha. yes, he's developed neutralizing antibodies against a number of cobra. 19 barons including oma, chronically to the scientists. first vaccinated the alpaca with surface proteins from the covey. 19 virus. then they took a blood sample and found nano bodies that can neutralize sauce cove to viruses. nano bodies are much smaller than normal antibodies. their structure is also less complex and they're quite easy to reproduce using yeast cultures. for example, nano bodies are only produced by tamar leds, so our packages, lamas, camels and drama, dairies, and by shocks. even before the pandemic began, ross and his team found it and publicised an initiative aimed at combating emerging viruses. but they didn't have any animals to work with me until an unexpected
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visitor turned up. electro mucus in 2019 a buddhist monk who wants to help us came to visit to fiona to florida. he gave us for alpaca. skinner? good kim, who? one of them was buddha, then we have the deal go, we're latera and pedro. yeah, we're, yeah, we're not legal. they haven't just produced antibodies to fight sars. coby to like buddha. oh, what against other viruses to like me, po, virus and hendrick virus. me. pedro here, for example, yoga road, little the research doesn't harm the, our pack has once a year there vaccinated by vets who then take a small sample of blood the animals, a cat full by a veterinarian to raise a pinto. but i meant this uncommon stuff, not they like pants, like they eat out of her hands. sam alone, we don't care of them and love them. you know, at 1st they wouldn't come near us. but no, there are no longer strengths line of presents,
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not done if we treat them very well. we've in the jail polk as well being. it's extremely important to us sally in val d via in southern chile, at austell universities laboratory for medical biotechnology rojas and his team have patented, 13 nano bodies that directly target saws cove 2 viruses. now they want to use the elpac has nano bodies to develop a drug to treat coven 19 for the remote. oh, there were no no. this involves mixing the alpaca nano bodies with a fragment of a human antibody, so that it is accepted by the human immune system. the drug could be inhaled or administered in the form of a nasal spray or injection and helped to prevent severe or fatal cases of coven 19 . but the scientists need financial support to develop the drug. and so far,
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the chilean government hasn't offered funding. not all are gonna go more come of kathy. it's not just about developing an anti viral thera legal research covey tools to look at. i'm been look, if you would also showing that here in a remote close like southern chile, we're capable of developing a technology that can help bring a global pandemic under control. remote that go more in switching the scientists in chile aren't the only ones researching alpaca nano bodies. there's a similar initiative underway at the university of san francisco and in germany, the university of barn and the max planck institute in getting and are engaged in nano body research. but the scientists here in chile are a step ahead. when a dealer get under with that, one of the big advantages of developing antibodies from becoming and chilling is that here the al packers and lamas are in their natural habitat, embargoed with emma at the university campus. the al packers have their own
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enclosure covering more than 3 hectares of land where they're free to roam, sleep and feed. the scientists haven't just given the elpac has names. they've also discovered distinct personality traits worth a look at the meal. buddha is a bit shy big, when not people around them, he won't need out of my hand. seneca widow and he's not so keen on people, he doesn't know where you are. it's in every way out there. what is him blow in when others the ah, like donio for example, get out and i will eat out of anyone's hand in a committed. i know they all have different personalities. angle betty. think that personally i despite his shyness, buddha is quite the star on social media. he has nearly 17000 followers on instagram alone,
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little bug us. some of your pictures provide an alternative solution to monoclonal antibodies that is much cheaper monica in the coming years will probably seen many products developed in the immune systems of these animal wonderful animals. with the necessary funding, the al packers may be able to help us, both in this pandemic and in future ones to alejandro has sent his team a convinced of that m. ah, with
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who a conflict with sebastian and comfort zone with weak ethiopia civil war? no more than a year old and showing no sign of envy or side to refuse to run,
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speak about 1250. that is a minister for democratization. and he joins me from the capital, a complete loan, b in 30 minutes on w to the point. strong opinions, clear positions, international perspective, we've seen more saber rattling a freshman and kelly's in the former soviet republics of ukraine. bell ross and catholic stop. so does let me put in want to create a new post soviet order. and how should the weather respond to find out on to the point to a few minutes on d, w. and we're interested in the global economy, our portfolio d w business beyond. here, the closer look at the project,
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our mission. to analyze the fight for market dominance versus west, get us to that head with the w business beyond on you to read with
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respect. ah, ah, ah, this is d, w. news live from berlin. a german court has sent a syrian colonel to prison for life for crimes against.


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