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w, a closer look at the project. our mission to analyze the fight for market dominance. east versus west, give us a bit head with the w business beyond on you to ah ah, this is the that we knew is live from berlin, a hard deadline. russia puts the west on notice moscow. warren's time is running out to meet its security demands. after a week of high level diplomacy ends in deadlock, all sides refusing to ground,
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refusing to give ground to avoid conflict in ukraine. also on the program, germany brief, a new single day cobra case record with 92000 new infections. germany's health minister insists government measures are paying off, stopping the 4th wave from being much worse glass after the 1st ever conviction of a syrian military official for crimes against humanity. we take a look at what this landmark decision means for the victims of the decades long war in syria and another twist in the novak jock of h saga. the australian government councils, his visa for a 2nd time, a series, now fighting deportation just days before the australian open is due to begin ah and labor you very much for joining us. russia has up the pressure on western
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powers and a diplomatic showdown over ukraine. a week of diplomacy has failed to achieve a breakthrough, a kremlin once a stop to nato's eastward enlargement, and is seeking a written response to its security demands by next week. but the west is refusing to budge, and so the kremlin is keeping its troops put on the ukrainian border. russian snipers ready for action near the ukrainian border. just some of the military exercises being carried out by moscow, as it continues to threaten its neighbour. russian troops have been massing along the border for weeks. his tensions between the 2 nations grow. these satellite images taken at the beginning of december,
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had already stoked fears that moscow was planning to invade ukraine. over the last few days, there's been a flurry of diplomatic activity as the u. s. nato and the e u. each tries to avert a war. but so far it appears to have come to nothing. city longer liver, it was obvious from the beginning that the position of russia was unacceptable. it is not take a diplomacy genius to realised that russia's proposals were difficult to accept for the western world. mongolia, the kremlin, says it's defending itself. and it once guarantees that nato won't expand its military alliance eastwards. but it's also warned, it won't hang around. we have reasons to believe that our partners of understood the necessity to react quickly. precisely and on paper on bay harbor
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understood that we are not going to wait forever search. of course, there are plans to drug it on and on, which is 2 things have already been dragging on since rush is annexation of crimea in 2014 keith's army has been fighting pro kremlin set parties in east in ukraine for those ukrainians living close to the russian border talks seem futile, sir. listen sure. i see no reason to negotiate with russia, the aggressor country with those people who fight against us. now, i can't see anything positive in this book. we needed a positive article. as the russian build up of troops continues, it still looks like there's no real sign, a compromise can be reached. but stock did it. of your correspondence, emily,
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sherwin and moscow and our correspond with lisa we in breast of france, that's where you foreign ministers are meeting to discuss the stand off on ukraine . good day to you both. lisa, want to go to you 1st because we're expecting the use use top diplomat to brief the press momentarily. as we wait for that to get under way, are we expecting anything concrete to be announced where you are? well, this meeting is not a meeting where decisions are being taken, but it is a meeting. it is an occasion for, for you foreign ministers to come together to find a common stance. and that's what the foreign ministers here have been working on over the past 2 days that have been underlining that this is really unacceptable. it would be unacceptable if moscow invited invaded ukraine indeed. and they have reiterated that thread to impose fresh sanctions on moscow if that were to happen. we also have heard that the, a german foreign minister and alina barbara,
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is set to travel to care to ukraine and to moscow, to continue talk next week, next week. and she said this morning that you know, yes, the hasn't been a breakthrough yet, but a talks are still ongoing. and that is a good thing. on emily in moscow rhetoric from the russian foreign ministry has not changed at all. that doesn't bode well. yeah, that's right. we've heard the same harsh tones and the same demands from moscow all week. they've been demanding, as you were saying, a written guarantees from the west, particularly that there be no more eastern expansion of nato, which the west has repeatedly called a non starter. and st. t, i think they're being strategic here in some ways, by keeping the pressure of militarily as, as well. and by not taking that threat off the table, we've heard words about,
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you know, some catastrophic consequences. should the west fail to compromise with russia? i don't think there are any plans for attack as it were coming out from this harsh rhetoric. and we've heard the russian side say that repeatedly this week as well. but they certainly want to keep the heat up. in order to essentially blackmail the west. i think to keep talking to them on emily as, as, or rather lisa, as a emily at his reporting, there seems to be no flexibility from russia at this stage at least. what are the use options? well the you knows very well that it's options are limited, they are being sidelined doing these talks that have very much happened at primarily between the us and russia directly. and the u has not been that much included in the talks, but they keep on pushing. they want to be part of the negotiations. they're saying we want to stay united. we want to talk to each other besides, as
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a matter of appeasement, really, they want to come things down in order to prevent an invasion. although obviously they don't have as much leverage porpoise possibly, and h o u. s. and that's what russia has been saying as well. emily, after a week of high level multi lateral talks, all involved remain locked into their respective position. what's next? i think it's really hard to know of what the kremlin actually wants. at this point . many experts said that they went into these talks on with these demands that were very harsh out, no eastern expansion. and that they must have known going into the talks that was essentially a non starter for the west, which is what we've seen this week. and so i think that they were perhaps just trying to bargain high bargain hard and see what they can get all the while showing
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the west that they have red lines. and that those red lines and concerns need to be respected. now they've issued this demand for a written response from the west, and i think that perhaps is also a strategy to buy the kremlin time. the foreign ministers and deputy foreign ministers that we've heard speaking this week and who have been it at talks will now be coming back to moscow. will presumably be speaking to putin and will be consulting on what to do next. all the while they're waiting up for a written response. i think that for the russian side, this is part of a long process where they want essentially to create a whole new architecture for europeans are security, including on arms control. and they certainly want to keep a stay at the table on those negotiations and make their concerns very clear going forward. lisa finally, ukraine's destiny might potentially be decided in the weeks to come,
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that the ukrainians get a chance to voice their position during these diplomatic efforts that were under way. well, this week was mainly concentrated on a direct line between the us and russia. they were also talks at the s c, e, the organization for security and cooperation in europe. and ukraine is a member of that organization. so they will be represented there. but it's clear that they did not get a direct seat at the negotiation table. i'm sure they will be the will have been talking to their allies, to member states that are in contact with them, but they didn't get into directly into the negotiating room here in europe. this, this week, the server we are in breast of france and emily sure when in moscow, russia, thank you both for your continued coverage this week. and ukraine says, a number of its government websites have been targeted in a major cyber attack. here says no personal data was leaked so far. there has been
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no claim of responsibility. ukraine's foreign ministry says it's too early to say who is behind the attacks, but says there is a long record of russian cyber assaults against ukraine in the past. the european union has condemned the cyber attack. germany has joined the list of countries reporting armor chron as the dominant corona virus variance. now accounting for over 70 percent of all new cases. as according to the countries disease prevention center, the robert coffee institute. while with such a rapid spread, german health minister car lauterbach is urging those not yet vaccinated to get the jap, germany saw a record number of new cove in 1000 cases on friday with more than 92000 infections . experts say measures like a masks and distancing, have helped to contain the advance of alma crohn, but more is needed. and
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a german health minister, carlota bassett, on friday that kirk restrictions are preventing the worst of the current wave. but feel as if the goal is to stretch out the inevitable dive and which is the increasing number of army kron cases taken and reduce it in such a way that we get through this wave with as few casualties as possible. vic coleman . and from what we're seeing so far, so the action we've taken are having the desired effect whatsoever. nevertheless, there is no reason to sound the all clear. and i'm going to swing that on. that was said, germany said health minister speaking a short while ago. want to bring in bo dope laughter. he's the deputy director of the institute of veronica g at mines university. doctor, thank you so much for taking the time to take our questions. daily infections in germany, reaching a new hi. looking at how do you see this pace continue to rise in the weeks to come?
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well, i guess it's a possibility. if you don't take measures to stop it, actually we have seen a sharp rise throughout europe. and there is no reason to believe that it will not be the same in germany. so that also depends, of course, how people act. those hygiene members are still being appreciated and has like a mask or distancing. so all of that will decide how this way will be in germany. but i'm pretty sure that this will be also sharp rice, a few weeks to come. in the beginning of the pandemic, the focus was very much on reducing infections. what should the goal now be in your expert opinion? well, i think the goal is still the same, so the curve for we should not have left the virus or lose because the problem is still in the hospitals. but also, of course, more and more people have to go into current team knowing that possibly army current is less pathogenic. so the disease burden may be low, but it's many people can in fact that many people will be able to say it to stay at
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home. and so there may be a shortage of person on the hospital, but also in other areas like police stations or other areas like supplies. so i think it is important to occur. we keep of course, hearing that alma crohn is causing milder cases that it's less of dairyland. does that mean that the burden on hospitals and medical care workers here in this country is eating well at the moment? yes, it may be, but as i just said, i mean the point is that we may have more and more people like nurses and doctors in karen teen. and then the problem rises again that we don't have enough supplies . old personnel care for the patient, not just for coal, with patients, but also for other patients. so this has to be closely monitored to be able to really have a relaxed, more or less situation. to dr. vodo, a plaster deputy director of the institute of or ology at mines university. sir,
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thank you for sharing your expertise with us. thank you very much. want to take a look now at the other stories in the headlines right now. the office of british prime minister boys johnson has apologized to the royal family after revelations of more staff parties, while the country was under logged down to prime minister johnson is facing growing pressure to resign over the events which are under investigation. it's emerged to gatherings took place last april on the night before the funeral for prince philip, the queen's husband. north korea says it has fired too short range ballistic missiles into the sea. it's the country's 3rd missile task. this month. john yang said it was exercising legitimate self defense. after the u. s. announced a was imposing new sanctions. north korea's neighbors including japan, have condemned the latest missile test. australian authorities are warning people
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to stay indoors as parts of the country experience a heat wave. some towns in western australia have reported temperatures above 50 degrees celsius matching local records set in 1960 extreme heat comes as climate scientists in the u. s. say the past 9 years were among the 10 hottest on record. the landmark whirling by a court in germany convicting a syrian officer of war, crime says, put the syria war back in the spotlight. more than a decade after the fighting broke out, people are still being killed and many more are suffering. the city of italy near the turkish border is the only syrian city still controlled by the opposition. it lip was the scene of anti government protests and 2011. and that escalated into an all out war. following is shaky truce, it lip remains home to more than a 1000000 people and thousands of displaced families dependent on scat. 8
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deliveries, many children are forced to, to look for food to survive. their situation is now being made worse by harsh winter conditions. racquel can hardly believe his luck. he's found an old solar heating met in the trash and thinks he can sell it for a good price. it's hard for the 11 year old to carry it with just one arm. 3 years ago he lost his right forearm. that had to be amputated after a bomb attack. i know people don't like me because i'm so dirty that he look, i don't know the michael corona from amazon. yeah. but then whenever these people think i've infected them, every day, thousands of children scour the dumps in it live. they are society's weakest, and there's little else for them. in this crisis written region, the whole day they rummaged through the trash, looking for shoes, jackets,
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electronics, copper, cabling, anything they can sell with. it's the only way they can support their families, grueling work, instead of education. and why i didn't get an education and i started going to school when i was a kid for 2 months now that we haven't been given any food in the camp almost. and it lip is the last opposition stronghold in syria, islamists control the province. despite the ceasefire, there are frequent raids and skirmishes with the syrian army. hundreds of thousands of syrians have lost their homes in the war. they now live in 10th cities like here and murat. miss green in the north of it live. this is where rock han lives. with his family. they fled the air raids on their village near aleppo. his father was captured by syrian forces. so now were con,
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has to feed his family. these chickens are all they own. good while os ironing money on your own is difficult model. i think sometimes people help me carry the bags of trash. yeah. my siblings help to widen supplies some days we find stuff explore other days we don't. while at the bottom know what the known bob novak madam. he heads off every morning, sometimes accompanied by his sister fuschia. the garbage dump is 5 kilometers away . when they get there, the real work begins. reckon often loses out to the other kids. they are stronger than him and let him know that at the end of the day, they take whatever they've managed to find to a scrap merchant near the dump, he drives a hard bargain and very few are in much lee. and i love, i don't like working with trash than is that i'd much rather go to school and learn
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something. and then when i grow up, i could teach others that i'd like to be a teacher that that would be meaningful. does that mean sally? and that is so, but that will probably remain a dream for a con and thousands of other children in it. earlier we spoke to german author in the mid east analyst to kristin hell berg. she was in october as she was in syria this past october. and we asked her if she thought the international community had forgotten about syria. you know, we have seen ongoing discussions for years now about how to help the student people without strengthening the c and g. it's almost impossible. it's very difficult. the bite and administration is being more pragmatic than the trump administration. that very much tried to kept the international isolation of the us hub regina. they are talking about keeping up humanitarian assistance and the west is paying for 80 percent of the u. n. 8 in syria. they are talking about sci fi us that don't hold,
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they are talking about, you know, the defeat of the lennox de that is regaining control in the eastern part of syria, actually because people are so poor that they take the money of these young stayed there. so until now actually international community is only dealing with the symptoms of this crisis, and there is no real broader diplomatic strategy to resolve the war. we have only international actors that are looking for their own interests. and we're talking about turkey, russia, iran, you asked europe, so i was involved is going for his own interest without any international coordinated effort to solve the crisis itself. and that was that german author and mid east, alistair kristen. how barker speaking to the debbie news? a short while ago. now we shift our attention to the to australia rather, the australian government has cancelled novak jock ventures visa for a 2nd time. the tennis world number one is due to be taken into the custody of immigration officials in a matter of hours as pursuit of
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a record breaking 21st grand slam title. now hanging on a last ditch court appeal. just days before he's a striding open title defense was due to begin novick, jock of each trained on center court, still waiting for the australian government's decision. it came late in the day in australia and landed with seismic impact. this trailing minister for immigration. alex hawk cancelled mister joker. bitches visa on health and good order grounds. and on the basis he concluded it was in the public interest to do so. it's now unclear whether this was no vac joker, which is last appearance on st. a court in melbourne this year. that will be established when an appeal against his 2nd visa cancellation lance, back in the legal court on sunday. before that he will be taken into some form of detention by australian border force officials. however, the judge and respective lawyers interpret the use of legal language in melbourne
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on the streets of belgrade. the people's judgment is clear of all did on i'm disgusted from an angry because i did not expect that they would treat the best tennis player like this. i think he did not deserve this the near the forger talk on it. oh the serbs, australia no longer exists. if you have a cousin or a river that you should just forget about them. and so a drama for the ages continues in melbourne. the final chapter of a legal fight that may shape sporting history. no shortage of drama. there are mark meadows for him. did you sports or join me to try and make sense of all this facing deportation? were you surprised that the australian authorities decided for a 2nd time running he's got to go? no, i wasn't surprised mainly because they'd already tried. i mean, originally they tried because he said he had an exemption from being vaccinated or
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to play in the tournament, but actually that didn't actually get him into the country. but then he won his 1st appeal. the judge signed in with him based on a technicality. this time the strain is of kind of going to bit different. they've got a series of public health issue, a public interest if you of course, since the 1st court case, we've had a couple of developments. we've heard that actually no activity was positive, recovered in december, but went and did an interview breaking isolation rules. we've also heard that actually the form that he filled in to come into his trailer, said he only been in service in the 14 days prior. it actually been training in spain, there's lots of photographs and pictures of him in spain. he says that was his agent's fault, but he could have checked that himself. now, um, obviously are mr jokers which and his steam they are going to fight this to the bitter. and i think the stallions are as well. i mean at the moment jock of it is due to be detained. to morrow early, australian time, we don't know exactly what that detention will mean. does that mean he gets to stay
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in his hotel? will he go back to the same deportation hotel? he was in before he's having an interview with border force officials. that's what it's basically been been labeled as, but people will think, why is it got to this stage? you know, joke if it could have just got vaccinated and none of this would have happened, but he's completely against it. fair enough, others will say, why the experience even let him get on the plane to allow the saga to start in the way it has. what impact is all of this? you know, as talking about it being splashed on all these headlines. what impact is it have in on the tournament, one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world is completely overshadowed. of course, you know, he's the defending champion, the 9 times champion. it's not the best preparation for him for his tournament. but if he wins his appeal, don't count him out because of the manny is, i think his former coach boris becker said it best. you know, if he wins this 2nd appeal boys because that the australian public will obviously not welcome him. he has to climb mount everest,
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but if anyone can do the impossible, it's jock image to be continued. mark matter is did over his for a 2nd. great. catching up with you. thank you. he wants to get a renew is as a reminder, now the top story that we are covering right now, russian foreign minister survey law is demanding a written response from the us and nato to it's security demands over the alliances eastwards expansion. the call comes after a week of high level diplomacy that has produced no results or east tensions over russia's presence on the border with ukraine. germany has joined the list of countries reporting alma crohn as the dominant corona virus variant. now, accounting for over 70 percent of all new cases. that's according to the countries disease prevention center. the robert car institute. you're watching the w
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news up next in the w news age of courts. in india, a quits a catholic, bishop accused of raping a nun. in a case, the strong huge attention over allegations of sexual harassment in the church. and pakistan nominates is 1st female supreme court justice. why that matters to women in the country. that story and a whole lot more coming up in just a moment with the rush banner, g mail, rock and berlin on behalf of all of us here at the daily news. thank you very much for choosing to be with with with
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ah, with
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rico india. she's the pon savior, ram where tom wants to revive polluted dried up water holes. they serve a vital function for the water supply and ecosystems near metropolises. he's getting closer to his goal thanks to the help a many volunteers. he go here. in 60 minutes on d w ah, we've got some hot tips for your bucket list. ah, magic corner chat, hot spot for food and some great cultural memorials to boot d w travel off we go. ah, welcome to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and after 911, he says after 911,
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the clubs came off. were organized crime rules. were conglomerates make their own laws? ah, what is true? what's vague? it doesn't matter, the only criteria is what we'll hook people. we shed light on the opaque world who's behind benefits. and why are they a threat to whistle? oh, peak worlds. this week on d. w with this is deborah news, asia coming up to date questions remain often an indian court acquits a bishop of raping a non bishop monica has walked free despite multiple charges. we meet one of.


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