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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 14, 2022 8:00pm-8:22pm CET

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ah, ah ah ah ah, this is d w. news like from berlin to night. fears at moscow is creating a crisis to justify an invasion of ukraine. washington claimed that russia is preparing a false flag operation. he comes after
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a week of high level diplomacy talks that ended in deadlock, also coming up tonight despite his surgeon cobit 19 in india. thousands of hindu pilgrims take the risk and bathe in the river ganges as part of a holy festival, plus the suffering that continues in syria. tonight, a report from the city of ed live as winter approaches there many are forced to comb through trash just to survive and, and other twist in the no back joke of ej saga. the tennis star is back in detention after australian authorities rejected his visa, yet again, will he play in melbourne on monday, or will he be deported? ah, i bring. gov is good to have you with us on this friday. we begin with developments in the stand off between russia and western powers over ukraine. washington is now
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claiming that moscow is planning to framed the government in kia in such a way that would justify a russian invasion. here's more now from a pentagon spokesman, we have information that they've preposition, a group of operatives to conduct what we call a false flag operation. and an operation is designed to look like an attack on them or their peep or russian speaking people in ukraine. again, as an excuse to, to go in. oh, this comes of course, after a week of diplomacy between russia and western powers. with no breakthrough to report, russia has up the pressure of seeking a hawk to nato's eastward expansion, as well as a written response to his security demands. and it says or wants that by next week . but with the west refusing to budge the kremlin is keeping his troops in place on ukraine's border. rush and snipe is
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ready for action near the ukrainian border. just some of the military exercises being carried out by moscow, as it continues to threaten its neighbour. russian troops have been massing along the boat for weeks, has tensions between the 2 nations grow. the satellite images taken at the beginning of december had already stoked fears that moscow was planning to invade ukraine. over the last few days, there's been a flurry of diplomatic activity as the u. s. nato and the e u. each tries to avert a war. but so far it appears to have come to nothing. cities, oliver, it was obvious from the beginning that the position of russia was unacceptable. it is not take a diplomacy genius to realize that russia's proposals were difficult to accept for
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the western world. calling mongol to go. the kremlin says it's defending itself, and it wants guarantees that nato won't expand its military alliance eastwards. but it's also warned, it won't hang around. we have reasons to believe that our partners of understood the necessity to react quickly. precisely and on paper. and they have understood that we are not going to wait forever. but of course there are plans to drug it on and on. so she has 2 things have already been tracking on since rushes annexation of crimea in 2014 keith's army has been fighting pro kremlin separatists in eastern ukraine for those ukrainians living close to the russian border talks seem futile. so
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listen, so i see no reason to negotiate with russia, the aggressor country with those people who fight against us. now, i can't see anything positive in this company needed a positive article. as the russian build up of tramps continues, it still looks like there's no real sign. a compromise can be reached over lorna, i'm joined by mr. under us raj. he is a senior fellow at the german council on foreign relations security and defense program. mr. rodge, it's good to have you on the program. you know, we, we saw back in 2014, in the run up to the annexation of crimea. we saw this pretext, this false flag operation coming from russia. the u. s. says russia is planning to do it again. what's your take on that? when i myself do not have access to classified information as russia specialist,
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i can say loud and clear that using force flag operations as a tool, as an, as a pretext warfare would indeed not be alien from russia. practices of waging war is seen forestland operations in 2014 and also since 2014 commented, for example, against the polish minority ukraine against the hungarian minority and ukraine. and also several cases in other regions of ukraine as well as a whole in all. absolutely cannot exclude the possibility of russia preparing for wars flag operations. and it comes at the end of a week of high level talks between russia and the west that produced no progress. i mean, do you think there's any room left for any negotiations by the ukraine has initiated the new around the trilateral talks be ukraine, russian, the united states. i don't see it from the rational side to get engaged in any further negotiations. moreover, the rational proposal,
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which most intended to serve as a guideline for de speaks, negotiations been cleared and those thought are both are made in the us and russia has been on the very beginning. so all, you know, i'm not that i speak at all about, but there is still room for diplomacy here. mr. rodge, we are a western news organization. help us understand how, how the kremlin, how russia sees this. i mean, russia is demanding that nato stop its expansion east word because it sees that as a threat to its national security. i mean, is that true? actually, i'm trying to discuss or understand the rational perspective. one needs to remember that ever since 2008 need to has a valid promise taking in georgia and ukraine on board. i mean, clearly committed that once georgia and you will be member of that lives,
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there is no deadline, but that's the debt. but the promise is still down and the promises that it and russia keeps considering nieto as crime, very military threat. and also the source potential danger for the, for the safety of the rational, the ration from russia perspective and future accession. okay, great. need to indeed for the it's another question. however, the alliance does not take in any country because i'm going to, we're going to do moment ukraine has to look at maybe the crimea. ok by that, by russia, as well as eastern your brain. right now it doesn't seem to be nice to get all the way to make it to be alliance any time. so still russia even the possibility that mr. andros ranch with the german council on foreign relations. we appreciate your time and your valuable insights tonight. thank you. and you are, let's take
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a look now at some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world . the office of the british prime minister boy johnson has apologized to the royal family after rela revelations of more staff parties. while the country was under locked down, johnston is facing growing pressure to resign over the events which are under investigation. it's emerge to gatherings took place last april on the night before the funeral of queen of the queen's husband, prince phil. protest against denisia as president chi, it have been met with water can an arrest by the police. the demonstrations took place in defiance with the government's coven 19 restrictions. rochesters are angry over the presidents of suspension of parliament and attempts to rewrite the constitution, which they say amounts to acute thousands of government. supporters have taken to the streets of molly's capital, bako to protest against sanctions imposed by neighboring countries. the sanctions were brought by leaders of the west, african eco was block. after molly's ruling hunter,
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proposed delaying elections planned for next month until the year 2026 to northern india now were tens of thousands of hindu pilgrims have gathered for a holy festival. that includes bathing in the ganges river. now that's despite a huge jump in coven 19 infections. now the festival is being blamed for creating even more. our next look report looks at how pilgrims and the authorities are dealing with the omicron variant, which is driving the search. tens of thousands of people come together to take the holy dip under the watchful eye of police. in some places, authorities have sent up drones to sprinkle holy water on de la tase, so they don't come too close to one another. but not everyone is listening to the authorities. avenue card ab,
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not people are standing here on the banks of the river and roaming around without any mass. william, nobody is following the guideline. locked announcements are being made to urge people to wear men. what can the government do? nobody is following the rule. making that are being india has recently had a massive surgeon corona virus cases. fueled by the army. kron variant from an average of 8000 new cases, a day in november to well over 200000. now in san diego, tase are unfazed for almost scared of the corona virus. i'm not scared of it. why not? i believe it's a disease from the past and nothing else. dozens of police and cleaning staff at the festival have already tested positive for the virus. critics say the government has allowed the festival to go ahead, despite the health risks had
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a fear of offending its hindu voter base by monday. but we are praying to the gods that corona virus will end. and we become free of this pandemic. and we can resume our live like before that there was a good that, that those prayers will be desperately needed to keep this festival from becoming another super spreader event. you watch a dw, so to come novak joke of inches, australia visa cancelled for a 2nd time this time on grounds of public health interest. but he hasn't been deported just yet. we'll get the latest on the serbian tennis stars soccer for more than a decade after fighting broke out in serious civil war, people are still being killed and many more are suffering. the situation is particularly difficult. the city of id lip that's near the turkish border. it's the only syrian cities still controlled by the opposition. it lib was the scene of anti
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government protest back in 2011. protests had escalated into all out civil war. following of shaky truce edlin remains home to more than a 1000000 people and thousands of displaced families depended on scant aid deliveries, and many children are forced to scrounge food to survive. their situation is down now being made worse by harsh winter conditions. racquel can hardly believe his luck. he's found an old solar heating met in the trash and thinks he can sell it for a good price. it's hard for the 11 year old to carry it with just one arm. 3 years ago he lost his right forearm. that had to be amputated after a bomb attack. i know people don't like me because i'm so dirty. petty negotiated the my corona from me mother and i busted and whenever i had these people think i infected them. every day,
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thousands of children scour the dumps in it live. they are society's weakest, and there's little else for them. in this crisis written region, the whole day they rummaged through the trash, looking for shoes, jackets, electronics, copper, cabling, anything they can sell with. it's the only way they can support their families. grueling work, instead of education make in law, get an education and i started going to school when i was a kid for 2 months now that we haven't been given any food in the camp almost. and it lip is the last opposition stronghold in syria, islamists control the province. despite the ceasefire, there are frequent reigns and skirmishes with the syrian army. hundreds of thousands of syrians have lost their homes in the war. they now live in 10th cities
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like here and murat. miss green in the north of it live. this is where rock han lives. with his family. they fled the air raids on their village near aleppo. his father was captured by syrian forces. so now we're a con, has to feed his family. these chickens are all they own. so what it, while us ironing money on your own is difficult to model out that sometimes people help me carry the bags of trash. yeah. my siblings help to why don't supply some days, we find stuff explore other days we don't. while at the bottom know what the known, bob novak madam. he heads off every morning, sometimes accompanied by his sister fuschia. the garbage dump is 5 kilometers away . when they get there, the real work begins. reckon often loses out to the other kids. they are stronger than him and let him know that at the end of the day, they take whatever they've managed to find to
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a scrap merchant near the dump. he drives a hard bargain and very few are in much. i don't like working with trash than is when i'd much rather go to school and learn something then. but then when i grow up i could teach others that i'd like to be a teacher that would, that would be meaningful. does that mean sally? and that is so, but that will probably remain a dream for a con and thousands of other children in it live. all right, i'm joy now by been. he shall, or she leads the unit middle east, and mcgrew about the 100 boom foundation, which is affiliated with germany's green party. it's good to have you on the program. it's hard to watch that story. there is so much suffering that continues in id lube. what prospects for the future do the people living there really half? well, it is really a terrible situation because sad. these people are stuck in it live. they kanza go
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to, to the rest of syria, even though half of the people living in it live. and that sounds like altogether you have 2 to 3000000 people. there are half of them have been displaced from other areas of syria and they are stuck there in poverty. it's an area with very little economic opportunity. and you saw all those children. i mean, children and youth in syria for 11 years, the war has been going on and so they know nothing but the situation. and that is really heartbreaking. and, you know, the situation in syria really has disappeared from the world's radar. it is enough . international aid, is it even now coming in the way it did, let's say, you know, 5 years ago? no, absolutely not. there is humanitarian aid that over the years, the needs and crazed immensely, and the 8 has not kept up with that. and over the past years, we've seen the pressure from russia to catch cross border 8 said there is just one last remaining border crossing to which the united nations,
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who are the biggest entity delivering humanitarian 8 is coming. that said 8, that is going to it, let that in summer. then the security council of the united united nations needs to vote on that again. and to her ashes, always threatening to cat this last 8 line. and people need to, to get there a through damascus, we see it from other areas. it doesn't work, damascus does block aid and keep it back for loyalists. and other areas that are not considered loyal enough. do not get the same amount of 8. and they don't get it based on the miss gyla. what, what's your opinion on this with the suffering that we're talking about with that suffering be possible if it weren't for russia supporting the of saud regime? no, it would not be possible. i mean, that machine has needed to russia, russian and iranian support on the ground. the military support has been one thing, but most of all, it is diplomatic support. russia has been holding its hand protected,
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lay over the searing regime in the security council. and this is by russia's able to temper with humanitarian aid here as well. so it is really a story that does not blame only the steering vision, but it's very strong allies who are supporting it on every possible level. yesterday we saw here in germany, a former detention director detention center director and syria, former assyrian colonel. he was found guilty of crimes against humanity in here in a german court. but what do we know about those detention centers in syria right now? those prisons and the people who have disappeared inside of them. it is a huge phenomenon, and people have been disappearing in syria already before 2011. back since then, the numbers have increased and its tens of thousands of families who are missing a 10 minute mentor. they don't know anything about them, they can't reach them, they can't sent the messages. they don't even know where the would need to lick the regime. has created very cynical business and they are arresting people to
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blackmail families. families are paying enormous amounts to get news about their relatives or to have some treat. and it is really terrible. it is an ongoing search and different the verdict also direct us in this direction. i mean, it is a verdict on a regime that is still in power and we have to be aware of these crimes are continuing. it's not finished. you know, the crimes continue as you say, then he shall or we appreciate your time and your insights tonight. thank you. thank you very much. or let's take a look now, some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world. north korea says it has fired to short range ballistic missiles into the ocean. it's the country's 3rd missile test this month. young gang said that it was exercising legitimate self defense. after the u. s. announced that it was imposing new sanctions. north korea's neighbors including japan, have condemned this latest missile test. a powerful earthquake has hit indonesia main island, a java producing strong trimmers and parts of the capitol jakarta,
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the $6.00 america magnitude quake calls extensive damage to buildings, but so far, no reports of casualties. australian authorities awarding people to stay in doors as part of the country experience a heat wave. some towns in western australia have reported temperatures above 50 degrees celsius. the extreme heat comes as climate scientists in the u. s. say the past 9 years were among the 10 hottest on record. queen migrate the 2nd, have celebrated 50 years on the throne, making her denmark's 2nd longest serving monarch. she attended a socially distant ceremony to mark the date. marguerite, the 2nd is seen as a unifying figure. it did mark with some 75 percent of the people saying they support the monarchy. the australian government has cancel, never joke of inches visa for a 2nd time.


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