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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 15, 2022 5:00pm-5:15pm CET

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i say everything the hot commodity in this global experiment. our data, smart devices are embedded in our daily lives. trutina, where every move. the internet of everything starts january 17 on d w. ah, ah ah, this is the w news live from fur lin. one last chance for novak jock of ich tennis star is back in detention in australia as authorities prepared to make a final decision on whether he can stay in the country and play in the australian
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open. also coming up, as army con, continues to spread, germany struggles to keep up with the demand of p. c. r. testing. the variance now makes up for the 70 percent of all coven 19th new cases in the country class. and when to speak up, bruce theodore flint turned on the style to put 5 past fiber crime, and i'll be cranking up the heat on vaguely despite ah hello, then i'm rena. muhammad australian authorities has set a sunday morning court hearing to decide whether tennis star novak doc, of ich, will be removed from the country. australia's government canceled his visa over cove at 19 entry rules for a 2nd time. the grand slam champion is now back in detention after another
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interview with immigration officials to say, oh the much between no back, jo cubic meal, straightening government, the world number one, just lost the latest set. now back in immigration detention. the 20 star will face under the court hearing on sunday after his visa was revoked for a 2nd time. immigration minister alex hawk said the play his presence could stoked auntie bach sentiment. unprovoked civil unrest. a small crowd of supporters gathered outside the arena. where the australian open is set to start on monday is 9 birds r z jock of each sog continues to dominate breaking news as little talk of tennis sauce cancelled. well, i tell you one thing it's,
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it's very clear that knowledge is a, is a, is one of the best players of the history without it out. ah, but the days no one play and he started that's it, that's, that's more important than, than an event. i think that all this could have been avoid it on like we like we've all done by getting vaccinated and doing all the things we had to do to come here in australia because everybody knew very clearly that the rule sent and of us. we just have to follow them and that's it is no, i don't thing is that difficult. on the streets to sympathy is in short supply all i would love for him to not be allowed to place for him to go hire him back on the cynical pardon me thinks that he will be allowed to play. i do feel that to make a statement. there is the world that we are sick you by what we been calling for the last 2 years. i feel as best as a doctor which should probably sit on this one pods the are the play is get up the
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one of the sports biggest competitions, sundays ruling could and jock of which is winning streak up. be australian. open the years to come. well john, this tony at lee joins us now from melbourne. not tonya. there's a lot of back and forth around this case is bring us up to speed on the latest developments. a well to 90 melvin know that joke of each holds on to the hope of winning. he's 21st france land and 9th australian open title he awaits the court decision to determine if he should have deported from an immigration to assert facility. that's very familiar to him. it's assigned attention hotel where the unvaccinated serbian player was detained and spent the 1st 4 nights in shortly after touch down to melvin last week. before judge fried him on monday, a joke with each arrived in mountains park hotel at around 3 30 pm mountain time,
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and he, a cade. com in a green track suit and white high smiles as he was driven into the facilities car park. and the media were can't outside the hotel, kate, so i'm so to with police and a small group of refugee advocates who were calling on calling for the release of the 33 asylum seekers who have been, who have not left the facility in many months since they transfer there and some who have been in detention for many years. what are we can expect from this a court hearing on sunday? i can't predict what the court's a likely to do tomorrow, but legal experts tell me that joke of each has a very good chance of game. and particularly now that his case will be heard before a full court at that 3 justices instead of one. and that leaves very little room for the government to keel if the court rules in java beaches say them. and if jock of it isn't allowed to play,
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how is this likely to disrupt the proceedings when it comes to the australian open? i think it be my him and 1st of all, to be organized to say, would have to reach off the jewel. ah, if joker beach is supported, he would either be replaced in the jewel by a lucky loser. or as i said, besides, would be re shuffled, meaning he's lot in the drawer, would go to number 5, see andre rib level, russia and in favorites, who then become the me to say in humid id number 3. alex iris, and number 6, matt i on the doll who told the media earlier that he was a little bit tired of the controversy around. she's marvel, what's been the reaction to all of this in australia? well, melbourne ians have enjoyed seats sloped downs and the longest number of days in the world under lockdown restrictions, making us a very, very tired bunch. a strategy is also one of the highest vaccinated places in the world. and i believe many people he went joke of each to understand who's the rules
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and obey them. oh, go home. of course there are a growing number of people who want history. these borders remain free and open and, and want to see job beach play. but equally, i expect that if he dance get on, the court can be met with plenty of boost rights to nearly in melvin for us. thank you very much. thanks. let's take a look at the mother stories making news around the world. hundreds of environmentalists saw demanding the cancellation of plans for lithium mining in west and serbia. they bucked roads and co for mining giant rio tinto to leave the country. the company has already carried out explanation for lithium, which is used in electric vehicle batteries. tanami waves have reached the pacific island of tonga after an underwater volcano erupted. you zealand has issued a tsunami warning for its coastal areas. home via home gut tonga, home got hot. pi volcano has triggered several tsunami warnings in recent days.
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those korean sate media says the country conducted a ballistic missile test. the launch from a railway call was its 3rd this year south korea's government detected to short range missiles, and that's led to the us calling for more sanctions on pyongyang. dutch prime minister mach british, says the netherlands will relax. some coven, 19 restrictions hospitalizations have dropped despite a surgeon, army con variance cases. shops, jim's head, dresses, and sports clubs will now be allowed to reopen. meanwhile, germany is heightening its current virus restrictions in response to a record number of new covered 19 cases in most states, only fully vaccinated people who have also received a booster shot will be allowed into bars and restaurants. those who have had just 2 vaccine doses also have to show a negative test results. the quarantine period for vaccinated people who test
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positive has also been reduced. well, i'm a con now accounts for over 70 percent of all new cases in germany. labs and testing centers are struggling to meet the demand for p. c. r. tests. t. as in theory, everywhere lab, chief dns hydrate. look cool. urgent pc artist awaiting warner. almost all the samples, you know, people who might have covered 19 on the upper floor technicians extract the arnie from test swabs and concentrated below. come evermore mountains of samples. a grueling task with 4000 pc artists each day, medical clinics, testing facilities and individuals. it's the volume and duration of the crisis that's been so overwhelming. me. i'm here mormon. at the moment we're all hands on deck that people who start crying that break down. they're so overloaded, that they just really need to break on rubies. and also i want to combat all the stress hydro has set up a special wellness room twice
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a week. a masser comes to help the overworked, p. c. r. test team needing to counteract the repetitive motions of testing thought of as it is a bit, particularly when they do this movement is that mostly here in the ball with thumb become stiff. some can't even open their hands by evening hunt. ultima. high numbers, exacting precision and total concentration in shifts from 6 in the morning till midnight. lab work at the limit. but in the engine room of testing, humanity is always at the center. it, i am good behind every testing process, storing a fear a patient in the child. i'm an old woman saying hopefully i don't have it on the chrome. hopefully i don't have delta at his desk. finally, some quiet hydrogen goes through the labs results. every 3rd test is positive, mostly with m a crone. that's why the team, it's vital that the increasingly scarce p c r t s go to those who really need them . that indicated anyone who's just curious or wants to go and holidays,
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for example. i don't think that's appropriate at the moment. people with real symptoms should be the ones getting tested for them. and it's for them that everyone here will be back at it again to morrow. mexico is also seeing a rise in current virus infections. the country is one of the hardest hit i. the pandemic president lopez of our door was infected for the 2nd time this week. and there are long lines in front of many testing centers. but for economic reasons, mexico continues to welcome tourists from around the world. mexico is open for business visitors need neither a vaccination certificate, nor a coven 19 test to enter that freedom is attracting tourists who, tired of being restricted by the pandemic. i can't say exactly what the rules are here. i only know that it's generally a bit more relaxed than in europe. and that's one of the reasons why we're on vacation here for a month. one at yahoo law. as few restrictions as possible,
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that's been the official strategy to avoid damaging the economy. but as corona virus case numbers shoot up to record levels, companies such as airlines have been hit by cru shortages. more than 500 flights have been canceled within one wake. no, i don't know whether my flight will also be canceled tomorrow, but i have to get back to work. undeterred, mexico's president has declared that concerns over all micron have been exaggerated . that idea of the girl, the army crone variant, is like many covert go be see through. but only the next day, his press conference featured a thermometer he had tested positive for coven 19 for the 2nd time. since the start of the year, the number of work is taking sick leave has increased by 500 percent, and slowly but steadily hospitalizations, a rising to so far, just over half of mexicans have been vaccinated. or here's
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a quick look at some of the other developments around the current of virus pandemic . people in france will be required to get a booster shot to be considered fully vaccinated and to be able to get access to restaurants and public transport. half a 1000000 people are said to have their health pos, deactivated the u. s. health agency. the cdc is urging americans to wear the most protective mosques that are available to them. and brazil has begun vaccinating 5 to 11 year olds off to weeks of delay president diable scenarios. government has been reluctant to endorse the job for children to some sports news now. and bruce, he adored wind kicked off wonders, league unmatched. a 19 with what looked like a tough game against visitors, fryeburg, but stuart men to made light work of the leagues joint best defense to put themselves. just 3 points behind leaders by him, whose game against cologne is currently under way. dormant coach marco rosa was
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greeted with open arms by fryeburg counterpart christian strike ahead of this one. but even rosa would have been shocked at the visitor's 1st half charity to my many simple header from julian brown's corner, broke the deadlock on 14 minutes. the same combination repeated the trick. 15 minutes later to nil, dormant and strikes. mood had turned fryeburg eyes were understandably on earling holland. but the big belgian was there again for his 2nd of the game and of the season. right on half time jude bellingham put allan through and to sublime touches . later it was 3 nil. the norwegians 14th legal of the seas, not the black and yellows. taking a rare stroll down easy street, dormant being dormant. things couldn't be too straightforward. fryeburg till to go back through our med in the meat of which to set up a navy last half hour. but holland made the point safe with 15 minutes to go.
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before moda who completed the wrote 51, the final score, the chastening defeat for fryeburg and another welcome 3 points for holland and co, as they remain on biomass trail. you know, watch indeed of the news live from berlin at next is sports life. taking a look at football and head injuries of the pendulum off the on the web site t w dot com and for watching the tech cat. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language with the.


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