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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 17, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm CET

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a cut through the noise to get to the truth. my name is sarah kelly, and i work with with this is dw news live from berlin,
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a former ukrainian president returns to key to face treason charges, petrol. porter shan't go deny the accusations, saying there's a political vendetta against him, and he has strong opinions on russia us build up of troops on his countries border . also coming up, assessing the damage in tonga after saturdays volcanic eruption, new zealand, and australia and surveillance plains. most communication links with the island are still down to protesters in britain, mobilize against the new bill. they say is not just an attack on the right to demonstrate, but also on freedom of expression and other civil liberties. critics say it will give police draconian power plus a more than a $160000000.00 people have fallen into poverty from the start of the pandemic. yet in the same time, 10 of the world's richest men have managed to double their wealth. now, one british n g o has suggested a way of getting it. ah,
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i'm sim, is almost gander. glad you could join us. ukraine's former president petro sankoh has returned to his country after a month abroad to face charges of treason. many of his assets have already been seized, prosecutors alleged he was involved in the sale of large amounts of coal that helped finance pro russian separatists in eastern ukraine in 2014 partition. good denies the allegations and says he is the victim of a political vendetta. we can speak now to our t at 0 cheese mathias billing as standing by friday. high mathias tell us at what has been happening today. so pro shanker has arrived at the airport hearing keep clear of in the morning and he has addressed his hands at the airport. then he drove to court. there was a court hearing that began at 11 o'clock so an hour ago. he's now in court in front
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of the court. he again addressed his or his followers, his fans who had gathered there and who was still standing there and meeting their m her he has said basically that he has returned to work together with the current government. it facing this crisis or the russian to build up at the border. but ah, his critics accuse him of using the situation to gain, to make some personal gains in this, in this critical situation for the country and, and, and setting himself as, as, as her her as a hero. in this situation, he has been simone to court a month ago when he was outside of the country and he missed that hearing. and now this hearing today has been scheduled before, and he has announced that he would return and her we will see what comes out is this court hearing will be decided whether he will remain in custody or walk free
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possibly on bail. it is give us some background on pedal, potash ankle and why his return now is so significant petrol, per sango, i read, or was the 1st elected president after the my done after the revolution hearing here in 2014. so in 2015, he assumed the presidency when the country was under attack, crimea had been seized by russia. and the don boss, or was, it was, was, was ruled by these separatists with russian support. so he has basically been the president that has been sitting over this over this escalation and over this war and who has been able, his supporters and some critics to build up somehow a military infrastructure here in the country. but he was, he was defeated significantly, badly. in the, in the last election, or when, as lensky,
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a former comedian where no prior experience in politics are one. elaine landslide victory, people had been discontent with a parisian cose achievements economically and also in terms of reform, anti corruption. now he comes back at a point where the country is again under attack with this russian military build up, and where people are again unhappy with their president. because lensky as well has not delivered so far. what many people have expected? um, so the next elections will be in 2 years, and this seems to be the beginning of a power struggle between these 2 men. if no other person shows up in this, in this battle until that, and that is the german foreign minister and alina bareback is also in key of today . what can we expect from her meetings? for the most important thing is that she stopped in kia before heading to moscow. this is a strong signal to moscow that germany supports ukraine. however,
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ukraine is not happy with the way germany supports jamie blocks until now. any delivery of defensive weapons to ukraine, directly from germany, or from other countries where germany has a say, this is for example, buying from natural or from other countries who have tra, want to resell weaponry, that was built in germany to ukraine. and that germany is blocking right now. this would be probably one of the most important things. the 2 governments would discuss the foreign ministers, but it's unlikely that there will be any outcome to day. i t a guarantee of mathias billing at their reporting. thank you. the pacific island nation of tonga has suffered extensive damage after saturday's volcanic eruption. that's according to surveillance. whites carried out by new zealand and australia in the area. both countries are planning flights to deliver aid. just released footage of
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the erection shows thick clouds of ash rising from the under sea volcano. the violent explosions severed internet cables virtually cutting off tangles contact with the rest of the world. the underwater eruption on saturday sent shock waves across the pacific. soon, ami warnings were issued for many countries as far away as her room. there are 2 people drowned after unusually high waves, hit the coast of the americas. ah, this is the aftermath of the su nami, that hit the shorelines of peru over 10000 kilometers away from the explosion in tona. the underwater eruption was so powerful that it was detected around the world. these satellite images show gas and ash being thrown thousands of meters into the earth atmosphere. communication links to tongue that have been damaged, but the capital has sustained significant damage. says new zealand. prime minister,
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jacinta arden, missus. we're these a cruiser or an urgency here. we want to make sure that we be on the ground as soon as possible, but for our navy be sue's it will take several days to reach toner. we need to find the balance and to get the quickly, but to make sure we also get the people and resources they may be as well. and in some cases, we have pots of trauma. we just not even being out of establish communication. people in easy linda had they received no warning of this unami even though the volcanoes explosion could be heard in some parts of the country. many were still out on the water on their bullets which have suffered severe damage. japan was also put on high alert, thousands evacuated, their homes, coming to shelter as like this. in order to stay safe over to recruit the room. i heard the sanaa me would be as high as a meter, but we really don't know her height reach. i thought it would be best to evacuate,
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so i came here needed to refer these fishermen assess the damage over scenes, echoed on coast lines across the pacific region. we can speak now to sonia ruggiero, she is a crisis management expert and she is joining us from suva, the capital of fiji, which is one of talk us closest neighbor. sonya, thanks very much for joining us. what are you hearing there about the extent of damage or casualties in tonga? thank you for having me. so you know at the moment it is 11 o 5 pm here in fiji. and we've had another, you know, a full day. unfortunately, without much communication from tongue as so still communication lines are down. what has happened is that there is one major cable and underwater cable that runs from toner through to fiji and that supplies all international phone
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connections, as well as internet connectivity. we learned earlier this evening that initial assessments have found to breaks in that cable, which means that connections and communication internationally won't be back up for a minimum of the next 2 weeks now in terms of casualties and thank god that so far, we still have a 0 count casualties out of toner and the same goes for injuries. as i've said earlier on the ad today to a few other colleagues, we are however, in the very, very early stages of this disaster. so they are still initial assessments and will learn more in the days to come. can you give us an idea of how prepared time is that other states in the region for this kind of disaster?
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so you know, a lot of countries in the pacific region are extremely disaster prone. that is, that's nothing you, tanya, itself has, has suffered quite a few disasters in the last few years. cycling a gaeta and then after that also another ab cycling that has caused a lot of damage. you know, infrastructure was same goes for its neighbors in dunwar, 2 and same here in fiji. now, the problem lies, not totally on the preparedness because the tongue and government itself in collaboration with development partners like the united nations and, and other n g o's. i'm around, you know, around the region. do spend them the entire year, the most part of every year. i'm working in preparedness for disaster, right? the problem that we have in tongue is that it is one of the flattest countries in the pacific. there is very little, you know,
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hilly or mountainous areas. so when you evacuate, i think the, the highest point on the island is something like 90 meters and that presents a huge challenge for salamis will have to leave it. there are senior ruggiero joining us from fiji. thank you very much for that update. thank you. let's get a round up of some other headlines now. british counter terrorism police have arrested to teenagers in connection with a hostage taking incident at a synagogue in the us this weekend. the f b. i identify the hostage taker as 44 year old british national. the captor was killed by police after a 10 hour stand off. president biden has described the incident as an act of terror . no one else was hurt. a winter storm is at the east coast of the us heavy snow blankets, washington, d. c. hundreds of thousands of people were left without power in states including north and south carolina and georgia, due to snow ice and high winds. in florida,
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the storm caused our tornado that destroyed a trailer park. people have been rallying in cities across the u. k, to protest against a new bell, they say, is an attack on the right to demonstrate the controversial police and crime bill would grant police greater powers to crack down on disruptive protests. but critics say it will also make it more difficult to hold peaceful demonstrations. andy smith is re housing in his head, his 1st words to his wife emma, a scientist, to day she'll be walking free of the 2 months in prison in southern england. and his smith could never have imagined that she would ever be behind bars. oh my gosh that i love. ha, ha, ha, ha ha. so proud of her i, i, you know, we have, we have really young nieces who are that, that the future is not going to be the same future that we had, right? and we have, we have to fight for that fusion, her crime,
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she blocked motorway. she is part of an environmental group that is pressuring the government to insulate british homes to save energy. they say it's the cheapest way to tackle the climate crisis terrify. it was coming down to my lawyers like that we can fighting by blocking roads for hours, has enraged motorists. the british government has vow to put an end to it in a statement. the home office tells the w freedom to protest within the law is a fundamental part for democracy. but the police must swiftly deal with the selfish minority of protested, whose actions and danger the public. the u. k. government is targeting environmental activists. we want to stop disruptive, protest, public nuisance will be new offense carrying a maximum penalty of up to 10 years in prison,
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or an unlimited fine. and that's highly controversial. en deos and human rights groups have states many protests. they see the bill as an attack on democracy itself. and even conservative legal observers like the former attorney general, are concerned most problematic. all the parts which give to the home secretary very significant powers to determine what constitutes serious disruption. ah, whereas normally that would be a master left of the police. ah, emma martin, a fellow protest as no that that is ruptured as controversial, but they see no other way and to continue breaking the law. the law is our fundamental right. the if our government is failing, that we can hold that government to account. these are our elected representatives . they are supposed to be protecting the people. and if they are failing at that,
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then it should be all right to stand up and protest and the response of them to imprison of us is absolutely it's draconian. for the moment, the protest as a happy to be outside. but with a new bill, it seems only a matter of time until they will be behind bars again. that report from des, bergen moss and she joins us from london for more on the story high bergen. we saw there in your report that the u. k. home office told you that this bill aims to put an end to protesters whose actions endanger the public. what does the government mean by that? the contacts assuming that the protesters and particularly the environmental protesters have been peaceful but they have been ever more disruptive. so motor ways have been blocked them, both public highways have being blocked, they have tried to climb on top of the drain. so the government and critics argue that lives could be endangered, for example, at ambulances,
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will not be able to get through. so the protesters are saying that they would always lead through ambulances, and that it hasn't happened. but this is what critics and what the government say they are fearing. but it's not only endangering they're also saying that they want to in their statement. they also say that they want to guarantee that the public can get about their daily lives. it's not just the endangering, but it's also the general disruption of the life in the u. k. that the government really wants to prevent. and this bill is likely to go through soon. i mean, what a human rights activists worry will happen. human rights group, environmental gooses also trade union say they see it very, very critically. they see it basically as an attack on democracy itself. for example, one union said that they, that the bill would erode fundamental rights, and also that would include trade union activity. so one point is that there are
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more powers for the police to stop practice, for example, more power to stop and search people already preemptively. when they might be on the way to a protest and the other is that there are also more crimes. for example, locking are locking themselves to something between themselves to move away, but also locking arms tactics that the protestors say the suffragettes have used for a good cause and on has given, has helped gaining the rights for women to vague so that there will be new crimes and all of this many people in the u. k. ah, many acts of is sees yes, very, very controversial. and how is this debate around this bill going down with the british public and it has been pushed through fairly quickly so many people in the british public don't know about this, or they might not know that the extent of this new bill say it's mainly activist
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trade unions or environmental loops, also groups like black lives matter that are protesting against it. but a legal observers are saying that some of the amendments and, and some of the content that will be in this new bill has been pushed through at last minute. and without proper scrutiny, so that even parliamentarians haven't been able to scrutinize to build proper properly. and that's one of the main concerns that are activists have very good mass reporting from london. good to talk to you. we can get a round up of some more headlines now. france has barred unvaccinated people against coven 19 from much of public life. parliament backed restrictions, barring them from restaurants, or to reno's and domestic flights. the bill as part of the government's efforts to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed through circle through thousands of protesters of march through amsterdam against coven 19 restrictions and vaccination
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campaigns. farmers joined demonstrators and what has become a regular rally against the health restrictions in the netherlands. last week, the government loosened some restrictions in response to public opposition and credit suisse chairman antonia hort. our soria has resigned. after flouting coven 19 quarantine rules with leisure trips to wimbledon and switzerland. last year, this comes less than a year after work. osorio was hired to help the bank will cover from a string of scandals and rebuild its reputation. more than 99 percent of the world's population are worse off now than they were at the start of the pandemic. according to the u. k, cio, charity oxfam, but the wealth of the world's 10 richest men has doubled. now aux, i'm as calling for a one time tax on the billionaires to fund a number of causes, including vaccine production. since the pandemic erupted in march of 2020 a. new billionaire has been minted every day, but
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a rising tide is not lifting all boats. because in that same period, a 160000000 people have fallen into poverty. these new numbers from the u. k is oxfam organization point to worsening inequality, and they are now calling for new policies to curb this kind of extreme wealth. if one went to tax the 10 wealthiest people, the $10000000000.00 s. m on the profits made during the pandemic at 99 percent, which is of a high amount of course, we would be able to pay for vaccines for the whole world, have health systems for everyone. we would be able to also compensate for the damage of climate change and have policies that addressed in the base violence. that, of course, is an example, but they will still be better off than at the beginning of the pandemic. the numbers released by oxfam show that the fortunes of the 10 richest men have doubled since the pandemic began. they say
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a one time 99 percent tax on these 10 people alone could bring it $800000000000.00 . that could be used to expand vaccine production for the world's poorest, as well as fund other social programs. well blossom, did you businesses looking into the store for us? hi, rob. i so why have the world's 10 richest men got so much richer during the pandemic? where you just have to think about who these men are, what businesses they run, and also then think about what we've been doing for the past 2 years. what we've been doing is we've been staying at home. we've been using our computers and our technology to communicate with one another, also to entertain ourselves and also to order things have things brought to us. that's why the likes of amazon's jeff bay's office is on this list of 10 richest men who've seen their value double over the past few years. he also got mark zuckerberg on their the founders of google. it all these people who were involved with tech, it's been a very positive couple of years for the tech industry. but also,
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you've also got to look at the stock market over the past couple of years, which has been on an upward trend that still doesn't show any signs of stopping in . that's why you go the likes of warren buffett. you've done very well out of the past couple of years and they've reached the point where they're now with, according to some $1.00 trillion dollars, which is the equivalent of what the lowest earning 3 point. 1000000000 people on the planet. almost half the planet earning, and it's that difference between the wealthiest and the poorest that oxfam is particularly upset about it. let's talk about that difference because the poor stocks them in that report said, i've also gotten poor in the last 2 years. in particular. why is that? and it's not just at the very poorest. ok, sam says the 99 percent of the global population seen it's income dropped over the past couple of years. now. why is that? well, one of the key reasons is directly related to the pandemic. and it's the vaccine availability in different parts of the world. there's a complete gulf between, for example, developed nations where some people are getting their 3rd,
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maybe their 4th job already. and then you've got the developing nations where people can't get hold of vaccines at all. that's causing a great deal of economic inequality because economies, whether all these vaccines have been able to reopen and people to get started economically active once again. but in countries where the vaccines aren't there, they're facing longer term restrictions and no obvious end to the pandemic. and not only is it causing differences between societies, but also within societies as well, because where vaccines are scarce, it's the richest people in those societies who are able to get hold of them. so tell us about this. ok, sam proposal to even things up. yeah, well they've got various ideas about the rules of i catch a is this 99 percent, one off tax on those top 10 men. it says that money could be used to vaccinate everyone on the planet. it could also introduce health care reforms in some 80 countries as well as tackling gender inequality in those same 80 countries and
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also preparing them for climate change. so it says this money could be used in all sorts of ways and still leave these 10 men with a good 8000000000 to play with if they wanted to. now, is that those never gonna happen? no, it's not only not going to happen. i mean, who's going to enforce it, but one of the other proposals is one that we have heard a lot during the course pandemic. certainly, since the vaccine was invented, the vaccines were invented and that is the idea of allowing anyone to make them so taking away that intellectual property from the vaccine makers and making them more widely available robots from dw business. thanks so much for bringing that story. the world's number one male tennis player, novak ciocca vetch has landed in dubai. following his deportation from australia. a court in melbourne upheld a government decision that the unvaccinated tennis star post a threat to public health. it's not clear where a joke of its plans to travel next. he had travelled to australia to compete in the australian open, hoping for an unprecedented 21st grand slam when. after nearly 2
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weeks of drama, novak joke of ich touchdown in dubai now forced to watch the tournament, he's dominated for a decade from the sidelines. the fiasco has divided opinion in joker, which is home of serbia. the capital bell great lit up in support of the star. the president leveled this accusation against australia. and then for 10 days they were tormenting their to save and torturing because it was not only intellectual with physical torture against an old your coach. and there were some figures which was even worse, that was which was come organized against a mold. your coll, rich, rich and end up guy. just to forget it. she won mine times, australian opened title. but for others in
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a country that has endured one of the world, strictest corona virus lockdown joke of inches admission to australia would have been foul play and has been chimneys. this is a place to be looked at there on site. and because of the current restrictions and order gets committed by me for children to have no choice. why this form that i lump nifty to can they have the st. louis missouri as a hero to aspire to? i think faith joke, which is drama in court, has cast a shadow on the tennis court. now fans and players are eager to finally focus on the game coming up next or show global $3000.00 looks at how legal gold mining in mozambique is putting a national park under threat fit in for that ah, ah, ah,
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with who
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is illegal gold mine? as far as the i can see, mozambique, city, money, money, national park is on the verge of collapse with the provincial government no wants to step in with reconnaissance and mining licenses. but with google 3000 on d, w. ego. india sees the pond savior, ram, where tom wire wants to revive polluted dried up water holes. they serve a vital function for the water supply and ecosystems near metropolises. he's getting closer to his goal thanks to the help. a many volunteers. he go india. in 60 minutes on d, w o
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3 soccer is a sport of many colors and the children in this mountain village of them all. but can every one be a dog with them regardless of gender? emma wears blue, the color of her favorite sexes, traditions prevent her from going to games and play an insurmountable obstacle bloomed girl football on the peak that starts february 4th on d w. ah ah
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