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ah, what is true was big, it doesn't matter. the only criteria, what we'll hope people, we shed light on the opaque world who's behind the benefits. and why are they a threat to what's all open world this week on d w? ah, this is d, w is life from bad lane in germany is foreign minister mates review cranium. leaders are made growing fears of a russian invasion on a line of battle calls for serious dialogue with moscow. also on the program.
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assessing the damage in tonga after saturday's volcanic eruption, new zealand and australia sense of violence plates. most communications links with the archipelago, adap protesters in britain, mobilize again to propose new law. they say attacks the right to demonstrate freedom of expression and gives police unprecedented powers. on more than 160000000 people have fallen into poverty. fin, the pandemic began as the world's 10 richest men doubled their wealth. now a british charity has suggested a way of getting ah, ah, i'm so gale. welcome to the program. stubbly says it's ready for serious dialogue with russia to try and deescalate the crisis on the border with ukraine. foreign
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minister and i have bab walk, took that message to care today. i shall talk with her ukrainian counterpart and on the line to germany, support for ukraine sovereignty. they discussed russia's troop build up on its border with ukraine camps. call for berlin to supply it with weapons. is burbock travels to moscow on tuesday. today though she had reassuring words for her ukrainian hosts, both a solid territory, european solidarity for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine, is not up for debate, not for us, and not for me personally. any further aggression would have the high prize. we've emphasized that to day once again with my to my go straight to the ukrainian capital, that mathias a bullying or is d w's bureau chief in care of welcome a tedious what else? have we heard from today's meeting?
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yes, so 1st of all, it was a powerful symbol a because an elena burbock stopped. and keith on her way to moscow sending the signal that germany is supporting key. if in this, in this, in this crisis am, or there have been, are words of support, there has been a promise not to decide or to talk about anything behind the back of ukraine. that was something that's very important, of course, to ukraine. if you remember, last week we have had talks between the us and russia and in the o. s. e. and between nato and russia, but not a with ukraine inside. so did there is now this initiative to, to revive this norman d format. so france, germany, russia, and ukraine and the french and the german minister are expected to be back here in cave soon. ah, one thing, however, that her ukraine, once from germany, defensive weapons, are not on the table or mrs. deborah has made this clear as well that germany does
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not intend to supply ukraine with weapons. ok. and at looking ahead to tomorrow's a meeting in moscow, ah, what does the german foreign minister hope to achieve that? but the german from foreign minister, as i have said once to revive the normandy, formative wants to get russia back on the table back on the table with ukraine. am i am not sure whether she expects to achieve allotted to morrow in moscow as the situation is now. and as moscow has shown, the clear preference we're talking to the us rather than to the e you or to germany. but i guess any, any effort is worth it, so we will see to morrow from our colleagues in moscow, or what's really can be an outcome of these talks in this situation where i think russia is more unpredictable than it has been before 5 or that which is bullying her and care as get more from need of the chief international editor,
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a richard to walk a welcome richard. sunk a ukraine? isn't it with invidious position of having all these major powers talking about it without involving it? so how can, what, what influence can germany or, or even europe have on the u. s. and russia in their talks about a ukraine? yeah, i mean, this really is the, the great concern that the ukrainians have, of course, that they are stuck in the middle. and that you does have the great powers debating it across them. and that's even the fear for the europeans themselves. and we've heard it from, from some of the m. e. u leaders in recent weeks are voicing that very concerned that we're kind of reaching a moment in this kind of struggle between the great powers on the global stage, where it really is a matter of a great power to sit down with each other and nobody else really matters very much,
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but suddenly what we saw last week with those diplomatic talks that did take place . although they began with just bilateral talks between the u. s. and russia. they did then open up to talks with nato. and d, o s, c, e, this a european security organization. and officials that we've been talking to here in berlin have been at pains to stress how close are the consultation, has been going on, or, or on a trans atlantic level. but what you're seeing with angelina bedbug, no, on this trip, she is trying to revive this thing called the normative formats of these 4 way talks between the russians, the ukrainians, the germans, and the french or format that essentially are ended at the end of last year. trying to revive that to try and get more of a european foot in the door. the ukranian say that they want that to come back to. but they've also been saying that they want to be at the top table with the you, americans and the russians. so it's really a very, very complex diplomatic situation that we're finding ourselves in at the moment.
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and sticking points out, how likely is it that but germany and ukraine can overcome sticking points like the supply of our weapons to ukraine. and of course, at nordstrom a gasp is that russian gas pipeline, bringing lumber fuel to germany. and so what were on, on, on arms exports annually bare buck was pretty clear in rejecting those today. but nord stream to this gas pipeline between russia and germany is been very, very controversial. that's almost the more interesting case at the moment. because there you have divisions within the new german government. it's barely been in power for a month or 2. and it's already quite spilling out into the open the div differences between the 2 main main parties. in this coalition, the social democrats of the chancellor will have sholtes and the green party of anna lena bear book. and alina burbock, herself, has been a passionate opponent of this pipeline. there's not really a clear message from the government here in berlin yet,
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whether the pipeline will be used as some kind of leverage against russia. if russia does move to them, even more aggressive posture towards ukraine, this is really going be want to watch in the weeks ahead. i can about richard richard walker. the double is chief international editor in well former ukrainian president petra paula shanker, has returned to his country after a month abroad. he laughed after being charged retrieves and charges. he says we're trumped up by supporters of his proof of his successor presents zalinski. and mister portions go now risks arrests, but he says he wants to help defend his country against a possible russian invasion. he's landing not knowing whether he'll be arrested petracola. franco has flown back to ukraine with hefty charges of treason against him. and yet outside give airport, thousands of his supporters he stood cheering can of fix at zachary, ah, after meeting his fans,
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poodle shinkel was taken to coat for a hearing. he is under investigation for allegedly financing rebel groups in ukraine's turbulent don baths region. the ukranian government, consider them terrorists. garage ango has insisted from the beginning that the accusations are unfounded, and were invented by his successor to defend him. a blue moon wait, or it's an absolutely fate case. we will make the suspicion public. everyone will have an opportunity to enjoy this unique nonsense for you. and we'll see that there is nothing there. if we're watching, she'll pump the film, you know, if for a shanker was found guilty, he could be imprisoned for up to 15 years. but the former president does not expect these charges to hold water. he says he has returned to defend his country against russia. russian troops and military tanks have been building up near ukraine's body
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for weeks and many field and invasion, just like polish ankle. let's take a look at some or source making news around the world. now we'll start in the u. k, where a british counter terrorist or police of arrested to teenagers in connection with a hostage taking incident at a synagogue in the united states this weekend. yeah, we identified the hostage takers a 44 year old british national. it was killed by police after a 10. our standard is in bible has described the incident as an act of terror. no one else was injured. a winter storm has heard the east coast of the united states savvy so blanketed washington. theseus no, i from high winds, left hundreds of thousands of people without power in states including north and south carolina and georgia. in florida. the storm caused a tornado that destroyed a trailer park. australia new zealand have sent surveillance planes to the pacific island nation of tonga to help assess the damage after
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saturday's volcanic eruption. answer nami communications to tongue. i have been limited since the huge undertake spoke and it's believe the underwater cable that connects the archipelago to the rest of the world has been severed. so now the warnings were issued from many countries and at least 2 people drowned when the waves reach the sho in peru, 110000 kilometers away. don't talk and diplomatic australia said so far there have been no reports of death or serious damage back home. but that assessment is based on limited information. it is hard to, to, to say what it's needed is. so we're still waiting to receive information from tara, of what is much needed. but we know for sure that there will be a need for clean water because of the options and which really they mention causing lots of our troubles to the water supplies in china is most of the people collect water through a rain. this is something very dangerous for them to consume. people have been
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rallying in cities across the u. k. to protest against the new bill. they say is an attack on the right to demonstrate a controversial police and cry bill would grant police a great a power to crack down on disruptive protest. but critics a law. so make it more difficult to hope. peaceful demonstrations. andy smith is rehearsing in his head, his 1st words to his wife emma, a scientist. today she'll be walking free after 2 months in prison in southern england. andy smith could never have imagined that she would ever be behind bars. oh my gosh that i love her. she's been so proud of her. i i you know, we have, we have really young nieces who are that that the future is not going to be the same future that we had. right. and we have, we have to fight for that fusion, her crime. she blocked motorway. she is part of an environmental group that is
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pressuring the government to insulate british homes to save energy. they say it's the cheapest way to tackle the climate crisis. terrifying i was coming down to my lawyer, chrissy like that we can hiking responses, but blocking roads for ours has enraged motorists. the british government has vow to put an end to it. in a statement, the home office tells the w freedom to protest within the law as a fundamental potter for democracy. but the police must swiftly deal with the selfish minority of protested, whose actions and danger the public. the u. k. government is targeting environmental activists. it wants to stop disruptive, protest, public nuisance will be new offense carrying a maximum penalty of up to 10 years in prison, or an unlimited fine. and that's highly controversial. and deos and
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human rights groups have stage many protests. they see the bill as an attack on democracy itself. and even conservative legal observers like the former attorney general, are concerned most problematic. all the parts which give to the home secretary very significant powers to determine what constitutes serious disruption. ah, whereas normally that would be a master left of the police. ah, emma smart and her fellow protestors know that that is, rupture is controversial, but they see no other way and to continue breaking the law. the law is our fundamental right. the if our government is failing, that we can hold that government to account. these are our elected representatives . they are supposed to be protecting the people. and if they are failing at that, then it should be all right to stand up and protest and the response of them to
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imprison of us is absolutely it's draconian. for the moment the protesters are happy to be outside. but with a new build, it seems only a matter of time until they will be behind bars again. us get more or less from our youth g w. k correspondent, a budget mass in london. welcome budget. and so we have the british government saying this proposed legislation would target protesters whose actions and danger the public. what do they mean by that? the contacts phil is that the protest, particularly environmental protest, they have been peaceful, but they have become either more disruptive. so protesters have blocked mo, to ways highways. they've blocked her in, in a city, a junction. so a lot of people in the u. k. a very unhappy about it and the government are saying the danger is and predicts are saying that that for example, maybe ambulances will not be able to pass through. this is something that the
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protestors are denying. they're saying they would always make sure that ambulances and, and other vehicles that need to go through that they need to get that they can go through. but this is something that the critics basically are saying. so that's wanting the danger side. but then also the government are saying, it's not just about endangering the public, it's all to the right of people to go about their daily lives. so that's also what they want to make sure that people can enjoy. and obviously the protest is arguing that they need to be disruptive because otherwise they wouldn't be had a. this is a government with a significant parliamentary majority. so what the human rights activist worry will happen the where a fish proposal is passed. many groups, not just environmental groups, but also groups like black lives matter. they are worrying that they cannot hold the government to account. also, trade unions have expressed their concern. they are saying, for example,
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that it might be an erosion or fundamental rights. and that might include trade union activists say, there are many groups that are really fearing that is too much for wanting too much new power for the, for the police. for example, the police can preemptively stop and search greatest that might already be on their way to a demonstration. and on the other hand that there are new crimes, like for example, locking themselves locking arms or clueing are gluing themselves onto may to a. those are tactics that the pre testers and insulate. britton supporters arguing are long established tactics. like for example, linking arms like the suffragettes did that and they, unable to the women's right to vote. so they do not do not believe that that should be forbidden in the okay, when, so this is a government and indeed a prime minister that is currently locked in all sorts of masses. i wonder how much
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the government's other masses have sort of drowned out this particular piece of controversial legislation. are people aware of what's going on that's a really good question, phil. i think many people are not acutely worse. we've seen protest against this bill ever since. it basically was conceived last year. however, it's not thousands and thousands of people. it's hundreds of people and they ought to say that some of the most controversial legislation is being ross through parliament that some controversial amendments were being made at the last minute. and that not even m p. 's could properly scrutinized is really quite important bill . and as you say, the government at the moment is in all sorts of other trouble about up parties that have happened and downing street say we will see, we do expect the bill to go to the house of lords, but also go back to the commons in the next days and then we'll see if there are m
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p 's who are not happy with his bill. and if, if, if it can still be changed. thank you for that bug bug muffin london. well, more than 99 percent of the world's population are worse off now than they were at the start of the pandemic. according to ukiah, charity oxfam for the well for the world's 10, richest man has doubled. i walks from calling for a one time tax on the 1000000000 as to a funded number of causes, including vaccine production. since the pandemic erupted in march of 2020 a. new billionaire has been minted every day, but a rising tide is not lifting all boats. because in that same period, a 160000000 people have fallen into poverty. these new numbers from the u. k is oxfam organisation point to a worsening inequality, and they are now calling for new policies to curb this kind of extreme wealth. if one went to tax the 10 wealthiest people,
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the 10 billionaires am on the profits made during the pandemic at 99 percent a, which is of a high amount, of course, we would be able to pay for vaccines for the whole world. have health systems for everyone. we would be able to also compensate for the damage of climate change and have policies that address database violence. that, of course, is an example, but there will still be better off than at the beginning of the pandemic. the numbers released by oxfam show that the fortunes of the 10 richest men had doubled since the pandemic began. they say a one time 99 percent tax on these 10 people alone could bring it $800000000000.00 . that could be used to expand vaccine production for the world's poorest, as well as fund other social programs natural brazil. and it's been a year since the country started vaccinating people against covered 19, now with around 70 percent of the population fully vaccinated. the campaigns being
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a same as a success, especially for a country whose president down played the pont damage, threat, shire ball. sanara has also downplayed the current over crone wave was case number's rise, brazil house, one of your highest total death tolls from corona virus and the world of people are hoping for high vaccination rate will mean fewer deaths. this time around, the army kron wave has hit brazil. the number of people infected has jumped dramatically despite the shortage of tests, leaving many cases unreported. notice a little i'm running from one place to the next to try and get tested. i had contacted people who are positive, but i don't have symptom. early last year, brazil was facing an overwhelming number of coven deaths. it has the world's 2nd highest corona virus death toll. after the us. that with the latest wave of the disease does
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a big difference. most people here and now vaccinated the civic will be doing. i got cove it last year. and so it's very hard to remember that time, it was very complicated, a desperate time when we didn't know what would happen. it was uncertain. and this vaccine gives us the possibility to keep going. to court in around 70 percent of brazilians are fully vaccinated in big cities. authority say the figure is up to 99 percent. experts say the success is down to brazil, strong public health system and the history of successful vaccination campaigns. those factors have bolstered public trust in the current various vaccine, despite the president attempts to undermine it. jail both narrow has openly rejected the vaccine and repeatedly spread misinformation. now he's downplaying the danger posed by the i'm a crohn waves and says there won't be another lock sound or extra restrictions
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we're building. go with health services under huge pressure. people are hoping at least the high vaccination rate will help reduce on the crunch impact. so more of the latest developments and the pandemic starting in japan, which hopes to curb assertive infections by administering booster shots after 6 months instead of the originally planned. 8 fuel from one percent of the population has received a 3rd inoculation. francis barden vaccinating people from much of public life. the government wants to provide further incentives for people to be inoculated as infection. numbers saw thousands of protesters of march through amsterdam again, covered 19 regulations and vaccination campaigns. as despite the government loosening some restrictions in response to public opposition, the world tennis number one, our world mens tennis number one novak talk of it just arrived to have back in belgrade after being deported from australia. mister john richards not being
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vaccinated against coverage had been fighting efforts to buy his entry into the country. but on sunday, a federal court refused to overturn the decision taken by australia. immigration minister reported in order to avoid finding antique vaccine sentiments, which initially flew to buy it from there to belgrade, where he landed this afternoon. on his return to the serbian capital, he was greeted with heroes. a welcome crowd of supporters had gathered at nicholas tesla airport to protest his removal from australia. this is to say what it is to lower killer failure. this is to say what the world has come to that you need to be forced to do something to take the back seat. i myself am actually the double check, but i think that no one should be forced to do something. he was the judge. that sentence was the freedom of choice of each we talked with a big shame except for the people who are they will do so. i think there should be able to be ashamed of
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themselves on sundays in football, sundays bonuses, legal action. i saw the 2 worst performing teams the season go head to head, but be the felton thought put on a lively show. and the 2 old draw propelled bill failed out of the automatic litigation places. heard were 11 points, the drift of below felt and desperately needed to win before this bottom of the table clash. but host bella felt with the 1st to get on the score sheet through their talk marksman messiah aku. gov. his 7th of the season. but billy felt in front, after just 8 minutes furred were soon levelling through jimmy leveling. shortly after the half hour mark the equalizer came down to pace. after the visitors won the ball deep in their own half, leaving collected the pass and simply outran. billy felt endless and daddy, before keeping his cool in front of gold, 11 the half time school and basement side stood even went ahead. midway through the
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2nd half of our nielsen, the goal scorer. literally 30 seconds after he came on as a substitute. but it was another substitute to had the last se, gonzalo castro produced this thunderbolt as the game ended to castro the unlikely hero to be la felt. the former germany international came out of retirement in december. a remarkable comeback, salvaging a crucial point. the bailiff else in this relegation dog fights, cert managed at 1st point away from home this season, but it was too little for a team destiny for a quick return to the 2nd division. this is the dublin years line from berlin. his reminder of our top story at this hour, german foreign minister on a minute babel has concluded her meetings with the cranes at latest in care discussions,
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focused on pulled up of russian troops on ukraine's border and disagreements of the notary tooth gas pipeline. coming up next in news, asia will take a look at india's progress in one of the world's biggest, most challenging fascination drives and re confound. instead of brushing convers, how a hong kong office, crayfish, giant beach or manager will have those storage and more in d. w. news asia, that's next. i'll be back at the top of the hour and in between, of course is always the app on the website, the ww dot com. good. ah ah
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ah, with who a. how i can pay to their toll. german robotics
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researchers are developing new systems to release stream on the body, neck and shoulders back. how did the exoskeleton fair when tested tomorrow today? in 60 minutes on d w. i'm the green a. do you feel worried about the planet we to i'm mil. host of the on the grievance coast, and to me it's clear we need to change the solutions or alpha join me for a deep dive into the green transformation for me to do for the plan with oh, where i come from, we have to fight for
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a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one tv channel and a few newspapers with official information as a journey, i had work on the trip up many cameras, and their problems are always the same. for do social inequality, a lack of the freedom of the press and corruption, we can afford to stay silent when it comes to the defense of the humans on seaman whitefield will have decided to put their trust in us. my name is jennifer, is can i work at the w ah 11 years aisha coming up to date the omicron bed it's march across the wilds to most populous countries.


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