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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 17, 2022 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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he can, every one did talk with them regardless of gender. ah huh. where's blue? the color of her favorite sexes. traditions prevent her from going to games and play with an insurmountable obstacle. bloom girl football on the peak that starts february 4th on d w. ah, ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin another week, another try i talked to avert
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a war in europe's back yard. germany's foreign minister on a lena bear bock, met to day with ukrainian leaders amid growing fears of a russian invasion. talks with russia failed last week, but germany wants to try again. also coming up a natural disaster now cut off from the rest of the world. a fiber optic cable bridge to tonga has been severed in the wake of that volcanic eruption. and another boon for the bonus, lior as via munich polar striker robert lemond. elsie is named fevers. best men, slayer for the 2nd year in a row. ah, i burned golf. it's good to have you with this on this monday night. it did not work well last week. maybe it will this week, that is the positive approach that germany of taking to talks with russia aimed at
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preventing a russian invasion of ukraine. german foreign minister, angelina bear ball, took that message to kiya to day. and she held talks with her ukrainian counterpart, ah, fears of a russian invasion of ukraine have jangled nerves in the region. after visiting a memorial to anti government protesters who died in 2014 on alina babcock says, any solution to the conflict must come through dialogue, not arms, meeting ukraine's foreign minister. dimitra qu, labor bear book offered an explicit gesture of support for ukraine. zoe dotted teet solidarity, any european solidarity for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine. del hyena. that is not up for debate, not for us, and not for me personally, but any further aggression would have a high price. has emphasized that to day once again, distribution island on price. russia is building up its troops on the ukrainian
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border. both the european union and the u. s. had threatened to impose further har sanctions. if russia goes ahead with an invasion. for years, ukraine has called on germany to deliver arms to help boost its abilities to defend itself. columbus, as russia doesn't share ukraine's cooperative attitude towards defusing, the tensions money as a mild construct, muscle planning police. if we've a very constructive stance on this matter, doing this. but unfortunately, my, our constructive nurse isn't mutual on russia's partnership, was vocal to see you've been from kiev burbock goes to moscow on tuesday where she'll meet russian foreign minister serge oliver of. she's keen to revive for way peace talks in the normandy format, which includes germany, france, ukraine, and russia. i for more now i'm joined by raphael loss from the european council on foreign relations is good to have you on the program. let me ask you about the german foreign minister said that she is counting on reviving for way piece talks
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in the norman, the format. that's how it's known. it includes germany, france, ukraine, in russia. what is most advisable with you? would you say with these kinds of negotiations even think their work? i mean thought and a normandy form, it has not yielded substantial results. all sides are not happy with what they feel . it's all flaw. certainly russia is ukraine. is that still broiling crisis and france and germany and have now been in a position a to, to play a meaningful role? as russia has been a building up and withdrawing forces along the ukrainian border last spring. and now we see the bill up and that russia is engaged in again and which started in november and december of lossing is continued. we see i'm substantial formation is off of russian forces along the ukrainian border and circle meant of ukraine. and one can certainly hope that,
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that the normandy of for form as well can be revived. and it looked at out about the back focus trying. but i'm not optimistic that her engagement with, with ukraine you lead us and russia lead as well. will your results in the coming days when you le, let's stick with the ukrainian leaders for a moment? i'm wondering how much credibility germany has right now in key of germany has not been in favor of supplying ukraine with serious weaponry. germany has refused to kill the nord stream to guess, pipeline which connects it to russia. i mean, how did you go to here with those facts on the table and say we are with you against russian aggression your own pointer discussions in berlin over the past couple of days had been dominated by all the things that jimmy's not willing to put on the table to the fuses crisis name need not seem to arms transfers and swift or financial transfer system. now one of the above because as offered her ukrainian
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counterpart to date, essentially german help and to beef of ukrainian cyber defenses. and he's with energy partnership. now that might be interesting for ukraine in the long term, but it certainly will not help them and a short term facing substantial russian build up of forces along his border that has hurt german credibility and ukraine. germany has some capability, i think, to potentially deter russian aggression against ukraine. i'm but has shown very little results actually make use of those capabilities. and it seems, if we look at what happened the last week, we had the us russia meeting. we had nato russia meeting over c with russia. we didn't see ukraine, really, any of these tables, these discussion tables. and yet we're talking about a war on ukrainian territory, possibly happening. i mean, how do you explain this irony that the country that is going to be possibly invaded
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has not been at the 1st round of talks? i think on the, on the, on the plus side we see a lot of engagement with underneath the lions across the atlantic ocean. we see natal partners and nato allies in gauging partners such as friend, sweden, us, wall. and ukraine has been involved in a lot of confrontation as well. we see this not today with, with the german foreign minister. i'm talking with the ukranian count about that when discussions between american and russian and ukrainian officials, other nato allies have engaged and ukraine as well. so they have a certain ongoing consultation process with ukraine. of course, unfortunately there's a certain perception that you're right to point out that that discussion, so happening over the heads of ukrainians. there's also some perceptions and in germany and other parts of europe, that discussions between the us and russia happening over the heads of europeans, particularly support l. u, so called foreign minister, was quite unhappy to, to,
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to notice that, that fact that you're not playing any sort of meaningful role. i think the worries are, are been overplayed here because russia is engaging mostly with the united states. it sees itself as a, as a peer up the united states and wants to be seen for prestige reasons as appear. it's nuclear off and also me plays a role here. and not, it's not, it's not, you know, particularly willing to engage with europeans on, on those kinds of issues related to the great, great european security order. that's a very important point to make their raphael last with the european council on foreign relations. mr. ross, we appreciate your time and your insights tonight. thank you. are, let's take a look now. some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world reports from sudan say that several protesters have been shot dead by security forces it demonstrations against last year's military coup. thousands of people turned out for the largest of the protests in the capital cartoon. when these
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rallies come ahead of a visit by a u. s. delegation this week to try and revive talks on the return to civilian route. in the united states, the push to protect voting rights is the focus of demonstrations on this. martin luther king day. the son of the assassinated civil rights leader called them president biden and lawmakers to enact nationwide voting guarantees. several states have passed laws, which observers say, will make it harder for minorities to vote. a new book claims to have solved the mystery of who betrayed the hiding place of anne frank and her family to the nazis a team including a former f. b, i, investigator discovered a note to frank's father who survived the holocaust naming in amsterdam, jewish council member. he was presumably trying to save his own family. historian, save further investigation is still needed. communication with the pacific island
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nation of tonga remains limited since saturday's volcanic eruption and soon ami. it's believe the underwater cable that connects the archipelago to the rest of the world was severed during both disasters. there's still no official confirmation of injuries, deaths are serious damage in tonga, but that assessment is based on limited information out why coastal areas they are completely cut off at really to a violent eruption on fight a, the hunger tongue to happy volcano, sent plumes of smoke and dash shooting into the sky activity that seemed to creak. it would prove to be a brief rest. bice, the next day, the volcano remote to life again in an explosion, so powerful. it sent shock waves that ran the world. before and after south lies images show had the volcano sea level krazer had disappeared,
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following the blast with regular communication lines to tongue because all the world's been relying on satellite phones and images to get a sense of the disaster or we're still waiting to receive information from tom or what is much needed, but we know for sure that there will be needful, clean water because of the options and which really and mention causing lots of our troubles to the water supplies in taurus, most of the people collect water through rain and this is something very dangerous for them to consume. a new zealand have sent surveillance flights to help assess the scale of the damage, especially on target islands, where there are fears the devastation could be immense. organizers of next month winter olympics and beijing have confirmed that tickets will not go on sale to the general public as part of measures to combat the spread of coven 19 after last
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years and elsewhere that international spectators would be barred from attending. today's decision brings confirmation that tickets for domestic fans will be distributed to targeted groups rather than to be put on sale for everyone. asian will become the 1st city to hosting summer and a winter olympics. when the games begin on february robbins, tennis number one, a, that joke of ich has arrived back in belgrade after being deported from australia. the service who has not been vaccinated against coven 19 had been fighting australian government efforts to bar him from the country on sunday. and australia in federal court refused to overturn the immigration minister's decision to deport him joke. having received the heroes, welcome the crowds of supporters who gathered and though grades nicholas tesla airport to protest his deportation. all right,
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from the court to the pitch buyer and munich, striker robert livin, belsky has been named fevers, best men's player for the 2nd year in a row. the pole controversially missed out on the ball and door to lino messy in november, but has now again claimed the other major individual football on fif. many football fans was stunned when robert lennon dusky was overlooked in the voting for the balance doll. after a wrinkled, 41 goals in abundance, they guess season or, or that live on dorski. but now the by a munich followed can again say he is the best men's footballer in the world. the fee surprise is broadly equal to the balloon door in terms of prestige, and after a 2nd straight wind going the pole. thank the by and staff who flanked in and fill on my proud i feel happiness. because in the turn, this dorothy blank also to my team and to my coaches, because we all have who are carto toilet again. leon missy had taken the ballon
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door, but in women's football field, boss alone is alexia protests reigned supreme by adding fee for glory to her banner . that was correct. ah, congratulations! the men's coach of the year prize went to chelsea's german. boswell, thomas took it, and the weather he sailed a champions league, triumph pushed just for months into the job. says come from training because we have a game tomorrow. but now you opened the envelope and said my name pretty surreal. and i'm, i'm overwhelmed though. feel a bit uncomfortable and there was also a special award for the denmark squad and medical team who helped save christine erickson's life after his cardiac arrest. the denmark and fin them. fans who watched on respectfully, were also honored. i'm candidate, christine sinclair, was lauded. his international football, all time leading scorer with
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a 188 gulls very, very with christiana. rinaldo also given a special award for setting a new mens record of $115.00 interview my out of here. but the night belong to live and dusky, who would not be denied. this time. you went to the w news, his reminder, the top story we're following for you. in here, german foreign minister handling a beer. bach has underlined her countries of court for ukraine. sovereignty. she says, germany is ready for serious dialogue with russia to deescalate the border crisis. you're watching the w news of next you w business news with chelsea, delaney around. she will be right back with .


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