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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 17, 2022 10:15pm-10:31pm CET

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is international football all time leading scorer with a $188.00 gulls that especially if christiano rinaldo also given a special award for setting a new mens record of $115.00 killer my out of here. but the night belong to live on dos gate who would not be denied around this time. you're watching the w news. his reminder, the top story we're following for you in key of a german foreign minister handling to bare bach has underlined her country support for ukraine sovereignty. she says germany is ready for serious dialogue with russia to de escalate the border crisis. you watch and he w news of next w business news with chelsea delaney stick around. she will be right back with hold we'll go to the dark
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side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and an after 911. he says, after $911.00, the clubs came off. where organized crime rules were conglomerates make their own laws? what's true, what's vague? it doesn't matter. the only criteria is worked. we'll hook people. we shed light on the opaque world. who's behind the benefits. and why are they a threat to us all? ah, oh, peak worlds this week on d, w. ah, ah, from jobs to, to jobs bust,
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the united nation warns that the global labor market is taking longer to fully recover from the pandemic than previously expected. will go to geneva for more in china's big pandemic bounce back, stole the latest figures, show the chinese economies growth flow dramatically during the course of 2021 will look into why and taking the wind out of the sales of big energy here. how sammy herders have defeated wanted in all ways, biggest renewable projects. until people, any umbrella. welcome to g w. business. global job markets are under renewed pressure. as coven 19 continues to spread around the globe. that is the message from a new international labor organization forecast published on monday. the you in bodies says it no longer expects the labor market to fully recover to pre pendant make levels in 2022. instead, it expects hours worked worldwide to still be 2 percent below pri, corona,
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virus levels. this year that represents a pandemic related loss of 52000000 jobs. according to iowa, iow estimates a total of $207000000.00 people worldwide will be out of work this year, almost as many as the entire population of brazil. now labor markets have suffered in all parts of the world, but some regions are recovering faster than others. europe and north america are faring particularly well while the worst affected areas are latin america and southeast asia. now for more on this, let's bring in guy writer, the director general of the international labor organization. he is joining us from geneva guy. welcome to the show. it's been nearly 2 years now. since the start of the pandemic economies are starting to pick back up. so why is the labor market recovering so slowly? you know, we're in a world which is predicted to grow by just over 4 percent this year. so one would
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hope that labor markets would be improving as well. and in fact, they are improving the report that we, that we published today shows that in fact jobs are being created, we're going in the right direction. but nevertheless, the recovery process is slow. great deal slower than we were predicting by the way, 6 months ago. it's incomplete, we're not getting back to where we started off the pandemic with, and it's uneven. there are some parts will doing better than others. why is this? well, clearly the persistence of the pandemic. the oma crum variant has thrown our previous predictions into disarray. and so it's proving a much more difficult mountain to climb than we have previously thought. you mentioned alma kron there and, and just to go off that we've already seen a lot of economies and countries start to pull back on those job support measures by cap to
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a lot of workers afloat throughout the pandemic. given the fact that we are still in a pandemic, do you think that they're moving too quickly? but we warmed from the outset and we should learn something, i think, from the experience of the financial crisis of 2008, we've warned against premature austerity, restrictive measures. and i think that that message has been heard quite well by policy makers to this point. but we're getting, i think, to bit of a critical position because i think we've seen public debt levels a quite i, i was drink levels in some regards. and i think as the panoramic has persisted, there is a feeling that this effort cannot be kept up indefinitely. so yes, i think there was a crunch moment coming up because we're seeing inflation taking offers as well in some, some sectors. so i think we have to be extraordinarily careful at this moment just as the future trajectory of the pandemic and behavior of omicron is something we are really on a knife edge with, i think maintaining the stimulus,
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maintaining the support economic activity is also it's a critical difficult moment for policymakers, we would urge them to we would urge them to on the side of caution and to keep things going. looking specifically at some from different industries here. i mean, if you think of, of things like the travel industry, do you expect sort of a long term damage to industries because of that kind of back and if so, which, which ones you know what you've mentioned? i think the most obvious case tourism and transport related industries have been badly hit during covered 19 and up projection show that they are going to take the longest to recover. even if eventually the people are going to return to their pre pandemic habits of travel and, and tourism. but that's going to take a very long time and it's likely to be a painful process. i think a separate question is whether there is going to be permanent structural change
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even when we are in a position to resume past consumption and production habits. and i, i find that to more difficult question to answer. clearly we've got the issue of whether remote working is going to become significantly more important part of our work activities. i think everybody would admit that the panoramic is acted as an of an, as an accelerator on previously existing processes. but other than that, i think what is liable to be perhaps more important than anything directly related to covert or the other processes of transition, which were already in course pre pandemic. and which will, and must be picked up post pandemic. and there i think was particularly of everything that has to do with the transition to carbon neutrality and green economy. and so i suspect this is going to look much larger in the coming years. and anything else arising directly from cov it that is guy rider of the dark
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director general of the ilo. thank you so much for joining us. not chinese president. jason ping has culture greater global cooperation to fight coven 19. she gave the opening speech at the gathering of the world economic forum being held online. he said his country will. they donate another 1000000000 doses of vaccines . but he also spoke positively about china's economic prospects that followed the release of new economic data, suggesting it's bounce back from the pandemic appeared to be running out of steam, g painted a more positive picture towards young jin the we 3 the, the chinese economy enjoy. so good momentum overall i last year our g d p grew by around 8 percent achieving the dual target or fairly high growth and relatively low inflation. the fundamentals of the chinese economy, characterized by
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a strong resilience, enormous potential and long term sustainability remain unchanged. we have every confidence in the future of china, us economy. she's all the spite that up eat assessment from president g. chinese growth slowed considerably over the course of 2021 coming in at an annual rate of just 4 percent and the final quarter. and there are few signs of improvement ahead the new year isn't looking to rosie for china. a real estate crisis, shortages of raw materials, energy bottlenecks, and the battle against the pandemic. together, they look like problems that aren't going away any time soon. and that's likely to take its toll on economic growth early earlier will go to india. overall, china sustained a continuous and steady recovery in 2021. it maintained its leading position and growth and pandemic control in the world. we are major indicators reached their
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expected targets, but the external environment is less certain. and the economy faces the triple pressures of demand contraction supply, shock and weakening expectations. that's why china's economic experts are aiming for growth of just over 5 percent for the current year. economic reforms and innovation could push that up a little. they're also planning to create 11000000 jobs in the cities. but in the medium term, china faces a problem coming to most industrialized countries, a plummeting birth rate, and fewer people likely means less growth. or for the sammy, people of northern europe, hurting, and fishing have been a way of life for generations. but modern developments are putting their culture at risk. that's why representatives of the handful of remaining hurting families have been taking on one of norway's biggest energy projects. if john christian jama had his way, reindeer would be raining supreme. here,
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it used to be one of the best winter grazing spots around. but now there is no reindeer in sight. the animals are too scared to graze on the spot and jama says the area around it has also been developed to support the wind farm loosening smell . so they jo, chiding audio route. there's a lot of noise from the turbines parking spaces, roads, intersections the nature here is completely destroyed. only gray stones and rocks are left to the norwegian. government is the main shareholder in the much criticized 1000000000 euro project. but more than 20 percent of norway's wind energy in 2020 came from these 151 wind turbines, according to fossil vend. despite the cost and the benefits to the energy grid,
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the supreme court unanimously declared the projects operating permit and land acquisition invalid saying their construction violates the sammy family's ability to practice their culture. but they didn't say what should happen to the turbines. now he said, why don't we take the supreme court decision very seriously? the next step is to agree on terms of the reindeer herders for us to be able to use these windmills. so i don't buford of it. but the sammy families involved to say they won't accept any compromise they want. the turbines taken down and the land at least partially restored. in every other case that you heard about that it's something it's illegal. you need to tear it down. if it's a house, if it's a cabin, if it's, you know, am, and i can't see that. oh, because it costs a lot of money and we spend many years building it. and it's still a legal and you need to take it down. so i don't know, i mean it's not up to us to compromise. lisa is to lock these sammy families.
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hope that this decision will force, big companies like fossa vend to rain again, future encroachments on to their ancestral home lands. now before we go, people in the chile and class capital santiago have been treated to a spectacular night show. 200 jo drones were launched the mule tenuously and flown more than 300 meters high to form iconic chile and figure such as the national flag, easter island, stone statues, and day in con door. the display was sponsored by a bank organizers urged the public to enjoy the display from the safety of their homes due to cope at 19 and that's all from me in the business team here in berlin. former from us, check out our website and on youtube and facebook. thanks and see you next time.
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do you like it and do you want it? okay, then we'll go up, put the pedal to the metal. let's ride. mm. read. next on d, w. now note, i tough so like you can take their toll. german robotics researchers are developing new systems to release strain on the body, neck and shoulders back. how do these exoskeletons fair when tested? to borrow today, a 60 minute d, w. oh,
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