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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 18, 2022 5:45pm-6:01pm CET

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the you car sales have slumped to have record low, that as automakers struggle with the effects of the pandemic, research suggests europeans want them to clean up their act when it comes to emissions. was that coming up major us airlines of warning passengers that catastrophic disruption is heading their way all because of 5 g. we'll look at the claims and we're also off to them old eaves, to see how the islands are recovering from the pandemic tourism slop. this is d to leave as nissan of watts in berlin. welcome to the program. car sales in the e. u hit, a record low during 2021. the pandemic and a shortage of computer chips meant that carmakers struggled to meet with demand registration slate by 2.4 percent in 20. 20. want to just under $10000000.00 vehicles and that's after they fell by mister quarter drain the previous year. the unavailability of chips resulted in comic is actually having to temporarily closed
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some production lines in total annual car registrations, around $3300000.00 below what they were free pandemic. but as the auto industry looks to bounce back, research suggests europeans expect them to produce cleaner cars. that's one of the findings of a survey by green campaign group transport and environment, which asked 8000 people across the u. if they're in favor of stricter air pollution rules for comic as let's have a look at their findings. well, more than 3 quarters said that manufacturers should be obliged by law to reduce emissions from new cars as much as technically feasible. they said so feasible is obviously a keyword and european appear to be willing to pay for less polluting cars. almost 2 thirds say that they would be willing to fork out an extra $500.00 euros per car for a cleaner car survey. results come just as the commission formulates it's new,
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your o 7 rules which it set to propose in april. they are going to limit or set legal limits for missed a 100000000. petrol and diesel cars expects to be sold in your after 2025. so let's hear from a family inspector for transport and environment which carried out the survey. i've just been telling you that the results off thanks for joining us on d. w business. can you just tell us what your expecting from the euro 7 rules? yes. hello, and thank you for giving us a chance to talk here. and so as you said, we still see that 95 in the new diesel petro cars will hit european roads between 2525. and as is when we expect those new regulation to enter into force and 2035, that's when the european commission has proposed to face out date for the internal combustion engine to hit the road. so to put it into perspective, this is almost double what of ford cars are actually on the road at the moment in
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germany and 40 percent of the entire european union's vague feet. and these 1000000 of cars will stay on your can roads for decades. actually the average age of a car right now is 11.5 years, according to a c, which is the european community pictures association. and even germany, 70 percent of all cars are between 15 and 25 years old. so what we see is that 400000 people across europe die every year from air pollution. right and alone in 2018. and there are costs that amounted to $5000000.00 euro and belinda loan, when it comes to. what if i just answered? i'm sorry, says, but basically the idea is we can have to live with these cars for a long time, so we must make sure that they pollute to the minimum. but common cause are saying that hold on, you're expecting us to make a huge investment here to actually just squeeze out any very small percentage of
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pollutants. they're actually left without disproportionate. would you say that? well, that's actually not the case. so at the moment we the current euro 6 tender, they are 12 years old and they are based completely on outdated technology. so what we also know is that currently under the current standard substances are not regulated that harmful human health. and there are a lot of driving conditions that are completely excluded. for instance, if you start your car in the morning for the 1st time, for the 1st 16 kilometers, those, this car doesn't need to meet any emission limits whatsoever. this is the findings of your research. i remember reading that that actually people think that those restrictions should apply to the entire journey. and you know, anytime this car is on the road, i'll be back. i'm afraid we run out of time,
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but thank you very much. for joining us on business. thank you. next major u. s. airlines or warning of an impending catastrophic crisis when a new 5 g service is deployed by telecoms, joins a t and t and verizon on wednesday. american airlines, delta united, and southwest airlines all say the new technology might affect flight instruments and random, many aircraft unusable. that could lead to the grounding of tens of thousands of flights telecoms. firms say they've created buffer zones around airports, but carriers won't that, that won't be enough. well, let's discuss this more with aviation generalist, andrea spit. thanks for joining us. i just explained, as this sounds pretty dramatic. how seriously are the airlines concerns being taken? yes, it was a bit surprised to this morning to learn this letter that the heads of the ms. 10 major airlines sent to the ministration last night. apparently you're in time and
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this time we've had catastrophic tens of thousands of americans might be stranded overseas. the domestic s system might be, might have been trying to disarray from this development. so this is actually quite dramatic. the question is, how serious is this actually going to have about tomorrow assessment one day away from us that this is looming as the i'm say. interestingly, this has been around as a struggle between the telecommunications industry and the industry in the us since sometimes it was almost a year ago that the u. s. telecoms companies actually get these a water billions of dollars, often that they actually spent as much money to get these frequencies and the an industry they are using the key of having delayed their response. so by now the, the american association authority has cleared about $48.00 of $8848.00 biggest us that was to a,
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for the system to be used like these new frequencies being used close to the wrong ways to the person is really how may i be affected, and by the way, you say you pay close to the you say close to the runways, that's, that's a t and t and verizon argument isn't that. they say they've created buffer zones around efforts, and they're not too close to the runways. why don't airlines believe them? it, that's it is people the actually demand there will be a buffer zone. none of the speak with the operating and the radius of 3.7 kilometers or 2 miles around the 4 runways. and that's free to just put it has not been really implemented yet, or they didn't actually agree on this. yet. the telecommunications industry, us arguing that there are 40 other countries where does work without any glitches. and, but of course, like in europe, different privileges use in europe. the european engagement authority already said they didn't detect any problems here. but here,
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the band that i use for 5 g r been different, right? so it's, it's, it's a different territory, unknown territory. we're under space. thank you for joining us on the to be business. you're welcome. now for many of us life in the mold eaves, it seems like the closest possible thing to paradise. to like many taurus destinations the islands have a tough couple of years. however, they are finally saying signs of recovery from the depths of the pandemic. if being a pilot does your dream job, you've hit the jackpot here, relaxed down to the toes. they're taking off next stopped paradise, down below, gorgeous islands, promise dream vacations. a will like out of the painting, ami am unsure, is here on business. that's his resort. down there. the owner and the resort have
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just gotten through some hard times. the corona pandemic hit them with full force. totally new all of my business because there is no guest at all. lou, keep on running the bus and the people running all the pumps pools and be said that's i guess it's money, money. on $4000000.00. the crisis was felt by many tourism, as by far the most important industry in the multi eaves. and this is our mias world and that's not an exploration. he has leased the island from the state and can now organize pretty much anything he wants for the next 99 years. everything here has been built according to his plans, according to his taste. it is exclusive, it is expensive. many people make the trip of a lifetime here. the reputation of the melodies is legendary and the reality even
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more beautiful. on the islands and under water. where else does one encounter a uniqueness in such diversity? the resort is run by an american hotel chain owner are mere and general manager. jasper discussed the budget. many of the ways we align just because of the way that we think about business. we think about people and other c roofing about mold eaves . this we both had a use of 130 employees. look after 200 guests. they're pleased that the occupancy rate is rising again after the dry spell. it's now almost business as usual. no guest will ever notice how bad the crisis was or how devastating for all those who worked behind the scenes or pulled strings like amir. it goes for long enough, what years and years that it's not over to nick back, you know, within one or 2 years time still, you know, we can bombs them and i have high hopes on this and i keep running everything. i
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keep the stuff motivated as well, and then luckily it bounced back and today the u. back in business. surely a good feeling for those who work on these breathtaking islands in the indian ocean . just lastly, with ever falling numbers of fish in the seas hungry families in asia have been looking for tasty alternatives. many of them attending to jelly fish the see here in southern thailand is almost devoid of fish. the only species that can still provide an income for these fishermen is jelly fish under lang moon? yes, i don't know what's going on under water, but there are no more squid. no more shrimp, no more shellfish. there's nothing left. but with jelly fish i can earn between 25 and 50 euros a day. with traditional fishing, that was only 10 with their catch is then delivered to the largest jellyfish
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processing plant in thailand. there it gets clean. and once the tentacles have been cut off, the rest of the animal is sliced up. and it's not just for the tie market that tathina paula had when, at our main export markets or japan, south korea, china, and also the united states going. but there, it really only appeals to the asian american communities. while on is here. some scientists described jelly fish as renewable based on the way they reproduce. no matter how many you catch, there will be plenty more to take their place. so there's far less concern about over jelly fishing and health experts say they're good for the human diet with next and no calories, but an ample supply of protein. ah, ah,
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with ah ah, do you like it with do you want it? okay, then buckle up, put the pedal to the metal and lets ride. mm read. in 30 minutes on d. w. margaret friedlander is
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a 100 year old holocaust survivor. at the age of 19, she decided to return to germany a country she never wanted to set foot in again. her home land. she fights for remembrance here and feels like she belongs to tell a tale. oh, margaret friedlander in berlin. in 75 minutes on dw vicious nadine and comedy but um when it is you know, i mean nina minarda is in glen. yes. my think i yep. what goes hung up on my food that goes i wanna dance into camilla amazing us. oh, but i know, but i didn't. i didn't get money that i'm when it this you know, i mean nina monotonous incline your wedding kaya punky settlement in and out is what input concerning the sooner but i'm with what im looking as he ran up what is
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it it's you know, i mean nino minorities in going, you know, jenny can monique, i don't want me nobody and unanimous. he shook it. oh, i see that he has had his head as she runs canada. go on. he said, but i got one on one of the gang funding went up by him once he gets as if they say, i said, ah ah ah, this is dw news line from berlin, german foreign minister,
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adeline at babel. coles talked with her. russian count deposited last.


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