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tv   Doc Film - To Tell a Tale - Margot Friedlander in Berlin  Deutsche Welle  January 18, 2022 7:15pm-8:00pm CET

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to good relations between moscow, i'm to berlin. she was speaking during tolts and they brushed capital with her opposite to number, so high level rung the topics on the agenda with russian troop filled up from the ukrainian border. unfair that russia could invade its name. that's it. you're up to date, more world news at the top of the our next here on d. w. dog, filled with a documentary about logo feedback, the group survived, the holocaust child returned to germany to town. still have a good day. ah the green. you feel worried about the planet to
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i'm the old hosting of the on the green fence podcast and to me it's clear we need to change. join me for a deep dive into the green transformation for me, for you, for the plant. ah. oh. oh. oh. large portrait photographs of holocaust survivors taken by luigi toscano were exhibited in german trained stations in summer 2021.
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my god. friedlander was among ah ah ah ah it's be a can well be appreciate man she's been yeah. i guess i don't bother. like even
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i don't, i'm not an unhappy person. i'm grateful really. i try to keep me. i've had 4 different lives is a wonderful childhood. i know. and a few beautiful years of adolescence but to shorten good, cool. lead several extremely difficult. yes. square. i went to a lot p n e. and then married 20. yes. and then these 10 and ethan is essentially different. c. ha. so poor cookie. ah . today my godfrey linda lives in berlin again. she was
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born here in 1921 into a jewish family. they were persecuted after the nazis came to power in 1933 mm. her parents were divorced. her mother was not able to flee germany just before she was about to go into hiding with her children more guts, younger brother, ralph was arrested, hoping to help her son. her mother turned herself in to the authorities. ma got went into hiding in berlin. after 13 months, she was caught and deported to the terean's store concentration camp. she survived, her mother, brother, father and her entire family were murdered in auschwitz. shortly after the
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liberation of today's inch dot, and before she left, she married out of friedlander. a man she knew from berlin and whose family had also been murdered in auschwitz. they emigrated to america in 1946. ah. he kept him live, amelie cur, michigan. should fight cush paul hm. but i never really forgave america. because when i had needed america cabbage, they didn't let me in its mission. i guess s u. v ish no high. the time i came to america, i was free a vice and could est here anyway on hit. but he of it was my own free.
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well, i might try athena if i could have come to america with my mother. and i might have been very happy beige placed this dish brokerage division ah, in 2003, she returned to berlin for the 1st time in 57 years to participate in a documentary. ah and was sometime in the new gateway to him on that's some of it had to be shot in berlin. my leave, that was what changed my life more men for ish. the moment i arrived in this city where my route, so by default, and i realized what it meant to me can meth, harper, but this ocean death from miss mccoy to it. that was the essence of it said thus,
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visa dish and yosh b one year later it in 2005 year. so i told the documentary was officially screened here at the jewish film festival or did how be sure. and then i began to write my book, i'm an i dash be one year later the publisher whole voice heard about it died over cuz had to they said they wanted to publish it, but that i should work with a co author thus far. that was 2000 and 6 am, did sambo. i met marlin shad figure that december and worked with her for one year up and yelled me to ago i was in america. and she was in berlin here by in belin. her book, try to make your life was published in 2008. since then she has been doing regular readings from it. sometimes several a week. esteem for them,
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not mouse glacier, reddish man, witness in this dimension. desperately. i stand in front of the neighbors building . in a moment, i will see my mother. he des gets getting darker. he shall. the jewish couple is waiting at the little window. i can recognize the silhouettes behind the curtains. i look for my mother's familiar form. we see, but she is not there to blows. the lady opens the door for me truly. where is she? i ask out of breath. the woman waits until i'm inside. then she shuts the door. when she left lou see me. at 1st i don't understand. did i get here too late? is she out looking for me? asked you follow me? she left a message for you, but she stayed. i'm for. i am waiting for the woman to hand me something that she just stands there. i look for a slip of paper in her hand, something my mother would have written down for me. is george, i'm supposed to give you
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a message and done that. then she tells me what my mother can no longer tell me herself. that if i have decided to go to the police, say so bead i am going with ralph wherever that may be. imminent death try to make your life so deadly been to man the only things she still has from her mother are this amber necklace and a small address book side. telson adds ish to work a few in 2008 zika when i was still on the plane on my way back to america. i asked myself in new york, say you really doing a new york area? there's so much more you can do in germany, in berlin to bill in kent in
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2009, she decided to leave new york and returned to berlin for good order him out of lad. 88 years old margaret friedlander has been repatriated and is back for good people. today she officially became a german citizen again. interior minister curtis presented her with the certificate of dig it as a sonata. senator curt ing that them to me. i should probably say a few words after receiving this document, all, and i think words of sanks are expected of arctic mon vaughn, to dest uncle's left condition. i can't do that. did they? because you have simply returned what belonged to me in the 1st place. but when what was taken away from me many decades ago, da miles back then they left the roots of
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a young sapling to dry out lawson. it brittany. i haven't come back to germany. come, i've come to my friends, hong kong. thank you all that he, she of convert dot b. i'm often asked if i miss america habitual hope, if i don't at all her ash been be but what filiano, i know i was in america so many years force in features confluence message, but i don't really feel like i lived there for 64 years. turbo of point to certain friends say to me if, if it feels like he were here the whole time her and as for mission, i have that same strange feeling. i'm totally here.
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been to come here. one of her greatest objectives is to tell her story to young people in schools, church communities, and adult education centers. my laser for the book i use for readings, and this is what it looks like. now. here you can see the star hammer in what english down eggs, 12000. no, i received the ein hard prize for the book in 2009 for best autobiography, mr. out to be or car fi. so i was invited to berlin again to do readings, st. galard var liaison to gabriel. i noticed how silent these young people were young men to these school students. he lives in dawn and how as soon as i started to speak, they wanted to know if that sir, what's next of us? what's next?
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what is this woman's life li fundraiser for? what did she live through the early and, and i always said certain it's for you. so that what we lived through never happens again. there salvas, you've, you know, the she and elf, but viet leap turban. but i don't blame any of you. of a ish key, boyish, kind. assure it then because we can't forget that in those years their parents and grandparents were cheering it all on course of course i knew that you become the 1st mid docket. here i was speaking to the 3rd or 4th generation who had nothing to do with it. soon, danish sent me to, to none. the readings have become too exhausting for her. so friedlander has started using of video recording with our listeners largo in it, you know, we left the company harness strasser in a truck out of berlin,
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out of spin detour shows. and the doors closed behind us for diesel. from that moment on, everything passed me by like a nightmare you immediately forget as soon as you wake up, but which still leaves an indelible terror behind on dead taught steam and on our solution, shrapner dallas, my name is xavier burnished, and my num copa my soul was not in my body in this truck, on its way to theresienstadt. theresienstadt was like a large scale study. an experiment experiment i in of one question ruled our lives. we, how much can a person take place in status easy instead? was an in between place. neither life nor death voted in lee and death waited for us in the camps in the east hall. in the ghetto. there was hunger filth and cramped conditions. it was every one to themselves. i longed for some
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humanity, some closeness leo, and it was difficult for me to to allow those things in yet every one existed in a kind of isolation hooked up to lazy inch. that was a vacuum pole, a place devoid of air and light, or knew without time, sight wirelessly stickler. after the readings, the young people are curious to know more. he chavez cushion. i made it happen. i feel like i can do something for those who didn't make out here the snake. gotcha, tom. i have a duty to speak for those who can no longer speak english mesh. placing curren gary would like to tell you that we won't forget you and that we will pass everything we've learned onto the next generation. from latin does get be
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a craft escaped real that gives me strength. so strengths to do this because you are listening to me. well because i believed that my words are being heard. well, of course to floss. cafe best buy fish, or what i'm telling you might not get through to all of you. but if i can reach 2 or 3 or 4 of you, i've achieved something than average for us. i because it's for you. then what can i do after all? nothing. i don't have any children hunger kinda. you will have children, families, amelia, be smart. they make a good life for yourselves. ankle to learn things loud and court because knowledge really as everything kish. leah lee was a lovely name. oh the best. well, i'd ask with m dimension. hum. mucous strangers have been good to me
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for him to mention strangers who had nothing to do with me in my life and lead me too tall narcan. when duff agnes had guess hm. i'll never forget that year and 3 months and more now i spent getting to know people in berlin, kin who had done something extraordinary. berlin did dar mud at 1st could turn. herbert, i'll never forget that. i was had good. that's how i actually discovered a true humanity mention escaped kim guilt, english ah, and, and i'd like to give some of that back. ah,
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ich bin mil for lation garnish may be, i don't really realize is me. although really i do does, if i've done a lot of a and o t dunc savoglio, when i look in this folder, i see all the words of sanks in there and he, mo, woody dunks are gone to his in hundreds and hundreds of them aren't ordered they're not for nothing or nish, for unless they are all expressions of gratitude, dunc sagal. yes, i've been the of was here some one, right. see sure. we didn't know how bad it was back then of our dish. you've made me see it all much more clearly, hollis fear besser forced air. people have written letters like that is in, in believe that i'm tired more but
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since the interesting thing is how they suddenly really learn what was going on as far lead ah, a little am holocaust survivor mar godfrey lender is one of 10 berliners, a tour guide is now offering a mug. friedlander tour at cleveland old gun on campus. i was excellent actually for 66 years. berlin was little more than a memory for margaret friedlander. the place denazi's once took her prisoner up who would have more holocaust medical survivor, margaret friedlander was awarded for her out standing dedication in germany in her awarded honorary citizenship, the highest accolade of the state of berlin. both were persecuted by the nazi regime and hidden by berliners for years and for both are still active today deals as they remind us of the atrocities and criticize anti semitism and racism on
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classes. most hitler grew hitler gurgling and pebbles were also honorary citizens. hurry to, they did turn in their graves now even if they had graves a do then, and you do do is who they didn't consider a humanist mention. other con who they wanted to kill you and almost managed to on this in an fuss. good. no to day a jewish woman who to even have become honorary citizens. so got spy, one with her honorary citizenship. friedlander is now among the great names in berlin's history. her portrait will now hang in the gallery of eminent figures and berlin's house of representatives. the president of the berlin house of representatives,
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ralph villani shows her how different and varied the portraits are not some of the law of nature. yeah, we've got a very different style here and that one of detroit denture is almost realistic. oh much schmidt with his ever present cigarettes and the snuff tobacco he always used. oh writing. do you look at that style? ah, ah, the astronauts. listen to you look a little run this though. yes, there's a list of honorary citizens from east germany. this is of sigma indiana, and valerie binkowski, one in social, that's her look. berlin artist stephanie,
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founded of its is working on a number of sketches for the official portrait. here is just, oh gosh one it 1st, but he the i is a bit more complete than a freshly sketch to i crush unbelief. and so does is that just the undercoat? it's margaret image. hark. when margaret asked me if i would paint her portrait for the house of representatives and mine, soto went as far as truly i was overwhelmed and surprised. because margaret put so much trust in me and her column gifts hang cat. you can't say no to that. we'll manage 9 vernon come ah,
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is it here being mamma, misty irving, papa. when is b o is in your heel. deborah got my stuff on building, consisting cobbling soonish to going vaughn v i t here in full sleep, then the good luck, mrs. friedlander. thank you for deciding to live among us again with your work for democratic values, your contribution towards keeping memories alive and your work with children and young people. you have done a lot of good for our cities. dubois honorary citizenship is the highest accolade we can award here in berlin, which that's why i'm very happy about something you said recently in conversation with school students. when you visited us in the house. i am a true berliner and i love my city. even my mistook. oh, i love i on the hipaa. gruesome romanov did. soon i'd like near the bed. so
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fuson doors its door. is it no being dea here being d as in viola, nor being the leading d, as in to you in 2019 friedlander became patron of article one of the german constitution, the glen gazette. i. every one has the right to express their opinion. whether it's gender, mation or background, what? who faith? no one should be deprived. our favorite human dignity is inviolable. herman dignity is one inviolable. ah, a slightly cleanser down. so i'm very happy that you might friedlander some one who
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reminds us why the constitution came to be, are accepting this talus man to day in the spirit of diversity and difference he visited. and i am 1st actor. her ceremony was held by the german integration foundation to mark the 70th anniversary of the constitution in bonus. alongside chancellor america was holocaust survivor mar gottfried lender. he received an award for her out standing integration work miracle linked the 97 year old who has been telling the story of her life under the nazi regime in schools for years. she also became patron of article one of the constitution. human dignity is inviolable, had a dimensional if on and tougher. she's been that to a leash and i'm very touched. of course louis, i don't really know what to say. bessie satin. so chapter men of i did write a speech between that firstly, i just like to say thank you very leash. been
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done is to me it's incredible. just to experience this desk to ellie. she wrote the book of interviews, each 2 s her voice. i do it for you. together with the anti semitism representative of the state of north wine westphalia. it's been a loy toys ush not and burger. it's also meant as a warning to people to learn the lessons of history. and tis emit tis moose is here. nish death ain't anti semitism, is not the only thing mention there against us peep holden's in order our sled? no, whether it's deuce or foreigners or people with other opinions in her they're
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just it's you. they want everyone to be like them. that's vi's easy in the future. so lag pleaseland are more deviate. you'll no mention ad side. so again, as a witness is off as a person with a mission, margot to freed lender motivates young people that she puts her heart into it. she's very authentic us herb z, and i think all of that makes her a great supporter of prevention, which is the most important thing when it comes to dealing with and addressing antisemitism in gettng antisemitic was that vista is ah daughter. she does ish, margaret in jamaica art on fire because i have marcos around me every day in some form and i'm dealing with her as whole closely knows that i feel like i'm always with her isn't as ish and then click bate. yep. in as fight yellow vanish medically,
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it was impossible for her to come here to the studio because of the stair change struck baccha on own and will i have to add the dis, building, design and stress, and number 75 is a very poignant place against pezora art if by because this was her last hiding place to throw her before she was taken to, to raise the enchant, interested. come on earth as is, i know her goal to push on that. so twist of fate. that greenways brings me to tears beneath. when i
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climb these fall floors, or when i entered the stairwell gear, i think of mar, got on each step and of her history. think unlock, got oh. and you're going a shifter her what she experienced here with the wonderful come play a family i down for now bang from me and here come clear on that. she couldn't remember which floor she lived on in the jay towels here. her one tucked away. she had thought she has a postcard, she sent to the come plays from theresienstadt. come cleared, also took ears interest. i could shake tut. th because i saw it. well, she showed it to me, had one it said done. come play a family for zion and strauser 72nd floor writer stock.
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020 bar. so she was on the 2nd floor, 2 floors below me. i thrashed barker. quantum. yeah. i saw vinny shaggy ladner. that's what i looked like for a long time. quotes. yes, there i am with my cross s. that was when i was in hiding down coincides look how beautiful my hair was. yes, donna, your hair is still beautiful. it's hard to day. i asked you where you got this cross. and you said some one gave it to you who brought you into hiding them with him. it won't. i won't when tag huffstutter when he throws her ash though, and i was so astonished that it wasn't silver. i would only a gun. she was
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a very simple cord, harder esther look caught the cords here. i didn't have any money for a chain. i don't what it was. it was crochet. yeah. he called does so it's so beautiful and after isn't in this photo and on the original as it looks like silver . but actually when i saw you in this setting and the well, i could sense exactly how you felt fin the thought the stuff is. do you recognize yourself? oh yes sir. ah ah, kindness who read you just come ah
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saba. i know that i visit max once or twice every summer. and ponder sureness house . he has a beautiful house right on the water and moved toward cleanliness and a little motor boat, aunt duck boy, i usually bring something with me mit half a chicken shoe or a whole one depending on how many people of that captain bought a car. and he brings coffee and cake to the garden, and then we get into the boat for an hour or so often bored. don't that, that i'm even allowed to drive it to sport fun. i love doing that. to miss you, missouri. sure, and amanda. we go as far as potsdam, under the bridges, and on to lake van z, a, where we look at the sailing boats and other boats of buttons, eel, and children, but as ego board torn under border in spring 2020. when the corona virus pandemic brought public life in germany to a standstill,
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friedlander had to slow down too. but at 99, she was on line to present the ma got friedlander award, which is bestowed on school projects that keep alive the memory of the nazi era. terrors as it is, it's an ident guns. and so we're all sitting in very different constellations and of our screens in so many places. and some of you are together. some of you are alone. i'm just happy, it's working out in my name is peter lenders. my name is ron schuman. lewis, the support of survivors and volunteers. the association presents readings, stories and contemporary witness statements to the public nog. why did you have to get on the train? shante gail no. michelle health my. i'd like to thank you again, shin to school. i think it's great that you're doing this my effort. it's very close to my heart at and for you. this is my number,
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it is become my mission. if so, how it tube for ish noah to day at $99.00. i'm very eager for you to continue the walk theater again there so that it won't be forgotten by dear aunt demetrius finished her guests. ah, lindenwood. i think we can take off our masks one year later. she can start working again, this time outgoing chancellor angle america will give the speech in honor of the prize winners. he told us, was he what sorts and you do this because you believe that is to stream be important to motivate young people, to turn their backs on exclusion, violation racism, anti semitism, and all forms of hostility to those other groups. but so now i mentioned find this kind of in, you have ongoing monmouth in this work gives special significance to the award
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named after margaret friedlander. and i am delighted to see the interest this award is attracting among young people all over germany or talent of hip hop inter ah, yes, thank much lavish colors guy sometimes think about what i might have done in life is gone his, but i can't imagine it your porch days, but fear 3 of our child is probably a dressmaker, a space. i don't know. if i had an awful day, i was very young when hitler came to power as much calm as or it just wasn't an
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option anymore. he just got shook irish mia. we had to grow up too quickly. colleen? hell said pierre, have vax galvan cut scheme still until 1938. your course until the christina i we tried to more or less have a life i'm i you got last leave. so it is that it was too short the you'll those young years 18 to 24 is when you meet someone and start dating deadly human kingdom, coin those years were missing, configured is not real frivolity who is kind or the em. how should i put it? a doctor of high regrets, not having that is 5 doctor. i was always some bitterness,
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mid bitter kite. he might make a cold. but let's have a look in here. look for a harp, all this person's house. will that house foot tie plats boil where the monument is here? death is where philip levine used to do his dressmaking. philip levine, sighing. oh, quite true mama. i see. so i left school, i didn't do my final year or school leaving exams or gama. been writing wanted, so she shalaka, i went to the fashion design school at believe that's where i met philip levine. it's all last year. he was very nice and i was very much in love global pasha. and i think that was the 1st and only time, at least it was the 1st time i got drunk and been taught mark point
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destroying ho. offer gerlene closing. baker seems cursor softly area. they you she badly. p f. i had recently jewish. there was a huge table where the patterns were cut as i guess is that true leash that would have been my well that one as the other. yeah. ah . photographer mathias ziegler to portraits of free lender for a photo book for her 100th birthday. at locations that played an important role in her life like here at house, folk type lots, where her parents shop with
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. he presents her as a modern woman who has grown from her difficult fast. ah ah ah if think it ma'am. do you have brought to my mom? i always think my mother's words shaped me, but i only processed them in later years. when i was here vis. quiche ha! my dick, with his who had tried to make your life. now i making
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a life and i'm doing something in my life, i believe awareness of what friedlander does is not confined to germany. when u. s. secretary of state anthony blinking and his german counterpart hika mos arranged a joint conference to commemorate the holocaust. once again, it was friedlander who was there to remind people of the equality of all human beings. yes, i tell them that there is no christian jewish or muslim blocked. that is all ne, you and black and t i am and gold still, this novel own was 100 years to talk to people. it is for you guys, you threaten make room to literally always say
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i hope i can keep going for a while longer to sleep. gay life gave me the chance to do this as long. this mission is in miss shorn that i don't just live my own life, but that i speak for those who can't speak for themselves. good. ah ah ah ah, the child there tightly, the witnesses of that era, a gall no of the new ways of remembering the show her must be found full,
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especially when racism and anti semitism are emerging once again in society. here in germany there to appear in deutschland, of course, ah, your current and his own as well as politicians, as society. we can and we should all work to look back to reflect of, to remember and to think about the future. we heavy hum, huge responsibility to do our best here when we follow this call to your memory, and i very much hope, mrs. friedlander, that we will be worthy of your legacy. does feelings young formation this building bottom? you cannot flush along. i don't imagine how much will be left after i pass away up lieberman bly. great people have done sayings. but what i do is very, very little about my new torn s dot, we're c, as seo,
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gavin to lashed. may be the current generation listening to me and schools will talk about it to their children. he, he and kid done it for sabu beam, how far it will go. i have no idea that kind of because so many people keep saying they don't want to talk about it any more. evelyn galvan but bess question, ah, a pulse ah, the beginning of
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a story that moves us and takes us along for the ride. it's all about to perspective culture information. this is dw and d w. lead from mines. oh, through soccer is a sort of any colors and the children in this mountain village notable pima where's blue, the color of her favorite. but sex it's traditions, prevent her from going to games and play an insurmountable obstacle. bloom girls, football on the p starts february, 4th calling
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d w one. mm ah ah ah, this is dw news lie.


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