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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 18, 2022 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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oh, frankfurt houghton, international gateway to the best connection, south road and rail. located in the heart of europe, you are connected to the old world. mood experience outstanding shopping and dining offers. enjoy alice services. be our guest at frankfurt. airport city managed by frappe bought, ah ah, ah ah, this is d w. news live from berlin to night,
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a doubling down on diplomacy to prevent a war in ukraine. the german foreign minister on a lena bear block was in moscow to day with russia now sending troops to neighboring bella roost. the threat of an invasion of ukraine is higher than ever. also coming up. these are the 1st images the world has seen of the devastation in tonga after saturday's volcanic eruption and su nami, the government says it is dealing with an unprecedented disaster. ah, i burnt gov. it's good to have you with us on this tuesday. we begin with a doubling down on diplomacy to prevent a russian invasion of ukraine to day. germany's new foreign minister on a lena bear bach was in moscow for talks with her russian counterpart, sergey lab, rob. she described a russian true build up on new grades border as a threat, not only to ukraine, but also to all of europe. the new government here in berlin is standing by its
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warning to moscow that any attack on any neighbour will cost russia dearly. this was always going to be a frosty encounter. germany is new, foreign minister, and i lena bear book on the home tough of sag gala. ralph, one of the world's longest serving foreign ministers. she had a plain accusation that russia is d, stabilizing europe. in the next voc rehab over the past few weeks, more than 100000 russian troops, equipment and tanks have been deployed near ukraine for no reason. it's hard not to see that as a threat. laval through the accusation right back. i'm not me, but i it's even when she don't written anybody with anything, but we do hear the threats address to us. i hope it only reflects certain emotions that certain powers inside within the western camp. in the west, the north stream to pipeline connecting russia to germany is increasingly seen as
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the diplomatic front line. in berlin, german chancellor, olaf saw its, gave the clearest signal yet that he's opened his sanctions on the pipeline. if russia attacks ukraine, claus to his clears it, in the event of a military intervention against ukraine, they'll be a high price to pay. and that everything will be up for discussion. with salts was nato secretary general un stalsen back treading a fine line between the willingness for dialogue and the determination to act. when they toys a ready order may draw lots already to engage and listen to concerns rashaw may have, but we will not compromise on court principles. the stakes are rising in the d o political game that is challenging, the stability and power balance in europe. things are moving fast. next up,
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u. s. secretary of state antony blinkin will be in keith on berlin this week. the for his own one on one with sag a lover off in geneva on friday, and preferably in from rural this. i'm janelle, by raphael losses with the european council on foreign relations. it's good to see you again. you were meeting every day here because this situation is changing every day. what your read on the talks that were held to day in moscow between the german and russian foreign ministers. there are upon desolate movement currently in europe, as the ukraine crisis heats up on an empty book. as it is a russian counterpart of moscow to day. the press conference and that the 2 gave after the initial consultations about okay, hit the right marks. i think she spoke about the foundation of the european security order to helsinki final act, the parents, trotta, she mentioned the fortunes of alexander bonnie and the angel memorial.
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but at the same time she had to was the russians. she expressed a desire from the side of the german government for substantive and stable relations with russia. so i think in her remarks, we found this, this thought, we know that nato does have quite a surround of deterrence and, and to taunt off providing a strong response to russian aggression, but also be willing to engage them. s. s, nato secretary general in short to set to engage them to listen to actual concerns and to discuss risk reduction measures, arms control and song. and what we saw the day we had the german foreign minister in moscow. we had the new german chancellor at nato headquarters b. these are, this is the highest ranking you can get from germany dealing with a crisis of this level. are we getting the same message here that's coming from this new government?
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i mean, is germany going to walk the walk and not just talk the talk when it comes to punishing russia? if an invasion of ukraine takes place? we see the partners certainly not quite last week. no round the same message, i think for the longest time, all i've chose, jeremy's transfer was reluctant to put not 32 on the table as a deterrent towards where your aggression in aggression against ukraine. back in december he said that offering to was a private sector project. he didn't have any political geopolitical relevance today, and his oppressor, with what control broke his head that everything would be up for discussion. if, if russia attacked ukraine, that's a message at the greens and the f t p. the 2 other question partners of germany's new corps and government happen emphasizing for a while now. and it's, and it's great to see that the coalition seems to be landing on the same page when it comes to this effort to destroy the mountain. moscow's renewed aggression
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against the queen were brought here it is. is it clear here? i mean, are we getting this message from this new german government? if russia invades ukraine, germany will unilaterally kill the nord stream to pipeline. is that message clear? i think a journey is reluctant to anything unilaterally, but it would do so certainly, and consultations with us nato allies, with nato partners at to sweden and finland, and certainly with ukraine as we've heard, antony blinking m as traveling to europe this week as well. he's going to keith tomorrow, he's going to be in berlin on thursday and, and presumably will meet his fresh encounter. ponce, i gave up ruffin geneva on friday. so that's a full called press 2 to fuse this crisis and anything that jerome you would decide what certainly not be the natural,
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but rather in consultation to sort of transfer that to context reveal looks with the european council on foreign relations, raphael, we appreciate your time and your insights tonight. thank you. art, let's take a look now. some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world. the european parliament has chosen a new president for better met. sola is a conservative wall maker for malta. she succeeds david cecily, who died last week. 43 year old is the youngest person ever to claim to the job. she's only the 3rd woman to hold the position in the parliament's history. british prime minister boys johnson have denied suggestions that he lied to parliament about a lockdown breaking party at his office. he says, no one warned him that it might violate strict coven 19 ruins. he's under growing pressure to resign over several gatherings that were organized by his staff findings from a government inquiry or do out as early as this week. several major airlines say they will stop flying to the united states later this week. siding fears over new
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fine g technology safety. today u. s. airlines warned that new 5 g service due to be deployed on wednesday could cause catastrophic disruption to air travel. they say a t and t, and verizon's new technology might affect flight instruments, rendering many aircraft unusable. at least 10 people have been killed in flash floods, triggered by heavy rain in madagascar cars capital, anton, another evo. disaster officials say more than 500 people have been displaced by the flooding. the city remains on high alert for more wet weather with a cyclop forecast to hit madagascar ours east coast. later this week, the government of tonga has released the 1st details of damage caused by last weekend's eruption and su nami, where the country's only internet cable cut communications remain limited. the
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images taken by a new zealand surveillance flight show ash covering much of the pacific island nation. take a look at that. the blanket of ash is also making it impossible for airplanes to land at the airport. ships carrying relief supplies are now on their way from australia and new zealand. but because of the enormous distances, it will take a couple of days before the boats are raw or want to bring in sean casey, he's with the world health organization. he's the health cluster coordinator for the pacific region. he's joining me tonight from fiji. it's good. we appreciate you taking time to talk with us to night is the people on tonga, what's the biggest threat to them right now? thanks for having me. at this point the, the small islands, as you mentioned in the high group, mungo island island, the, the buildings are almost completely destroyed on those islands and the populations
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are having to be relocated actually. so that's underway, and that's being led by the government up to that more broadly. but the whole country is covered in ash and that is contaminating water supplies. so the, the most urgent need for the entire population is really access to water. and for, for some communities, it's going to be a shelter and reconstruction. and as you mentioned, we have very little communications with talking at the moment. the internet cable is cut and international calls are impossible. and so we're relying completely on the satellite communication, which is very patchy and very difficult at the time, but we are, we are able to communicate, but in very short bursts in so we've got these 1st photos, these 1st images that the world is seeing now of the devastation that we're going to be showing this to our viewers. what did you think when you saw those 1st images it's, it's,
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it's disturbing to see at the level of destruction to the be these green islands. i mean, i've been to, several times. it's a very green last place, beautiful, beautiful islands. and it really does look like everything is covered in ash and it changes the whole image of the country from what you from what you imagine it to be it's, it's, it's, it's a sad situation. but the government of tommy is really taking the lead. they jumped right into action, deployed their own ships, their own national emergency medical team to the most effected areas. and we have support on the way. so hopefully this, this recovery effort can proceed in the coming days. and we know that getting help to the people target is the 1st priority. but tanya, because of its geography, has this, this lecture re of being a, a country, a place that is coded free. there is no corona virus on this,
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on the main island does proving or providing aid to the people. does that also put public health at risk? that's right to tony is one of the very few countries in the world at it that is still covered free. there's no cover cases locally at all in the country and it's the responsibility of everybody that's involved to do our best to, to manage that risk. so at this point, we don't immediately expect that personnel will be deployed into the country. that may change over the coming weeks, but with, if it does, it would require as significant risk mitigation measures. but target has stayed kogan free by very carefully managing its borders and taking great precautions. and i don't think they want to compromise that. and at this point they're, they're using their own resources to respond and, and very effectively, particularly the outer islands. so we don't expect that lots of personnel will
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deploy, perhaps none into the country, but the supplies that are needed are already on the way. what that is good to hear . sean katie from the w h o joining us tonight from fiji. sean, thank you. thank you. if only a choice piece of real estate in rome is still on the market. you see right there after failing to attract any bitters. the villa aurora was built back in 1570. it's unique selling point. she see it right. there is the only ceiling mural that was painted by the artist out of audio. the current occupant is being forced to sell after an inheritance, to speak with her late husbands. children. the starting bid was said at 353000000 euros. if you're interested, you'll also have to invest 11000000 euros to bring the property in line with 21st century building code. thank you very much. your to d w. news. his reminder,
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the top stories that were following for you this hour, the german foreign minister on lee a bare bach. it says that there is no alternative to good relations between moscow and berlin. she spoke to day after talks in moscow with her counterparts. egg, elaborate among the topics on the agenda. no surprise. the russian troop build up on its border with ukrainian fears at russia could invade its name. you're up to date this hour. thanks for watching chelsea delaney as of next week. he w. business needs to go around, she will be right back ah
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