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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 18, 2022 11:02pm-11:30pm CET

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by the fark, the country's largest gorilla group, and held captive in the jungle for more than 6 years. she returned to politics last year and has promised to fight corruption and economic disparity. this is d w. news . you can find more on our website. that's d, w dot com. ah, we are in the 2nd week of talks between the western russia aimed at preventing a russian invasion of ukraine on friday. the u. s. secretary of state and the russian foreign minister. we'll sit down to discuss a possible off ramp. now this is the doubling down on diplomacy that germany is calling for. we saw it today, the new foreign minister in moscow. the new german chancellor, hosting the head of nato, their messages solidarity with key up in unity for washington. for europe's largest economy. these are promises that could be expensive to keep. i, bird, golf,
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and berlin. this is the day ah, next, buckingham, the man, the last few weeks, more than 100000 russian soldier, have gathered me other ukrainian bought own obese needed. we cannot accept any demands regarding the actions of our own armed forces on our own land, resumed nato allies, colon, or shot to de escalate. it is difficult not to interpret this as a threat because we don't threaten anybody with anything, but we do have the threats addressed to us. others and the ferguson will come with a high cost for moscow. the german government did not to the situation. he does it, but it cannot and will not acknowledge the pregnant and bad. yeah, think often, teak also coming up china's policy of 0 cove and apparently now includes getting rid of
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a pet or 2 in hong kong. the order has been given, kill the hamsters, is quite a large amount of animals. dances are attested with positive results. we can likely to possibly get the shackleton's las in fact um was i actually infected from the, the hamsters to our viewers watching on p b. s. in the united states, into all of you around the world. welcome. we begin the day with a hint, a very faint one. but nonetheless, a hint that in the efforts to prevent a russian invasion of ukraine, diplomacy may just work. this coming friday, the u. s. secretary of state and the russian foreign minister will meet in geneva to search for and i'm quoting, the us state department here, common ground and a possible off ramp. and off ramp implies that a breakthrough while unlikely is still possible. and he comes after more than
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a week of high level talks between the western russia that have seemingly gone nowhere. germany says more, not less diplomacy is the only way forward shuttle diplomacy between berlin and key of yesterday, between berlin and moscow today. and that is where our 1st report starts, is all tonight. this was always going to be a frosty encounter. gemini is new, foreign minister, and alina bab, book on the home tough, sag a lever off one of the world's longest serving foreign ministers. she had a plain accusation that vasa is d, stabilizing europe. in the next, nothing happens over the past few weeks. more than 100000 russian troops, equipment and tanks have been deployed near ukraine for no reason. it's hard not to see that as a threat. laval through the accusation, right back mountain. besides what even when, if we don't threaten anybody with anything,
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but we do hear the threats address to us. i hope it only reflects certain emotions that certain powers inside within the western camp. in the west, the north stream to pipeline connecting russia to germany is increasingly seen as the diplomatic front line. in berlin, german chancellor, olaf saw its, gave the clearest signal yet that he's opened his sanctions on the pipeline. if rasa attacks ukraine, claus to his clears that in the event of a military intervention against ukraine, they'll be a high price to pay. and that everything will be up for discussion. with salts was nato secretary general against dalton, back treading a fine line between the willingness for dialogue and the determination to act like toys. a read them on the ne dollars already to engage a listen to concerns rashaw may have, but we will not compromise on court principles. the stakes are rising and the dio
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political game that is challenging, the stability and power balance in europe. things are moving fast. next up, us, secretary of state antony blinkin, will be in key f and berlin this week, before his own one on one with sag a love rav and geneva on friday. and over more tonight, i'd like to welcome jeremy shapiro. he's the research director of the european council on foreign relations. he's a former advisor at the us state department germ. it's good to have you on the program. let me start by getting your read on this latest news that john, secretary of state lincoln and russian foreign minister laboratory will meet this coming friday in geneva. what do you think? what it means that the diplomatic track is still good news, but as a report made very clear there's it's. ready not clear that the 2 sides have gotten any closer together. they are really, i think, feeling each other out,
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threatening each other, demanding that side, show their cards 1st and both sides and been very reluctant to make any movement. but if they want to do it, what do you make of the the german rush to double down on diplomacy, the former german chance or miracle she was. she was considered the protein whisper were if you will in times of crisis. do you think the new government with chance are all up schultz? can they offer this type of breach and insight? i hear that they can do that. yeah, i'm not entirely clear. and, you know, america was really able to do that when push came to shove. but certainly at the moment the russians seem very, very focused on the americans, very focused on the bilateral discussions, obviously that german foreign minister was in. busy moscow today and you know, it's quite impressive for
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a new foreign minister to go into that lines and speak her mind in the way that she did. but i'm not really sure that that's where the game is. again, appears to be between the rations in there. and you know, there's been a lot of talk since the beginning of last week that what we've got here is a very cold war esque set up here with the u. s. in russia. having bilateral talks discussing the future of europe, eastern europe, ukraine, while the ukrainians in the europeans were not sitting at the table. are we seeing that happen yet again? here? it does seem to be the case. an interesting way that seems to be one of the russian demands that has already been met, that they seem to missed those cold war days. i can't understand why, but they really do revel in this sort of idea of the u. ready s and russia superpower sing together, deciding the fate of europe, and perhaps even the world and the americans have to a degree,
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conceited that they're very careful to say at every. we won't decide anything with our allies. want to say anything about crane without crane. but they're having the meetings and so i'm not sure what they're talking about if they're not talking about the crane. so it seems like that is that to a degree of what have is what's happening. but at the same time, i mean relative to the cold war, the borders have a. ringback 1000 kilometers and secondly, the americans are getting in on anything they are holding, at least until now to the faith that their allies to put, you know, we've got most of the european union, we've got bipartisan support to the u. s. congress, as well as from the greens here in germany, everyone in agreement that the north stream to natural gas pipeline that linked germany and russia should be killed. and despite hawkish language this week from
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the german foreign minister, berlin refuses to move all this pipeline. why do you think that is the pipeline is in the 1st instance quite vital to german energy concept. and secondly, they are hoping that they don't have to sacrifice it very clear to me. and i think the chancellor was a little bit of lee but recently cleared a. ready sort of major, rushing or string to pipeline would very much be on the table. but it seems to me that they've been taking that view for many years. this is an economic and economic project and they're planning to stick to that new. i think it gets to the point that everybody is against what the russians is doing are doing in the last, but nobody really wants to, to pay for the solution. and that's why the americans ended up in that room alone. no kid wants the west to provide it with weapons to defend itself because the west
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is not going to go to war over ukraine. we know that the u. k. is doing just that is providing weapons. you have written about breaks at britain and its role in the world. what is your read on breaks it, britain, or should i say global britain and this crisis over ukraine? yeah, rich role is very interesting. i think that the british on the johnson government, particularly given that it's in trouble at the moment that home is very. busy interested. ready ready in making sure that it, that it has a voice and, and i think in a, in a way that's quite distinct with what, what germany is doing. they're really determined to sort of stand up and put some skin into the game so that they can have some voice at the table. and i think they have at the moment they have a better claim to that in germany. does, you know it's quite notable that their bosses in moscow and she's giving
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a very strong moral message that writes about red lines. but then you sort of look behind it, what's happening in berlin, and you're wondering, you know, in the 1st instance issue or speak to the german government even to the degree that she does. what is germany putting on the table in a way that you less than a few others are when when for minister barbara was in here, she specifically said, we're not going to send a weapons and any weapons at all to keep praying to defend them and stuff so it's a little bit of clear, i think a lot of german partners, what these words mean that these are, that this, the standard your policy that because of the jury past not to be sending weapons into a crisis area, is it germany standing by what joe? biden has promised is to return principles and human rights to the core of foreign policy. i don't know what that means.
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i. the problem here is that you crack russia is being threatened, rushes threatening ukraine. germany has put down a principle that, that kind of aggression is unacceptable. they use the word unacceptable very often unacceptable is have to have in. busy then you have to be willing to do something about it. you can have a lot of use as to what to do. certainly the most obvious and clearest one, the one that the british and the u. s. at the moment, fall in many other steps is to make your credit better, able to defend itself, which puts some meaning to this word unacceptable, and put some meaning behind the principle that are minister variables in many others articulating and germany isn't willing to do something like that maybe it's not weapons to a conflict down but,
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but it has to be something then it's not clear to me what principles and international relations really. yeah, a lot of people saying if you're going to talk to talk, you also have to walk the walk. jeremy shapiro, we appreciate your time, your insights tonight. i mean, come back and talk with this again. thank you. ah, well, check your smartphone. do you have the messaging app telegram i think i do. are you aware that some users have use this platform to issue death threats? the problem is become so severe that germany is threatening to ban telegram if it does not comply with request to delete extremis content. and telegram allows users to remain anonymous and it allows groups with hundreds of thousands of members covert correspondence, if you will, a tool used by groups of violent opponents. germany's corona virus restrictions authority say the telegram has become the ideal point of radicalization. there is
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worry over right, we've stream is using kilogram to share propaganda among themselves and to issue threats against others. it's not a nice message to talk about this. i want to bring in our chief technology correspondence, yosh, dugger. he's back in the studio with me again. good to see you. germany has a radicalization problem with telegram, doesn't. it does. yeah. and i mean, the problem is that over the last couple of years, telegram has become the key platform for extremists and conspiracy theorists to organize themselves to, to communicate with each other and to really stoke hate and violence like, and certain people, particularly politicians, journalists, activists, and you know, the problem is also bad for too long. authorities did not really have that on their radar. at least you know, to the degree that would have been necessary. yeah, and you know, that is changing quickly. things to social media want to bring in a tweet that shows a threat against the state premier of the german state,
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mecklenburg, western pomeranian. it includes a screenshot from a telegram group and there's a message that reads she will be taken away either by a patrol car or by a hertz. but she will be taken away. i know was the background of this tweet, donna's and how common is content like this? i mean, you know, what we saw that read is a post. it's a screen shot of a post from a group of opponents of corona virus restrictions actually in the northern city of russ dog. and it was posted to twitter by a regional politician who kind of wanted to raise attention to what's going on. and i mean, you asked me how common is there's a, the sad truth is that it's actually very common. and, you know, i think that has to do with the fact that for a long time, people thought that they could say whatever they wanted to say on telegram without having to face any consequences. and some, you know,
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still seem to believe that they, you say no consequences. i mean, aren't there rules against online violence a telegram is supposed to respect. yeah. well, i mean, there are rules against online violence that if you ask the german government and telegram needs, like, let's say all the rules that apply to facebook or twitter, youtube also apply to telegram, but i mean so much for the theory. the reality is that currently telegram does not here to those rules. telegram also has just sort of like ignored attempts by the german government to get in contact with them. and you know, you asking why. i mean, i think it's actually part of the dna of telegram if you will be, well, you know, that the entire company was founded back in 2013 on the promise that on that messenger users would be able to communicate with each other beyond the reach of governments and beyond any kind of censorship and to be fair, you know, this has helped dissidence in authoritarian regimes from bella. ruth, to iran,
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really to sort of like organize opposition. but this kind of hands off philosophy, if you will, becomes a problem and it comes to fighting, hate and illegal content. it's like the wild west. i'm going to bring it a quote from the germany tyria minister that we a quote from a recent interview in newspaper. and the quote is today. telegram is based in dubai . maybe to morrow in the cayman islands, we will need a lot of strength to enforce the wall. germany cannot do it alone. so, what is germany doing that? i mean, is, are we talking about national powers here, european union? what can we do? both, both actually. so, i mean, you know, germany has threatened telegrams with fines, you know, hefty fines, fines up to 55000000 euro. germany is also sort of like trying to use its channels,
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its diplomatic channels with the united arab emirates, to sort of ramp up pressure on telegram because they're operational headquarters are based in dubai. we think, i think, yeah, we do thing. i mean, that sort of, that's at least what the german government things as well. and then when it comes to sort of europe, i mean, of course berlin has been in touch with it's european partners and is trying to sort of like convince them to do the same. and then let me forget, the european union is also working on european rules for social media companies, the so called digital services actually, i mean, is pushing really hard for telecom to get included in this fight. all of this, we still have the situation where you're back to nancy phase or again, an a quote from her. she says we live under the rule of wall switching it off would be very serious and clearly the last resort. before that, all other options must have been an successful and i'm wondering is that where we are headed that everything we have is not working. i don't think so. i don't think
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that an outright ban is going to happen and there are 3 reasons. if you ask me a, you know, technically it would be really difficult. some say virtually impossible. i mean, you just don't switch off an app like that. be legally, it would raise many questions. some say it could be unconstitutional and then see, and i think this is also an important point. many people are worried that this could set precedent. you know, that other countries, including author retiring and regime, say, you know, you know, germany blocked telegram. why can't we do that as well? yeah, it could be the end of the internet as we know it too. if we store this trend, as you sick, donald duck are as always on us. thank you. i'm sure you'll be coming back in to talk about this again. ah, an unprecedented disaster. that is how the government of toner is describing the devastation left by saturdays volcanic volcanic eruption and soon army. at least 3
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people have been confirmed dead scores of homes, completely destroyed. international efforts to assess the damage and to provide assistance have only now begun. they look like old sepia feta graphs. but it's because if a blanket of ash, which now covers everything in sight on some of tongue, is $169.00 islands in the south pacific. these images were captured by a new zealand defense force reconnaissance flight. it's as close as outsiders concurrently get after a massive bo panicky russian and su nami hit tonga at the weekend. satellite pictures show the capital nuku a loafer before the eruption. and after
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the ashes proving quite problematic, not just for our water and sanitation because tom collected water from the rooftop household, but in terms of access for the aid from australia, new zealand, and other flight. so they need to clear the runway supplies are already on their way. you see lynn's h m, n said as wellington is one of 2. royal navy ships heading towards tomba, with water supplies survey teams, and a helicopter. australia is also sending help, including humanitarian aid. with regular communication line still down, tonga is almost cut off from the world. no one can be sure what thou find when they get there. ah,
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china is 0, cobra policy apparently means is 0, coveted humans. and in at least one kind of house pet, hong kong is calling more than 2000 hamsters. every cobit 19 outbreak that was traced to a pet shop on kong has now banned the import in sale of all small animals. my colleague, matthew more, he's been following this story and all those hamsters that are about to die. what more can you tell us? i don't think either of us thought we would be talking about covet carrying hampstead, when i get began the day brent but so it's probably a good idea to start that beginning this all came emerged when they shot barker tested positive and he traced the shot where can he find that one of the customers had also tested positive? saw the trigger a mass testing campaign of the animals to and that's when they established that there were some positive cases in the hamsters and hamster. some of those homes that were imported from the netherlands and what followed was the drastic decision to call and a crackdown on the hamster community. really,
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more than 30 shops in hong kong. that sail hamsters are now to be closed. anyone who bought a ham star since december 22nd, when the hamsters were imported, has is being asked to hand it back to the authorities to have it euthanized. and it stunned a stunned hong kong as frankly, and his lead to this bizarre spectacle of public health officials urging and telling a fit residents not to cast their hamsters. i'm serious and, and urging people to who may have gone to the shop and question to, to, to quarantine. let's take a lesson to what they had to say to day about while this was necessary. is quite a large amount of am animals. dances are tested with positive results and um, with their shopkeepers, which as a more frequent exposure to on the a hamster in their thousands week, a nice way to possibly debt the shopkeepers was. in fact, i was actually infected from the,
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the hamsters. right. so don't kiss the hamsters kill the hamsters. i'm wondering they're math, you hung up the visuals, they're not ruling out animal to human transmission. here you would think though, that with all the tracing apps that they would've thought immediately that this was a person to person transmission. but they're saying the hamsters may have been involved while they're saying that naturally the knob of the story isn't. i mean that they're not willing at home, but you clear the show no evidence that has just passed on the viruses to humans. and that's really important. not just for, i mean it's important for understanding of the virus, but it's also really important for pet owners around the world to kind of we are following the story closely. and while this is a kind of thought, controversial area and where the have been cases of owners passing a virus on to their pets, there's not been recorded cases of pitch passing on to their owners. and the u. s. center for disease control says that the risk of that is really low. yeah. mean, it is amazing that this is happening in china even more so considering that china
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has a 0 covert policy that it is following right now. right? and this is basically an extension of mainland china as 0 corporate policy. and you know, just a day officials in beijing were encouraging residents them to wear masks and gloves when opening international mail. because they see that the 1st on the concussion, beijing may have been delivered in a male letter from canada critic, see that there's a pattern here generally with china. and the story in hong kong today. and a jang of china blaming cove cases on outsiders. right. i'll leave it there and then the but the international health experts have said that, you know, that theory, the male theory is more theory than fact. and as you know, well, we'll see whether, you know, that may come to be the case as well with the 100 colon home. yeah, i mean people have a right to be concerned over animals, but there's no proof that if you open
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a letter you're going to catch covered 90. matthew moore's always messy. thank the day's, almost done. the conversation continues on line to see you tomorrow. same place the same top with ah, with ah, the 77 percent is back in the gambia. the pandemic has hit this country hard,
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many young before lost their livelihood. edith kamani turns the mike on young ambien. what am i going to do to an 11? am i going to be standing in the state, megan, or am i going into prostitution? how do we provide issues and crises like this week? the 77 percent with dw illegal gold mines. as far as the i can see, mozambique, city, money, money, national park is on the verge of collapse. the provincial government no wants to step in with reconnaissance and mining licenses. but we'll work global 3060 minutes. oh d, w ah,
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