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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 19, 2022 7:00am-7:15am CET

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amanda tennis people wondering if they say that if people have a ride to learn to danny, if, if, if the job done that isn't how i feel and that's why i love my job because i tried to do exactly them every day. my name was adding to and i was at the deputies ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, united states issue some urgent warning over you crying. and so, and secretary of state to answer the blake and box to the region is mission. to try
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to deescalate tensions with russia over a possible invasion. also coming up, we speak to the ukranian civilians preparing to defend their country. if russia launches an attack and emergency supplies for townhouse trailers, prime minister pledges aid for the country that was hit by a tsunami. all the pacific nations are also rushing to spend supplies by ship. ah, i'm good. how else has woke up to the program? the united states says it believes moscow could launch an attack on ukraine at quote, any point. washington is now stepping up diplomatic efforts to try and prevent a conflict secretary of state antony blanket is in here for talks with president
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vladimir zalinski. we'll also meet his russian counterpart sag a lover of later in the week, and he will speak with german, french, and british foreign ministers. russia has deployed more than a $100000.00 troops on the border with ukraine, but denies it is planning an invasion more. this developing story i'm now joined by a corresponded mit as billing or in the ukrainian capital, a key as much as a blink and isn't key of the old talks. what are the ukrainians expecting to gain from this visit? well, there has been a flurry of activities and diplomatic visits this week. the past few days, 2 days ago, the german foreign minister was here yesterday, there was a delegation from congress and today blinking all that points to the fact that they have assess that a trade, an attack by russia might be imminent. and of course, as long as diplomats are here in the capitol,
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the likelihood of star that russia will start such an attack is lower than when nobody is here. there is of course, a lot of activity engaging moscow in talks engaging allies in talks. so all this is of course, to de escalate tensions to find a way out of a military escalation and a back on a, on a diplomatic way to get russia to talk to you crane and the west rather than attack or recent developments really sound very serious how does it feel they're on the ground to ordinary ukrainians? how real does this threat of an attack feel? very unreal. if you are here on the streets, you will not see any thing that points to such an attack. people go about their daily lives. you don't see panic buying and your so don't see a foreign exchange rates crushing people are putting all their money in,
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in, in foreign currency and preparing people are very used to being threatened here in ukraine. this war has been going on for 8 years, and of course, this is a very serious point. the russia has ramped up their threats, but her, you wouldn't say that m a you, people are prepared and people, people have been, or reacting to this kind of threats for a long time. which also means that some people have been prepared to react. if russia should really attack and i have met some of them, this is how martyr used give has been spending her weekends. in the past few months . she has joined ukraine's territorial defense forces, a volunteer brigade designed to support the army in the hinterland. in the case of an attack, marta is 51 and has no prior military experience. all
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the stuff that you couldn't, we just seal and the more this on the commentaries, you know, they seems very simple. but in general, when you started to do it, it's quite difficult because you need to know how to do it correctly or not to be in danger for yourself and for your colleagues. so quite important skills, very racing, but very important. every saturday she swaps her suburban home for a training camp. during the week she works from home for a company that conducts pharmaceutical studies. an idyllic life, she shares with a family and more than a dozen stray cat she has taken in it's almost impossible to imagine what will happen if i have to leave it. if i have to just fight and that will be destroyed, it's good happens. i'm trying to be ready for this because definitely i don't want
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to present it was, is a on the price of being leave onto place. if war breaks, i would be volunteer. troops will work behind the lines to secure buildings, provide logistics to the army, and possibly even deal with hostile in to trace. there are questions about how effective these troops will be marked as commander. the new middle order look is an architect. he doesn't have any prior military experienced high micro, ashton. yeah. well you, we are not servicing that. we're on duty every day. we are civilians who have other jobs, but nevertheless i have been training for 3 years now and it has already had quite an impact on yet. when you get the one thing's for sure, the weekend warriors have attracted a lot of attention. martyr tirelessly explains in what ways to join
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a list from all over the world, even if that means that her faith now well known also to the enemy. it's important not to sketch on us because i am in my country, i'm not doing anything wrong. and i'm just trying to protect my company. so it's like through some my sites. nobody doubts that. russia's troops militarily superior to ukraine's defense forces. but marta and a fellow volunteers, i determined to make an invasion as def, as possible. a correspondent, he has billing or is in care of and still with us. but he has entity blinker, we'll go on to meet with his russian counterpart on friday. how much space is there still for diplomacy? after the whole series of meetings between western allies, america, including germany, foreign minister, analynn, a babel just yesterday failed to yield. any breakthrough
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while that's a good question. nobody knows. of course. what is the real aim or what is what? what would russia thinks it can achieve on a short distance? we load know the long distance goal. that is to keep the west away and to bring ukraine back into its sphere of influence. but of course, a lot depends on what they think they can achieve. and one way to a lead their, their, their, their aim or 2 or, or to bring them on track is, is, is to talk to them. and her. this is the hope that diplomacy can delay or prevent an imminent attack. asana mathias bellinger in care of their thank you tonight have a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. the canadian province of quebec has introduced new restrictions on alcohol sales for the
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unvaccinated store, selling liquor and cannabis will not only be sensible to people who are vaccinated against cov. 19. quebec has been hit hard by a wave of army from cases the committee investigating the january 6 attack on the u. s. capital has issued subpoenas to rudy giuliani and 2 other lawyers for former president donald trump. lawyers publicly pushed trumps baseless claim of voter fraud. following is election defeat the committees demanding. the lawyers sit for the positions in february a t and t and verizon have agreed to delay activating some of their 5 g services. of the u. s. allies wanted, could cause quote, catastrophic disruption to add trouble. they say the new technology might affect cockpit instruments and random, many aircraft unusable. the international effort to deliver aids to tona is ramping up earlier. the government of the ireland said released its 1st
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statement following last weekends. volcanic eruption answered naomi, calling it an unprecedented disaster with a country's only internet cable cut communications remain limited. images taken by a new zealand surveillance flight shall ash, covering much of the pacific island nation. the ashes also making it impossible for plains to land at the airport. ships carrying relief supplies on the way from australia and new zealand. but because the enormous distances it will still be days before the vessels reach. toma he is austrian, the prime minister. scott morrison on providing aid to the people of top to very small island community in toner. and there are a lot of australians of tom into st. and who have family of friends. and many australians have visited this, so they would be expecting us to do everything we can to stay in with a pacific family and toner and, and their at their 5 feel community in their beautiful community. and i'm sure
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they'll be supporting each other, but i know just now and they're getting any time at the civic now shouldn't, has called on us for support. we have always said yes. and so in our be talking to the prime minister, i hope lighted a di communications allowing and that we could run through whatever else they might need. and earlier d, w spoke to sean casey from the world health organization. and we asked him what the main concerns awful people effected on the smaller islands and how the international community is trying to help at this point the, the small island, as you mentioned in the huff, i group, i, mungo islands. i. when we fool island, the, the buildings are almost completely destroyed on those islands and the populations are having to be relocated actually. so that's underway and that's being led by the government of tanya more broadly. but the whole country is covered in ash, and that is contaminating water supplies. and so the, the most urgent need for the entire population is really access to water. and for,
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for some communities, it's going to be a shelter and reconstruction. and we have very little communications with tongue at the moment. the internet cable is cut and international calls are impossible. and so we're relying completely on satellite communication, which is very patchy and very difficult at this time. but we are, we are able to communicate that, but in very short bursts. sean casey, there from the world health organization tokens, was from fiji. the european parliament has a new president's members elected conservative for bert i'm. it's sola from moulton . as the new leader at 43, she's the youngest person ever to hold the job. and she's only the 3rd woman since we were in parliament, was set up in 1958. sola succeeds italian david solely who had died last week of little 3 barb brussels beer chief like some of phenomena, met with revolt or better met sola and asked her about her priority to priorities
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as the new president off the you parliament. well, 1st of all, it's a great privilege and an honor to have been elected by my colleagues to day to serve as president of this house as their precedent. it has been a very interesting campaign with negotiations discussions, but of course are within the shadow of the passing of form of precedent of its authority. the 1st thing i will do is to honor his legacy and i will carry the responsibilities that he has left us and me and my colleagues with in order to truly reform this parliament. as you said, give it a fresh face and more forward looking, become more efficient and effective in the way we do work, but also become more visible and more effective in the way we communicate. i would like this european parliament to be much better present in all member state capitals in all the schools so that when children look to the european parliament, they can see something that represent their ideas and something that will
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ultimately protect them. i will leave you with a rather good news story from the galapagos islands where dozens of giant turtles have been released into the wild from a breathing center. after 8 years of coming of age and captivity. it was time for that big day. the animals were 1st taken by truck and then air listed by helicopter to their new habitat, which they will share with for other giant total populations. it looks like they're already starting to come out of the shells. and that's all the news from all the world. paris snows, balls championships are taking place in a lillehammer. norway at the moment will leave you with images of the best para cross country athletes tuning up for the winter paralympic games in beijing a
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