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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 19, 2022 7:15am-7:30am CET

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and in the end is a me, you're not locked up to you anymore. we will send you back. are you familiar with this reliance as of the what's your story with. ready women, especially a victims of financing, and i'm some take part and send us your story. we are trying always to understand this new culture. so you are not a visitor, not the guests. you want to become a citizen in phil migrants, your platform for reliable information. i the microsoft makes a $69000000000.00 back on the maker of call of duty. the deal will make microsoft
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one of the biggest sources in the video gaming industry, and hopefully in the future a sick men of our will go to new york for analysis. major us airlines are wanting passengers that catastrophic disruption is heading their way all because a 5 g will explain why. and we take you to the highlands where the humble jellyfish is becoming a prize patch for local fishermen. chelsea delaney and berlin, welcome to the show. microsoft says it will purchase, act, division blizzard, the gaming company behind call of duty and candy crush saga for almost $70000000000.00. it is the largest video game industry deal ever and will turn microsoft into the 3rd largest video game company in the world by revenue. that's behind playstation maker, sony in china's 10 cent microsoft already makes p x box gaming system, but the deal will give it a powerful foothold in the virtual reality space known as b metal verse. now your quarter are correspondent in new york,
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joins us now. now, yen, you have described this as a monster deal. what does microsoft see an activision was it here? we're paying almost $70000000000.00. just a massive deal. i mean, take those roughly $70000000000.00. that is almost 10 times the revenue activity blizzard made to for the entire year of for 2020. but clearly the gaming industry is growing and what companies to try to achieve in general is to get more content and just held subscriptions to the users. for example, in the case of microsoft with the x box, you need to monthly game paths. and if you want to play online games and now the content off the an activision, that would be a gift for microsoft even more growth in that area. so yeah,
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and we already have heard that this will make microsoft a really a tightened in the video gaming industry. are us regulators going to let that slide or they're going to be competition concerns here? yeah, well that is a big question. i mean, in the past, microsoft somehow sale to under the radar companies like facebook for instance, or an amazon so much more through the from regulators some having that set just here. on monday, the department of justice and the f d. c. started to progress through a progress process. sorry to have a closer look at those make mergers. but at least wall street at this point seem to believe that the deal will get through the stock of an activity. blizzard was sum up by about 25 percent. microsoft on the other side traded it, bit lower and maybe one more brief comment. so what we're hearing on wall street is
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that microsoft is trying to become netflix and of the gaming industry, a result subscription williams. we've also heard a lot of allegations of sexual misconduct and the company's handling of this addict of an activision lizard over the past couple of months. how does that play into this deal? watch it here. yeah, it division definitely has a problem with the reputation. there's no doubt about it and microsoft will probably hold. so i have to deal with that. what has happened actually in the past couple of months since those allocations came up in the summer, the stock of activation blizzard had lost a good 30 percent in value. so microsoft might have cut and actually the chance to get activision blizzard a bit cheaper because of all of that. what went on in the past couple of months and
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what we're hearing at this point is that so far the ceo of activation visit is staying on. but once the deal might be completed sometime probably next year, then the c o could get replaced quarter in new york. thank you so much. now in te and verizon say they are postponing 5 g rollouts near some airports. planned for wednesday. that comes after us, airline warns us airlines warned, of quote, catastrophic disruption to travel when those services were switched on. airlines have said that the 5 g frequencies used in the u. s. could affect playing flight and statements, some foreign carriers they, they are also suspending flights to u. s. destinations over safety concerns. chaos at airports, grounded planes, canceled flights. those are just some of the scenarios us airlines have described when 5 g wireless networks are introduced. the federal aviation
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administration is concerned that signals from the new mobile phone standard could interfere with sensitive aircraft instruments such as alta meters. that could mean operations could grind to a halt. visibility is poor in a letter to the white house and the fe, the bosses of the major airlines warned of the danger of 5 g near airports. they wrote, unless our major hubs are clear to fly, the vast majority of the traveling and shipping public will essentially be grounded . this means that more than 1100 flights and 100000 passengers would be subjected to cancellations, diversions, or delays. h t and t and verizon bought 5 g licenses for 80000000000 dollars last year. and the telecon companies are keen on getting it up and running. they're now planning to set up temporary, 5, g free zones, around 50 airports to reduce the risk of interference. but they also say that 5 g
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is being used successfully in around 40 other countries without any problems. now in the seas around thailand, overfishing has made earning a living difficult for many fishermen. luckily, jelly fish are still plentiful, their and interest and the delicacy has been booming. take a luck to see here. in southern thailand is almost devoid of fish. the only species that can still provide an income for these fishermen is jelly fish on the lung loom. guess i don't know what's going on under water, but there are no more squid. no more shrimp, no more shellfish. there's nothing left. but with jelly fish i can earn between 25 and 50 euros a day with traditional fishing. that was only 10 without their catch is then delivered to the largest jelly fish processing plant in thailand. there it gets
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clean. and once the tentacles have been cut off, the rest of the animal is sliced up. and it's not just for the tie market backpack in all my pan at our main export markets, or japan, south korea, china, and also the united states only. but there, it really only appeals to the asian american communities. well, on his here, some scientists described jelly fish as renewable based on the way they reproduce. no matter how many you catch, there'll be plenty more to take their place. so there's far less concern about over jelly fishing and health experts say they're good for the human diet with next and no calories, but an ample supply of protein. the reaction in restaurants however, is mixed. that's excellent. now, it has a sticky, rubbery texture. ha ha, i ate it a lot, and i really like it. sometimes i get jellyfish. pasta didn't have fucking right
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now, there's still fish available, but if one day there's no more fish in that island jellyfish. coming up with faggot thailand's largest jelly fish factory orders are coming in from more and more asian countries. 3 tons of jellyfish leave their site every day. sales have doubled in the last 10 years, and they keep on growing. now for many last life, animal div seems like the closest thing possible to paradise. but like many tourist destinations the islands have had a tough couple of years. now, they are finally starting to see the recovery. and the signs of recovery from the depths of the pandemic. if being a pilot does your dream job, you've hit the jackpot here, relaxed down to the toes. they're taking off next stopped. paradise, down below. gorgeous islands, promise,
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dream vacations. a will like out of the painting, ami am and zulu, or is here on business. that's his resort. down there. the owner and the resort have just gotten through some hard times. the corona pandemic hit them with full force. totally live all of my business. because there is no guest at all. li, keep on running the bus. and the people running all the pumps pools and they said that's i guess it's a bunch of money. on $4000000.00 the crisis was felt by many tourism, as by far the most important industry in the mold eaves. and this is our mias world, and that's not an exaggeration. he has leased the island from the state and can now organize pretty much anything he wants for the next 99 years. everything here has
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been built according to his plans, according to his taste. it is exclusive, it is expensive. many people make the trip of a lifetime here. the reputation of the melodies is legendary and the reality even more beautiful. on the islands and under water. where else does one encounter uniqueness in such diversity? the resort is run by an american hotel chain owner here and general manager, jasper discussed the budget. many of the ways we align just because of the way that we think of our business. we think about people and other c briefing about mold eaves. this. we both of the use of mobile, 130 employees, look after 200 guests. they're pleased that the occupancy rate is rising again. after the dry spell. it's now almost business as usual. no guest will ever notice how bad the crisis was or how devastating for all those who worked behind the
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scenes of pulled strings like amir. it goes for long enough. what years and years there is no other connected back, you know, within one or 2 years time still, you know, we can bombs back and i have high hopes all this and i keep running everything. i keep the stuff motivated as well. and then luckily it bounced back and today we are you back in business? surely a good feeling for those who work on these breathtaking islands in the indian ocean . and that's all from me and the business team here in berlin for more from us, check out our website, guaranteed up you dot com slash business for also on the t w. news youtube channel. and you can find us on facebook until next time. take care . oh, in good shape, harmful substances inside our home,
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they come from cleaning supplies, cosmetic products, and even new furniture. what unknown dangerous lingo within our 4 walls. our experts check it out in good shape. on dw. mm mm. not only is the eye, everything has been changing in lapland, since winter is a form. 2. signs are clear to see and had a sammy, a space is getting tight. how long will they be able to preserve their way of close up in 60 minutes on d, w o.
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the mountain is increasing every year, many im gonna working on lunch. so this was the only why fairly holiday destinations and drowning in plastic wife we, we, wine at the closet. every year europe exports over $1000000.00 tons of plastic with. is there another way? after all the environment isn't to recyclable. make up your own mind. d w made for mines. ah, a recent study showed 85.


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