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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 19, 2022 4:00pm-4:31pm CET

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a secret is what is true, what big it doesn't matter. the only criteria is, what will people shed light on the opaque world who's behind benefits and why are they a threat to what's all open worlds this week on d, w a this is d, w y from butler b. u. s. pledge is relentless diplomatic efforts to prevention russian aggression
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in the ukraine. following talks with ukrainian presidency, u. s. secretary of state and to me, lincoln declasse, american support for key f unwavering and problems with additional aid in the event of an invasion. d. w speaks with the ukranian civilians preparing to defend back country if russia launch is such an attack. also on the program. new zealand and australia rush supplies to tonga after reports the most, that water is running out on last weekend's volcanic eruption. and so now i'm show gail, welcome to the program united states as, as it believes moscow could launch an attack on ukraine at any point, washington and the stepping up diplomatic efforts to try and prevent
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a conflict. your secretary of state antony blinkin is in care for talks with president vladimir lansky. he'll meet his russian counterpart, sergey laughed rav in geneva on friday, and speak with german, french, and british foreign ministers. russia has deployed more than a $100000.00 troops to it's a border with ukraine, but denies planning an invasion. to try to. after his meeting with president landscape, mister blinker, board russia, it would pay a heavy price for any aggression in ukraine. that's why present by asked me to come here to underscore our steadfast commitment to ukraine, sovereignty and territorial integrity. and is why we will continue our relentless diplomatic efforts to prevent renewed aggression and to promote dialogue and peace . at the same time, we continue to bolster ukraine's ability to defend itself and make clear the course of the united states and europe will impose on moscow if it rejects the diplomatic path that we've laid out. and proceed with an unwarranted unprovoked,
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unacceptable invasion or destabilization of ukraine. straight to your current capital than where we joined our d. w. sir. bureau chief matessa bellenger welcom matches up. so did ukraine get what it hoped for from mister blinkin visit while ukraine got a strong sign of support from mister blinkin? and that's what the country needs. at this moment, this flurry of activity blinking his by father 1st visitor in these days in the ukrainian capital, the german foreign minister has been there, her, the burrell from the you has been there, and the current delegation from congress. this activity signals that sir secret services in the west seemed to be thinking that irrational attack might be imminent in these days. so all these activities are there to show that, to russia,
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that it would have to bear the consequences. and that these countries stand with ukraine, he had also, as a 2nd, very important announcement to make announced that the u. s. will continue to deliver weapons to ukraine, which is something in the case of an attack by a far superior russian military. ukraine, badly needs that. so ukraine has a live to with a russian annexation of each country for some me a years that do people feel threatened by this at latest military buildup? yeah, there is a lot of fur are whispering and, and are talking about what might happen if you ask people here many say that it seems that something might happen, but what of course, nobody knows. however, there's no panic. we don't see people buying groceries piling up a stock piling and we also see that currency exchange rates are
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still stable. so people are not her withdrawing all their money or exchanging all their money into for and career currency, which they might need in the case or from the tech. or there is attention and people are wary that something might happen right. anthony, blinking at meat sees russian pound counterpart in geneva on friday it's, it's hard to see of what they expect to achieve from this late is meeting got given that nothing appears to have been again from previous meetings between a russian and us leaders. i think both sides are still in the process of figuring out what they can talk about at all. we know rushes demands or says maximum demands . they include many things that the nature has clearly said and blinking us at it today again, that they are not debatable. for example, nato promising never to take any new members into, into nato. but there are other things that possibly blinking at least how
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sad they might be able to talk about mutual security guarantees of the kind that had been reached 3040 years ago between the west and the russian side. the soviet side at the time where both sides withdraw them military, give each other guarantees and a try to be accountable and transparent about what they are planning to do. this is what at least, what the americans think they could talk about. now, if this is an option or not, or what russia is, planning at all, whether russia has already made up its mind what it really wants. oh, a at this point we know what is once overall the maximum, the end goal, but we don't know what is the most important next steps. so this will, of course, all they will try to figure this out in these talks. i thank you for that. amity is bullying in care of the says,
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russian troops mass on ukraine's border. ukrainian civilians are joining the army as reservist to help. if that attack happens, for many, the experience could not be more different from the ordinary life is more from mathias bully. this is how martin use give has been spending her weekends in the past few months. she has joined ukraine's territorial defense forces, a volunteer brigade designed to support the army and the hinterland. in the case of an attack, marta is 51 and has no prior military experience. all the stuff that you could just see on the movie ones. the comment artist, you know, they seems very simple, but in general, when you're starting to do it, it's quite difficult. you need to know how to do it correctly, not to be and then just for yourself and for your colleague skills. very basic, but very important skills. every saturday she swaps as urban home for
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a training camp. during the week, she works from home for a company that conducts pharmaceutical studies. an idyllic life, she shares with a family, and more than a dozen stray cats she has taken in it's almost impossible to imagine what will happen if i have to leave it. if i have to just fight and that will been destroyed, if good happens, i'm trying to be ready for this because definitely, i don't want to preserve this a on the price of being leave onto occupation. if war breaks out, the volunteer troops will work behind the lines to secure buildings, provide logistics to the army, and possibly even deal with hostile enter trace. there are questions about how
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effective these troops will be marked as commander. the new middle order look is an architect. he doesn't have any prior military experience. tie it back to the mac, ashton. yeah, well you, we are not servicing that were on duty every day. we are civilians who have other jobs us, but nevertheless, i have been training for 3 years now and it has already had quite an impact on the home. and you know, the little one thing's for sure. the weekend warriors have attracted a lot of attention. motto tirelessly, explains motivation to join a list from all over the world. even if that means that her faith, no well known also to the enemy. it's important not to sketch honestly, because i am in my country. i'm not doing anything wrong, and i'm just trying to protect my company. so it's like through some my sites.
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nobody doubts that. russia's troops militarily superior to ukraine's defense forces . but marta and a fellow volunteers are determined to make an invasion as difficult as possible. or meanwhile, germany, chancellor or le shouts has blamed moscow for escalating tensions between russia and the west. speaking the virtual world economic forum, the chancellor said, it is unclear whether talks with russia would achieve a breakthrough. it is still too early to tell whether they will have the escalade to situation russia created by concentrating $100000.00 troops along the border with ukraine. but after years of rising tensions, staying silent is not as sensible option as get more from d. w to political editor, mckayla could know welcome mckayla. is this a new tone on russia from the chancellor? it is indeed it's is suddenly the chancellor farming up his tone after we just saw
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him yesterday standing next to nato secretary general, again, stolen back, confirm that everything would be on the table if there actually was a book board, a violation. and that includes the nor stream to pipeline. that's a pipeline that directly links germany with russia. that's something he in the past described as a purely economic project. and this is a thompson coming from the social democrat party where the very leading voices, who are much more understanding of rasa feeling threatened by the west. so it clearly is a different tone coming from him at the world a cannot make for him that. and also making very clear that when one talks about this very conflict, it's about a lot more that a border conflict that it is about the integrity of europe itself. and this was the
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chancellor's 1st major foreign policy speech. how different is the vision that he said, germany's place in the world from that of his long standing previous as well, there's no doubt that he is, it's chancellor of continuity. but he digressive from angela michael's a tone by clearly calling conflict out. and the prime example is something he said in relation to china, let's just take a listen to that. we would prove wrong. those who are currently portraying our continent as a billiard ball in the great g cannot make a game between china and the united states. your office, the openness and liberal societies, the benefit innovation, we are on course towards greater technological serenity, the top priority of the pin commission. so mess message
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of unity in europe. i dare say it's no coincidence that is similar message was sent by friends, president amman, who am i call speaking to the european parliament today that europe must remain independent now all of so it's didn't mention the word independence, but it clearly is a very different tone when seeing europe more independent, also from its closest ally, the united states, in that do a political potential standoff with china. now the big question now is whether europe itself can be united enough to deliver on that. he also called out a so called climate club as part of the g 7 presidency this year, where he basically wants to see as many nations join as possible, to turn a huge transition in the name of fighting climate change into an economic advantage . so more details, i guess, following suit i can, we cannot mechana,
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couldn't achieve political as to some more stories making news around the world. now starting in israel, where police have evicted a palestinian family from a disputed property in each ocean's flash point neighborhood of shake gera, they demolish the building and arrested at least 18 people. during a pre dawn operation, similar evictions in may last year ignited the 11th day war between israel and palestinian militants in gaza. the committee investigating last year as attack on the u. s. capital has issue subpoenas to rudy giuliani on to other lawyers for former president donald trump. lowest public he pushed mister chums baseless claim on voter fraud following his election, defeat committees demanding the noise appear for deposition. in february, colombian politician angry baton corps has an ounce. she'll be running for president on centuries ticket 20 years ago. she was abducted by the fog countries
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and largest rebel group and held captive in the jungle. more than 6 years returned to politics last year of his promise to fight corruption and economic disparity. at the u. k, where a number of british m. p. 's from the prime minister's own party, have reportedly submitted letters of no confidence. orest. johnson is under fire for breaking cobit rules are holding parties at his downing street residence last year at the height of the corona virus pandemic. when such gatherings were backed with his political leadership hanging in the balance, he faced parliament at prime ministers questions and faced down calls to go. no matter the excuse, there is no excuse for taking the best people fulfilled. the plane as likely is no time for him to resign, a speaker. but what i can tell her is that i, as i said to us last week, i apologize sincerely for any misjudgments that were made uh but she must contain
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her impatience. mister speaker and wait for the inquiry next week before he wrote any of the conclusions that she's just to say. go straight to london where we join d. w comes from the charlotte chosen po. welcome charlotte. this was a shadow, old appearance before a parliament to how did mister johnson at defend his position? well, this had been billed as a make or break day for the prime minister, given the less level of criticism that has been leveled at him over this series of allegations involving gatherings at downing street. he was a much more defiant figure today than the prime minister that we saw yesterday into yesterday. he was really being ruled on the details of what he knew, particularly about one gathering in particular that he's known to have attended. and he appeared pretty defeated in that interview today though, came out fighting, deflected a series of questions on party gate as it's being called here, which dominated prime ministers questions. as i'm sure you can imagine. he referred
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back to what many in his government have been over the last few weeks. the investigation that is ongoing into these allegations saying we will have to wait for the findings. and that was really came to stress, some of the achievements of the government throughout the pandemic, including on the vaccine program. now whether that will have been enough to impress members of his own party, admit this speculation about the rising numbers or calling for a no contract, no confidence vote. that still remains to be thing. and this is not the 1st time that mr. johnson, his face calls for his resignation. i wonder, is his position still tenable? well, there had been a huge amount of public anger about these allegations for weeks and weeks. now. the way it's been absolutely full of people sharing that tragic stories about the sacrifices they made throughout the pandemic. and of course, the narrative is that they were making sacrifices while the prime minister and some of his colleagues,
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the allegations all were breaking the rules that they themselves made. now this public anger is not lost on members of the prime minister's own party. indeed, it shed by number a number and some of whom have publicly called his resignation. we had that again and found out my prime minister question time the form of breakfast, minutes to david davis said in the name of god, go a really powerful moment during prime minister's question time, another member of the primary party impact effect affected to the opposition party just minutes before i think that gives us a sense of some of the anger that the prime minister is facing. now, it's not yet clear how close to the threshold of a cooling for no confidence vote that the prime minister is. but if you listen to members of the opposition hooping on the way today, they think it's not a question is when, if the prime minister goes, but when thank you for that data. because suppose charlotte johnson pill in london,
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according belgium, has sentence later of a human trafficking ring to 15 years in jail. for the death of $39.00 vanities migrants corridor found, van voe van haul was in charge of a cross channel people trafficking operation. he was charged with manslaughter, and 5ww euros bodies of the migrants were discovered in a truck and driven from belgium to the u. k. in the sum of 2019 the 31 men and women inside have suffocated to death. this was a huge case in many ways, starting with simply the number of defendants, almost 2 dozen people were accused of having a role in this criminal operation. smuggling people from vietnam to the u. k, which resulted in the death of these 39 migrants, including women and children. now to day in the court house behind me here in bruce, the ringleader of that operation of 45 year old brussels resident named vo van hong, was given the maximum sentence of 15 years in prison. he was also find almost
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$1000000.00 euros, which may be an indication of just how much money the court thinks he's earned. over years of operating this network, several people were also acquitted. taxi drivers who were found to not have knowingly taken part in the operation. they've also already been convictions in vietnam and in the u. k. but i think the real reason why this case has gotten so much attention is because we learned so much about these victims and their final moments. and that's because as they found themselves running out of air in this refrigerated container and realize no one was coming to save them, they started texting messages to their loved ones, messages which later became public things like, i'm so sorry. this is how my journey is going to end. i won't be able to take care of you any more. and of course, simply, i love you. good bye. now whether these verdicts to day will be any consolation for these family members is of course impossible to say that he shoals, reporting from rose ida is, is fairly pacific garden nation of tomba may run out of drinking water because many sources were contaminated as last weekends volcanic eruption and massive tsunami
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you zealand and australia shipping supplies of birth and won't survive until friday . experts also say it's likely to take a month to repair the only under c internet cable. however, some telephone links have been reconnected. the ash from this volcano is everywhere . it has fogged the skies over the pacific islands of tango. it has carpeted the airport runway and it has fallen back onto the ground, mixing in with the water supply contaminating it. the russian has wiped out some villages completely. we need one particular goal and this is one of the lower light. and so that to be action all of the hung on that have been destroyed and damaged and their great b as for the safety ships from australia and new zealand are on their
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way to tango, bringing much needed relief, including barrels of clean drinking water. but the ships have thousands of kilometers to cover. one estimation was that they could be there as early as friday, which is encouraging use, of course has already been mentioned. we don't know what the shipping lanes look like. and so we want to of course proceed with that of course. and as we get closer to the to the tonga was cut off from the world for several days after the eruption . families worried about their relatives on the island. the worse here is always that you're not going to see the people that you love it. and yeah, that's the worst he now full network for slowly, sprinting back to life and lifting the fog on how damaged tango really is a europe's 1st major film festival of 2022 takes place and next month here in
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berlin, the berlin international film festival will go ahead with that film stars and directors attending from the 10th of february to the 16th followed by 4 days of public screenings for film fans inside has had expected the bell and adams at 2 directors to stage the festival as an online event for a 2nd year they financed and in cinema program, with 18 films in competition buying for the competed bat. let's get more from mark scott rocks brought from a d. w culture. welcome scott's, or what do you make of this decision to hold this event in person? yeah, ah hi. so i'm it's, it's a complicated thing. i mean i'm, i'm glad to be able to go to the film festival in person. again, the chairman, anything that gets me out of my house in the these days is great. but as you said, it is a bit unusual. i mean, most the big film events of because of this new wave of, of omni cron cromwell corona, virus infections have been,
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have been cancelled or put online. the golden globes was held behind closed doors. the upcoming sundance film festival will be online only, but berlin have decided to take the risk and do an in person a festival. the timing has to be said isn't the best. um, we just seen a record number of cobra infections in germany. and the german health minister is actually said that he expects the, the peak of this new omnicom wave to be in germany in mid february, which put a right in the middle of the berlin, a film festival. i'm so we'll have to see they're introducing a lot of new safety measures. you'll have to be vaccinated and have a negative co croner test. in order to get into the theaters will be social distancing on the right. carpet parties have been banned, but i'm still not sure if this sort of global film industry is ready to sort of come back to berlin in force for an in person for festival. yes, i guess are given that are organized as expecting any big names swell on paper. yes, other the vessel program announced today um has a lot of stars in it. um,
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so you've got the people like the oscar winner mark rilen, british actor whose new film the outfit sees him playing a taylor who takes on the mob. you've got the italian star as you're a gentle in a new horror film black glasses directed by her dad. the legendary hor maestro dario, our gentle on the, the amazing only at the not french star is in a new film called both sides of the blade where she plays woman caught between 2 men. also going to have its world premiere here and the, another french actress, shut it against book, is in the passengers of the night, which will also have its world premiere, i'm in berlin, and in one of my absolute favorite actresses. emma thompson has a new comedy. good luck to you, leo grand, which should also have its premier in berlin. so on screen, at least they'll be a lot of stars, and berlin will have to wait to see how many of those actors will actually they'll come and a great the red carpet in the i,
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german capital. and so which are likely to be the stand out foam? scott, will i'm political films always do well in berlin. so take a close look at new film from andreas. dresden who's sometimes called the ken loach of a german cinema. and his new movie is the true story of a turkish german housewife who fought the u. s. government, or to release her son of who was unjustly imprisoned in guantanamo bay. i think back a do really well at the festival of this year. but given that sort of general state of the world, i think comedies and light films could also do also the emma thompson film. good luck you the oh grand. where she's playing a 50 something widow who gets back on the dating scene. not in order to sort of find romance, but actually because she's just looking for a lot of great sex. and i think that kind of movie could actually do a really well in berlin this year. could really sort of brighten up those very dark berlin nights at this year's festival. thank you for that, scott, scott rock's bra from b w culture. and before we go, i was thought something very cool for you. very cool. indeed. a hundreds of russian
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orthodox christians in city of kam pinker happened plunging into icy water to celebrate epiphany. the ritual commemorates the baptism of jesus in river. jordan wasn't quite as cold as this low. it may not look like it. a bone chilling bath is said to be good for you. this is date of the news life from belle. it is reminder about top story at this hour. you are a secretary of state talk to me. lincoln has called america's a support for ukraine, unwavering in present from semanski. i've been concerned care of as part of a different push. i'm preventing a russian invasion of your credit. next d. w. 's business magazine made in germany asked the question marketing image came welding at the top of the wood
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a good or evil. how does a tv wrapper from germany end up in a river in malaysia is, does muddy just the type of rice or the specific brand, the brain in packaging? why do we reach for certain products? is all about marketing. made injury on d. w with hello guys. this is the 77 percent. the platform for africa. feet issues and share ideas. you know, on these channels, we are not afraid to dedicate young people clearly have the solution. the future,
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