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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 19, 2022 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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different culture between here and there. so challenging for everything. ah, some i think it was worth it for me to come to germany. shop my got my license to work as a swimming instructor here. now i teach children and adults just wanted to see what's your story take part, share it on info, migrant, dot net. ah ah, this is the w is life from birth lead new s pledges relentless diplomatic efforts
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to prevent russian aggression in ukraine. following talks with the ukrainian president, u. s. secretary of state and can be blanket declares american support for key f unwavering promises additional aid in the event of an invasion. also on the program, on the chrome titans, its grip on the germany as the country records more than a 100000 corona virus infections in a day or the 1st time this year's bell international film festival will be back in person after pandemic moved last year's event online the festival returns the life screenings as 18 films compete for the coveted golden battery. ah, i'm so gale a welcome to the program. you are a secretary of state antony blanket has urged at western countries to remain united
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in the face of what he called relentless russian aggression. during your visit to care for talks with ukrainian president vladimir, the landscape is to blink, and also accused at moscow. i've tried to weaken ukraine's democratic institutions and of attempting to divide ukrainian society. he said washington was committed to protecting he trailed, preventing any escalation with moscow is due to hold talks with russia's foreign minister on friday writing to you. after meeting with president landscape secretary blinkin ward russia, but it would pay a heavy price for any aggression in ukraine. that's why present by nashville to come here to underscore our steadfast commitment to ukraine sovereignty and territorial integrity. and is why we will continue our relentless diplomatic efforts to prevent renewed aggression and to promote dialogue and peace. at the same time, we continued to bolster ukraine's ability to defend itself and make clear the cost
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of the united states in europe. will impose on moscow if it rejects the diplomatic path that we've laid out and proceeds with an unwarranted unprovoked on acceptable invasion or destabilization of ukraine. let's get more or less from tyson barker from the german council on foreign relations. he joins us from here in berlin. welcome to d w at tyson baka, and what do you think do? do you think you crave? got what it wanted from today's meeting with the american secretary of state? well, i think he got the term, the indication that the united states stands in for solidarity with ukraine and plans to back it materially with a defensive legal assistance and a whole arsenal of costs for russia. should it decide to take the unprecedented asking the tory measure of invading a sovereign country, yet again,
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there has been any number of warnings from western governments and from nato and the organization for security, europe to russia, for me not to invade ukraine. russia shows no sign of budging it in its position with its, its security demands to, to, to nato. so when one does, is any of this diplomacy achieving anything, pretty intensive. we, well, the, the diplomacy isn't over. i mean, that's the one thing that we have to note a anthony blinking will be here in berlin tomorrow. he will be meeting with our russian for minister lever off in geneva thereafter. so the, the read, the ramp of diplomacy is not over. and there's still a possibility for de escalation that said, the, the best way to demonstrate to russia that this is going to be a, it's good, they're going to pay a heavy price, is to make sure that the costs are aligned through our euro atlantic. unity will,
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will be severe and really kind of set the incentive structure against russia. should it cross that point of no return. ok, so mr. blinking comes to berlin at to morrow. the german foreign minister was in russia yesterday. does russia show any sign of listening to any one besides the united states? will it be clearly, this is part of it's, are russia, or let's say a putin's objective, which is to kind of re establish a kind of peer relationship with united states. the soviet union had during the cold war and to basically say, you know, you alter styled, that we can divide up the world and that everybody has their sphere of influence. we have the near abroad at the post soviet space. you might have the western hemisphere. we're going to deploy in the western hemisphere if you can continue to expand nato. and of course, the united states rejects this logic and category oakley, and basically says,
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you know, we've got both agreed to a multi lateral order that order involves a sovereign decisions of countries. big and small, they get to decide their orientation, and that's why the u. s. continues to emphasize no decisions about ukraine without ukraine, no decisions about nato, without nato, and no decisions about europe without europe. and that's why germany in particular, is so important to this equation. i so much for that, tyson box from the german council on foreign relations. thank you. we'll take a look at so small store is making news around the world. her automobile. i started in france where president macro has addressed the european parliament in his remarks. he laid out the political strategy and aims of the french presidency of the council of the e. you feel that includes how to find the pandemic on the rise of aggressive foreign powers and climate change. the belgian course, a sentence leader of
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a human trafficking ring to 15 years in jail. in connection with the death of 39 vietnamese migrants victim suffocated while being smuggled in a truck driver from belgium to the u. k. the summer of 2019 ships from australia and new zealand carrying relief supplies, including urgently needy drinking water are expected to reach tonga by friday. the government of the pacific island nation describe last weekend's volcanic eruption and soon army as an unprecedented disaster. and germany's recorded more than a 100000 new daily corona virus infections. for the 1st time. the search has been fueled by the highly contagious omicron variant, which now accounts for the majority of new infections. event on hospitals here hasn't been as bad as previously feared, but authorities a warrant the public not to let the goddamn 2 years into the pandemic infections, or at a high, never before seen in germany. and it's all down to army kron. but despite the huge
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numbers, it seems, most people have only been mildly sick with a slight decrease reported in the number of intensive care patients. experts wor, no, don't get complacent on the sub game enough on all we assume that in the next few weeks. so by mid february, we'll see a significant increase in hospitalizations. so the number of patients admitted to hospital and then ultimately in intensive care units are the kinds of the disease doesn't. and it's not just coven 19 that people will have to contend with later this year. and we have that as this coming autumn will bring a wave of respiratory illnesses with lots of influenza and various are the viruses . it's a big range and there'll be many corona cases to our congo, and they've been regular protests across germany in recent weeks, over the government strategy to make life harder for the unvaccinated contact. restrictions have been tightened to flatten the omicron curve,
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but it hasn't led to a significant increase in germany's vaccine uptake. steel over a quarter of the population is not fully vaccinated, but that could change with a highly controversial plan for mandatory vaccines on the cards. and when it comes to testing the sheer weight of all the new, omicron infections has exhausted capacity. and so authorities believe the real number of cases is double. what's officially being counted out on the streets, opinions very from concern to being completely fed up. i cannot stand this topic any more. you hear it, the news in the media as well. i know that army corolla isn't as severe most of the time, but of course, every, just like before about people with pre existing conditions and relative. i know i'm not very really every one's being careful a staying at home maybe certain complacency set him, but i'm double vaccinated and boosted. that's all i can do in the rest. i'm leaving
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up to fate. german authorities expect the omicron wave to peek around the middle of february. and the government's plan to compulsory vaccines could be in place by april or may discussions on that due to begin in the bonus tag next week. ah, by the africa cup of nations, underdogs camaros are pulled off. surprise victory over favorites. garner knocking them out. the competition in the process were celebrations in the capital city. a moroni, as their side claimed a 3 to win a tiny island nation's never qualified for outcome before. and now the chance of progressing through the group stages. if other results go their way. and fans are hopeful that their team will continue its journey at the tournament in cameras. i have tears of joy. it's a historic wind for us. these 3 points are enough and if we can qualify for the
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last 16, that would be amazing that i may of all know who are yamaha go to point. we thank god for the incredible performance our players have achieved today. i never did that. i thought that they had lost 2 games, but today they showed they're able to advance in the competition. ok, they weren't out. was that my dad is over a europe's 1st major film festival of 2022 takes place next month here in berlin. berlin international film festival will go ahead with film 1000 directors attending from the 10th of february to the 16th i followed by 4 days of public screenings, film fans inside us had expected the bananas at 2 directors to state the festival as an online event for a 2nd here, they have enhanced and in the cinema program, 18 films in competition vying for the coveted bears as get more from scott roxborough from a dw culture. welcome scott's or what do you make of this decision to whole this
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event in person? yeah. ah hi. so i'm, it's, it's a complicated thing. i mean i'm, i'm glad to be able to go to the film festival in person. again, the chairman, anything that gets me out of my house in the these days is great. but as you said, it is a bit unusual. i mean, most the big film events of because of this new wave of, of omni cron cromwell corona, virus infections have been, have been cancelled or put online. the golden globes was held behind closed doors. the upcoming sundance film festival will be online only, but berlin have decided to take the risk and do an in person a festival. the timing has to be said, isn't the best um, we just seen a record number of covet infections in germany. and the german health minister is actually said that he expects the, the peak of this new omni crumb wave to be in germany in mid february, which put it right in the middle of the berlin. a film festival. i'm so we'll have to see they're introducing
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a lot of new safety measures. you'll have to be vaccinated and have a negative co corona test. in order to get into the thick theaters will be social distancing on the right. carpet parties have been banned, but i'm still not sure if this sort of global film industry is ready to sort of come back to berlin in force for an in person for festival. yes, our guests are given that are organized as expecting any big names swell on paper. yes, other the vessel program announced today has a lot of stars in it. so you've got the people likely oscar winner, mark rollins, british actor, whose new film of the outfit sees him playing a taylor who takes on the mob. you've got the italian star as you're a gentle in a new horror film black glasses directed by her dad. the legendary hor maestro dario, our gentle of the amazing only at the nash french star is in a new film called both sides of the blade where she plays woman caught between 2 men. also going to have its world premiere here. and the, another french actress,
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shut it against book, is in the passengers of the night, which will also have its world premiere in berlin. and then one of my absolute favorite actresses, emma thompson, has a new comedy. good luck to you, leo grand. which should also have its premier in berlin. so on screen, at least they'll be a lot of stars in berlin. we'll have to wait to see how many of those actors will actually they'll come and grace the red carpet in the i, german capital, and answer which are likely to be the stand out film. scott, will i'm political films, always dwell in berlin. so take a closer look at a new film from andreas. dresden, who's sometimes called the ken loach of a german cinema. i'm his new movie is the true story of a turkish german house life who fought the u. s. government to release her son of who is unjustly imprisoned in guantanamo bay. i think back a do really well at the festival of this year. but given the case of general state of the world, i think comedies and light films could also do also the emma thompson film. good
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luck to you, the oh grand, where she's playing a 50 something widow who gets back on the dating scene. not in order to sort of find romance, but actually because she's just looking for a lot of great sex. i'm. i think that kind of movie could actually do a really well in berlin this year. could really sort of brighten up those very dark berlin nights at this year's festival. thank you for that. scott, scott roxborough from b w culture. this is the de we news says remind of our top story at this hour. you are a secretary of state, and to me, blank him has declared america's unwavering support for you crate own faults with you. friday president vladimir lansky, secretary, blanca is in caverns. part of a diplomatic push aimed at preventing aggression invasion of crime news. asia is max with parish manager, i'll be back out the top of the out of the day god
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