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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 19, 2022 8:00pm-8:30pm CET

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this is beyond on you to ah ah ah ah, this is the w news. live it from berlin tonight, america's top diplomat in kiya with the promise of solidarity and more weapons. us
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secretary of state entity, blake, and declaring american support for key of unwavering as he warned that russia could quickly double the number of troops on ukraine's border. also coming up denied, omicron tightens its grip on germany. the country recording more than a 100000 new corona virus infections in one day, for the very 1st time and turkey hailing a new home grown cobit 19 vaccine. but does it actually work? and the international community steps of efforts to help tongue as new images emerge, revealing the devastation caused by last weekend volcanic eruption. and to now me and this years berlin gym festival will be back in person. after the pandemic moved last year's event online, the festival returns to live screenings as 18 films compete for the coveted golden bay. ah,
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ah, i bri. gov. it's good to have you with us on this wednesday. we begin with the u. s . secretary of state at the start of a 3 day diplomatic sprint here in europe, aimed at preventing a war in ukraine. today, anthony blanket was in key of where he urged western countries to remain united in the face of what he called relentless russian aggression. during a visit, a key at for talks with ukrainian president vladimir zalinski, antony blink, and also accused moscow of trying to weaken ukraine's democratic institutions and of attempting to divide ukrainian society. he said, washington is committed to protecting ukraine and preventing any escalation with moscow. assistant leaking is due to hold talks with russians, foreign minister, on friday, in geneva, to russian. well, after meeting with president zalinski secretary blank and warned that russia warned
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russia that it would pay a heavy price for any aggression in ukraine. that's why present button asked me to come here to underscore our steadfast commitment to ukraine sovereignty and territorial integrity. and it's why we will continue our relentless diplomatic efforts to prevent renewed aggression and to promote dialogue and peace. at the same time, we continued to bolster ukraine's ability to defend itself and make clear the cost of the united states in europe will impose on moscow if it rejects the diplomatic path that we've laid out. and proceed with an unwarranted unprovoked, unacceptable invasion or destabilization of ukraine. it was you as secretary of state speaking earlier today. my 1st guess denied. and steven piper, he's a senior fellow at the brookings institution. he spent a quarter of a century with the u. s. state department and foreign service, he joins me tonight for morgan hill in california. it's good to have you back your on the program. let me ask you when you look at what lincoln offered ukraine today,
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basically more weapons. is that what he have wanted? most of all well, i think russia has tried to frame this crisis as nato russia, but it's really about ukraine. so it's a good thing that secretary lincoln was there to underscore american and western support for ukraine, but also to talk about more american defense supplies. as a way to help the ukrainians better have their keep, improve their capability to defend themselves in the event of a russian attack. and that's part of an effort to deter and dissuade moscow from attacking in the 1st place. you tweeted earlier today that it looks as if vladimir putin has painted himself into a corner where the only way out now that seems feasible is military action. do you think that wards the only way we're going to break the situation? i still hope that there's a diplomatic path out. i'm glad that secretary lincoln foreign minister lava for
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meeting on in geneva on friday. but i worry that over the last 6 weeks, the criminal pendant itself and into a corner. it's done this large military buildup which continues in december, it demanded security guarantees which russian officials had no, we're just not possible. and so i do worry that increasingly the companies in this corner and either they have to make an embarrassing climb down or resort to military action. but hopefully secretary blinking, they can find some diplomatic out out. that path is not going to sacrifice western principles. your secretary bleak in his meeting with his a russian counterpart in geneva later this week that we also saw the german foreign minister in moscow yesterday basically on the same mission. who do you think though, that russia really is interested in talking to here? it's just the united states isn't i wouldn't say that the kremlin would like to see divisions between the united states and europe and between the united states and
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major countries such as germany and by the accounts that i've seen. foreign minister bare bach hanner. so very well, and to the extent that the russians are getting the same message from the west, i think that's good. last week at the nato, russia council meeting with the russians heard was that nato was prepared to talk about things like limits on missiles or reciprocal constraints on the size and scope of military exercises. but that nato was not prepared to forswear further enlargement. neither was not prepared to remove forces from allies that had joined the lance after 997. and to the extent of the russians are heard that from a wide variety of european allies, in addition to the united states that strengthens the message you to day. we heard from the deputy foreign minister of russia, and he said that and what has not changed is the fact that russia still feels threatened by eastward expansion of nato. in the same breath though,
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he said there will be no russian invasion of ukraine. can we take these top russian diplomats by their word? well, i think if you look at nato's military presence in places like the baltics, it's not serious to rush to say that there's a threat here. nato now deploys a multinational battle groups of 821500 troops, each of the baltic states and in poland. ah, and they weren't there before 2014, which is when russia seized crimea and provoked this conflict. and don boss asked for the 2nd as for the foreign deputy, for mr. downplaying, the russian military threat. everything that were seen on the outside suggest that the russians continue that no dilatory build up. they're going to be deployed forces into dollars for exercises, but they're also bringing in forces from as far away as the russian far east towards ukraine. i think the military threat is real and the west has to assume
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that it's real and should be doing everything it can to try to dissuade and deter moscow from a decision to use military force. to morrow, the u. s. secretary of state will be here in berlin for a meeting with the quad group. that's the u. s. the u. k. france and germany. if you were an advisor in the room with those $440.00 ministers, what would, what would you say? what should be the one message that should come out of that meeting? i think that the message that needs to be sent to the russians is that, well, there are some issues that can be negotiated like the questions on strike systems in year for exercises. ah, that the west is not going to say now, even though there is no enthusiasm within nato now for putting you can on a membership track, data was not going to allow. 2 russia to dictated change in policy where data would say we will never enlarge again. and then to reiterate that should the russians use military force against ukraine, there will be very painful at consequences including economic sanctions,
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greater merit with greater western military assistance to ukraine. and also steps by needed to florida fire their defense position on the eastern flank. we will be following these next crucial 2 to 3 days of diplomacy here in europe, steven piper, we appreciate your insights tonight. thank you. thank you. our. let's take a look now, some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world. a court in ukraine has rejected an appeal by public prosecutors to detain former president petro poor shanker. the ruling means the 56 year old will remain free while being investigated for treason. thousands of supporters rallied outside the courthouse to day, or cinco denies the charges. he says they are politically motivate. a belgian court has sent him to the leader of a human trafficking ring to 15 years in prison. in connection with the death of 39 vietnamese migrants. victims suffocated while being smuggled inside the truck,
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driven from belgium to the u. k. like in the summer of 2019 to russian cosmonaut have carried out a 7 and a half hour space. walk of the international space station. the continuing work on the stations multi purpose laboratory module. saw them install handrails antennas, a television camera, and docking targets are now to the pandemic. germany is recorded more than a 100000 new daily corona virus infections for the very 1st time in this pandemic. the surge is fueled by the highly contagious omicron variant, which now accounts for the majority of new infections. the effect on hospitals here hasn't been as bad as previously feared. but authorities are warning the public not to let their guard down 2 years into the pandemic infections, or at a high, never before seen in germany. and it's all down to army kron. but despite the huge numbers, it seems, most people have only been mildly sick with
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a slight decrease reported in the number of intensive care patients experts. wal, no, don't get complacent on. this are big enough on all we assume that in the next few weeks. so by mid february, we'll see a significant increase in hospitalizations, so the number of patients admitted to hospital and then ultimately in intensive care units on the clients. often it is, this doesn't. and it's not just coven 19 that people will have to contend with later. this year and we asked that as this coming autumn will bring a wave of respiratory illnesses with lots of influenza and various are the viruses . it's a big range and they'll be many corona cases to our congo, and they've been regular protests across germany in recent weeks. over the government strategy to make life harder for the unvaccinated contact restrictions have been tightened to flatten the omicron curve, but it hasn't led to a significant increase in germany's vaccine uptake. steel over
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a quarter of the population is not fully vaccinated, but that could change with a highly controversial plan for mandatory vaccines on the cards. and when it comes to testing to she, a weight of all the new or meconium fictions has exhausted capacity. and so authorities believe the real number of cases is double what's officially being counted on the streets. opinions vary from concern to being completely fed up. cut is, is i cannot stand this topic any more. you hear it in the news in the media. uh file, i know that army corolla isn't a severe most of the time, but of course i very just like before about people with preexisting conditions and relatives. i know i'm not worried really. everyone's being careful. staying at home . maybe send complacency, set him, but i'm double vaccinated and boosted. that's all i can do in the rest. i'm leaving up to fate. german authorities expect the omicron wave to peek around the middle of
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february and the government's plans are compulsory. vaccines could be in place by april or may discussions on that are due to begin in the bonus tag next week. well, like lots of countries, turkey is grappling with the surgeon covered infections fueled by that omicron barrier. the government's latest pandemic weapon a home grown vaccine, known as turk, hvac, the new job received emergency approval last month. but some experts say its effectiveness has not been proven. he w corresponded julia hod reports to night from istanbul, queuing for a world prim. yet, at this east and will hospital people have been receiving the taco vac vaccine since the beginning of the year, the 1st cove at 19 jack developed and produced in turkey to go up to do to go i have more trust until callback than in other vaccines because it's made by my own
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country, it is still there to go up to more. i wish they had lunch to go back sooner. i would have gotten it for all my shots school that looked them to believe me. some other i haven't been vaccinated at all. until today i waited for turco voc because i trust our turkish scientists more than those abroad. a sham was engaged in for president reggie ty, about one took havoc as a symbol of national strength with its own vaccine. he says, turkey is one of the most innovative progressive countries in the world, and no longer dependent on others the government, a celebrating, took havoc as a great success. but how effective as the vaccine, and doesn't protect against all micron and other potential virus marion. many medical experts here and tacky, remained skeptical. isn't she not from the countries independent doctors union criticizes the fact that hardly any data on took of us has been published. that is
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why she isn't recommending the new vaccine. political success, she says, seems to be more important to the government than scientific accuracy, horribly. they are. i can't evaluate how effective this vaccine is, because i don't have the necessary information. the results of the phase one and phase 2 studies have not been published. we also know next to nothing about phase 3 interview until we have the scientific facts. we can't consider this a vaccine, but just some kind of liquid on the head are you there. so you see on as in many countries on the chronus behind the number of new infections, rapidly surging here in turkey, the lexi nation rate is comparatively high. about 85 percent of adults have received at least 2 japs. but the uncertainty surrounding took havoc is causing concern to call a cock. we don't know much about took havoc yet. that's why i don't think it's very safe beating that i wouldn't take it because i haven't seen scientific data in
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studies about it. her mom quoted out of the didn't saw what was an old little vision room, wouldn't it? intervals me. i will get my 3rd day of buying tech to day. i don't trust the turkish. maxine, i have my doubts. glances equal, renewed m. nora teen yee, has overseen took lux development. he says the warriors are unfounded. the turkish vaccine is a safe and effective as others. it can limit the image of it, which is what we have all figures and all studies shows what we do not have the slightest concern or doubt in terms of its effectiveness being vaccinated as better than not being vaccinated at all. if turco voc helps us convinced those who are unvaccinated, that would be one of our greatest achievements will cause a lose warrior over the next few months. as many people as possible are expected to also get their booster shots with turkey's own vaccine. and soon,
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according to the government's plan, to go back will be delivered to other countries to help them. in the fight against cove it, a number of british empties from a prime minister boys. johnson's own party have reportedly submitted letters of no confidence. johnson is under fire for breaking coven rules and holding parties at his downing street residence last year when such gatherings were ban with his political leadership. now hanging in the balance, johnson faced uncomfortable questions to day in parliament, including calls for him to go. no matter the excuse. that is no excuse for taking the bitches. people fulfilled. the pain as likely is no time for him to resign. a speaker. but what i can tell her is, as i said to his last week, i apologize sincerely for any misjudgments that were made uh, but she must contain her impatience. mister speaker and wait for the very next week
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before he goes any of the conclusions that she's just to say. don't worry. or let's take the story now to our correspondence. charlotte chelsea pill she is following events force in london. gave it to you charlotte. we saw it to day boris johnson in the political fight of his life. do you think that he will survive while brenda, this is undoubtedly a perilous moment for the prime minister. there is a huge amount of anger. up and down the country, the conservative party boars. johnson's party has been pummeled in the poles in recent we can also crucially a lot of anger within the prime minister's own party. now why it's not crucial. well, you had bad that the prime minister won't resign. the question now is, will that be a vote of no confidence triggered by members of his own party and it's been feverish speculation over the last 24 hours. as you mentioned over whether the threshold, the number of letters of no confident that needs to be received to trigger that
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vote has come close yet. no, that's not yet clear. we suddenly know it's not yet been met. the box we know number is and then the department have publicly said they have submitted as a lesson. the question then will be will the prime minister survive that vote? should it happen now? judge politicians also portions of party have taken to the way of defending him today, saying now is not the time for leadership challenge. but his contract says really have been to making the headlines. we thought today that a member of our party actually detract defected. rather, do the opposition labor costs, very unusual in step shocks, a lot of people here and then we had in parliament a form of bricks that minutes to david davis. thing in a very powerful moment that the prime minister must go a lot of anger here. very powerless moment for the prime minister, we knew also that the prime minister is lifting coded restrictions is,
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is it time to do that or is that just a desperate attempt to distract? well, there's been a lot of speculation than a number of pretty high profile policy announcements over the last couple of days as certainly wouldn't hurt if it changed. the conversation moved it away from party, gazes is being called here was some speculation that this announcement of lifting restrictions could be among them. but we didn't know that that was going to be a review into these restrictions. looking at the data we had in a press conference today, the case numbers have peek hospitalizations. how stabilized and the conservative policy has been saying for a while, but we need to learn to live with the wires in england. so this suddenly will be a move that will appeal to some info or a storm party, but it is without a doubt, a gamble. we have to see what effect things like people returning to watch here in
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england. the end of the mandate, the face, small worry, will have on case numbers, which are still very high, a corresponding charlotte nelson field with the latest tonight london. charlotte is always thank you the international community is stepping up efforts to a tone gone after last weekend's volcanic eruption and unami trying to says it's willing to help the country rebuilt. new zealand and australia are also shipping supplies to the area, amid concerns, tongue, as could run out of drinking water. experts also say it's likely to take a month to repair the countries only under c internet cable. the ash from this volcano is everywhere. it has fogged the skies over the pacific islands of tango. it has carpeted the airport runway and it has fallen back onto the ground, mixing in with the water supply contaminating it. the russian has wiped out some villages completely. we also had that dance these one particular i let
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known is my role, and this is one of the law islands and those that for the options site are all the homes on the island have been destroyed and damaged and they are great. b as a safety informing us equally be market islands, ships from australia and new zealand are on their way to tonga, bringing much needed relief, including barrels of clean drinking water. but the ships have thousands of kilometers to cover. one estimation was that they could be there as early as friday, which is encouraging use. but of course has already been mentioned. we don't know what the shipping lanes look like. and so we want to of course, proceed with that. of course, as we keep closer to the, to the tonga was cut off from the world for several days after the eruption. families worried about their relatives on the island. the worse here is always that
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you're not going to see the people that you loving him. on yeah, that's the worst he now phone network for slowly, sprinting back to life and lifting the fog on how damaged tango really is. europe's 1st major film festival of 2022 takes place next month here in berlin. the berlin international film festival will go ahead with film stars and directors attending in person from february 10th to the 16th followed by 4 days of public screenings for film fans. well, insider say that they expected the berlin olives to directors, to stage the festival as an online event for the 2nd year running. but they've been else an in cinema program with 18 films in competition for my son buying for the coveted that we are based. i did to see here in this amazing building, we are in the how to go to an event. i'll say of the war are, let's go now. she's got rights bureau from the w culture. he is power film guru fi
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. scott, but you make of this decision to hold this entire event in person? yeah, i right. i mean it's, i mean 11 us, i'm really happy. i mean, a love to watch films as a proper phone vessel in the cinema. it's great. even just to get out of the house these days with, with, with, with corona, i'm but a of it is a bit surprising because as you mentioned, a lot of people expected this festival to go online and other events don't events have done so. i mean, the golden globes was held behind closed doors. the sundance film festival, which hicks off this week will be a virtual festival online only. and, and only the festival in person now is kind of a bit of bad timing on part of the belly knowledge. because germany is experiencing a record number of covet infections. the german health minister said he expects the, the current wave of kobe to peek sort of mid february,
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which be right in the middle of the, a berlin film festival. the festival itself is trying to take a lot of precaution safety precautions. are you going to have to be doubly vaccinated and have a negative cobit test to get into the cinemas? there's gonna be social distancing on the red carpet, all the sort of parties and events surrounding the festival have been banned. um, but i still don't know. it's still a bit of a gamble, and i'm not really sure if particularly the international film industry is ready to come back in force in person to berlin this year. yeah, you know, i've spoken to several people who i know who come every year to the berlin allah. and they told me they're not coming this year. they just think it's too risky. and with that in mind, are we expecting any big names on the red carpet this february? well, as the berlin announced it's, it's, it's line up and there are a lot of stars in the films that they're going to be showing. so we've got a great lineup when it comes to that. um you got people like oscar winner, british auster owner. mark rylon was a new film, the outfit,
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a thriller where he plays a, a taylor who takes on the mob. you've got the italian star h r gentle, her new film, horror movie black glasses directed by her dad, the legendary italian horror, maestro dario, a gentle, that'll have its premiere in berlin. you've got you that denotes one of my favorites, and she'll be in both sides of the blade, which is in competition world premiere in berlin, charlotte against book, another french star, will be in passengers of the night, also a world premiere in berlin. and then one of your favorites and mine, emma thompson. oh, your new film, a comedy, a good? yes. good luck. good luck to you, lee. oh, grand. it's also going to be coming to berlin. so lots of stars on screen in berlin that you hear. it still remains to be seen though, how many of those will end up on the red carpet in the berlin are about 20 seconds . scott, what will be the stand out film this year? well, political thumbs are always big in berlin, so take a close look at the new film for andreas trays than he sort of berlin's, a germans ken loach. i'm his new film is a look at the battle by a german,
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a turkish housewife. to free her son from guantanamo bay, a true story, very strongly political story. i think back to be a big container this year for the lee road. we're definitely watching boards got rock spur of the w cultures. got as always, thank you. you watch and dw news. here's a reminder that top story we're following for you. you a secretary of state, anthony lincoln has declared america's unwavering support for ukraine following talks with ukrainian president volunteers. zalinski secretary blinking is in kia as part of a diplomatic push aimed at preventing are watching. invasion of you. great. you're watching w news. i'll be back at the top of the hour with more bold news followed by the day i hope to see you that ah
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ah, with
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into the conflict zone with sebastian. when it comes to the nuclear talks between iran and the international community. no country is watching as closely as israel this week come pick zone. talked to the format is really defense minister moshe. yeah, alon slammed the 2015. you say agreement as a historic mistake. conflict with on d w. o . well go to the dark side where intelligence agencies are pulling the strings. there was a before 911 and and after 911, he says, after 911, the clubs came off where organized crime rules
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were conglomerates and make their own laws. they invade our private lives through surveillance. hidden opaque, secretive. what's true? what's vague? it doesn't matter. the only criteria is what we'll hook people up. we shed light on the opaque world who's behind benefits. and why are they a threat to what's all open worlds this week on d w when it comes to the nuclear talks between iran and the international community.


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