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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 19, 2022 10:15pm-10:30pm CET

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i see water to celebrate a tiffany. the ritual commemorates the baptism of jesus in the jordan river, which i think we can say was probably not quite this cold. although it may not look like it, a bone chilling bath is believed to be good for you. wonder if it works against overdraw. you watch the w news. as a reminder of the top story, we're following for you, you a secretary of state, it's the blinking declaring america's unwavering support for ukraine. all he talks with ukrainian president voted me as a lint, secretary of lincoln as in key f to part of the diplomatic push aimed at preventing a russian invasion of you. great. watching the w news that makes d w business news with chelsea delays to ground. she will be right back with people and trucks injured when trying to flee the city center. more and more
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refugees are being turned away. families, liens on the reason for the credit, honestly letting it administrative people fleeing extreme ross getting 200 people. hassan gmc around the world, more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. yes. why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah, ah, western powers threatened to freeze russia out of the global financial system.
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moscow could face the tough economic sanctions. if it invade ukraine will go to hell. thank you for analysis and deeds jump from bridges on to moving trains carrying loads of valuable packages. no, it's not an action movie, but the latest in a string of train loadings in the us and small packages can lead to big problems. look at how wide spread used a fashion in southeast asia is harming the environment. this is the w business. i'm chelsea delaney and berlin. welcome to the program. the u. s. and it's western allies are threatening to hit russia with severe economic consequences if it invades ukraine. they're hoping the prospect of further jazz damage to russia's already fragile economy will persuade moscow to back off. now g, potential sanction being considered would be to remove russia from the international payment system. swift. it's an essential tool used by banks all around the world to wire money to one another. now trillions of dollars are
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transferred vs with between over $200.00 countries and territories and $11000.00 financial institutions. here's how it works. now, say a business and germany wants to wire money to an institution in russia. swift will coordinate the transaction transaction using an intermediary bank in the united states. now, if russia were to be kicked out of swift, it would limit its ability to receive payments from broad, including 4 key exports like wheel and gas. now, earlier i spoke to maria sharina, she's a visiting fellow at the finish institute of international affairs who has described cutting russia off from swift as the nuclear option. i asked her, what would happen if russia does lose access to that system? technically so it can be replaced with a telex rush's own and turn it to be
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a fast. but all of this and it will be slower, technically more cumbersome and it also be less secure. but the question whether swift is the nuclear option and whether you will be imposed is a, is a big question. because russia is the 2nd largest user of swift. and you know, is dependent on russia's hydrocarbons and those transactions going through swift. so they plus ability that this option will be implemented is quite low. what other options are on the table for forcing russia to change course here more likely that sanctions on the rushes, largest financial institutions will be placed. and yesterday, today we saw that the russian economy tumbled and that the capital outflow amounted to $72000000000.00. it's a 40 percent increase in comparison. was the year 2020. so international players
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already afraid of those sanctions, the financial effect that will be the 3rd to be targeted. and the 2nd option that was floated is the introduction of experts controls on russia, defense and consumer industry. this is likely to be an option that will work over the long run. it's unlikely that will trigger the shock effects in the short term. but this is something that both the you and the us, what they did to implement. and finally, nor stream to you is the toxic pipeline to divide the countries divide washington and, but elaine, but this is another option that will be in the spotlight if russia decides to invade. well, yeah, you mentioned nordstrom too, and we've heard from you politicians that they are a little more reluctant to put real pressure on russia. why are we seeing sort of this divide and commitment between europe, the e u and the u. s,
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which seems more willing here, history is repeating itself in 2014. the u. s. was again in the drive in c, because it has less financial, less economic ties to russia. so naturally, it's easier for the us to come with sweet. be in the heart, tate in sanctions. you is much more dependent closer the type was russia historically, economically. so here self harm backfiring effect will take place and you countries some, you know, germany, other countries a less reluctant to bear this burden from sanctions. so here, because we're running out of light sanctions options the, the sanctions that lie ahead of us heartache and sanctions and they will inevitably come with burden sharing, whether you it is ready to align with washington. that's
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a big question. as maria shanna of the finish institute of international affairs, thanks so much for joining us. now in los angeles, cargo trains carrying packages from retailers like amazon are being looted on and process that in its scale. last year alone, damages amounted to an estimated $5000000.00. and this year could be even worse. a fee of open boxes containing merchandise that has been left behind is causing a dangerous and expensive issue for retailers and rail operators. on tuesday, 17 train cars derailed, whether it was caused by the debris is under investigation, thieves or gaining access to the containers by jumping off bridges onto the moving trains. and removing plastic locks that are easy to break. they're looking for merchandise that can be re sold, like mobile devices, tv sets, tires and coven. 19 testing kits is lawlessness. and honestly, we need to be tougher on a law and order out here at elk grove,
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in prices across all 50 states, mainly run on at le cuz you know, seniors, i've been with this company for years and i've never seen like this entire years. sources say the l. a police department does not respond to reports of a train robbery unless the real operator asks for assistance, which they say is rare. thieves who are caught are charged with a misdemeanor or petty crime and are released after paying a nominal fee. union pacific has asked the ella county's office to reconsider it's lenient policy for such offences. to combat the crime, the company is also strengthening its surveillance, using drones and other detection systems or yann's court, our course on it and new york joins us now. yes, the themes to be part of a trends of increasingly breeze and retail, fast in the us. what's behind this? yeah, it's a massive problem. and if you think back around the holiday season when we had the
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looting of the physical retail stores in the united states, and now we're talking about and train theft. so this is said definitely a huge problem. one of the reason specially also is the train tough, but also breaking into containers. those supply chain issues that we're having. so a lot of containers just them sitting on lots that are not very well protected to them. and then also, i mean we're talking about coordinated attacks and so social media might also play a role so that those rubbers actually can coordinate meat through those social media channels and then get into action in how our businesses handling this increase and retail fast just clearly it's a, it's a huge challenge. i mean, what some retailers more, some companies are doing is they're increasing security, but that definitely also costs money. and so we've also heard from some store them
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from some retailers that they actually shut down their 50 physical appearance all together. it's not very easy to fight that trent, and i mean, i live in the united states or more than 20 years now. and here in new york, i also have to say that during the pandemic, there is the feeling that there is just in general, a bit more aggressive behavior coming up more aggression. and this is maybe a society trend that is not that easy to overcome quickly. and then clearly there's the call for more police activity, but well, that's also not necessarily the main solution for this huge problem quarter in new york. thanks so much now to some of the other global business stories making news. the un backed initiative to share corona virus vaccines between rich and poor
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countries says it's essentially out of money. the kovacs program has asked for $5200000000.00 to be able to keep buying doses. so far it has delivered just over 1000000 jobs. airbus plans to add 6000 jobs worldwide in order to meet growing demand for new aircraft and green air cap aircraft technology. the move signals that the european plane maker along with europe's airline industry may be recovering from deep cutbacks made during the pandemic. now in southeast asia, products like coffee and soap are often sold in little plastic sashes. but these small packages create a big problem for the environment. ema canal fi does his rounds. in this indonesian suburb, he's a trash collector. a lot of sash, it's land in his card. the small plastic packages ubiquitous and southeast asia
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the single use package is a part and parcel of a mom can if his own lifestyle. he lives in a small house, entangled on zillah tongue, together with his older sister and his niece, laundry soap, shampoo, tooth paste, all supplied in single portion, plastic packs. even the spices for the food come in fashion, have food and the important thing for me. the price of the sash is cheap and i can cook every day who lack of a. it's a huge environmental problem, empty plastic sashes are all over. and then non recyclable, environmentalist t some ophelia thinks it's monstrous, that these packages are still being manufactured. she's fighting for plastic free world, about 50 percent of global sasha production is based in south east asia. and their region is where most of the most sold. the only place where i have
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a markets i have is in the developing country, ironically in a place where there so little capacity to recycle those fashion unit lever is one of the top brands here, especially when it comes to shampoo and laundry soap. the company declined an interview, but it did right to say that it's working on producing sash. it's made of on the a one material in future and thus easier to recycle. and that's all from me and the business team here in berlin for more from us, check out our website. debbie dot com slash business were also on the d. w. news, youtube channel. and you can find us on facebook as well until next time. take care illegal. goals mine, as far as the i can see, mozambique, city, money,
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mani. national park is on the verge of collapse. the provincial government no wants to step in with reconnaissance and mining licenses that will work global $3000.00 on d, w is germany addicted to china. d, w. richard, walker, explorers, germany's china dilemma at the dawn of a new political era. there's meant to be a new strategy, but the so called a traffic light coalition is divided. the u. s. and other allies want germany to be much tougher. so what now can germany find a new way of dealing with china? in 60 minutes on d, w. o,
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