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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 19, 2022 11:02pm-11:31pm CET

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russia's foreign minister on friday. this is dw news. you can get more on our website. that's d w dot com. ah, ah, russia has positioned a 100000 troops along its border with ukraine. that figure could easily and quickly be double. a sobering morning today from u. s. secretary of state entity blinking about the threat of a russian invasion of ukraine blinkin was in key of to day tomorrow. he'll be here in berlin friday in geneva. 3 stops in what is looking like a final diplomatic sprint with de escalation at the finish line. tonight, there are signals coming from moscow that it has no plans to start a war in europe, backyard. i broke off in berlin. this is the day. ah,
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we may very clear to moscow that if it chooses to renew aggression against against ukraine, it will be met and it will face very similar consequences. we will not have tack strike in lee to quote unquote, whatever ukraine the president asked me to come now to both reaffirm our own community grain to consult closely with his leaders. his assistance demonstrates the support of our strategic plans. lee crane to join the nato alliance with one nation can simply dictate to another it's choices, including with whom it will associate also coming up at british prime minister boys johnson, he just can't shake the hangover from a string of locked down off his parties to day a defection from his own party and growing calls for his resignation. you sat there
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too long for all the good you have done in the name of god, god ah! due to our viewers watching a p b s in the united states into all of you around the world. welcome, we begin the day with ukraine and the weapons of war. today you a secretary of state entity, blink in, warned, russia could quickly double the 100000 forces. it already has positioned along the border with ukraine. he also announced that the u. s. is sending more weapons to the ukrainian military, a bitter sweet message delivered after talks and kiya with ukraine's president and foreign minister. we have given more security assistance to ukraine ha, in the last year than at any points to 2014. and they say we're doing that on the same basis. the deliveries are ongoing again, as recently as bless you weeks and more scheduling the companies. should russia
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carry through with any aggressive intent and renew its aggression and invade ukraine will provide additional material. beyond that, it is already in the pipeline and that will further aid in infant evening. but to morrow blinkin will be here in berlin for talks with the quad group, which includes germany, france and the u. k. on friday, blinkin will be in geneva for one on one talks with russian foreign minister sag elaborate. lincoln is hoping these will be the final stops for a diplomatic train headed for de escalation to de russia's. deputy foreign minister said there will be no russian invasion of ukraine if he's wrong, for the blinking diplomatic express. this week could be the end of the law. my 1st guest tonight is gustaf gristle. he's with the european council on foreign relations. he joins me from right here in berlin. this address was good to have you
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with us tonight. blink and 33, stop diplomatic express from key of to berlin to geneva. is he headed for de escalation or will it be a russian invasion of ukraine at the end of july? well, is very hard to tell. so the other signals coming out of moscow is that they have little interest in talks. they have little interest in any kind of solution that does not represent their full reason or their full demands, which is a very discouraging sign. if you actually honestly interested in talks and negotiations, you basically have to accept that you never get through with whatever you want. so i'm still skeptic about about the turtle outcome. of course, the cost for this is mounting and the cost calculations that russia went into
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the sort of escalation game which is going on for, for more than a month has changed for the europeans being a bit more so about the prospect of sanctions and the americans and other european countries, those are coming forward with military support that in combination might persuade the russians to try and see can or from us. but it's still very hard to say. and i think further key messages would be necessary. i know it's, it's very easy to be skeptical about russia actually wanting to de escalate. but i want you to take a listen to what the russian, deputy foreign minister said today when he was asked about the threat of a russian invasion of ukraine. i do believe that there is no risk of a larger sky war to start to unfold in europe or elsewhere. but we do not want and will not ah,
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take any action of aggressive character. we will not attack strike in leeds, quote, unquote, whatever ukraine. mister gretel, isn't that wonderful? i mean, should, should we take him at his word that there will be no rush to an invasion of ukraine? when all the social is camping in the woods around ukraine must just be a environmentalist, enjoying the countryside, i guess. so the, the problem is, i mean, is the problem actually for blinking is as you said, the rules out invasion aggression will probably if that happens we will probably see the fabrication of a pretext, of course, attempts of this in the past due to do so. and then sort of russia will find a pretext to quote, unquote may q or result to defensive action on bus or whatever,
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and protect the citizens. and that sort of, we believe the game. the problem, of course, for blinking in this is, and here sort of that they're actually short of and wage. and there are many possibilities. russia can use the military strength for escalate if scenarios, short or full scale war and, and invasion like a pure air war like a limited escalation from the so called separate these territories. which of course, are lead and, and trained by russia. bod, sort of in the official narrative, are not official russian troops. that would make a reaction from the western side and the unity of the western side. that exists probably for the case of a total invasion. more difficult because then the fisher discussions will start will, is this really a russian invasion, or is, was this really defensive for, wasn't it, et cetera. and here, sort of that come, brings us back to blink and travel to europe. and all these scenarios will be talk
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through there have been talk through with ukraine they, they will be talk through now with european leaders to, to not only sort of staples pretty going to do if russia fully in ways ukraine, but also to, to be radian farm for all different kinds of mercy scenarios that might happen and unfold in the upcoming weeks. let me ask you about these, these upcoming talks to more of here in berlin. the quad group, i mean we've got blinking, coming to berlin. he's going to talk with his u. k. counterparts, german counterparts, french counterparts. and we've got though the reality the u. s. is the power broker here. russia only wont wants to talk with the u. s. and yet we're talking about european security. so why does it feel like the europeans are always punching below their weight in this crisis? well, that's very easy. i mean, 1st of all,
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they're not an unclear power info road for russia, the status of nuclear power is decisive. yes, you can. france have a smaller nuclear arsenals. bots. the british one is basically attached to u. s. one on, on the french, explicitly site that as a result, as a means for national defense, not for defense of nature alliance with such a so. so for the bigger european security question, the big nuclear power is the u. s. then there are sort of the predominant a military power. and although there are folks like me who continue to tell the europeans that in russian or mindset and viewpoint, military policy, the decisive factor up until now that europeans for happy to ignore that. i thought there is city one thing actually where you're really madison, that of course is the whole topic of economic sanctions because russian european economic ties, especially the energy sector, much lighter than american ryan about that mr. gret. so let me ask you about that. you knew in the past 48 hours, germany has leaned out of the window here
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a lot in favor of possibly killing the nord stream to natural gas pipeline that links russia to germany touch killing it in the event of a russian attack on ukraine. jeff, is this the right approach? i mean, why not kill it now? to prevent a russian invasion? ah, exactly, the problem is he, of course, germany starts to with the social democrats. the greens have been stating that for, for quite a long time, start to realize actually world law 3 to means in terms of security. this has been sort of that the large files are failing, have been living in a state of denial on this because of no 32, if it becomes operational. russia will not be dependent on the existence of all the trends. it states to export gas to europe, and this is sort of not about importing or russian gas or not, but the route and the geopolitical implications. each of the roots has and sort
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of by the prospect of notion through becoming operational basically made it possible that the most important areas of the gas and also the most important gas notes of the ukrainian transportation network. that's not just one pipeline. it's a network of pipeline is, is now the staging area of the 1st got its tank army. and that is, that is what everybody predicted. the germans, you know, the russians will boil off the military temperature if, if you do this pipeline. the problem is, of course, no politicians really likes to go to the public and said, look guys, i have been horribly wrong and, and, and my policies are stupid, that pollutions didn't do that. once they, they come to the idea that actually will daft on is not, not the best thing to sort of start to find ways to track silently track back on that. and that is, you know, lead to the long silence. and then sort of the d d, or quote, discussions with in berlin. this is part of this process. so, oh my god,
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what have you done? how do we get out of that? and here, of course, for the previous agreement with michael biden, provide sort of the framework to do that. yeah, it's a good point that this almost is if the germany is trying to de medical lies, it's russia policy right now. let me ask you, before we run our time, we're almost at the end of 2 weeks of high level, high state talks between the western russia. a lot of talking here blinking is promising even more talks and yet nothing has really changed has narrowed. fortunate can also, the problem is talking alone will not solve this. talking alone will not preserve peace in europe. talking can only be effective. it's backed up by credible force and by credible to terence i over the past 48 hours, especially the europeans have made good efforts to credibly back the united states,
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especially heater germans. and that might change things in combination with diplomacy. but if the russians perceive that the west, we'll just watch this on t v while you train falls and perceive the west. and the americans being disinterested in european, in europe and europeans divide it, then they will go for the prey. and it's sort of up to this process. now the travel diplomacy, the statements, the threat of sanctions, the, the weapon supply, to really convince the russians that this will not be a tv show. this is serious. and we will be watching this to find out if you are right, mr. russell. will it be a t v show war, start dresser with the european council on foreign relations. we appreciate your time and your insights. please come back because there's plenty to talk about next . time thank you. thank you very much. i will.
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ah, it's been another bruising day in parliament for the british prime minister as he faces a growing number of allegations about government drinks. parties during the coven, 19 locked downs, and increasing number of parliamentarians from johnston's conservative party. say they are unhappy with his leadership. johnson says he's waiting for the publication of a report into those parties which is due out next week. and he's a po for the backing of fellow conservatives. few have openly called for his resignation, although it's believed a substantial number. have submitted letters which could lead to a leadership change. and johnson received a further blow to day with the defection of a conservative member of parliament to the opposition labor party will go straight to our corresponded in london just a moment. but 1st here's johnson reacting to that defection. and i'm very sorry. this isn't as far as the very i let me say to the right gentlemen,
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this is because my with my says right on with them, the consult upon a one that is i generations under the prime minister agenda of uniting uniting and literally delivering for the people a very so we will win again in verizon. all right, let's take this now. there are very young charlie chelsea pill. she's in london. good evening to you, charlotte. well, political theater, the best you can get on the planet. we saw the defector there with the union jack across his face. what were his motives in? how damaging is it to the prime minister? brittany gave a number of motives. all of them extremely heavy body blows to the prime minister just to read you just a few in an interview, he said that the posse prime minister's conservative party was trying to defend the indefensible. he was talking that particularly about policy gate as it's called
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here. this series of allegations about gatherings held at number 10. he said that there's been fall to many issues where i felt like we've been on the wrong side and then proceeded to name a number of controversies surrounding the conservative party dating back monk. some of them. finally, in a letter, a letter of resignation to the prime minister, he said, you prime minister boris johnson, the conservative party as a whole has shown themselves incapable of offering the leadership the party deserves. i think you can agree damning that from him. really wasn't momentous moment when he did defects. he literally crossed the island prime minister's question time and sat with the opposition that would have been an enormous blow to the prime minister. something that he would have been warned about just minutes before he was essentially fighting for his political career that bought this is just one man. the real question now is what's the remaining members? if the consider the conservative party now feeling that the ones who have the power
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to trigger a vote of no confidence. yeah, i mean, usually after a party i want to get invited back and i want to lose my job. party gate is obviously just one of the prime ministers. biggest headaches want you to take a listen to what the leader of the opposition said to day, as well as the prime minister. now i caught the prime minister very carefully crossed at response to the accusation. it's almost sounds like a lawyer wrote a fool with. when did the prime minister 1st become aware that any of his stall had concerns about the 20 for the money policy? this is please to speak. i'm on break, right. i'm just repeating the question that we have on our list. the speaker is for the inquiry to to come forward with an explanation of what happened and i'm afraid you simply simply must wait. charlotte,
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why does boys johnson the prime minister? why does he think that he can last until this report comes out next week? we heard again today that he has absolutely no plans to resign. so what is very clear is that he won't jump. what will need to happen is that he will need to be push. now, the prime minister knows is we'll do that. the number, the threshold of letters of no confidence that needed to be reached to trick about no confidence is not yet that we don't know how close it is. and there is a school of thought that perhaps his critics within his own party, a waiting to hear the results of the investigation that his own going into party gates by a civil sub. and perhaps hoping that that could be the final nail in the coffin for the prime minister for his johnson. now, the prime minister will also be looking at those who gone out on the way today supporting him. and that happened many who've been lining up to defend him on
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national television. they have been talking about his record with the back seen rollouts to programs, particularly thing as well. but now looking at the international dement and domestic situation now is not the time for leadership for context, so that really defending him on record. this is certainly not a story for deacons. let's put some meat on this table here. tell me about pork pies and red meat for that matter. right. to see headline for the, the newspapers i think you can say. now they might need a little bit of translation from, from the british as of the pork pie issue. well, that is in reference to the fact that a, a number of members of the prime minister's own party apparently met to discuss his future. they were hosted by an m p who is the m p for melton. that's behind me as a famous port pye. that's why it, it got that name out of course,
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caught me rhyming plan for life. many pointed out is pines, se that could be a reference that from those he came up with that phrase, to allegations from the prime minister. faith critics about the obligations that he's been lying to the public now read me to almost the exact opposite. that's the name, the nickname for what is apparently an attempt by the prime minister, by the party to, to story med, read me through a series of policies out that are going to appeal to members of his back benches. his own policy to try and keep them on sides. so one of those might be, for example, dropping off. can you read restrictions theories of others that have come out a lot of speculation that that could be the reason why and that is alteration red meat. and i've got 32nd. how me ask you, how can johnson, how can his government justify the return to freedom day? you know, getting rid of these restrictions when you've still got the highest number of cobit
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deaths you've seen in nearly a year just yesterday. what aim side to the numbers that they said that it's clear, the cases have gone down that the on the crown wave has peaked, they're also looking hospitalizations, thing that they stabilize, but like any big decisions in this pandemic, it is a gamble. do you have to see what happens when you do have people returning to whack the end of the the mandates to when mosques as well? some concern, the prime minister saying there at this stage is justified, already w's scarlet chosen pill. tonight, she's getting her mail over meet maybe some veggies as well in london. charlotte thing ah. europe's 1st major film festival of 2022 takes place next month right here in berlin. the berlin international film festival will go ahead with film stars and directors attending from february 10th to the 16th that will be followed by 4 days of public screenings. for film fans or insiders had expected the bailey knowledge
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to directors to stage the festival as an online only event for a 2nd year. but you, maria, they've announced in, in cinema program with 18 films in competition. buying for the coveted beer was here in this amazing morning are let's go now to scottsboro from the w culture. he is our film guru, fog. it's god for the you make of this decision to hold this entire event in person? yeah, i right. i mean it's, i mean 11 us, i'm really happy, i mean, a love to watch films as a proper phone vessel in the cinema. it's great. even just to get out of the house these days with, with, with, with corona, i'm but a of it is a bit surprising because as you mentioned, a lot of people expected this festal to go online and other events don't events have done so. i mean, the golden globes was held behind closed doors. the sundance film festival,
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which hicks off this week will be a virtual festival online only. and, and only the festival in person now is kind of a bit of bad timing on part of the belly, nala, because germany is experiencing a record number of covet infections. the german health minister said he expects the, the current wave of kobe to peek a sort of mid february, which be right in the middle of the, a berlin film festival. the festival itself is trying to take a lot of precaution safety precautions. are you going to have to be doubly vaccinated and have a negative cobit test to get into the cinemas? there's going be social distancing on the red carpet. all the sort of parties and events surrounding the festival have been banned. um, but i still don't know. it's still a bit of a gamble, and i'm not really sure if particularly the international film industry is ready to come back in force in person to berlin this year. yeah, you know, i've spoken to several people who i know who come every year to the berlin allah. and they told me they're not coming this year. they just think it's too risky. and
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with that in mind, are we expecting any big names on the red carpets this february? well, as berlin announced it's, it's, it's line up and there are a lot of stars in the films that they're going to be showing. so we've got a great line of when it comes to that. um you got people like oscar winner, british hoster owner, mark rylon. so as a new film, the outfit, a thriller where he plays a, a taylor who takes on the mob. you've got the italian star h r gentle, her new film, a horror movie black glasses directed by her dad, the legendary italian horror, maestro dario, a gentle, that'll have its premier in berlin. you got you the, the notion of my favorites, and she'll be in both sides of the blade, which is in competition world premiere in berlin, charlotte against book, another french star, will be in the passengers of the night, also a world premiere in berlin. and then one of your favorites and mine, emma thompson. oh, your new film, a comedy, a good? yes. good luck. good luck to you, lee. oh, grand. it's also going to be coming to berlin. so lots of stars on screen in berlin
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that you hear. it still remains to be seen though, how many of those will end up on the red carpet in the berlin are about 20 seconds . scott, what will be the stand out film this year? well, political thumbs are always begun. berlin, so take a close look at the new film for andreas trays than he sort of berlin's, a germans ken loach. i'm his new film is a look at the battle by a german, a turkish housewife. to free her son from guantanamo bay. a true story, very strongly political story, i think back to be a big container this year for the lee road. we're definitely watching for it's got rock spur of the w cultures. got as always, thank you. and the day is always done the conversation that continues online. you'll find us on twitter either w news. you can follow me on twitter at brent golf tv. every member, whatever happens between now and then, tomorrow is another day. we'll see you then everybody
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ah, with ah, is germany addicted to china?
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d w richard walker explores germany's china dilemma at the dawn of a new political era. there is meant to be a new strategy, but the so called traffic light coalition is divided. the u. s. and other allies want germany to be much tougher. so what now can germany find a new way of dealing with china? next on d, w ah, the italian government just demolished this man's house. father used to be his father built it decades ago when the mafia was profiting off of the home and shortage. and more people here could soon find themselves homeless due to sources beyond their control. the mayor of castle deep into bay is trying to put a stop to this focus on europe. in 60 minutes on d, w. ah,
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