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tv   Focus on Europe - Spotlight on People  Deutsche Welle  January 20, 2022 8:30am-9:01am CET

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oh, the amount is increasing every year and many im gonna working on the lengthy thing . we weren't filling holiday destinations drowning in plastic waste. we. we line that at the cost every year. europe, exclusively 1000000 tons of plastic with the other way. after all, the employment isn't to recyclable. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah, ah, ah.
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hello and welcome to focus on europe. we saw today's program with a woman who's a fighter, and a champion for women's rights set up had them is a boxer, she currently lives and trains in france. and her dream was to have success on the international stage. a dream that is not possible in her home of her ran women have a long been effectively bound from boxing, which is considered especially a modest well since the islamic revolution. more than 40 years ago. women's rights have been strictly curtailed by the regime eventually set up, found herself forced to choose between a risking arrest in iran and leaving her homeland the price for her decision, a life in exile. her prize is a life, lived in freedom. every punch strength blew for freedom. each morning, rhenium boxers, the door for them puts her heart and soul to training here. boy on and western
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france, her home for the past 2 years. in iran, she had to hate her passion for boxing. the islamic revolution regards didn't like the sport. she says it's too revealing. to american. oh, it's handsome man. i transformed my home into a gym and trained there. it was resolved from a level in iran, only 2 lives in one at home in v and another in public. in vi ship, who said after part in the competition in france, which he prepared for secretly and ran. an iranian boxing coach for men arranged the fight and said that one. 0, it was an incredible achievement. a tv station, even broadcast images from the mash that could be seen in a ran. but shortly before her flight home said, ask her to warrant,
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had been issued for her rest. she changed her plans and stayed in france. a low port. lamont in o napa lab books. so the problem was that i wasn't allowed to bucks in iran. ha ha. but i didn't want to box it secretly. activity, i'm not a thief. so bucks in is just as brought to not to criminal activity mod i left a run for boxing. out of principle paula book says a solid classic a coach of the french boxing club. and coin took staff under his wing. he was touched by her story and hoped that she would win titles for his club. oh, i shall be in the ring. saddam has a fury. few women have lost her path has been tough in jail. so she's a force to be reckoned with. of goddamn, oh, plato may look the people of leanne supported saddam. she found work in the town
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hall, an apartment and friends, still is not just islamist extremis. he frowned on women boxing some older folks in france due to your school. it's not a sport for women. that's all bob, bob. yeah, it's not a good idea. it's a bit too violent for women of unit boy, but many young muslims think it's great that said f boxes bigger than that big new us. so i will will like that as a role model for us. she gets us more self confidence for our own plans. you. i'm happy to see women fight for her rights like that. well, it's incredible. the found quite a while. it's like with soccer, it used to be a boy sport, but now girls play at 2 good exam times. there isn't any better than the guys fault . go to thought that she was of the book said, ask me, enjoy a lot of support for her decision has cost her dearly. she's only seen her family
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once in the past 2 years. when they met up in turkey. when her mother died of who was 19 in october to daph, couldn't attend the funeral and around my man, n n a. my mother was a crowd of me. the wall, ma'am, but she didn't ended up having enough time to see my woo live in a wal mart new venue. v said asked, lives in exxon is the price she's had to pay to box more and more people admire and look up to her and instagram even in iran. but that makes the prospect of returning home all the more on realistic over the entities because she'd be taking and, and know miss raskin. even though it's very unclear what repercussions there would be. a number of people considered agitators been arrested and we don't know what
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became of some of them while others ended up getting whip to pull do it. it's quite arbitrary which makes it all the more concerning kit dot or prison kittle said after cited not to let the iranian regime get to retire. even as a living in exile sometimes pushes her to her limits. nicu debbie was on the phone as soon as i entered the gym. i can breathe easy sir. i'm it's my home. you don't in the ring. i dont know, but i want to do it in life. is right here, failed on my v. c. c. c. no sir, daf is fighting to take part in the 2024 olympic games in paris, possibly representing her new home country of france. the camera is one of the largest criminal organizations in europe and the center of its power is in naples, italy, for decades. it also control the town of castle deeper and cheap bay,
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and like so much else the construction industry, there was also in the hands of the mafia. over the years, countless buildings were erected with a nod from the camera, including the homes of ordinary families. one of those houses belong to fabulous dabilla, but now of the authorities say it was illegal and demolished it a bitter reality for fabio and others feared their homes could be next. from above. causality, plain cheap a may look like a normal town. but whenever fabulous dabilla comes to his old neighbourhood, it awakens painful memories. the ruins of demolished houses bring to mind his own fate. whether it's a friend's house or his family's his home, where his parents, siblings, and their 4 children used to live, stood behind this fence. but a few months ago, excavator is rolled up on orders from the public prosecutor's office.
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we'll start on september. second, the government destroyed our lives. one of my brother's in his report, children though live in socializing all kinds of the love in the apartment of his peers. morgan died recently, hoody by other brothers renting a flat, your doctor, and i'm living with my parents at her grandmothers. either be democrat, you know, now their home ended up being torn down because fabulous. fabulous father had built it without a permit over 20 years prior. the town didn't even have an official urban development plan until 2006. so building permits were rare. each of your more one rather was when we bought this property, could you go, we wouldn't hold, we could build here for you. then after we started digging our watch, the authority stopped us edge on the letter a few months. my father talked to the local government at the time, figure it out and asked if construction could resume it this year. what he gave him permission resort seem to just be sure to finish the house event and move into it was through either or partially let us build a new jew. neither tearing it all down again. i can't be right. when i see this,
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it hears me up and say, cool, what exquisite and they are not alone. the entire district was built from scratch illegally. the streets often don't exist and the official plans because the camera even had control over the town hall for decades until anti mafia activists at a nato natalie became mayor of cause out of the brain g bay. in 2014. we study as dies that this area was in the hands of a criminal to try to provide for 40 years. rather was it well that the mafia possibly and all made the rule w, spit out that it will. there were no other law. those did a lot of 3. if someone wanted to build a high visiting of we couldn't rely on a single legal regulation. mac. we believe that they'd only turn the camera dondo and the matthews, he would say built chiming door because the more concrete was poured on the walls built. the more the matthew earhart, if you saw default like
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a motor the we're pulling the strings. yes. of the whole construction 2nd, her hourly that she go, that germaine dog. the public prosecutor's office has ordered 1300 houses to be demolished in causality. but she pay alone and over $200000.00 throughout company, this incendiary decision could cost thousands of people, their homes. but olga mighty nano and domenico, i suppose ito, are fighting back with their group gossip. mia or my house lucia more been assigned to this association to protect the loans we built for ourselves and our children and moved pretty much. they've been organizing protests for months and now count over 3000 members among their ranks, bori auto thought book where the girl and omega colon, any one living in a house set to be demolished, to demonstrate with as in front of the parliament in room. oh, why aren't they tearing down houses built by speculators. are, are the cameras work director only every day people's homes are being destroyed
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like oh, so the government ought to be ashamed of itself or how it is treating us. go learn those. you know, you go down, we go over, you got on the la garza danishes cba nice homes like these must not be demolished kamesha the movie. we want the government to sit down with us out and figure out an acceptable solution because the biggest winters will be the come order. who will seek to come to the rescue of residents in need by law, the spirit people in such dire straits. a very desperate alonda easy pray for the camera about them overlap because it, i hope the situation can lead them to make desperate decisions. ashby, dog and so the mayor has taken the activists side. it would cost his municipality alone, $35000000.00 euros to tear down the illegally constructed homes. and the local government doesn't have that kind of money. it visually bits out of that of the rhetoric, but it, you know, put, instead of demolishing these blundering, this
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a feeling should be handed over to the governor of levy converted into social housing ocoee for me that way we could help any one and need our help english from all the analysts read, spirit demolition, cos she bought while an provide extra revenue from ran for dickie boy all opening the v dollar blending gorgeous zullie media without a de la deliveries or say, but it may take a while for the government to put this proposal into action. in the meantime, excavators continue to tear down illegally constructed houses like fabio stubby lace and his neighbors. and not just in casado the blanche bay. let's talk about sex all to off in the topic of sex. among people with disabilities is still a taboo, and germany is no exception. but people with these disabilities also need love and intimacy, even though that's not always supported by care, homes are their own families. take lashona man and lars novak both have down syndrome and have been a couple for years. they live in a group home near the german city of hanover, which takes
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a different approach. that facility believes that everyone should have the chance to find intimacy in a way that suits them at around 230 most afternoon. tickler should have been sent, so were you heading over there to pick him up? madame then we're gonna come back here to close on her way to pick up her partner lars, nevada. both are in their mid fifty's and live in a group home for people with intellectual disabilities is operated by the nonprofit organization. leevins hilfa, around 100 people. if you're in cheer departments, some need more help than others. so caregivers are present to rent the clock. just in case in many such facilities, lars and tickler you wouldn't be able to live as a couple a day. but here it's just a part of ordinary life business. we're engaged rather job for 20 years
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already. well, 1st 20 years we've been engaged in they've known each other since they were kids. yeah. hello. good. that's right. or via by we to her and me did when i think of adam and eve of that they were also a pair rhythm. images of that all they were a couple with down syndrome relationships like there's are a natural part of everyday life at this facility. the homes managing director trust the residents to the site for themselves. what kinds of relationships they want or don't want to have. i'm a little always know you got measurements. every person wants relationships with me . every one desires, closeness stick. well, i think that's part of every human being would be disabled or not even mentioned to them. the info konstantin clues was hit by a car when he was 10 and has been left disabled ever since even me. now he's 32
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years old order and is often bored when he longs for a partner. support worker murray helps him look for a girlfriend on a dating portal for people with disabilities. oh yeah, i flow. think i want to have 6 were there as well. am or and doth does is if yo who monday human li. ok, penis. penis ha, good. good. 10, then today i'd like you to talk about the genitals of men and women of one moment how the sex and love group meets once a month. they discuss sexuality openly. a new question is to do, for instance, how does masturbation work? is one of the most popular groups here. doesn't look over there is what happiness looks like. okay. have you ever seen one 0, in real life as sama oh yes i have seen one. okay.
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lackland lars regularly go on holiday together. log and spend the night together there too. well oh there we slept together. oh bother. love gave the 2 of us you it was good but we broke the bed. i yeah the bed collapse. oh collapse. oh oh larissa, you're good still, it's important that any physical intimacy be consensual and respect with armand, every one can sleep where they want to go. as long as the host is in agreement, how are you? what's wrong and for some of it isn't something that we negotiate in the office or a common room or something. dana go shade amongst themselves. 400, you and on another one here has ohio. hm is abena roof and how was the lives in the group home and her partner helmet hammond. i also benefit from this policy. yeah.
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everything. okay. yes. i really enjoy their lives together today, but they're visiting the zoom in hanover when she was younger. debina thought about having children of her own and another, but people repeatedly told her she shouldn't. it, did i have a disability, honey? my, my sister said it wouldn't be good up. word is i can't read or write can easily. i couldn't teach the child anything. i like i'm a bit sad. yes. miss leah, you can't always choose a minute. oh, soon. yeah. to accept things as they are. yeah. or it's also ok without a child. it's even more important for sabina that she has helmet and levens hill for help, sir. fulfill her wish for love and intimacy. heavy
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are a delicacy made from fish row. a kilo of it can fetch more than 2000 euros, making female sturgeon's a lucrative catch. but the fish are already threatened by extinction. in some european areas with large sturgeon populations like romania has done, new delta fishing and selling wild sturgeon is banned, but the lure of a big payday continues to attract poachers. authorities are casting their nets wide to catch the perpetrators just like fishing. their success is sometimes also a matter of luck. godly edmond, you who and his partner are on the lookout for fish poachers. they come across a suspicious jetty, well, hidden in a back water. poachers used places like this to prepare their illegal cash for transport. gabrielle says, the danube delta is riddled with thousands of such jetties. most every one here is a fisher and a potential poacher will study this is likely
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a set up for regular fishermen. they'll come back here after they've been out and hang up their nets. nobody's here. what a good their hunt for poachers is going to get more frustrating before the day is out. this is what thereafter. and illegal hall found during a raid a few weeks before. 22 kilos of caviar. sturgeon eggs stashed away in sports bags. worth some 2 and a half 1000 euros on the black market. per kilo to maximize the take. the poachers catch the big female sturgeon and kill them. the scene of this crime is the danube delta on romanian coast where the river empties into the black sea through a vast network of channels. along with rare plants and birds, the world's largest species of sturgeon is found here. what few remain of them catching them has been prohibited for years about 80 kilometers inland to the west
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. sturgeon farms present, an alternative to decimating the last wild sturgeon's in europe. marty lina, mountain yano breeds hundreds of female sturgeon. the females can be artificially inseminated, so they produce ro, or caviar, or one open hygiene sam. oh, it's all done according to strict animal welfare regulations. mountie lane now shows us female sturgeon, who's eggs are ready for harvest. she earns $230.00 euros per kilo for her caviar, hardly enough to right, even after 9 years of farming. she's angered by the unfair competition from poachers. yoke. i suppose i put she had to take the whole fish. he doesn't pay a thing when he does cost his math and takes his badge and anchor. the caveat was up and got huge over the heads here on behalf of the many years i've been feeding the fish. i pay power bills and passing. now, coaches seem none of that. i'm going to flip back to the police boat in the danube
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delta. the 2 officers have come across a fishing boat and thought it is gabrielle asked, the fisherman if he ever accidentally catches sturgeon and his net. the fisherman is evasive when gabrielle asks again, the fisherman just shows him his permits and licenses get a chance to look over. the police have nothing on these fishermen. their papers are all in order even so nobody is to be trusted here. the poachers can be very slippery, cellphone videos of recent missions, time and again, the police come across a legal nets with mash, so find that even smallest urgent, get caught in them. often they die agonizing deaths. gabriella says, this rescue effort shows how hard it can be to get them untangled. this beluga sturgeon, the largest species, is some 3 meters long and weighs 800 kilos. the police struggle to save it for over
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an hour with really bad. about 2 kilometers away from the sea is found to giga, a fishing port that can only be reached by boat for years. the town lived from caviar exports. since sturgeon fishing was ban, the fishermen have struggled. now. they ferry tourists around. no one here wants to talk about poaching. they say there's been no compensation nor aid programs. they still go out fishing, says miguel effie mav, but they don't touch the stir. fishing is as much a part of his life as the rock music playing on his tourist vote. he feels the band targets the wrong people. not go to college or healing. he wants to get caught, or those guilty of only minor violations. not a prop, for example, a grandpa truce 2 nets in the water, but it's not allowed. we watch it. he gets charged. it is alyssa jill sent a video or other shampoo fish by the ton, basically wherever they wish it has a particular are never called me
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a beacon to them back on the delta police boat. the patrol is over and didn't turn up anything suspicious this time. but all too often the professional poachers are too slick for them. gabrielle admits they warn one another by radio and their boats are generally faster to you as if you're living. of course, i'm disappointed all a day. we don't achieve. our goal is a day lost. she will also mountain will be back, would answer to the poachers who better watch out for us, for sure on. so did you miss the foot of ah, gaudy n says the delta always gives him new strength, and he remembers the old police saying, the poachers may have gotten away 10 times, but next time we'll catch them. well caviar is not among the dishes you'll find on the menu at nicholas friar's restaurant in the town of chester and north eastern england. when the british chef
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turned at reagan a few years ago. he and his team made a choice to offer their customers a plan based menu. now the chef is getting the star treatment for his culinary excellence and his sustainable business model. i took the nearly 2000 year old city walls of chester is a very modern epicurean experience. pharma alice leads to live as fruit and vegetables straight from the field to nicholas bryan. start restaurant heifer. what sets his casino part is? it's exclusively b. again, i stopped eating, processed meat, specialty dairy. i just figured they do something we could transpose, i was the general public as a bit of a unique selling point. rarely, i'm really about the quality of the produce rosalyn, curtain things out his e by ways kitchen ames to create less, refuse and recycle the rest. all his projects is free of packaging and organic waste. go straight into the combustor. i then take it back with me and then it goes
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back onto well on to the beds basically say with the next lot of projects will be grown in the same come past tomorrow's. all right, so this closed loop system and they're highly sustainable cuisine. nicholas and his teeth were a wooded one, green michelin star event. a lot. every new business is, is, is a, is a to 1st years the. but obviously with all was busy and each product it was so nice to get the recognition for the hardware that we pointed out. it's kind of allowed us to push on to that next level. now to try and achieve more hungarian language top to with value the lentils. mushroom results i with elderberries. and to finish as she talk a mushroom with apple and cold robbie rebel odds. i think being a bit of a bad rap. i thought being blonde counterfeit. but i think place like the show that it's not just by it's it can be incredible by come from manchester. normally it's 5 big thing. they're like much terry and weakness. i'm. so i quite got to this sort of branching out new england stars a due to be awarded in britain soon getting
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a green one is a great start that nicholas on his vague and restaurant aiming for a regular mission star to plenty of food for thought. thank you so much for watching this addition of focus on europe. if you want, you can watch more of our stories on our website at d, w dot com. you can also get in touch with us on twitter and let us know your thoughts. join us again next time, bye for now. mm. with ah, ah, with
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into the conflict with sebastian when it comes to the nuclear talks between
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iran and the international community. no country is watching as closely as israel this week, comp exam talks to the former israeli defense minister marcia. yeah. alon, who slammed for 2015. you pay agreement as an historic mistake conflict with 30 minutes on d. w. b. welcome to the dark side where organized crime sets the tone video is garnished on the moon. if we don't make any effort to understand and shed light on the system, we won't be able to effectively fight. it came from the global gangster in 75 minutes. spondee w. oh
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no. jenny, tim. woody but um, white it is, you know, i mean nina manadis in glen. yes. monica. yep. on coast i can promise you that goes over my dads cynical. mia homei seen us all over time, but i didn't i didn't get money that i'm winning. ready this, you know, i mean, nino monotonous incline you wedincamp wonky sentiment in and out is what am for concerning the pseudo but i'm one, what in, what can i sit on up? what is a term it's, you know, i mean nino minorities incline you jenika, monique, i put on one mi nombre and unanimous. he shook it. oh, okay. says he, for that he has it, is it a she runs canada go and he said, but i got kona martine funding went up by mackenzie case as eva sas it
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ah, ah ah, ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin, the u. s. secretary of state arrives in berlin for crisis talk.


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