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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 20, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm CET

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why supply for market dominance? this is wes, get us ahead with the w business beyond on you to ah ah ah, this is the w news line from by letting the united states promise is
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a swift and severe response. if russia invades ukraine, after meeting with foreign ministers from germany, france and britain, u. s. secretary of state, and to me, plain can says western allies are united. lisa had a crisis, talk to the russian foreign minister. also on the program. former pope better take the 16th is heavily criticized and then use sexual abuse report as a german archbishop in the 1980s he's accused of failing to act despite being told about all cases of abuse. and that's the 1st humanitarian aid flights reached tonka images from the capital of reveal the scale of the devastation master volcanic eruption. and so nami, cut off the pacific island nation from the rest of the world last week. ah, i'm so gale. welcome to the program. the secretary of state has been here in berlin
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for talks with allies about containing the perceived threat of a russian invasion of ukraine. antony blinkin met with german foreign minister, anna lena bear, bock, and british and french counterparts. after a stopping cure of yesterday, mister blinkin will end his tour to morrow in geneva, where he's due to me, russian foreign minister, sir gay, laughed ralph. this meeting is widely viewed as one of the last attempts to stop rush and launching an attack on may bring you crate. or mr. lincoln said he and other european leaders were on the same page and looking for a peaceful solution to the conflict. our collective a, the goal that we share was to seek a diplomatic path to deescalate tensions caused by russia's massing of troops along against borders. to deter and prevent further russian invasion or disabled as ation of ukraine. and to address legitimate security concerns put forward by russia
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by the united states, by europe, through dialogue. not through regression and german foreign minister and amena burbock emphasize the importance of unity on this issue. in as i get is only 3 at stake is nothing less than piece in europe. it's existential for us. that's why we have no choice, but to stand up for it unwaveringly and to defend it with a protective shield shortly. and thus applies. even if that would have economic consequences for us and he's a mass man for on said the chess lizzie, klondike, vincent happens, i can organ trutina speaks on foreign policy in the arg german poet parliament for the same party as adelina burbock. the greens are welcome to d w. such a t i will russia be deterred by these dick declarations of unity that we've been hearing from western capitals over the last few weeks. i think the massive from
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this meeting was not a need that the u. s. the your opinion and u. k, i united it, the message is also that there will be no solution. and that was putins idea that a deal between russia and the u. s. could organize the security in europe. european security. there is a strong participation by the europeans and i think this message is clearly impressive. graft on to good preparation for. ringback the meeting of our company bring can interrogate elaborate of tomorrow in geneva. you say it's clearly impressive to russia. what makes you say about what gives you any indication that russia has been even slightly moved by these words, which you would expect to hear? it's not words. russia is learning that violating the
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territorial integrity of ukraine will have massive consequences, not a one on 2 projects, but on the whole bunch. the whole bunch of political and economic relations between russia and especially europe. it's not the case that we have the single part of dependency. yes, there are dependencies, but those dependencies on both sides. the russian economic model. yeah, even the russian model a ruling is based on the export of resources. and if they all go on that way, all these relation are questions. all right, let me just. so let's get solid on this. you say that it's not just words. you say
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that there's a whole bunch of economic pain there for russia. if it makes these moves, name 3 things that will cause russia to suffer. if they go ahead because everyone talks about economic sanctions, but no one will specify what they will be name. but if you would ask hooted, please know as your next 3 steps or gave me said, you know what the western response will be? you wouldn't get an answer that has a simple reason. because of who opened his instruments, how the box of instruments, who disclosures his own red lines provokes to test does wrote red lines. and that's the reason why the collective answer united on to insight night tell entire european union is it will be severe economic and
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political consequences. and there is nothing excluded in the regions between europe and russia. and this is the necessary message we sent to russia. this is what is part of the talks of lena barrack in moscow, and i'm convinced in the same manner and to me, lincoln, will i go tomorrow? and so what is russia's action against ukraine? fall short of a full scale military invasion? will this western unity disappear of allies then about the appropriate level of response? i understand that after the midst understand the remarks of joe biden, this question, or course, as i understood joe biden, he pointed to a simple fact that russia is still violating the territorial integrity of the ukraine by
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a hybrid war in eastern ukraine. but the message from the euro, the massive from the u. s. the master to native, the european union, it if you go on and if to escalate this, this will have massive consequences. i thank you for joining us. green party, foreign affairs folks. when you're going to teen. thank you very much. so sir, kraft carrying humanitarian aid to tongue has arrived. 5 days after the pacific island nation was hit by a volcanic eruption and soon ami, a cargo plane flown by the roll. new zealand air force was able to land after a comparative ash was cleared from the runway. now as basic communications begin to be restored, the world is getting a 1st impression of how badly tom was hit. these images provide a glimpse of the devastation left behind. this is tonya the biggest island tonga
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top who it escaped the worst of his saturday's volcanic eruption and su nami, which it was still badly hit and all around. there is a blanket of volcanic ash cash. my health were percussion, my comp was water. the effects would have on agriculture and the recovery of livestock and culture, possibly the ecosystem fish stocks. we have to have fish poison testing kits now to ensure that people's livelihoods and local food sources for, for consumption. the clean up has already started as tongue goods try to restore a sense of order knowing the outside world is struggling to get in to help
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but help is finally beginning to arrive. this australian 8 flight is the 1st to land in tonga. both new zealand and australia are using their naval ships, as well as their air forces to bring in aid as quickly as possible. despite the difficult logistics, the priorities from b, r, tollen government or what we're really working to primarily in the 1st uses, the provision of clean water that that's the key priority that the autonomy government has asked for. no range of our other stores from shelter. now, further communications equipment and the like to make sure that we are, can start to search so different and for tongue in that age effort can't begin soon enough. as this nation made up of around 170 islands,
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tries to start rebuilding its life. let's take a look at source taurus of making news around the world. no, we do in mass murder and as bravery has arrived in court for the final day of his parole hearing, god will decide whether he should be released on parole after spending woman a decade behind bars. right wing extremists killed 77 people and wounded dozens more in noise. worst piece time atrocity in 2011 is serving the countries a maximum 21 year centers. at least 29 people have been killed in a stampede. in liberia's capital monrovia, many of them are what children large crowds gathered for a christian prayer service on wednesday evening. local media report that robbers with knives and michelle is attack worshippers, and this may have caused the stumpy pentagon has released a video footage of a box to us drone striking couple that killed 10 civilians. as us trips were withdrawing from afghanistan. the target of the strike was an extremist to
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u. s. military thought was about to detonate a bomb near cobbled airport in later admitted the strike was a mistake. former pope benedict. the 16th has been accused of failing to take action in for child abuse cases in germany. and your report as for the former head of the catholic church, covered up clerical, sexual abuse between 1977 and 982. and he was con you, joseph rat, singer archbishop, of munich and pricing. one of the most prominent cases involved a priest known as peter h. in 1980, the priest was transferred to the munich archdiocese where he continued to abuse children. the report was commissioned by the catholic church but carried out by german law firm, and is highly critical of the former pope's actions. in a total of 4 cases, we've concluded that then archbishop cardinal glancing it is to be accused of misconduct in cases of sexual abuse. material catch is the head of the organization,
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aggregate tish, or square table, which represents people affected by sexual abuse in the catholic church. welcome to d w. let's start with your response to today's report. i think it was a shaking moment for the whole church, not only the church and diarrhea, and in germany because the world wide abuse scandal which has evolved in the last 30 years or so. has finally reached the, the head of the parameter it with the pope, the former pope benedict. so this is her. yeah. very special moment. but besides the cases mentioned in your report, we have 500 other victims alone in the city and the diocese of a munich. it names the pope in this report find the pope the pope was was or it was
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an archbishop. high level catholics have been named before. is it just because such a big name has been reveal that you think this is this is a momentous occasion or do you actually see this changing anything? when he was catched with ally, there was a whole building of lies covering the as you permit my, my wording to benedict since 2010 when the scanner for the 1st time you both here in germany. and now we know it was all a big lie. you knew about the perpetrator about peter age. and he personally is responsible that about 20 other boys were abused. after, after the decision he made to adopt this priest as one of his priest in
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his diocese and give him responsibilities. so i think this is a very special moment and we have to ask cutting on mike, for example, who was in charge 10 years ago or 12 years ago when this was the 1st time reported and everyone tried to protect the dead. pope benedict. what was he doing? maybe? oh, i'm quite sure he is responsible of having organized the cover operator. so i really, this is the shaking moment for the catholic church and not only germany, but the world of this report in today's historic allegations was commissioned by the catholic church will be carried out by a german law firm. is the church now batter dealing with sexual abuse obligations? i know mean the lawyers we are quite clear. there is no reason to believe that anything in the fundamentals has changed since 2010.
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but we believe that they are, they have become better in training of lay people in a protection programs for children. but in terms of dealing with the victims and not protecting the perpetrators, it's still the same old system. so there are major changes are needed in the future . thank you so much for joining us, but use a catch from etiquette. tish, which supports people affected by sexual abuse in the catholic church. thank you. thank you for having me. a poland, his writing for a surgeon corona virus cases as it heads into a 5th wave. government forecasts indicate this will peak in mid february at around 60000 new cases a day. but a significant percentage of poles are still unvaccinated, only 56.5 percent of had 2 doses and only 23 percent of had booster shots. the w correspondent, jack park reports from a hospital in krakow,
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which is preparing for its beds to fill again. on ventilators fighting for their lives. none of the 20 people on this coven, 19 ward at krakow university hospital of vaccinated. greg, which she has just been admitted to. the ward says he was scared. the vaccine would effect another medical condition he has. but rather than have a junior shipper got one of them, which convict until now i didn't know how to vaccine would affect me. but anyway, i'm not an anti bacterial device because the question is now from my doctor how long after leaving the hospital can i be vaccinated? she isn't on the mortgage. the switch. right now, the case load here is manageable, but they're bracing as infection numbers in poland. surge, and my frustrated that people are not getting vaccinated. frustration is a difficult turn to to define. i just wish people trusted her medical experts more
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weak and weary. the staff try to get the patients moving again. up to half of the patience on this road will end up needing intensive care support. it's so frequent that the staff here at crackles university hospital has set up special pathways that go underground straight from this ward to the i see you doctors here say currently around a 5th of the people admitted with cove. it don't make it out of the hospital when i remember our 1st wave, we hat most sleep, very other people and a lot of them in thank it. died at to day. age of patients is different. we have patients who are 4050 years old. there's an ongoing discussion in poland about whether the reluctance to be vaccinated comes from longstanding, lack of confidence in public institutions, a hangover from the communist era, or whether the government's information campaign around the jobs was insufficient.
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only 56.5 percent of polls are vaccinated with 2 doses. and it wasn't hard to find people on the streets of krakow, who hadn't had it back to shark, whatever vaccinated people also get the virus and they are spreading the virus to left and carrying and suffering at the place where i was working. everyone who was vaccinated got severely ill, me, and was it vaccinated, and i never got sick and i in your kind of, i mean, forgive him so, so, so, so, but i don't know what to say about vaccines because i'm not vaccinated. is there something new in the world and i don't know what the side effects might be available. some are normalization, not the gulf, the steel production company, arsenal, metal, poland, is offering its 10000 employees. a bonus of just over 400 euros. if they prove they're fully vaccinated, they say it's getting results. the response has, has been overwhelming because the program has only introduced on the 21st of
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december last year. and in the 1st 3 weeks, we received as many as 4 and a half 1000 applications. so it means that 4 and a half 1000 of our employees have been vaccinated. while private initiatives like that might have a local effects. increasing vaccination rates needs a nationwide effort. poland has passed the unwelcome milestone of a $100000.00 covey deaths and with the low vaccine take up. and with the 5th wave looming, hospitals like this one worn, the number of deaths will spike again. canadian american billina has sparked outrage after saying nobody cares about human rights abuses against the week of minority in china. shamartha palate here. pretty patio. i made the comments in the podcast this week. united nations for there's about a 1000000 weeks of being forcibly detained any time at camps in china. young john region, there have been reports of torture rank for sterilization of forced labor,
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which the us in human rights groups have labeled genocide. beijing denies the obligations and says these are training camps. so here's some of what to shamartha . probably help out here said about the plight of china's week of williams. i. nobody cares about what's happening 2 weeks. ok you were you bring it up because you were liar and i think what do you mean? i don't care. the rest of us don't care. i'm just, you're very hard. your verizon. i don't care. i'm telling you a very hard, ugly truth. ok of all the things that i care about. yes, it is below my line. ok home. all the things that i care about it is below my line . disappointing. well, let's get more on this story from my d. w reporter i because half a so welcome, abby. so lots of outraged reaction as you'd expect to online. and now that the usaa national basketball association got involved. yes, you say plenty of outrage discussed online and that's for the golden state warriors to respond because he's a minority investor in the team. and they said in a statement, he's a limited investor who has no day to day operating functions with the warriors. and
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he does not speak on behalf of our franchise, and so they're certainly distancing themselves from him and his comment. and we've also heard from n as canter freedom. he plays for the boston celtics, and he's been outspoken human rights issues around the world in the past. and he's also, you know, gone after a beijing and he tweeted when the n b a says we stand for justice, don't forget, there are those who sell their soul for money. and he added when genocides happen, it is people like this that let it happen. so he certainly doesn't feel that the league has done enough to po, back on bathing and some of the years. and you fell. may remember that back in 2019 . there was quite a firestorm when an n b. a exact tweeted 7 words on twitter in support. of the demonstrators in hong kong, and that ignited quite a firestorm in beijing. cctv chinese state media responded very quickly, be banned all and be a be games for one year trying to hit the league in the wall where it hurts. and china, of course, is a massive market for the n b a of course. and we talk about this quite a bit,
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particularly here in germany, how to engage with china economically, without turning the other cheek when it comes to human rights. ok. what about response from members of the week community? so earlier today i spoke with a representative at the world, we're congress and she told me, you know, she was thankful for the online outrage. the dish shows that people do care even if he doesn't, but people recognize the plight of her people and that if people care that means their governments, their democratically elected leaders, are going to be forced to care as well. her name is the murat by arkin, and she specifically talked about beijing and the condemnation. the international organizations are governments can potentially put towards beijing and why beijing cares about this. and why that matters. let's have listen for our communities extremely. it's extremely meaningful. and also the chinese government cares about what's happening, you know, from the reaction that they're getting from the international community. they don't care because otherwise, why would they tried to suppress distance?
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why would they try to silence to this abroad? why would they try to harass our families using, you know, hostage pharmacy and all these things? so i think that between government cares about this and the people care. and our community definitely cares also is arc and pointing out there that beijing doesn't appreciate any shreds of criticism. that naming and shaming does work to help hold authoritarian governments to account. and you know, potentially leads to legislation as while the united states is already called as a genocide. and back in december, congress passed the weaker forced labor prevention act. this prohibits any goods that were produced in northwestern china from entering the us market. and of course you've heard about these diplomatic boycotts that are going to be staged by the u. s. the u. k. canada and australia with regard to the winter games that will be taking place in china next month. and she mentioned that, you know, to the weaker community these comments, these diplomatic protests, they may not seem like
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a big deal too much of the population elsewhere. but it matters a great deal to them that it sends a message to beijing that when a genocide is unfolding, the world is not looking away. phil, thank you for that. we could have some sanity served, discovered a pristine coral reef off the coast of to haiti in recent years. most of the news about coral has been about his degradation due to climate change. the group of french scientists has discovered a 3 kilometer long reef of giant rose shaped corals between 30 on 120 meters below the surface water. this thought to be deep enough to protect the coral from the bleaching effect. so warming ocean currents, they looked like roses blooming under water over 35 meters below the ocean surface, running to depths of 70 metos. these giant quarter wreaths are growing in what marine biologists call a twilight zone to get enough light, but are shielded from damaged by human activity. it's just wonder for and what is
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very interesting is that the reef like this is part of the reef seems to, to go for ever dispatch of the reef runs for 3 kilometers. it is not bleached or diseased. and that's despite warming, ocean waters which have killed cold reap in many other places, kill even the fish on different lower diversity than the shallow race is different. it probably has different species of corals and fish than the shallow race export say this coral reef is safe for now, not forever and gives hope that there may be other untouched ecosystems out there. waiting to be found is reminder of our top stories at this hour. and i to states has promised us with an severe response if russia invites you,
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cried your secretary of state. and we've been conveyed the comments after meeting with foreign ministers from germany, france and britain invalid, who went on to say that the rest of its allies were united ahead of christ, talk with russia's partners in geneva tomorrow. coming up next to all the w. a news asia here. why this afghan mother wants her little girl to dress as a boy and how safety concerns? are you driving afghanistan's seats out of the country? responded j. we'll have those stories out more in just a moment and i'll be back on the top of the hour with mo. i'm good with
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the battle again. covalent. ah,
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the only clue variant is putting health care systems around the world to the test. vaccination campaigns are accelerating while restrictions are intensifying once again. but are these measures enough to stop the spread of omicron, fax data and reports? coven 19 special? in 60 minutes on d. w. ah devastating. how was this after our weekend? william awesome, of course, carried on the fact of climate change, i mean, felt worldwide before a station in the rain forest continued, carbon dioxide emissions have risen again. young people all over the world are committed to climate protection. what impact will because change doesn't happen on its own. make up your own mind. it. d. w. lead for mines
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with soccer is a sport of many colors and the children in this mountain village of them all. but can everyone be adorned with them regardless of gender? emma wears blue, the color of her favorite teen sexes. traditions prevent her from going to games on playing with an insurmountable obstacle balloon girl football on the peak that starts february 4th on d w. ah, this is did other news asia coming up to depth of amazon's women and minorities paid the price under poly bon roland.


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