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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 20, 2022 9:00pm-9:31pm CET

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ah, a with respect to, ah, ah, ah, this is the w news live from berlin tonight, the united states warrants of a quick and united response if russia invades ukraine. after crisis talks here in
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berlin with european allies, u. s. secretary of state antony blake and says the west is on the same page concerning russian aggression. if any russian military forces move across the ukrainian border and commit new acts of aggression against ukraine, that will be met with a swift, severe united response from the united states and our allies and partners. also coming up tonight, serious accusations against former pope benedict the 16th during his time, as german archbishop did, he know that children were being sexually abused. and did he choose to look the other way? plus record inflation in turkey that is, out of control. shops are hiking, their prices almost daily. is the government, they're making things better or worse. plus flying into the record books a 19 year old becomes the youngest woman to fly, so low around hello bullock at what propelled her to make the record setting
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journey. ah, lou, i bring gov to our viewers watching on p b. s in the united states into all of you around the world. it is good to have you with us on this thursday. america's top diplomat is in berlin to clean up and clear up any misunderstanding about western unity regarding russian aggression against ukraine. today you have secretary of state antony blink and met with german foreign minister on the lena bear bock and their british and french counterparts. the meeting of the quad group, as it's known, is meant to show a united front on the eve of a summit between blinking and russian. foreign minister, sergey leverett, make or break talks that could determine war or peace here in your the stakes are high. us secretary of state antony, blinking,
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landing in berlin to try and rally america's allies and prevent a war. unity is the main goal here, blinkin and his german, french, and british counterparts disgust the intense fears that russia may soon invade ukraine. they focus how to credibly deter moscow with warnings of what could follow even as were relentless in pursuing this diplomatic path. will continue to make very clear that if moscow chooses the path of further aggression, we will impose swift and massive cost. if what on was land thing, and that's who we urgently call on russia to take steps towards the escalation, you divide any further aggression would have serious consequences. see it. would it even the cons extensive not 15 but commenced by the u. s. president a day earlier have right questions about whether those consequences really do apply
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to any active aggression. russia will be held accountable. if it invades, it depends on what it does. it's one thing, it's richard, minored, corrosion, and then we end up having a fight about what to do and not do which cetera. but if they actually do what they're capable of doing with the force, the mask on the border, it is going to be a disaster for russia. the white house later try to clarify, insisting that the west would react come, what may. but the issue has highlighted questions over what level of aggression would trigger what kind of response the u. s. has made it clear that it would expect berlin to target the controversial node stream to pipeline which linked germany to russian gas. it's also worth noting that gas is not flowing through nordstrom to yet, which means that the pipeline is leverage for germany, the united states and our allies, not russia. for now though, there is another round of diplomacy coming up. antony blinkin will meet his russian
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counterpart in geneva on friday, saying as one of the last chances to find a way of avoiding war. if a morning i'm joined by jessica berlin, she's a u. s. political analyst who's based here in berlin, a familiar face here to our viewers. it's good to see you again. jessica. let's talk about where we are in this diplomatic sprint by antony blinkin. he was in key of yesterday here in berlin today. do you see a diplomatic way out of this crisis? at this point, the only way out of this crisis is their deterrence. anthony blinkin has already been pushing hard behind the scenes for germany to take a stronger stance against russia's aggression for the you to tow a stronger line. and now he's here in person to push that at the end of the day dialogue will not solve this issue. anthony lincoln, tomorrow is going to have to make perfectly clear to russia that the cost of invading ukraine will be higher. ok then the cost of invasion and if this does
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not happen, i fear that we will have to calculate with some sort of invasion or incursion year . the consequence is we hear a lot about that the u. s. has warned that it is going to be a disaster for russia if russia invade ukraine, but no one wants to spell out exactly what those consequences will be. why use their own? russia is one of the use largest trading partners. not only in energy, i mean trade between russia and the you in 2020 accounted for over a 170000000000 euros rushes, also germany's largest gas importer. so the economic cost to europe, to serious consequences for russia would also be dire. and this is why we haven't seen a clear line yet, but this is hopefully what secretary blinking, i'm is pushing for with the quad group. i'm and at the e u level to make sure that at least behind the scenes, that we agree on
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a price tag, that europe and germany are willing to pay economically, to preserve security and peace in europe. jessica, it was it. it was important for anthony blake and to stop here in berlin today to talk with the quad group. ugh, but there's, there are still some del, are the europeans really on the same page in the united states when it comes to what to do if russia does indeed invade ukraine? not yet. i'm even yesterday we saw from president my call in france proposing that the you should also open up a bilateral channel. i'm of dialogue with russia. this obviously did not help projects on the unity that the united states was hoping for. i'm also president biden's comments about a minor incursion, somehow potentially being acceptable to the united states. definitely did not help these kinds of gas and missteps, however, are hopefully what now,
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after the consequences we've been seen on how this weakens natives messaging. i'm hopefully now all nato member countries will tow the line tighter and tighten up because at this point in the crisis, every day matters and we need to show in europe a united fronts starting right now. otherwise, this could indeed play into the kremlin hands and leave us in a situation where they act before nato is in a position to presents a clear plan of response. your time is running out, we will be watching to see what happens tomorrow. at those talks in geneva. jessica berlin is always jessica. we appreciate your analysis. thank you. thanks, brent will at least 29 people have been killed. they stampeded liberia's capital monrovia, many of them children, wards, crowds had gathered for a christian prayer service on wednesday evening. witnesses say the stampede ensued after robbers with machetes began attacking worshippers. a pile of sous is all
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that is left. this is where hundreds of worshippers had gathered on wednesday evening. pray, attend to panic. in a local street, gang attacked them with knives and machetes. while while, while it were man said the attack stances at the entrance, when people were trying to leave the service. yeah, the laura, this is the moment people started to run on. if there is going, if there have been a, they are people. we're going all ready. christian prayer gatherings are popular among liberians, known as crusades. they provide comfort more than half of the population lives on less than $2.00 a day. president george way, i visited a local hospital to show support to the victim 15 people from the gathering where admitted here for their injuries ursa. he said that was
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a very sad day in their country and the tragedy he wanted to express his sympathy for all the families that lost their loved ones. we are has declared 3 days of morning and announced an investigation. earlier we spoke with a journalist in liberia and we asked her whether the attackers had been caught by police. so far, we understand it as one person who has invested with some knife and police a still came on the investigation. by the way, this is nothing. first time out of lubbers, criminal attacking piece for citizens to the point dad. even if he a friend of these guys. so some of them let the real gains have not yet been arrest equity sister campbell investigation wide. there was who was a quick critical list at
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a hospital about 15. somebody was more as to owner and medical attention when to police another seeking to act as i would in meetings and see how can be traced those responsible. and it was suspect, been the rest of the sofa. that was journalist to evelyn, seek be there in monrovia in liberia. let's take a close look now, some of the other stories that are making headlines around the world, an unknown number of people who died after a massive explosion near the town of bogus. so in western gonna police reported a huge glass after a mining vehicle carry explosives to a gold mine collided with a motorcycle videos posted on local media, which you see here show a large last area. police and pakistan say a blast in la whore has killed 3 people and injured more than 20 others. a spokesperson says a bomb was planted on a motorcycle and placed outside shops in a market. counter. terrorism and forensic teams are on site investigating the attack. no region mass murderer unders breville kaz arrived in court for the final
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day of his parole hearing. the court will decide whether he should be released on parole after spending more than a decade behind bars. the right wing extremists killed 77 people and wounded dozens more. back in 2011. it is norway's worst piece time atrocity. you've serving the countries maximum 21 year sentence. the 1st aircraft carrying humanitarian aid to tonga, has arrived. 5 days after the pacific island nation was devastated by a volcanic eruption and soon ami. a cargo plane formed by the royal new zealand air force was able to land after a carpet of ash was cleared from the runway. now as basic communication slowly begin to be restored. the world is getting your 1st impression of just how badly tonga was hit. these images provide a glimpse of the devastation left behind. this is tonya, the biggest island tongue,
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a top who it escaped the worst of his saturdays volcanic eruption and su nami, which it was still badly hit. and all around. there is a blanket of volcanic ash. the ash might have health where percussion, my car was wore to the effect that would have on agriculture and the recovery of livestock and culture, possibly the ecosystem fish socks. we have to have push poison testing. it's now to ensure that people's livelihoods and local food sources say for, for consumption. the clean up has already started as tongue gardens
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try to restore a sense of order. knowing the outside world is struggling to get in to help. but help is finally beginning to arrive. this australian 8 flight is the 1st to land in tonga, base new zealand and australia are using them. naval ships, as well as the air force is to bring in aid as quickly as possible. despite the difficult logistics, they priorities from b, r, tollen government, or what we're really working to primarily in the 1st s's, the provision of claim water, that that's the key priority that the autonomy governors ask for. no range of our other stores here from shelter. a further communications equipment and the like to make sure that we arkansas to search that effort and for tongue in that age effort can't begin soon enough. as this nation made up of around
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170 islands, tries to start rebuilding its life. damning accusations denied against former pope benedict. the 16th, the new report accuses him of failing to take action in for child sex abuse cases here in germany. now that in that report, it finds that he covered up clerical, sexual abuse. when he was cardinal joseph rat's younger archbishop of munich, the report identified almost 500 victims of abuse between 945 in 2019 in and around munich. turning a blind eye to sexual abuse. that was the definitive conclusion of a report published in germany on thursday commissioned by the catholic church. it accuses the form a pontiff of knowing about sexual abuses committed by priests. while he was
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archbishop of munich a post he held between 19771982. the report said the offending priests in bavaria during his tenure were conscious the kept in pastoral carols, visiting and supporting members of the community. the current archbishop of munich, comprising called the report, an indispensable building block in the healing process. if you know sure, appreciate it. i am shocked and ashamed for me having to begin the encounters with the victims of sexual abuse. have brought about a turning point where they have changed my navarro name and continue to change my perception of the church and ease of widely benedict who stood down from his rolling 2013 has denied the claims but the law is investigating what categorical
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he was aware in exquisite, in a total of 4 cases, we concluded that the then archbishop cardinal ruts singer is to be accused of misconduct in cases of sexual abuse. and those who represent victims say, the catholic church must do more. we believe on there they had become better and training of lay people are in a code of protection programs for children. but in terms of on dealing with the victims and not protecting of the perpetrators, it's still the same old system. benedict profit his resignation as pope ameritas last year. an offer declined by the current pontiff. but thursdays report is just the latest in a torrent of abuse claims that have come to light in recent years. further exposing the decades of hidden crimes committed by the catholic church
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with me in the studio now was martin gag. he's a religious affairs correspondent, martin. what was your response to today's report? well, i didn't think about my own reaction to be quite honest, but i think of the bad i can say that i had the 2 usual ones that i had over the last 20 years following this. and the last 10 really doing it in a professional, in a professional capacity, which is absolute shock. and then a sense of the job. i mean, so, you know, it's a sense of absolute outrage. i mean, the story is particularly brutal because you're talking about a 12 year old kid. i mean, they have, i have a child. so i see my child in the stories repeated over and over. and i, i not only cringe. i mean, i really just have nightmare at the same time. um and i realize the church has attempted, or at least i mean for the sake of public consumption. but it's very clear, very, very clear that this has simply not gone far enough yet. search in not police itself. you will you say deja blue. i mean we've heard cases like this reports of
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the amount time and time again. i'm thinking about what we heard from france last year is this wouldn't different in any way. well, it is, it is a former poll, and so i think that this is sort of the majorly france and this what a lot of people are sort of, you know, pointing out that the church was courageous enough to actually go for an investigation that could potentially implicate and ultimately did a former pope and sort of head leaving head of the church, former head of the church. so i think that that's meant to be the difference. the fact however, is that, you know, it's not that the previous cases where any list outrageous in this one. so the question to be asked here is not really, and i have said this today certain time, so forgive me, but it's not really just about redress. it's not really just about a pope having been in an arch vera shop position and not doing what he had to do a misconduct according to the to the, to the lawyers. but the question is, how do we prevent this happening in the future?
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and it is not clear that the church actually, he has cleaned up attacked so we don't know what is really happening in the water right now in the abuse victims. what expect other than, you know, getting an apology? well, apologies will of course come, because this has become men of the specialty of the church. i mean, the catholic church presents its apologies every time one of these questions, i think that the church, the crimes can not be undone and the kind of life's had been ruined to the extent they've been ruined. that will never be taken back. not only by the church, but as a society in some way, i have begun to think that we have become complicit in this by just sheer force of repetition with it down with it is we become outraged. and then we just let it kind of slide until the next that will become desensitized because i think it happens over and over and over again. i have to say that i think it's because it happens over and over. and i think because in some sense it's impossible really to cope with this. i mean, i had been reading this reports for the better part of 10 years. i don't wish this up on my words. and so i think that the question really is about who are we are
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society and what kind of things do we tolerate from the institutions in our midst? and you know, again, that the brutality of it is we're talking about children entrusted to the institution. yeah, that's exactly right to our religious affairs correspondent martin gac martin. as always, we appreciate your analysis even even if it is a dark story like this. thank you. you're welcome. we're target president, richard, ty, every other one is vowing to bring the soaring inflation in his country under control . he refuses to stop pressuring turkey central bank to keep cutting interest rates . the policy have sent the turkish lira into free fault. our correspondent julie hall reports tonight from istanbul for the m. n. g has to print new price stickers, mere eggs toilet paper. almost everything he sells in his small shopping is symbols . katy, katy street, has become more expensive again. normally does on it and you can take this pack of
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pastor for example, a year ago i sold it for 3.5 years now it costs more than twice as much. that's not normal. it's good manufacturers and wholesalers are hiking prices several times a month. and d m n g has to do the same. sometimes he says he is barely able to keep up on for another reason. i've been a shopkeeper for 10 years, but i have never seen anything like this right now. the wholesalers don't make a profit. i'm not making a profit, and the customers suffer to on the nobody winds, every one is losing a longer shronda all around the world. nations are grappling with rising inflation due to the corona, virus pandemic, entire energy costs. but the price spikes here in turkey have been exacerbated by a dramatic depreciation of the country's currency. the lira, according to official figures, inflation has sought to 36 percent. that's the highest rate in nearly 20 years. yet
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many think that even this i popping figure is an understatement. ruggedized for i think inflation is higher. everything got at least twice or 3 times as expensive, which with electric charged with us. we know exactly what we are paying at the supermarket. i think it's 50 percent or more. i'll fly now. now i've been running around for 2 hours trying to find cheap bread. i think we're seeing 100 percent inflation right now. garbage, riverside, on social media to anger about the price explosion is growing. this twitter account with more than 100000 followers, is called inflation diary users, post photos showing changing price tags in grocery stores. i also use the shallow president, reggie of ty, about once economic policies have so far been unsuccessful, was incurred. nevertheless, he says he is convinced that prices will soon fall, ugly, ugly, not very economist, good m,
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utter by disagrees. she projects that inflation will likely rise further eroding incomes and savings. you started from what is that? towards the end of the 1st quarter, we will see inflation rates of 50 to 60 percent. the real problem is that president ad one thinks he is the chief economist here in the country. and every one else doesn't know anything that will only change with an election and a new government to embellish her senior to the next elections in turkey. aren't officially due until 2023 shop owner for the m n. g does not know what will happen in the mean time, but he knows one thing for sure. the next price hike will definitely come women account for just 5 percent of commercial airline pilots. they're under represented science, technology, engineering, and mathematics as well. one belgian british teenager has made her mission to change his calculus by flying around the world and bagging
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a couple of world records. while she said there was no cabin crew on board to prepare for this landing. at 19 year old daughter weatherford touched a new belgium. she became the youngest woman in history to fly solo around the world. and the youngest person to do so, you know, micro likes aircraft a heroes. welcome, a way to turn. i really have it's a visa, it's been a crazy trip to 5 months long, and even it's lost both pretty tricky. so even yeah, it's been a challenge the whole way through rutherford's around the world, right? spend 5 continents and covered 52000 kilometers. she raised money through sponsorship, and often stayed with host families. zara shared the highs and lows of her adventure on line. the trip took much longer than expected, and there were moments of turbulence. the right now my v russian visa has just
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expired. so i'm actually not allowed to get into the country, which is frustrating culture. is it that way? oh, no. allowed to get to places because they don't like blandly flying around from are you on the ground? that is the 1st little bit, it was fine and then suddenly the closet getting low and low. think at the i one point i was at 600 feet of the ation, which was pretty scary. beyond breaking records, zera had a bigger mission, meeting locals and giving talks along the way. she tried to inspire other girls and young women to get involved in aviation science and technology. back on belgian soil that work continues growing up. many of the other female pilots, some kind of hoping to be a friend of yeah, i'm going to amazing messages from both girls and women to saying that they floated flying up to see what i've been doing, which are legal, your, to your mission. i think so. i think i like to think it was an emotional were union for czar his mother, beatrice. besides,
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there were some nail biting moments. this is no risk. she is breaking records after all but. but i was very confident in skills and her experience and also in the team the whole team behind. and that when we get to the safe spot, barely out of high school, or rather for inclined to keep her feet on solid ground for no apply for university . but she hopes her double world record, will encourage girls everywhere to spread their wings in any way they can. i want her to be my pilot. you're watching the w news from berlin after a short break. i'll be back to take you through the day to night. the 1st year of the joe biden president, see, we will issue a presidential report. court will be right back tooth
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. ah, with oh oh oh, the talent government just demolished this man's house. father used to be his
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father built it decades ago when the mafia was profiting off at the home in shortage. and more people here could soon find themselves homeless due to forces beyond their control, the mayor of castle, the printer is trying to put a stop to this focus on europe. in 60 minutes on d w ah, ah, interest, the global economy, our portfolio d w business beyond here the closer look at the project. our mission. to analyze the fight for market dominance. east this is wes. get
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a step ahead with the w business beyond on you to hello guys. this is the 77 percent. the platform for africa is you to be beat issues and share ideas you know, are the channels we are not afraid to happen. delicate because population is growing and young people clearly have the solution. the future belongs to the 77 percent. now, every weekend on d. w there was a collective sigh across much of america in the world exactly one year ago today when joe buying was inaugurated. as the 40.


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